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Inland Empire + My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done

Violence and Maternity. Inside and something else. Eric: It’s ok, you’re in a safe place. This is Double Feature. Michael: Is our show fairly traded? Eric: And uh…oh, I remember that. That’s good, that’s a good…Michael: Thank you. Thanks. Eric: I think that is the same voice actually. My name is Eric, and I’m in my last hope for a happy place, with Michael Koester. Michael: Yeah, well I’m sure these two movies helped you find that happy place. Eric: They really did, they really did. You’re referring to the David Lynch coffee commercial. Michael: I am. Yeah, David Lynch signature cup coffee. Continue reading

House + Burnt Offerings

Man vs Lamp Double Feature. Eric: You feel that? There’s some spook in here. Feels like some spook in here Michael: A little bit yeah, little chilly. Little ghostly chill. Eric: Yeah. Some Ghost Cold. I feel that. I know what you’re talking about there. We’re doing a couple spooky fucking movies today – and you know, sometimes we talk about some themes on this show. Sometimes before we record I go: are there any specific points we’d like to make sure we hit? And then we just start doing the show before we record. Michael: I know, that’s the problem. Eric: I don’t know…Michael: And this Banshee Breeze in here just really like fired me up, we needed to talk about it. The Spirit Chill. Eric: There’s another one, isn’t there? It’s spirit something. There’s a third one. Michael: Spirit Chill. Eric: Ahh, is it? Banshee… Continue reading

John Wick + Hardcore Henry

Today in action. Can John Wick reclaim Keanu Reeves, or is he the property of the other six really hip movies he’s made this year? Those comic book poses have a name. How many dogs have to die before Double Feature being summoned to talk about the trope? Build a world, build a hotel to stay in, and invite Willem Dafoe. Maybe Willem Dafoe appears on set like some kind of summoned genie. It’s like Beetlejuice. Hardcore Henry leaps forward in action experimentation. Strap that GoPro into your mouth, it’s time for a ride. Ilya Naishuller teams up with hardcore Russians. Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley – cue the music. You are the first person. Exploring Moscow with friends. Some crowdfunding later, two million dollars to change the world. An hour on the internet where no one regurgitates completes about handheld movies as if they’re some kind of unique voice in the critic world. Continue reading

The Voices + Tyrannosaur

Not everyone defeats their inner demons. Oswin Suicide kicks the fuck out of some recordings. A look at destruction and self destruction with the scapegoat of mental illness. Who or what is Adi Shankar? Finally, some answers. Unlikely color keys in The Voices. Finding yourself in the place of the psychopath. Ryan Reynolds does Deadpool before Deadpool is Deadpool. Tyrannosaur is not Rob Zombie’s ill-fated Tyrannosaurus Rex. One half of a really good Peter Mullan feature. Hurting animals is still a line in the sand with audiences. Joseph has a hard time with violence. Reality check on character flaws. Continue reading

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Room + My Dinner with Andre

Taking a break from civic duty to come in from the cold. The barrier between dystopian fiction and one of the darkest weeks in American history. Horror fans loved the fuck out of Room (2016), despite it’s non-horror trappings. Or was that Room (20156)? The brutality before and after Room. Lenny Abrahamson creates a world out of tiny details. My Dinner with Andre is decimating in a way you probably didn’t plan for. Look at your fucking life, kid. That meme where My Dinner with Andrew predicts modern times or whatever. Things stay warm and fuzzy as Double Feature re-ups the promise to delivery a safe haven every week. Continue reading

Platoon + Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

War and peace goes a step further. Herem Suicide clears up the previous Russian message. All Additional Content is now publicly available AND there is a brand new Double Feature store! Peace – still just a codeword for drugs. Two sober pacifist atheists talk about a war they weren’t alive for, then about drugs. Iraq crops up again. Taking the war home (some more). Oliver Stone gets a pass for helping tell the story of Edward Snowden. Obama still has a few days to fix that mess, by the way. Manning was a good start, come on POTUS. Platoon further reveals the emerging pattern in war films. Taking a trip with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Michael does zero drugs and then freaks the fuck out. Eric’s adventures in bat country. Who was Hunter S Thompson? A primer on Gonzo journalism that Double Feature hopefully didn’t fuck up. Mmmm, Annathesia. Continue reading

Intolerable Cruelty + How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

The cinematic legitimacy of the romantic comedy. Ivylina Suicide brings an important message from on the ground in Russia. Don’t forget Intolerable Cruelty! Joel and Ethan Coen do a film noir (is what you can tell your friends when you watch their rom-com). What Billy Bob Thornton shares in common with a screaming goat. Was Double Indemnity a date movie? Soft motion chase montage! The psuedo-Cosmo magazine column How to Lost a Guy in 10 Days for Composure magazine. Fashion girls and sports guys. Films representing reality. The nightmarish cover of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. Politics and news coverage have basically become reduced to headlines Cosmopolitan would even take a pass on. Continue reading

The Great Santini + A Little Princess

The Great Santini + A Little PrincessGrowing up in the empty shadow of military fathers. The great Erica Fett (aka Phecda Suicide) claims the role of happy warrior. What if the military was thought of as a job? Throwing yourself into something. Whiplash’s obsession in the name of greatness vs The Great Santini’s achievement of greatness. The consequences of leaving normal life behind. The most unnecessarily evil scene in Double Feature history. Everyone loves Vincent,A Little Princes as the unsuspecting film of now-colossal filmmakers. What an adult sees when childlike wonder fills the room. What kind of movie is A little Princess and what do those movies look like now? Erica Fett promises something is coming…but what is it? Continue reading

Computer Chess + Alphaville

Computer Chess + AlphavilleMan vs machine is never really about machines. Machines always teach us about humanity. Lots of details from Sid Suicide. One theme spirals into many trains of thought. The continuing history of struggles in art, technology, and humanity. Computer chess is what everyone but Michael thinks it is – or, the elaborate hoax of Andrew Bujalski. Old technology is funny whether it wants to be or not. People make terrible predictions about the future. Just your everyday average dystopia with Jean-Luc Godard. Lemmy Caution visits the distant space city of Alphaville. Von Braun hates what makes society feel alive. Parts of society, anyways. Machines teach us about ourselves. Continue reading