Episode Collection: Year 3

The third year of Double Feature, from July 15, 2010 to July 7, 2011.

Double Feature Year 3 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Three retrospective. Listener emails. Favorite pairings. Worst pairings. Things Double Feature was wrong about. Surprises. Nude listeners. Microsoft ends the Zune. Bag cat. Tremors and Family Ties! Accessibility. Double Feature and the topic of religion. Why talk positively about all films? Eric does not own a cell phone. A spoiler free conversation about the last 15 minutes of High Tension. Double Feature Show Ripoff and Film Shack. Double Feature’s RSS feed and the mp3 version of the show. The future of the old shows. Revisiting the first date rings. Sky friend or sky pig? Why nudity is the most insane taboo. Continue reading

Mary and Max + The Killing

Mary and Max + The KillingListener picked Double Feature! How did the listeners do? If you didn’t win, you still kinda win. What did we learn about podmanity? Stop motion, claymation, and tricks! Mary and Max and the portrayal of the United States. Loving your characterization. The context of your medium. Anxiety and depression. Appropriate fear. Evaluating what’s off the table. Old men talking to little girls. Societal standards. Is there spite behind the humor? The inability to overlook a powerful medium. Character design. Which killing is The Killing? Finally solving Stanley Kuberick and fullscreen or widescreen. A different kind of voiceover. Crime! Art Gilmore. The purity of watching film noir over neo-noir. Marie Windsor as Sherry. Extremes in lighting. Visible light sources. Black canvas. Early looks at a director’s signature. Shadows and guilt! Continue reading

Harry Brown + Children of Men

Harry Brown + Children of MenDouble bleak Feature. Finally, Children of Men has found a film to partner with! Evil people in the world – this evil? Minimal score emphasizing desolation in both tone and melody. Violence isn’t fun, it’s fucking sad. How Harry Brown differs from Death Wish. The non-disguise of Harry Brown. Vigilante justice: what is the movie’s stance? Two pacifists talk about when vigilantism is justified. Why Children of Men matters so much to Double Feature. Things you can get away with in the documentary style of cinematography. Following a single character. Propaganda posters. Immigration. Continue reading

To Die For + Serial Mom

To Die For + Serial MomSo-called “true stories” of women and crimes. To Die For and Pamela Smart. Gus Van Sant. What was Danny Elfman up to? Tonal shifts. Documentary/mockumentary style. Wait, we’re killing? Idolizing TV life. Questioning motivation. David Cronenberg?! Pretending things are dark comedies. References to horror and exploitation films. More on housewife exploitation. More somewhat harmless fun. John Waters brings new sexual terms to middle America! Soundbank. Capital Punishment. Patty Hearst: convicted felon and John Waters actor. Trials, court rooms and a fetish for trials. It’s finally happening!

Killapalooza 12: Sleepaway Camp

Killapalooza 12: Sleepaway CampSleepaway Camp films 1-5. A return to true 80s slashers. Covering a film that doesn’t exist. Feminism. The original 1983 Sleepaway Camp. Paul Deangelo as background Ronnie. Covering up the deaths. The essential elements of camp. Homosexuality in the 80s. What is Sleepaway Camp saying about gay parents? What’s going on with the weird aunt? Desiree Gould as Aunt Martha. Ten minutes of softball! Inventive kills. The formula misleads! Eric is in love with Felissa Rose. One of the all time greatest slasher endings. What’s interesting about the infamous ending in retrospect. Unhappy Campers, and the beginning of Double Feature friendly naming conventions. The happy campers song. Pamela Springsteen. The burden of creating the icon. POV shots. Teenage Wasteland. Slasher theme songs. Are team building exercises bullshit? Fluoride in the drinking water. Female slasher fun! You have to censor the gore: Do you polish the edits, or make them as abrasive as possible? Slasher with a gun. Reporting on Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor (the unreleased film) – what’s it about, what does the footage look like? Return to Sleepaway Camp as an 80s return. Stealing Chef and Ned from South Park. The career of Felissa Rose. Michael fears Eric’s excitement. What makes this franchise notable. New website! Continue reading

Tron + Scott Pilgrim

Tron + Scott PilgrimBeep boop beep boop. Synthesizers, videogames, and hairspray. Disney, Double Feature style. Tron. What exactly Disney had to do with the original Tron. Where does the cult appeal of Tron come from? The beginnings of computer generated imagery. Tron in HD! Eric is the only person in the universe who likes the non-computer, real world parts of Tron more than being inside. South Park and Tron Guy. Notable for CG, notable for sound stage, notable for a movie studio pretending it never happened. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Edgar Wright, Michael Cera, and the greatest fucking editing of all time. Colored lighting. 8bit. Zelda over Photos of You. The Clash at Demonhead. Gloomrock. Sadcore. Music and fighting! Continue reading

