Episode Collection: Year 4

The fourth year of Double Feature, from July 14, 2011 to July 6, 2012.

Double Feature Year 4 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Four retrospective. An actual conversation about Filmspotting. All that could have been. Eric is on IMDB.com! The study on spoilers. Spoiler extermism. The Louis spoiler tiers. More on japanese pornography. A discussion on chapters. Fucking up on The Little Shop of Horrors. Behind the scenes getting Freaks on the show. The best pairs on year 4 of Double Feature. The worst pairs. A look back at Coffy + Foxy Brown. Feminism and female empowerment. The urgent red square. Don’t tape off your FaceTime camera, that was a joke. Christopher fixes Troll Hunter. A series of paraphrased emails. Times we were completely wrong. Clarification on what Double Feature doesn’t know. Unstated knowns about Double Feature. Michael using Happiness as a prank. Eric explains his time in psychosis. Potential movies for Year 5. Covering more foreign films. Talking about music. DRC Music, EL-P’s Cancer4Cure. Glittermouse. Evil lesser than two evils biohazard team. The best films anyone saw all year. A story about street art. Banana guy. The aftermath of Rocky + Asia. Checking back in on the Free State Project. The Trick ‘r Treat shorts. TV Shows. The Lexicon and Year 1 vanishing. Continue reading

Happiness + Kids

Happiness + KidsNC-17 films. Perhaps not the optimistic double feature you hoped for. Would it be ok if the notes just said “bag cat?” Todd Solondz returns! Michael uses a mentally unstable Eric for his own amusement. Happiness is not just a trick. The title Happiness. Jon Lovitz. Actual childhood obsessions. Manipulation through sound. Aren’t you going to eat the sandwich? Difficult questions about pedophilia. Kids. Larry Clark, old man photographer. Tulsa. Harmony Korine. Finding hooligans. Rosario Dawson and Chloe Sevigny. Returning to the human experience. Bad people. And dirt. Telly. What creates an adolescent monster? Fast acting bag cat! Continue reading

Rocky 6 + Tokyo Gore Police

Rocky 6 + Tokyo Gore PoliceRocky meets Asia comes to a close with a late Rocky film and a great piece of the new asian extreme. Rocky 6, Rocky Balboa. A modern looking Rocky film. The unspoken problems in the six film timeline. Rocky Balboa and Spinner Dunn. The insanely good looking gritty rainbow of color in the film. Pure white backlight and ugly Chicago streets. The tragedy of Paulie Pennino. A lesson about suspension of disbelief. What does it mean to still have stuff in the basement? Why Rocky goes back to fighting. What is Rocky’s responsibility to now adult Rocky Jr. Potential ICE TRUCK. What it takes to win in this series. Bam, Tokyo Gore Police! Throw down title card. Finally, a great split-down-the-middle. Japanese Gore Films. Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl. Let’s talk anime. Ruka is the only honest cop. Japan explains it all. Privatizing the police – too extreme even for Double Feature! Mitsua Super Asian Marketplace. Heavy guitar score. A brief history of japanese gore cinema using a complicated web of Kevin Bacon. Revisiting Michael’s spaghetti western question. Tokyo Gore Police introduces the Engineer. Asian extreme WET LENS. Not so weird anymore. De-weirding japanese gore films. Unintentional results. Continue reading

Sucker Punch + Switchblade Sisters

Sucker Punch + Switchblade SistersGangs of ladies and imprisoned female empowerment. Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch as an original film. The Wizard of Oz fantasy movie template. Hamster style comes back again and again. The many layers of Sucker Punch. A fantasy so bad it necessitates it’s own fantasy. Making you want to see the dance. How Sucker Punch delivers on several promises you expect from all-female casts. Sucker Punch as a commentary on objectification via reality checks. Is the film pro-feminist or anti-feminist? How music adds its own story. Female covers. Male soundtrack perversion. Bjork’s new versions of Army of Me. The visuals of Alex Pardee. Speculation on the R rated version of the film. Late night film watching with Switchblade Sisters. Quentin Tarantino’s Rolling Thunder Pictures. Director Jack Hill. A women in prison film outside of prison. Men in Switchblade Sisters. Writing better than you intend to shoot. Continue reading

The Tingler + A Bucket of Blood

The Tingler + Bucket of BloodIt was a dark and stormy night! Another rainy day double feature. Public domain and excellent introductory black and white films. Vincent Price is the man you came to see. The Tingler is the tiny rubber monster that lives inside all of us. Is William Castle responsible for found footage and the alternate reality game? The many gimmicks of The Tingler. Black and white and red. Scream, scream for your lives! Percepto. Experiencing William Castle gimmicks today. The fright certificate and the coward’s corner. Roger Corman (without Vincent Price!) in A Bucket of Blood. William Castle inspires someone already. The Little Shop of Horrors after A Bucket of Blood. Walter Paisley and Dick Miller the leading man. Beatnicks still exist, and they’re at Whole Foods. A world where no one plays it straight. The accidental artist. Self esteem and the fear of inadequacy artists face. Murder, murder! Continue reading

