Jeff Goldblum Crazy Scale

As discussed on the Mister Frost episode, this is a high resolution version of the Jeff Goldblum Crazy Scale. It was created by self-styled Jeff Goldblum historian Jennifer Jilbert. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as the “Jeff Goldblum Crazy Chart,” the scale is a high resolution rendering of Jenny’s original submission based arbitrarily on films she’s seen.

Jeff Goldblum Episodes
Lawnmower Man + Jurassic Park
Altered States + The Fly
Galaxy Quest + The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
Invincible + Mister Frost
Death Wish (Additional Content)
Annie Hall + She’s Gotta Have It

Jeff Goldblum Crazy Scale

There’s a link directly to the high resolution Jeff Goldblum Crazy Scale graphic, which at 72ppi is presented more than twice the size as it is on this page. Thanks again to Jennifer Jilbert for creating this graphic.


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