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Hausu + Sisters

Hausu + SistersFever dreaming! Hausu goes back to back with Sisters! Look at that adorable orange cat. How serious is Katsuya Yorita with Hausu, or what kind of serious, or what the fuck. Getting the keys to the playground (or, the lunatics run the asylum). Revisiting The Room! Hausu is House but not The Room which is not Room. Who is the real Brian De Palma? Unrecognizing Alfred Hitchcock. Famous directors with an underground collection of early horror cult work. Yes, there’s several of them. Hot on the case of the plot of Sisters. What happens in Sisters is really complicated or really obvious. Continue reading

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Pet Sematary + Atomic Zombies

Pet Sematary + Atomic ZombiesMonstertoberbloddyfeature. What is Atomic Zombies!!!? Pet Sematary as seen through various shared world’s. Michael’s retirement plan is not do go on that there hill, there’s a death curse. Eric is mean to children. Do the thing in the movie that would be the most interesting, unless it would make the movie worse. Performing experiments in the world of Pet Sematary – good science or bad science? Talking about sky pig. Everyone is entitled to their own false reality that you should blindly respect! Where did Atomic Zombies!!! even come from? Finally, someone does the thing we’ve been baiting. More independent than independent. This movie has more heart than half of the top grossing films this year. And it’s pretty late in the year. Continue reading

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Three O’Clock High + Ken Park

Three O’Clock High + Ken ParkAn ongoing discussion of dangerous art impacts a younger generation. Three O’Clock High turns out to be more challenging than it even knows it is. #blacklivesmatter, because why not push some more people’s buttons. From the western to modern politics. Solving injustice outside (or just within the boundary of) the law. Larry Clark continues to challenge with the highly controversial film Ken Park. The sketchy Terry Richardson debate. Audiences cringe as they find themselves witness to a crime. It’s probably not a crime though, everyone definitely signed a certified SAG waiver which has been filed in accordance with related paperwork. Also, on-screen masturbation. Continue reading

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All About Eve + The Neon Demon

All About Eve + The Neon DemonWomen make their way into the spotlight with destructive results. The female force in cinema, then and now. The guerrilla skepticism effort to improve Wikipedia. Update on The Double Feature Movie. The flying Tom Tom returns in possibly the best use of the “how we got here” device. Obsessive, grinding repetition waiting for an opportunity. Mortality by way of performance. Art that vanishes like sand to time. Woah. What it takes to get to the circle. One more, with clarity! Nicolas Winding Refn finds a place in The Neon Demon. Gender roles are not what you think. Cats be hungry. An important moment in tearing open the year’s discussion on art and rape culture. Safe words on set. Art is not safe. Continue reading

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31 + Blair Witch

31 + Blair WitchNew midnight movie Double Feature! Blood, guts, gore, scares and maybe a witch. Eric Thirteen, Double Feature host and executive producer of 31. More Zombie than Zombie. Seriously, maybe the most Rob Zombie film ever made. The 70s, a time when insane directors got away from the suits and made insane movies. The extremely memorable man of the hour in 31, and the rare memorable villain in recent films. Rolling around in the pit – the reason to go back to 31 and other Rob Zombie movies time and time again. It turns out Blair Witch is fucking amazing. Critics, proving to be full of it, now universally celebrate The Blair Witch Project when they just made their usual stupid puns at the time. Adam Wingard rules the universe. Blair Witch as probably the scariest fucking thing ever. See great horror being made today. Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas + Her

Cloud Atlas + HerA late night study session on human consciousness. The interactions between minds, the interactions between humans and machines, and the unnoticed social implications of each. The Wachowskis are probably into the Opera (or at least The Hunger Games), and thinking in those terms changes everything. An audience’s acceptance of mixing race and gender on screen. Double Feature goes even more broad into some heavy territory. What it’s like to spend every day two years in the future. Trends in personal technology and where it’s going. Her as an exceptional piece of both vision and prediction. Continue reading

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Leave it to Beavers + Village of the Damned

Leave it to Beavers + Village of the DamnedOne species manipulates another to do its bidding! The most important information presented in the PBS documentary Leave it To Beavers. Thinking about engineering. Complex questions at the end of evolution. Understanding animal lovers. Stop fucking eating fucking cows, you’re all killing the planet. John Carpenter unplugged in Village of the Damned. An alternate debatably cooler name for Village of the Damned. Imagining a world where this is a franchise – maybe even an AMC television series! John Carpenters interest in stories with great premises. Continue reading

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Green Room + Night of the Creeps

Green Room + Night of the CreepsFreethinkers are suddenly faced with mindless masses. Green Room is pretty much the greatest goddamn thing. The traveling punk band. When Nazis hijack your organization. Talking about punk rock, obviously. Generally mindless genre plus unique character equals suddenly amazing film. The niche need not apply to the audience. Needing to talk about Slither. Where and how does Night of the Creeps fit into the 50’s, the 80’s, and genre flicks? Iconography, lasting image, and how to ensure no one steals you icon. Connections to classic and modern horror. Today’s audiences like Night of the Creeps even if they don’t know they like Night of the Creeps. Knock knock, who’s there SCARE CAT. Continue reading

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Hands on a Hardbody + They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Hands on a Hardbody + They Shoot Horses, Don't They?The bleaker (potentially advantageous) traits of human evolution as elicited by nefarious marathons. People do things for a long time and it goes bad. A great place to get Hands on a Hardbody. Hardbody is one word, probably. Just keep your hands on a truck, what could go wrong? Karl Pilkington rears his bald head again. What happens after Hands on a Hardbody – an update rarely discussed. Dark turns darker in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? A movie that’s probably set in the time it says it is. How about two most awkward titles to type out double feature. Street Sweeper Social Club really wants to text you updates. Continue reading

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Session 9 + Sun Choke

Session 9 + Sun ChokeAlternative therapy disproven through tapes as emotional disturbances reach violent conclusions. Or something else that’s made up. Brad Anderson returns as a pocket sized monster. Asbestos lead asbestos! Who’s crazy and what’s wrong with them? Confirmed: the audience of Session 9 is crazy. The sun and fresh air are terrifying. The unveiling of the formerly secret best film ever, Sun Choke. Is Barbara Crampton leading a new wave of horror revival? Sex and violence and going outside and bad times. Another opportunity to play Who’s the Worst? All of the goddamn imagery. Sara Malakul Lane rocks Sun Choke, but also rocks this other movie. Some information on Eric Thirteen’s new film. Continue reading

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