Killapalooza 16: Final Destination

Killapalooza 16: Final DestinationFinal Destination films 1-5. The fate killer. Religion and craigslist. Final Destination 1. An unstudied era of horror films. Horror films of the early 2000s. A small hole will not blow people out of a fuselage. Does Final Destination have a sense of humor? Tony Todd. Finding skepticism in Final Destination. Liquid damage. The rules of Final Destination. Keeping the audience guessing. The first sequel. Rube Goldberg deaths. The concept of “What if?” Eric burns his hands on Michael’s taco. The magic negro. Pictures of Abe in Final Destination 3. Three point lighting carnival and commercial breaks. The rights of women. Ladies in fights. The first time Final Destination is fucked up. Giving up on staying safe. David R. Ellis. Paying tribute with the opening credits sequence of Final Destination 4. Love Lays Dying 3D. Commenting on 3D. Water is not covered by your warranty. Sadism. Impress us, Final Destination 5! Kill substitution. In a universe without god or the soul, is fate real? Questions about free will. Survivor’s guilt. An incredible spoiler ending. Continue reading

Videodrome + Amazon Women on the Moon

Videodrome + Amazon Women on the MoonA 2:00am channel surfing double feature. Eric’s unbelievable secret confession. Scan lines, static, and vertical sync: the awful look of the footage found in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Betamax looks as bad as vinyl sounds. James Woods hasn’t always been there. Max Renn is the sponge for crazy. Debbie Harry is a hot trap. The emotional rescue show. Is violent fiction actually an outlet for frustration and homicidal tendencies? The old age of mystery television, before the internet. Technology to sync older CRT displays so they don’t flicker in your movie. Insert the tape! Amazon Women on the Moon – a place to go for the lost experience of channel surfing. Film critics, life critics. Overlapping sketches. Short and punchy. Amazon Women on the Moon and The Twilight Zone. Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

Willow + MirrorMask

Willow + MirrorMaskFantasy films by the likes of Ron Howard, George Lucas, Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. Warwick Davis is Willow, but who is Ron Howard? THX, 1138 and otherwise. The Deep Note. Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm, and Lucasart. The role of an effects crew in the creative process. The life and times of Warwick Davis. The day to day living of a dwarf actor. How Return of the Jedi is like Dancing With the Stars. An honest conversation about casting dwarves in films. Tony Cox, Kevin Pollack, and Val Kilmer. Hamster Tokens! A unique way to film a magic fight. Real magic! Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman…and Richard Dawkins? McKean’s work for Fear Factory, Stabbing Westward, and in other places. The Sandman. Zen film score. Eric spends an extensive amount of time reading Neil Gaiman in preparation of MirrorMask. Trying to figure out Neil Gaiman’s sense of humor. Punctuated endings. MirrorMask Close to You Carpenters cover. Continue reading

My Bloody Valentine + Poltergeist

My Bloody Valentine + PoltergeistAn 80s horror show! Is the Double Feature studio haunted? A definitive answer. The longstanding released version of My Bloody Valentine vs the legendary uncut version. Non-franchise 80s slasher films. Valentine’s day as an exploitable holiday for horror films. Slow tracking shots. Harry Warden. The infrequently used “mining town” setting. Pre-genre slasher. Music and canadians. Eyeline matching. The shame once associated with creating a slasher film. Eric steals an accidentally post apocalyptic scene from Poltergeist. The Steven Spielberg vs Toby Hooper debate. Toby Hooper’s style. Conspiracy. Strobe light television and eye shine. Diane and Steve, world’s most undetected adolescent parents. A vertigo shot. The oldest rolling reverse delay? Ghost hunters are kind of terrible human beings. How ghost hunters con people. Zelda Rubinstein! The curse of Poltergeist. Continue reading

Freaks + The Straight Story

Freaks + The Straight StoryDavid Lynch is back on show number 200! Double Feature choices – why pair these two films? Getting to the truth of Tod Browning’s Freaks. Who director Tod Browning is and what else he’s known for. The lewd and taboo. The lost film London After Midnight. Freakshows as exploitation. Freakshows as empowerment. Olga Baclanova has a rough time. Pillow man. What a sideshow display illustrates to us about humanity. Modern side shows. Jim Rose Circus. Walt Disney presents a film by David Lynch. The Straight Story. David Lynch does the morning weather! Why and how The Straight Story exists. Mary Sweeney. Editing digitally vs editing on film. Avid and Final Cut. Still expecting terrible things to happen. Signature, shining through. Theories on how David Lynch starts his day. The normal life of a crazy director. Getting picked up by Disney. Common Ground. Continue reading

For a Few Dollars More + Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

For a Few Dollars More + Gamera: Guardian of the UniverseA return to two genres Double Feature was not prepared for. Spaghetti westerns and kaiju (Japanese monster films) return! For a Few Dollars More following A Fistful of Dollars. Lee Van Cleef as Douglas Mortimer. Ridiculous weapons. American McGee’s Alice. Unintentional smash cut humor. Sergio Leone’s signature. Spaghetti bank heist! Finally arriving at the formula for the lazy Sunday movie. Gamera: Gaurdian of the Universe as an example of the Heisei era of kaiju. Non-toho kaiju. Gamera before the reset. The difference in special effects. Still not supernatural. Well, mostly. Why is Gamera so bizarre? The Lost Continent of Mu. Atlantis. Coming up: Number Two Hundred! Continue reading

