Double Feature Year 8 Kickstarter

Bring Double Feature back for Year 8!

As you probably know, there’s just a few days left on the Double Feature Kickstarter. This time we’ve put up a preview of some scenes we shot for a fictional short film. You can click the link or go to the above URL to see where we’re in terms of our goal, and get in on some of the Year 8 incentives.

If you missed out on some of the incentives from last year, it’s all there. There’s access to Additional Content for every single year, as well as the Year 1 remasters. You can also pick a film, or sponsor an episode. That ones’s especially great if you’ve got something you want to plug, as it’s only $25!

Please take a look at the Year 8 Kickstarter page, check out the video, and how the last ew days are going. Thanks in advance for your help, you guys really are the best.

-Eric and Michael

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