Bag Cat

Double feature is two films, back to back. Bag cat is the perfect buffer.

Double Feature often covers movies that are downright hard to watch. Sometimes the first feature is so brutal, that you spend half of the second feature mentally dealing with it. Sometimes the second feature is the harder one, and you’re left stunned in a state of shock before you can come back to real life. You might even been watching two difficult features, and just need some time to decompress in-between. For these and a variety of other reasons, there’s Bag Cat.

To use Bag Cat, simply unglue yourself from your trance like state of horror to momentarily sit in front of the internet machine. Click the play button on the video above, and Bag Cat’s adorable game of hide and seek will help calm your nerves. Hey, what’s that little guy doing? Wait! Where did he go? Oh, there he is.

You’re welcome.


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