Red Rock West + Burn After Reading

Red Rock West + Burn After ReadingTwo noir bent directors get double featured. Who is John Dahl? Red Rock West and Arizona-Noir. Playing with the lie. When to bail. Lara Flynn Boyle’s Suzanne. A cowardly femme fatale. Keeping the mystery magic. Dennis Hopper being a scary motherfucker. Surprises without twists. Weak allegiance. The intensity of Dennis Hopper and Nicholas Cage. Eric’s love of movie one-sheets. Burn After Reading and the influence of Saul Bass. A story of idiots. Hyperrealism. Carter Burwell, Roger Deakins and Emmanuel Lubezki. Tilda Swinton has to model. Has to. Voice work. Cave Johnson. The dangling plot thread of Double Feature. Continue reading

Troll Hunter + Rare Exports

Troll Hunter + Rare ExportsFake terror from fake children’s tales. Make fun of Jesus far away from X-Mas. Troll Hunter is not the same as Trollhunter but is probably ok as The Troll Hunter. What the fuck happened with goblin backwards? Show me that goddamn monster. The creature is kinda terrible, but it’s going to be ok. All the trolls! Talking you out of the big troll. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. There is no God. There is no Jesus. Do times of danger make people more or less religious? Using the Troll Hunter to explain why conspiracies fall apart. Social Engineering. How you make silly Troll myths seem real. Showing off your work. Atheists mocking X-Mas. Hey, you downloaded this show. The look of Rare Exports. Rare Exports as a Christmas movies. The butcher. The mystery. Building fantasy into reality. Pedophilia imagery. Continue reading

Red State + Stake Land

Red State + Stake LandNo one expects these two movies to be this good. Dangerous places, even more dangerous directors! What does the Double Feature studio look like? Religious crazies shot on Red One cameras. Red State isn’t even Kevin Smith’s second chance. Popculture out, Waco and Fred Phelps in. A very Kevin Smith movie is also a very good movie! Charismatic characters. Rolling Shutter put to use! Kevin Pollack, Anna Gunn, John Goodman. What was so great about the TV show Roseanne? Michael Parks. Not just dabbling in horror, but adding to it. The charm and demeanor of Michael Parks as Reverend Cooper. Crazy religious nut jobs. Executions. Personalizing death. Why Red State has the best of possible endings. Another surprize, Stake Land! Written by it’s director Jim Mickle, but also it’s star Nick Damici. The ultimate apocalypse weapon: a pistol-grip sawed off shotgun with a shoulder strap. Finding subtlety in a place you don’t expect it. Color palette between day and night. Danielle Harris. Building an apocalypse film. Voiceover narration performance. Chin-up fiddle score! How is this movie doing this?! Continue reading

Rocky 5 + The Machine Girl

Rocky 5 + The Machine GirlRocky 5 and the early 1990s. 90s rap and hip hop. Joey Ellis – Go for It (Heart and Fire). Urban Blight. Back to America. Real retirement. Reconnecting with Rocky’s roots. But actually, this time. The lazy route the film could have gone. How the fifth film betrays the formula. The last Rocky movie isn’t the last one. The dark side of the ring. Redemption sequel. The third wave of Double Feature’s asian films and asian extreme. Camp and style in The Machine Girl. How Kill Bill paid off. Hattori Hanzo, all over the goddamn place. The ambiguity of references and inspiration. Deep fried arm. The blood soaked lens. Absurdist cartoon violence? The commonality of America’s favorite asian horror films. Burst of violence. The grotesque in The Machine Girl. Japan and strange weapons. Continue reading

Attack the Block + Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Attack the Block + Rise of the Planet of the ApesBrand new sci-fi films! Humans, defend yourselves! Feel free to listen if you haven’t seen any other Planet of the Apes films. Get that snitch. Get the strap. Don’t give a fuck – brap, brap, brap! Joe Cornish. Basement Jaxx! Kids? Adults? Teenage violence. The age of gang members. The Hippocratic Oath and aiding your attackers. Matte black sonic toothed creature design. Conspiracy is all throughout civilization. Muir Woods National Monument, Big Basin State Park, California, and filming in Redwoods. The apes! How the apes could rise. Hubarus and the downfall. An art snob defends CG. The actual main character. Surprise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes actually loves science! Slaughtering baby apes would have saved humanity. Further animal testing would have saved humanity. Continue reading

Welcome to the Dollhouse + Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Welcome to the Dollhouse + Beyond the Valley of the DollsDollhouses on cult film day. Heather Matarazzo. There’s apparently titular songs too. What the fuck is going on with that cover? Contrasting the dark humor in Welcome to the Dollhouse with Re-Animator. Subtle comedy. Music. Steve’s band. Worse than worse: mundane! Todd Solondz loves the suburbs. Directors fascinated with suburbia and the themes typically addressed in these films. Kids are having sex, they just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. The repercussions of sheltering children from sex. Dealing in extremes. What Roger Ebert’s doing headlining the credits of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Other Russ Meyer films Roger Ebert has worked on. Studio project selection. The marketing concept. Differences from Russ Meyer’s other work. Genre bending. The editing. The fucking editing. The moral of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as opposed to The Valley of the Dolls. Continue reading

Chillerama + Super

Chillerama + SuperPiles of horror directors. Chillerama is Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, and Joe Lynch. Why one of Michael’s films still hasn’t made it on the show. Richard Reily. The secret secondary theme. Wadzilla. Understanding Stoned Age. A 1950’s Grindhouse style throwback! The world’s shortest conversation on I was a Teenage Werebear. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. Joel David Moore and Adam Green, back together at last. Hammer Horror! Deathacation. Zom B Movie and Joe Lynch.Spending some time in the real world. What’s the deal with Kick-Ass and Super? James Gunn and Mark Miller. Video On Demand release. Unrated. Actors Double Feature didn’t know it cared about. Troma and Juno. Sex, rape and comedy. The Crimson Bolt costume. The real violence. Things get worse. Continue reading

