Other Projects

When they’re not recording…which really does seem to be all the goddamn time…Alice and Michael are working on other projects in and around both LA and Austin.

Alice Xandra Thirteen

In Alice’s first film, a woman is literally stalked by her own darkness. Watch the trailer on the official site.

Alice’s Project Blog
A blog detailing all Alice’s projects. The best place to find updates on Rob Zombie’s 31, Adam and Penn’s Director’s Cut, as well as projects in development.

Director’s Cut
Directed by Adam Rifkin, written by Penn Jillette. A wild movie unlike anything like you’ve ever seen. The whole movie has director’s commentary over it. That’s part of the film. It’s nuts.

Let’s Play Alien: Isolation
Alice teams up with V/H/S 2 actress Hannah Hughes to prove video games can compete with film.

The Birthday Massacre Concert Film
Alice’s concert film TBM Broken Minds 2006 Bootleg, available for free. Also see Alice’s article Reunion at The Birthday Massacre for some backstory.

Michael Koester

Michael’s band. There’s also Glittermouse MySpace and Facebook pages.

Stepfather Gets Mohawk
Michael’s dirtier band. Check out the video for Burn Your Blood and their Bandcamp page.

Porn Stars and Promises
Alice shot this live video of Michael’s band Glittermouse. The song is called Porn Stars and Promises (We’re In Love).