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Session 9 + Sun Choke

Session 9 + Sun ChokeAlternative therapy disproven through tapes as emotional disturbances reach violent conclusions. Or something else that’s made up. Brad Anderson returns as a pocket sized monster. Asbestos lead asbestos! Who’s crazy and what’s wrong with them? Confirmed: the audience of Session 9 is crazy. The sun and fresh air are terrifying. The unveiling of the formerly secret best film ever, Sun Choke. Is Barbara Crampton leading a new wave of horror revival? Sex and violence and going outside and bad times. Another opportunity to play Who’s the Worst? All of the goddamn imagery. Sara Malakul Lane rocks Sun Choke, but also rocks this other movie. Some information on Eric Thirteen’s new film. Continue reading

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As Above, So Below + Horns

As Above, So Below + HornsChristianity’s Satan mythology as riffed on by great new horror films. The Birthday Massacre plugs TBMChicago and The Birthday Massacre Broken Minds 2006 Bootleg! As Above, So Below’s terrifying equation. It’s time to fact check this found footage reception. The images, oh God the images. Things you see in a graveyard. Ok, that was just a Repo lyric. That guy with Horns. Backhanded compliments to the director! What Horns shares with Cosmopolis. Talking about the horns in the room. Bear or no bear, another chat about Kafka, and getting priorities straight. Hey, Alex Aja is back! Next time on Double Feature: the end of the tease. Continue reading

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Top Gun + Dazed and Confused

Top Gun + Dazed and ConfusedThe first in a series of War + Peace. Drugs might as well be synonymous with peace, say two people who have never done recreational drugs. The bizarre army government war something propaganda film that is Top Gun. The early look at Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Tom Skerritt. Seriously, this Michael Ironside thing is ridiculous. How far back does this go?! America has the greatest flight schools. Really, top notch. The central conflict in Top Gun – like My Neighbor Totoro, remember? Dazed and Confused (a great precursor for any Additional Content listeners. A nostalgia movie masquerades as a drug movie. The messages in My Neighbor Totoro. Continue reading

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Blue Jasmine + The Congress

Blue Jasmine + The CongressUnforeseen changes threaten women of long-held power. A return to Woody Allen with Blue Jasmine. A female-led Woody Allen film living outside of many exceptions. Andrew Dice Clay was a thing. Blue Jasmine’s portrait of mental illness. A particularly devastating moment. The Congress is more animated than the US cover wants you to know. Robin Wright as Robin Wright. The target-rich environment of Hollywood studios. The Congress does an acid trip. Maybe a few acid trips. Futurism and post-modernism make their first argument for running threads of Double Feature Year 9. Continue reading

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Waiting for Guffman + A Town Called Panic

Waiting for Guffman + A Town Called PanicSmall towns with large personalities. The beginning of Christopher Guest, kind of sort of. Spinal Tap and the Guestmen. Guffman. Guestmen? Either way, what’s up with Waiting for Guffman’s Windows 95 looking cover? A cult following of a whole different kind. Who is really Waiting for Guffman? Living moment to moment in A Town Called Panic. The undertaking in creating a feature length film based on a season of five minute shorts. What’s the central conflict of A Town Called Panic? Change of scenery change of scenery change of scenery. Oh no, good news! Continue reading

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The Invitation + The Overnight

The Invitation + The OvernightUnexpected revelations while staying with friends in LA! Hey, you, don’t listen to this episode first. Go back and listen to the one before this, that’s a better episode to start on. Seriously, don’t just start here. Female directors and gender fluidity. Who gets to claim transgender bragging rights? The Invitation and the Los Angeles dinner party scene. Killing coyotes to kill time. Ethnic cleansing! Which one is insane (and is ‘all of the above’ an option?) Gas lighting and the Invitation. Ok, not really. Those people from television are in The Overnight! Of buttholes and art. Putting the kids to bed. Los Angeles Sex parties, or something more sinister? Or less sinister? Or a third option? Twenty-first century family values. Making friends with neighbors. Leaving the Overnight unscathed? Continue reading

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Citizen Kane + The Godfather

Citizen Kane + The GodfatherThe American Film institute’s top two films. Double Feature begins – The first episode in this year’s series, and the perfect place to start listening. Don’t be afraid of daunting films. Double Feature updates on the Year 8 Kickstarter for Year 9, the Double Feature Movie, and guidelines for Year 9 of the show. Citizen Kane as a meta commentary on film. Upping the ante on cinema. The infamous ending of Citizen Kane. What’s so special about The Godfather? Things to look for on a first time viewing. Appreciation can start on the surface. How great acting in The Godfather helps explain the craft of acting to people who don’t have the first clue about it. Continue reading

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Double Feature Year 8 Finale

Double Feature Year 8 FinaleSPOILER FREE SHOW! Double Feature faces themes as real-world issues collide with fiction. Fuck count-downs. An episode with Little to no plot details. An episode not requiring having seen any Year 8 movies. As requested – a completely uncut live episode! How people get information in 2016. Everyone has a bubble. Reinforcing beliefs. The political result of the LA/Austin schism. 2016 US presidential politics. Racism is alive in we’ll in America. Michael has decided to embrace the Oscars. Eric learns the alternate title for “The Oscars.” Continue reading

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The Brave Little Toaster + The Green Inferno

The Brave Little Toaster + The Green InfernoOutside your element on this very special end of the year episode. Boldly leaping into unknown territory. The Brave Little Toaster, our little secret. At long last Michael becomes a test case. Looking back on an animated cult film. Unintentional character and notability. How the Pixar talent has changed as popular animation grows. The outstandingly successful Pixar formula. The most anticipated movie of Double Feature history. After ten long years, Eli Roth strikes back with The Green Inferno. The new iconography. The original impact of Hostel and the incoming impact of The Green Inferno. Perhaps the most inventive element of The Green Inferno, a brand new handle of feminism without the baggage of modern society. Continue reading

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An American Werewolf in London + Clown

An American Werewolf in London + ClownTwo horror films tied by a secret thread. The last ever episode of Double Feature. Seminal werewolf film An American Werewolf in London. People said he brain was infected by devils. There’s probably Nazi wolves all over the place. Nightmarish prosthetics. The must-have werewolf transformation scene. An American Werewolf in London as a comedy, by way of music. Other werewolf movies covered by Double Feature. Clown destroys Eric’s cinematic legacy. An American Werewolf in Paris. Defying the odds. The history of scary clown films. Jon Watts takes over the world. Humor in premise, dead serious execution. The story of how Clown came to be, told using details that might be true. Convincing your audience you have a real movie! If you’re reading this, go watch the new 31 trailer. It’s such a good movie. It really is. The various forms of Clown! Child imagery that is not at Chuck E Cheese’s. A heavy decision required by legend. Continue reading

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