Exit Through the Gift Shop + The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism + Exit Through the Gift ShopDocumentaries of questionable integrity is kind of a stretch. Exit Through the Gift Shop: The Banksy Documentary! First impressions of a new art form. Making out with street artists. Anonymity. Kinkos. TBMChicago and The Birthday Massacre. Implied power and the influence of perception. Don’t fuck with the mouse. When the mood strikes. Monetization. Showing your hand. Proving and transcending street art. Mr. Brainwash. The return of Karl Pilkington. Modern art and those who hate it. Talking about your art. Using skepticism to consider hoaxes. A return to prankumentaries. What is Mr. Brainwash up to now? The exorcist Reverend Cotton Marcus. The power of charisma. Banana bread. Believing in character of truth. Eli Roth. Truth via fiction. Atheism! Curing mentally ill people through fake exorcism. The ends still doesn’t justify the means. The ethical responsibility of representing reality and not leaving an audience with a false impression of the world. First person cat beatings. The power of theatrics. What magic teaches us. The ending of The Last Exorcism. Continue reading

The Blob + Mars Attacks

The Blob + Mars AttacksDouble Feature sci-fi day, featuring…two David Cronenberg cinematographers or something. Rob Zombie’s The Blob. Chuck Russell’s The Blob. Mark Irwin. The rebellious youth! Sleigh Bells 2010 album Treats. How critics and mothers responded to slashers in the 80s. Garden Till Massacre. Why Eric is in love with the character of The Blob. Eavesdropping on exposition. The Evil Hazmat Team. Leaving somewhere to go. Peter Suschitzky. Danny Elfman returns. Damon Albarn and DRC. Michael J Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close and ten other names you haven’t seen in fifteen years. Obvious similarities and obvious differences between Mars Attacks and Edward D Wood Jr movies. Mars Attacks trading cards. Stop motion and all that could have been. Continue reading

Killapalooza 15: Saw

Killapalooza 15: SawSaw films 1-7. The Jigsaw Killer. John Kramer. An uncut episode of Double Feature! The still kinda new website and the giant Saw database. The Double Feature AppleTV Server project. Raw humanity. Society stripped away. Finding out about a stranger. Competition. Leigh Wanell as Adam. Editing. Charlie Clouser, the series composer. James Wan. Bily the Puppet. The reverse bear trap. Shawnee Smith. Michael Emerson as Zep. Hello Zepp! Double Feature favorite. The original Saw twist. The parking garage pig. The original ten minute Saw short. The rise of Lionsgate. Getting more of Jigsaw. John Kramer, the legend. John Kramer’s sippy cup and floral pattern oatmeal. Who is Darren Lynn Bousman? Bousman’s original script before it was a Saw movie. The sins of our fathers. It’s not my fault! Don’t Forget the Rules and the changing sound of Saw 2. Detective Allison Kelly. The Survivor pack and the group dynamic. Needle pit. The numbers. Reveal montage. The titles of the Saw films. The incredible evolution of Amanda Young. Jigsaw’s ragtag team. One honest humanist’s view of the traps. The behind the scenes operations within the fiction. Saw is FUCKING COMPLICATED. Retroactive continuity (retcons). You done got pigged! Pig juicer. How to keep track of songs you love in a lengthy score. Brain surgery vs vicious gore traps. The three versions of Saw III, including the director’s cut. Actual dead. Saw trusts you to figure it out. Cross film hamster style! Setups and payoffs. Bousman’s transitions get crazy. The big head read clock chair shot. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The great do-anythings of horror. The Evolutino Music Partners website. Where can I find the Saw IV score? Continue reading

The Wrestler + Rolling Thunder

The Wrestler + Rolling ThunderDown-and-out aging warriors (with under appreciated female cohorts!). The title credits in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. The visual differences between The Wrestler and Aronofsky’s last film. 16mm. Taking the hard way and making it look easy. Your lasting impression. Clint Mansell and Slash. Marisa Tomei as Cassidy. Keeping it real…naked. Why Eric thinks people who don’t like wrestling probably should. A highbrow take on professional wrestling. Reimagining wrestling as horror franchises. Wrestling as exploitation. A bit on the history of WWE, WWF, WCW and ECW. Mickey Rourke at the deli counter. Mick Foley on making up for his physical prowess by falling from higher places. Vulgar art as a substitute for proficient art. Prisoners of war. Talking to your pals about the darkest of personal tragedy. Anysploitation. Linda defies convention. Straight to the point. Continue reading

Audition + Blood Feast

Audition + Blood FeastTakashi Miike and Herschell Gordon Lewis, super names in horror. Chapters: Learn to use a search engine. Audition (Odishon) as another side of Takashi Miike. Romantic comedy. Nightmares in dating. Letting the horror be a surprise. Committing to your setup. When do you know? The infamous bag. What makes the bag so effective? Things get weirder. Making torture uncomfortable again! Another reason the Music Box Massacre episodes were a terrible idea. Blood Feast, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and minimalism? What makes you watch Blood Feast. What’s remembered about Fuad Ramses. Hair coloring. Who is Herschell Gordon Lewis and what did he do? Nudie Cutie films and Russ Meyer. David F. Friedman and the miscellaneous crate of obscure films! Descending into obscurity. The strange evolution of HGL’s work. Connie Mason. EGGGGYYYYYPPPPTTTT. Buying time. The minimum length for a movie. Continue reading

