When discussing films it is helpful to have a set of terms in common usage to describe certain elements, techniques or aspects of a film that recur. During the history of Double Feature many of these terms have arisen naturally as part of the conversation, and are sometimes referenced in later episodes with little to no indication of the original meaning. With no common language, meaning breaks down. If the audience of Double Feature could easily know and understand these terms, then the hosts can better communicate their analysis to the audience.

To that end, we present a full lexicon of film terms coined by the hosts of the Double Feature podcast (unless otherwise specified). Feel free to use these terms in your own conversations about film and to direct people to this page for clarification.

Double Feature Lexicon

A-B-C Method [ay bee see meth-uhd] noun
    1. a technique where a film sets up a situation where something obvious (and brutal) may happen (option A), and in most cases something banal happens instead (option B), but instead the film presents a more surprising and creative option that was not expected (option C) which exploits the false dichotomy of options A and B
   Trick r Treat

Ahab [ey-hab] noun
    1. the nemesis of a slasher
    2. a analog to Dr. Loomis from Halloween
   originally coined in Behind The Mask

Bag Cat [bag kat] noun
    1. the official Double Feature remedy for film-induced emotional turmoil
    2. a cat in a bag
   Cannibal Holocaust

Bear or No Bear [bair awr noh bair] noun
    1. when something that appears to be important is made irrelevant by the danger or emergency of a situation
   Leprechaun (Killapalooza)

Chapters [chap-terz] noun
    1. A method of content division
    2. What to use to skip films that you have not yet watched
   12 Monkeys + The Singing Detective

Chasing The Semi [chey-sing thuh sem-ahy] verb
    1. borrowing apocalyptic images (desert chase scenes, tricked-out death cars, etc.) from Road Warrior
   Tank Girl

Cheese Wheel [cheez weel] noun
    1. a device where something is introduced at the beginning of a film as potentially important, but is never revisited
    2. an unrealized Hamster Style
   Silent Night Deadly Night (Killapalooza)

Double Sleepy Naptime [duhb-uhl slee-pee nap-tahym] interjection
    1. a placeholder for any discussion regarding the book upon which a film is based, directing the conversation to an analysis of the film on its own merits rather than any differences from its source material
    2. an imaginary “other podcast” where the hosts discuss books

Flying Tom Tom [flahy-ing tom tom] noun
    1. a technique where the film presents a major character at the beginning of the film in a dangerous or compromising situation, and then cuts to the beginning of the events leading up to that situation, eventually brining the viewer back to the original scene, now in context
   The Million Dollar Hotel

“Fuck You” Ending [fuhk yoo en-ding] noun
    1. a needlessly ambiguous ending

Gasoline [gas-uh-leen] noun
    1. mini-exposition by dialog: You gonna test those out? They have gas in em…
   Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Killapalooza)

Hamster Style [ham-ster stahyl] adjective
    1. describing a story element introduced early on so it can be called back to resolve the conflict

Homage [hom-ij] noun
    1. respect or reverence paid or rendered: In this scene the director pays homage to The Maltese Falcon.
    2. a word often mispronounced by Americans when trying to sound intelligent

Ice Truck [ahys truhk] noun
    1. the use of a narrative device where a character is shown in a way that suggests they are the killer, when in fact they are not
    2. related to Meat Cart
   Joy Ride

Killapalooza [kil-uh-puh-loo-zuh] noun
    1. a marathon consisting of all the entries in a slasher franchise with four or more films
   Friday the 13th

Meat Cart [meet kahrt] noun
    1. the use of a narrative device where an event is shown from one perspective, then an element is introduced that shows that the audience’s perception of that event was incorrect

Pet The White Cat [pet thuh wahyt kat] adjective
    1. describes a film that seems difficult to grasp, but turns out to be very accessible
   Enter The Dragon

Photos of You [foh-tohs uhv yoo] noun
    1. a song used in a film that sounds like a popular song, but that has been altered to avoid paying royalties
    2. an alteration of the The Cure’s Pictures of You
   Leprechaun 2 (Killapalooza)

Podmanity [podmani-tee] noun
    1. the collective term for the Double Feature audience
   Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sand Beetle [sand beet-l] noun
    1. anything that makes no sense, but must simply be accepted
   Big Trouble In Little China

Scooby Doo Ending [skoo-bee doo en-ding] noun
    1. an ending where the answer is not supernatural

Spoilers [spoi-lerz] noun
    1. A warning indicating that the following conversation will reveal facts about the film being discussed that may ruin any surprise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment of an unfolding narrative.
    2. Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time
   12 Monkeys + The Singing Detective

Supernatural Detective [soo-per-nach-ruhl dih-tektiv] noun
    1. a character who can divine essential details of a situation from a moment’s glance at a scene
   The Boondock Saints

Survivor Girl [ser-vahy-ver gurl] noun
    1. the main heroine of a slasher film, usually proving to be the undoing of the slasher himself
   originally coined in Behind The Mask

Three Sentence Dream Theory [three sen-tns dreem theer-ee] noun
    1. theory put forth by M. Koester that one only gets three sentences to describe one’s dream before it becomes completely uninteresting to anyone else
   Eyes Wide Shut

Three Point Scale [three point skeyl] noun
    1. the system of rating a series of poor films on their relative merits, rather than against the body of film as a whole
    2. from the IMDB 10-point ratings system, within which all the Children of the Corn films have ratings that fall between 3.0 and 3.9
   Children of the Corn (Killapalooza)

Titular Line [tich-uh-ler lahyn] noun
    1. a line of dialog in a film from which the title is derived, but which does not directly reference the plot
   The Silence of the Lambs

Twenty Minute Ice Cream [twuhn-tee min-it sahy-kik ahys kreem] noun
    1. a story element that proves events in a film have a supernatural explanation
   The Shining

Unreliable Albarn [uhn-ri-lahyuh-buhl awl-bahrn] noun
    1. the deliberately confusing or misleading use of score in a film, named for Damon Albarn

What You Want [wuht yoo wont] adjective
    1. describes a film that indulges in fan service, specifically including the essential elements that a genre fan expects
   Dawn of the Dead

Whatever Device, The [thuh wuht-ev-er dih-vahys] noun
    1. a device that is introduced through dialog for the sole purpose of conveniently addressing a plot hole or other narrative oversight
    2. in science fiction, also known as “technobabble”
   Thank You For Smoking

A huge thanks to Seth for doing a ton of work compiling these terms. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but should you notice an error or omission please contact us.


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