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Dead Ringers + Bad Biology

Dead Ringers + Bad BiologyA completely serious look at two unsexy films about sex. Or sex-parts, at least. LuFae Suicide makes things feel like home again. Dead Ringers sets the level for subtle right at the title. Jeffrey Irons, alone with you. Love, drugs, and sex. Partner sharing somehow makes things whole again. Obsession, however far away. What’s the best one you’ve ever seen? Can’t spoil whatever words you say. Twenty four minutes later and clean again. The basket case. Frank Henelotter makes the audience feel young again. A single level of tact, however long it stays. Promising the best. Bad Biology feels like being free again. The producer’s end credits rap song. …howeverfaraway I will alway love you. Continue reading

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Open Windows + End of Watch

Open Windows + End of WatchThe unique point of view kills it once again. Dallas Suicide puts the real world on hold to talk about what could have been the zeitgeist. An important public service announcement regarding beavers and whether or not they are good. Celebrity, privacy, and the second porn start on today’s episode of Double Feature: Sasha Grey! Elijah Wood makes more horror films. What’s justified, as if that matters? The internet destroys humanity, nihilism ensues. Everyone’s naked on the internet, so now what? A commentary about cops in America that doesn’t even seem possible today. Sympathy for the officer, lives of blue, and things End of Watch thankful got away with. The right time and place for preserving a conversation. The timeline of police brutality in the United States. This is still happening, even though everyone’s preoccupied with other forms of terrible now. Continue reading

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Rope + The Exterminating Angel

Rope + The Exterminating AngelBottle films are starting to get a little ridiculous. Annasthesia Suicide begrudgingly delivers the episode and a few updates. No one is allowed to talk about Rope’s camera work today. What actually happen in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rope, besides close ups of people backs? People fall off the dinner party bandwagon. Trapped forever by your own mind – bottle films go psychosomatic. Everything (that was) wrong with the world (before November 8th) can be solved with The Exterminating Angel. Double Feature delivers a fifty year old film that’s telling us how to move humanity forward but no one is listening. Watch The Exterminating angel, humanity. Please watch it. Please. Continue reading

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After Life + The Lobster

After Life + The LobsterTwo movies to pause for personal reflection. Ruby True Suicide has some things to say about Double Feature. This episode contains spoilers. Eric says perhaps the single saddest thing in near decade history of the show. Michael helps find the best memories, all of which are made during the episode itself. A world so large you could live in it forever. Is becoming a lobster such a bad thing, just because of how your body is horrifically mutilated? A resistance that isn’t very good at being The Resistance. Continue reading

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White God + The Tribe (Plemya)

White God + The Tribe (Plemya)Storytelling without dialogue. Eric and Michael go underground in fear (or maybe denial) of the apocalypse. White God is the not the only movie about dogs, or even white dogs, this year on Double Feature. A first time event caused by the discovery of an all new empathy-box. How a non-human protagonist may be easier to relate to. The Tribe (also called Plemya) is entirely in sign language. There are no subtitles, do don’t look for them. Michael knows sign language, providing zero insight. Eric learns SDH captions are not the same as subtitles. Experiencing the must talked about ‘heightened senses.’ Continue reading

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Full Metal Jacket + Head

Full Metal Jacket + HeadThe next stage in war and peace accelerates the conversation at an alarming rate. Stanley Kubrick makes the best films. of at the best things, turn out. The two halves of Full Metal Jacket. Goddamnit Vincent D’Onofrio, you keep doing this. Two parts of the brain…are competing? Compartmentalization in war time. Winning over hearts and minds by shooting children in their hearts and minds. Where has the peace movement gone? That brief periods when all was quiet on the warfront of the United States of America. The Monkey find. their inner struggles running parallels to the endless cycles of Vietnams and Iraqs. Staying true to the art. Continue reading

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Killapalooza 29: Pumpkinhead

Killapalooza 29: PumpkinheadPumpkinhead films 1-4. Much much better than your ready for. The quick pre-30 run-throughs of Killapaloozas. A much quicker run through of how many pumpkinheads are in the Pumpkinhead franchise. Now playing: directorial debut of SFX artist Stan Winston! The shaft in KNB. A Quentin Tarantino effects secret. What Hodder? Kane Hodder! Lance Henriksen IS Ed Harley. Getting those Blood Wings. Some guy(s) made a Blood Wings video game! Has anyone played it? Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes back to back with Pumpkin Blood Feud. Two films made for the Syfy channel. The release of the automobile. What fucking year is Blood Feud? Continue reading

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Hausu + Sisters

Hausu + SistersFever dreaming! Hausu goes back to back with Sisters! Look at that adorable orange cat. How serious is Katsuya Yorita with Hausu, or what kind of serious, or what the fuck. Getting the keys to the playground (or, the lunatics run the asylum). Revisiting The Room! Hausu is House but not The Room which is not Room. Who is the real Brian De Palma? Unrecognizing Alfred Hitchcock. Famous directors with an underground collection of early horror cult work. Yes, there’s several of them. Hot on the case of the plot of Sisters. What happens in Sisters is really complicated or really obvious. Continue reading

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Pet Sematary + Atomic Zombies

Pet Sematary + Atomic ZombiesMonstertoberbloddyfeature. What is Atomic Zombies!!!? Pet Sematary as seen through various shared world’s. Michael’s retirement plan is not do go on that there hill, there’s a death curse. Eric is mean to children. Do the thing in the movie that would be the most interesting, unless it would make the movie worse. Performing experiments in the world of Pet Sematary – good science or bad science? Talking about sky pig. Everyone is entitled to their own false reality that you should blindly respect! Where did Atomic Zombies!!! even come from? Finally, someone does the thing we’ve been baiting. More independent than independent. This movie has more heart than half of the top grossing films this year. And it’s pretty late in the year. Continue reading

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Three O’Clock High + Ken Park

Three O’Clock High + Ken ParkAn ongoing discussion of dangerous art impacts a younger generation. Three O’Clock High turns out to be more challenging than it even knows it is. #blacklivesmatter, because why not push some more people’s buttons. From the western to modern politics. Solving injustice outside (or just within the boundary of) the law. Larry Clark continues to challenge with the highly controversial film Ken Park. The sketchy Terry Richardson debate. Audiences cringe as they find themselves witness to a crime. It’s probably not a crime though, everyone definitely signed a certified SAG waiver which has been filed in accordance with related paperwork. Also, on-screen masturbation. Continue reading

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