The Ledge + Cemetery Junction

The Ledge + Cemetery JunctionDirector/writers take on girlfriend-stealing and skypigs. Two films with very real characters. Oil refinery time lapse?! Work, responsibility, and letting your guard down. Learning who your characters really are. Scheming and conniving. Agreements and disagreements with Gavin. Imperfect heroes. Why two atheists think evangelizing is the right thing to do. God, No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales. Patrick Wilson. A bit on lighting and eye shine. Getting away with anything. A very different direction for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Come of age in Britian, Karl Pilkington. The market for a coming of age throw-back film. Power in ideas. Julie’s feminine power. Having your eyes opened. Cemetery Junction and the Ghosts of Christmas. Meatcart on a train. A separate conversation about Karl Pilkington and An Idiot Abroad. Continue reading

Gattaca + Re-Animator

Gattaca + Re-AnimatorScience comments on things you might not expect! In years past. High school biology. Natural vs modified. What Gattaca is actually about. The vision of the future. The more futuristic vision of the future. Focused storytelling without distraction. Jeffry Combs as Herbert West in Re-Animator. Extreme academics. Hans Gruber. An alternative to “that’s what you want!” Special Effects. Finally using the Frankenstein story to ask a different set of philosophical questions. Where does the will reside? Giving back life or animated the dead. Out with the old, in with the new! A specific breed of dark humor. Rectifying humanism and dark humor. Continue reading

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein + Up in Smoke

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein + Up in SmokeComedy duos that Double Feature needs to cover. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello have never met frankenstein. Universal Studios monster movies. Studio bookkeeping on verses films. Who’s on first? How to enjoy a classic monster movie. Cheech and Chong and Dave. Comic style hypothesis. Punk rock rebellion. Being detained in customs. Watching Up in Smoke without being high. Earache My Eye. A long held Double Feature secret. Disaster climax. Continue reading

Rocky 4 + Kill Bill 2

Rocky 4 + Kill Bill 2Wait, what are chapters? Paulie’s Robot. Adding new characters to the Rocky franchise. Once again revisiting internet memes. The Tiger 2-XL quizbot. You’re the Man Now, Dog. Dolph Lundgren. Who is Ivan Drago and what is he all about? Talking about technology. Revisiting the cold war. Is Rocky IV against technology? What does it say about technology’s role in the Cold War? Man vs Machine and the secret message of the film. Nationalism and tribalism. The unfair but inevitable question: which Kill Bill is better? Kill Bill as a novel. Tell the story, assume the audience gets the timeline. Tarantino and film noir. Accidental study guide. Surprise action (the best kind of action). Defending the light as a character. Jokes via camera work. Film scores you’re not allowed to have. Where’s the nudity? Continue reading

Rocky 3 + Kill Bill

Rocky 3 + Kill BillEye of the Tiger. How aware of the Rocky franchise are the people in the Rocky movies? The origins of Hulk Hogan. Being loaded. Off the snow cones. Mick adapting to Rocky’s fame. Something juvenile. Rocky and Apolla are close. Real close. Mr T is an asshole. Kill Bill, Tarantino, and color. Color correction vs color grading. A showy long take. The bittersweet discover of Quentin Tarantino’s longtime editor Sally Menke. Censorship. The Whole Bloody Affair. Finally, an extended conversation on Tarantino and alleged plagiarism. Actually how bad is the borrowing? What Eric wants in life. Continue reading

A History of Violence + Out of the Past

A History of Violence + Out of the PastMen with questionable pasts. Coffee and Pie. Multiple interpretations of the title. Joey and Tom. The longer a film is great, the harder you expect it to fail. Edie Stall is making it happen. The action and brutality in A History of Violence, and how it stands out against other movies. Breaking the tension. Techniques, old and new, of David Cronenberg. High shots and other camera work. How Cronenberg uses the rule of thirds. Using prolonged violence to create tensions. William Hurt shows off. An extended conversation about sex. A movie for pacifists! Out of the Past and old school Double Feature. Different types of noir fans. Storytelling. Jane Greer as Kathie Moffat. The 80s noir remakes. Jane Greer as Rose Mcgowan. Double crosses and ultimate fatales! The convoluted plots of film noir. Historical context for the crazy. Continue reading

Coffy + Foxy Brown

Coffy + Foxy BrownTwo films separated at birth: Coffee and Foxy Brown! Eric’s hidden ability. The American Internation blacksploitation race. What violence looks like in a Jack Hill movie. The original Coffee soundtrack. Musical talk back. How Coffee and Foxy Brown stack up against the rest of the genre. Racism! Feminism and female empowerment. Where Foxy Brown came from. Taglines. Outfits and fashion. The Foxy Brown drinking game. Willie Hutch and Motown. Pam Grier, the first badass American action woman. A cinematic milestone. Are Coffee and Foxy Brown sequels? Continue reading

Hairspray + The Little Shop of Horrors

Hairspray + The Little Shop of HorrorsCult films that later spawned colossal musicals. Chicago violently floods. John Waters, Hairspray (1988), and Hypnotherapy. What inspires John Waters? The last John Waters Divine film. John Waters without Divine. Competing counterculture. A different type of parent. Finally, other people can understand! MTV’s The Grind. Racism! Double Feature gets super political. Leslie Gore and Leslie Powers. The colorized version of The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)! Public domain. Roger Corman. The Little Shop of Horrors relationship with Bucket of Blood. Budget. Chiropractors and faith healors. Man eating chicken! Continue reading

Assault on Precinct 13 + The Wrong Man

Assault on Precinct 13 + The Wrong ManJohn Carpenter and Alfred Hitchcock are two directors with something to say about the police. Assault on Precinct 13 blah blah Rio Bravo blah blah. Things AoP13 has inspired. Defining action as its own genre. Vanilla twist. The innocent years of John Carpenter. Deborah Hill. Super wide composition. Whatever device lights. An anonymous, faceless enemy. How to play Potatoes. John Carpenter’s take on the police. Silent violence. Alfred Hitchcock knows how good he is. The wrongly accused in Hitchcock movies. That Wrong Man as not a film noir! Finally covering the hard boiled detective on a movie with no hard boiled detective. Who’s actually to blame? Your ultimate fears, realized. Continue reading

Ravenous + Jonestown

Ravenous + JonestownTwo failed utopias! Bag cat buzzkill. Ravenous’ effect on the human body. Examine Damon Albarn’s score for Ravenous. When what’s fucked up is how not fucked up something is. UNRELIABLE ALBARN. A creepy secret trick, being played on only you. Antonia Bird! Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. Arriving at the tragedy. Jim Jones as…an upstanding human being? Lies and ethics. Where Jones went wrong. Wait, why aren’t we talking to that guy? Knowing what’s to come. One of the all time greatest pieces of audio. The terror. Continue reading

Killapalooza 14: Phantasm

Killapalooza 14: PhantasmPhantasm films 1-4. Michael and New Orleans. Reverend Zombie’s house of voodoo. Phantasm and the Man with No Neck. Characters and convenient names. Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man. The design of the house. Muscle car hand-me-downs and vintage synthesizers. The use of weapons. A Killapalooza first. Another memorable ending. Phantasm 2. The objectives of phantasm. Science fiction and horror. A franchise about a group of heroes rather than an iconic villain. Ladies. What’s so great about horror? The connection between Sam Raimi and Phantasm. Don Coscarelli. Incest let down. Phantasm 3 and the retcons. Lord of the Dead. Letting your characters age while hanging on to your demographic. Using your previous work. Phantasm 4: Oblivion. A Star Wars intervention. Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Tatooine and dual suns. The legend of the tall man. Where would you take the Phantasm series? Continue reading

12 Angry Men + Predators

12 Angry Men + PredatorsTeam work, here on Double Feature! Trojan Horsing films on the audience. Twelve Angry Men. Jury Duty. No courts! Back in your day, everything was less awesome than it is now. Jurors and hamster sweat. Claustrophobia. The ideas behind the camera work. Beyond a reasonable doubt. Wanting to help. What did Robert Rodriguez actually do on Predators? The terror that is the AA-12 automatic shotgun. The relationship between Predators and Machete. Defending Predators using 12 Angry Men. The spectacular marketing and casting plan. Instant icons. Continue reading

The Big Lebowski + Sideways

Sideways + The Big LebowskiMen in robes and boxers optionally teach you Philosophy and/or English. The epic cult masterpiece that is The Big Lebowski. A true era. Two sober atheists talk white russians. Lebowski lore. Created characters to bounce off each other. Julianne Moore as Maude. Feminism and jokes. Philip Seymour Hoffman breathing life into a non-role. Michael’s reaction to The Big Lebowski. The last man standing. The Coen Brothers and accessibility. Schtick brought to reality. Optional philosophy. Acid trips! An awakening to independent film. Deconstructing the infamous wine tasting scene. Both sides of the debate! Virginia Madsen vs Sandra Oh. Sexual ethics, part 2. Which parts are the funny parts? Goddamn metaphors! Continue reading

Ichi the Killer + Opera

Ichi the Killer + OperaPet the white cat! A secret to making Starbucks Frappuccinos at home. Horror in the years before and after Ichi the Killer. Blowjob Foley. Using sex in horror when you can’t show the sex parts. Ambitious violence. A contender for worst CD scene in Double Feature history. What inspired Takashi Miike? Karen! Misdirection via overwhelming. Attacking the senses. How do you not talk about psychic Animals? Dario Argento and the opera. Brian Eno, David Bowie, and I’m Afriad of Americans. Backwards Diva walkout. Betty, the hot little 80s final girl. Buying into the needles. The best bit of action violence in Opera. The worst plan ever. Slasher deaths and ending fake-outs. The Year 4 theme revealed. Continue reading

Glengarry Glen Ross + Shaun of the Dead

Glengarry Glen Ross + Shaun of the DeadWake up from your 9-5 coma. A Double Feature for the working class. Glengarry Glen Ross and the rat race. Colored light. Tension. Capitalists call out sales people. Boring war stories that add nothing to humanity. Sales people should be replaced by robots. Conmen will attempt to con each other, even if unintentionally. Shaun of the Dead and the waking dead. Physically clock in, mentally check out. Where you can find a LOT more Edgar Wright. The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy. Using sound to sell your action. Minimalistic effects. Enhancing jokes via clever directing. Continue reading

The Matrix + Rollerball

The Matrix + RollerballTwo giant sci-fi films dealing with earth-bound overloads in terrifying futures. The Matrix. Making code cool. The look and feel of 90s films. Things you’ve never noticed before. The supporting characters. Leaving reality. Philosophy, destiny, free will, and other heavy lifting. A great fisheye lens! Getting to the bottom of The Wachowskis. The music in Rollerball. The rules of Rollerball. Government requests. What the future looks like. Future fashion! Jonathan E. A dystopian sports film. TRIPLE ZOOM. The psychology behind the capitalistic masters of Rollerball. Continue reading

Rocky 2 + Sex and Fury

Rocky 2 + Sex and FuryRocky vs Asia, Part 2. Simultaneous journeys. A very sexy day of Double Feature. Rock 2 is aware of it’s place in the world. Rocky calls bullshit on itself. A strategy for starting your sequel. Directed by Sylvester Stalone! Fixing past mistakes. Humanity and heart. Actually rooting for a protagonist. Defining a character by their faults. Unable to sell out. Real life optimism. Character evolution. Provoking a reaction. Sex and Fury + Lady Snowblood. Japanese Pink Films. How do pink films compare to American sexploitation? Poker showdown. What’s the difference between sex cinema and pornography? Censorship in Japanese pornography. Urabon and the resistance! Continue reading

The Toxic Avenger + Troll 2

The Toxic Avenger + Troll 2Highlighting Toxic Avenger by using Troll 2, the best worst movie of all time. Two people who don’t know anything about Troll 2 watching it for the first time. Double Feature is not a shot about bad films! Learning more about Troma. Redbox and Asylum. Michael’s not even sure what’s on his own show. Toxie is probably canon. Lloyd Kaufman. What you can hide with background music. Dubbing. Wheezing! The voice of the Toxic Avenger. Year 4, headcrush four! Three sure fire endings. Slowly bailing on the movie. Milking the cash cow. John Carl Buechler? Gobilns vs Trolls. Covering a movie in a different way. Argento Goblin, Londer After Midnight, and Sega Genesis. True scares. Preempting Troll 2’s bad excuses. Sex scenes with pop corn. Potted friends. Staring into the camera. Hamster sandwich. Continue reading

The Trial + Naked Lunch

The Trial + Naked LunchA Franz Kafka and William S Burroughs double feature. The double feature itself is Kafkaesque. Orson Well’s The Trial. Spoken word credits! Kafka and grammar. Bleak, hopeless, confusing and everyone hates you. There are no breaks in surrealism! Before the law. Deciphering the indecipherable. Using Atlas Shrugged to wrap your head around the most complicated parables and paradoxes. Kafka’s appeal to minimalism. Children at play. The advocate. Camera work and lighting! The Metamorphosis. William S Burroughs and Naked Lunch. The film vs the book. Real life tales. An autobiography by someone else. Mugwump reveal. A proof of the effect of depth of field. Another method of shooting car scenes. Real life 1950s. Body horror on a switch. Continue reading

Two-Lane Blacktop + Rubber

Two-Lane Blacktop + RubberThe beginning and end of the road. Nihilism. Where did all that protesting get us? The antithesis of roadsploitation. Warren Oats and the spirit of the road. Kris Kristofferson. You don’t make a movie this different than all other roadsploitation without yourself commenting on the genre. The girl isn’t really any better. Living in the moment, to the extreme. A return to the Music Box and the worst seven and a half minutes of Eric’s life. Rubber, a movie about Bear or No Bear. Codename Oizo. Addressing the meta. Left out in the CG vs models debate? Composites! Brutality. How to film and edit a composite. DSLR film making. The Canon 5D Mark II. Advantages and disadvantages of using a DSLR. Follow focus and the AC. Continue reading

Closer + Happy Go Lucky

Closer + Happy Go LuckyLearning about human kind! Closer. Outside your comfort zone, everything is original and exciting! Keeping scenes to two characters. The four people who all have sex with each other (before one of them wins). 2004, that bizarre year in history. Let’s talk about sex. Disasters could have been averted! Smack my bitch up. Sex and ethics. Mike Leigh and Happy Go Lucky. The human experience. Happy without tuning out. First impressions – or why Eric takes pride in looking like some immature kid. Optimistic, not an airhead. What would actually happen if you were never upset about anything? Driving instructions. Is there a downside to living like Poppy? Continue reading

Killapalooza 13: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Killapalooza 13: Silent Night, Deadly NightSilent Night, Deadly Night 1-5. Donate to Double Feature. Please. Controversy. Fucking with Santa. What’s truly different about Silent Night, Deadly Night. Billy Chapman. There is no hard evidence to support the conclusion that The Pizza Factory in Uptown Chicago was a drug front. The warm side of the door montage. There is no Santa. The longest recap of all time. Eric Freeman, baby storyteller. Ricky Chapman. KnowYourMeme.com. Garbage Day! Better Watch Out. Enter the supernatural. Why blind? Bill Mosley and the brain bowl. The initiation and Clint Howard’s film library. Deep into obscurity. Buy The McVeigh Tapes. CHEESE WHEEL. The Toy Maker. Which Ricky is Ricky? Yearly X-Mas horror. Teenage dry humping. Sex toys. Not those kind of sex toys. The meat cart is in more films than Mickey Rooney. Continue reading

The Conversation + Rear Window

The Conversation + Rear WindowMovies about voyeurism by heavy directors. Also, a good double feature! The first Francis Ford Corpula film on the show. Studios and audio equipment. Convenient release timing. The shot of The Quad. Deconstructing a single event. Laboring over one scene. Discover and revelations. Fighting the neo-noir. A profession you don’t know much about. Being a creeper. Swell shop party. Paranoia through plot reveals and camera work. Bernie is second best, you guys. The religious element of The Conversation. Where did Bernie go? Classy downtrodden piano score. Score in Rear Window. Single room, environment, and angle. What was Hitchcock up to? A great decade for Hitchcock, a terrible decade for women. Women’s intuition. Humanity. Grace Kelly has the adventure! Who are the vampires in Rear Window? People watching as a taboo. The Chicago loop at night. Alfred Hitchcock’s brand of suspense. Acceptable browsers. Continue reading

Four Rooms + From Dusk Till Dawn

Four Rooms + From Dusk Till DawnTarantino and Rodriguez, back to back! And then Rodriguez and Tarantino! Found film. Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell…Marisa Tomei? Combustible Edison and Vertigogo. Time Roth, resident weirdo. The Missing Ingredient. The Wrong Man. The Misbehavers. The Man from Hollywood. Swell parties. Michael’s Titanic sequel. The bathroom shot. The in-between inside outside wall shot. Camera pull away super far out Tim Roth’s character is here pointing shot. Jennifer Beals. Antonio Banderas. The Robert Rodriguez boss shot, as seen in both films. Long takes. POV. The Man from the South. Spot the Hodder?! Robert Kurtzman. Are you ready for vampires? Rodriguez’s early style. Fred Williiam’s spot at the bar. Who the fuck is Tom Savani? Filmmakers and friends. Continue reading

Deep Red + The Gore Gore Girls

Deep Red + The Gore Gore GirlsPetting the white cat. Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) requires subtitles. Previous Dario Argento recap. Goblin is kicking ass on the case. The color of blood. Running over heads. Dario Argento, psychic animals, and investigating murders. Red herrings. The most terrifying scenes. Gimmicks holding up upon rewatching. Were you thrown off here? The eyeliner clue. Flying Tom Tom vs bookends. Chicago in films! Herschell Gordon Lewis. The invention of the splatter films. Under and over exposed? The joys of poorly made film. Herschell’s gore. Chocolate milk nipples. Breaking the fourth wall. Continue reading

Crank + Shoot ‘Em Up

Crank + Shoot Em UpDouble Feature’s apologetic action films? Chev Chelios, the nonexistent legend. 16 bit! First impressions. The look of Crank. An all black room of with all black walls and all black men and smoke. Online maps! Video taped on a Canon XL-2 and a Sony CineAlta HDC-F950. Editing and unorthodox camera rigs. The treatment of exposition. The comic relief character! Why Crank makes you watch Crank 2. Sitting at the bus stop in Shoot ‘Em Up. The Chicago Wilson CTA stop. Using the environment in shoot-outs. When a film markets itself. Shoot ‘Em Up’s viral campaign “Bullet Proof Baby.” Bonsai Kitten. Rube Goldberg traps. Bitter:Sweet. How much does Donna (Monica Bellucci) make as a prostitute? Guesses at Shoot ‘Em Up’s motivation. Continue reading

American Psycho + Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

American Psycho + Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerMichael’s underhanded double feature. Murderous character studies in transgressive fiction. American Psycho and director Mary Harron. Female directors. Covering Christian Bale. Miles Fisher’s video for This Must Be the Place. What’s terrifying about American Psycho? Ending revelations and how they inform characters who aren’t Patrick Bateman. Characters in shared fiction. Empire Magazine 20th Anniversary Pictures. Gmail. Chicago diner chains. How Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was made. Henry Lee Lucas. Voyeurism and long takes. Rebecca Watson and Team Human. Cynacism. Us or them. Selling agony: the worst thing that could possibly happen to a human being. Continue reading

Rocky + Shogun Assassin

Rocky + Shogun AssassinRocky vs Asia. Simultaneous journeys. Misguided east vs west double features. Learning about something new via marathons. The characters in Rocky. What the fuck, Paulie? Talia Shire as Adrian. Mickey Goldmill is a crazy person. What makes Rocky a great character (and an unusual one for Sylvester Stallone). Apollo Creed and his influence on the other characters. How Apollo stands out from the usual interesting villain variations. The mother of all montages! More than you actually wanted to know about Stedicam. Lone Wolf and Cub. Roger Corman’s talking baby. Narration via infant. Samurai Stroller. Child abuse vs honor! The fantasy you expect from foley. Hip Hop? Continue reading

Hatchet 2 + Cabin Fever 2

Hatchet 2 + Cabin Fever 2Blood and sex feature! Old School American Horror Blasphemy. Eric’s horrible, horrible confession. Hatchet 2 after the first Hatchet. Danielle Harris replacing Tamara Feldman as Marybeth. The ending of Hatchet. Who comes back and how? Supernatural: bear or no bear! Joel David Moore. In-world references. Hatchet 2’s unrated release. The return of the belt sander. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. The first impression moment. This is really Ti West! The animated credit sequence. Super wide angle fisheye lenses. Giuseppe Andrews is at it again. Expanding on Deputy Winston. Cum – the ultimate cinematic taboo? More on the Cabin Fever rabbit. Fight for the quarantined? Continue reading