Girl, Interrupted + Reform School Girls

Girl Interrupted + Reform School GirlsLate night double feature. Crazy girl slumber party. Girl, Interrupted. The six degrees of Bacon Brittany. Understanding the very public, very international obsession with Angelina Jolie. Using crazy to break up heavy. Social nonconformity vs complete sociopath. Eccentric vs insane. How taboos change over time. Does being around crazies make you crazy? Reform School Girls. Wendy O Williams. Anarchy and feminism. What’s sexploitation and what’s pornography? Is sexploitation sexy? Go out with a bang. Continue reading

Lost Highway + Psycho

Lost Highway + PsychoDouble Feature makes two intimidating films by even more intimidating directors completely approachable. David Lynch and Lost Highway. Where you’ve heard Angelo Badalamenti. The return of Trent Reznor. Did David Lynch write The Perfect Drug? The look of Lost Highway. Focal point in the most shallow depth of all fields. Putting your camera in creepy places. Minimalistic home design and it’s impact on implied lighting. The 1950s. The tapes. Lens Whacking. Bear or No Bear film making. Driver down. Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock’s distrust of the police. The Hayes code. Toliet outrage. Playing clue. Do not tell your friends. Alfred Hitchcock thinks you’re a fucking dolt. Continue reading

The Exorcism of Emily Rose + The Fourth Kind

The Exorcism of Emily Rose + The Fourth KindPseudoscience is only the beginning of the odd choices in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Fourth Kind. Can movies about nonsense hold up intellectually outside of their immediate premise? Jennifer Carpenter. An awful lawyer. Written by a skeptic and a true believer. Writing and directing a fair and realistic story about demons. The demon defense. How to pronounce Milla Jovovich. Again. The internet hates The Fourth Kind. Don’t throw an experiment out because you don’t like the results. Eric loves Alaska! Plant your own skeptic. Richard Dawkin’s take on Arthur C. Clarke’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The alien creation myth. The Fourth Kind hoax. Continue reading

A Night in Casablanca + The Great Dictator

A Night in Casablanca + The Great DictatorWorld War II as portrayed by cinema of the early 40s. Describing the Marx Brothers and A Night in Casablanca. Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. Harpo and Teller (of Penn and Teller). Musical entertainment. The role of women in Marx Brothers films. Making fun of Nazis! Why is A Night in Casablanca too easy on the Nazis? The Great Dictator: written, produced, staring, directed, and music by Charlie Chaplin. The haunted mustache. Talkies and sound! New technology. Chaplin’s depiction of Hitler. Interpreting the final speech. Continue reading

High Tension + Wolf Creek

High Tension + Wolf CreekVital splat pack! Horror at the peak of it’s class. The early 2000’s era of bullshit horror films. The Splat Pack vs Old School American Horror. The mission of spot-lit aesthetics. The flying tom tom! Lighting a pitch black scene. The infamous horror movie neck slice. Feeling used. The truck. An intervention with the end of High Tension. Greg McLean and Wolf Creek. Building a supernatural killer story arc around a regular man. Cars on the road in Australia. Deserted road car lotto. Goddamnit, not again! Continue reading

The Room + The Happening

The Room + The HappeningTwo fucking terrible movies. What separates cult film from shit film? What separates so bad that it’s good from just bad? Toom Wiseau writes, directs and stores in The Room. Who’s to be mocked for this disaster? Opposing views of the willing accomplices. The bright side! The best worst scene. Theories. What if it’s all true? Is it ok to like The Room? Genre defined by intentions vs reception. Don’t go up in them plants, there’s a death curse! THE HOTDOG GUY. The Happening is phenomenally ignorant of anything even remotely resembling science. Colony Collapse Disorder. Debunking kirlian cameras. How is The Happening this bad? An alternate ending. M. Night Shyamalan’s hoax documentary “The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan.” Continue reading

Shaft + Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon + ShaftKung Fu and Blaxploitation. 1971. Shaft trailer. There’s art in Shaft! Exploitation where someone actually gives a shit. First person fights. Richard Roundtree vs Fred Williamson. Racial gravity community. Tanks on Broadway. Noir pretending to be blaxploitation. Drew Bundini Brown and the reverse mohawk. The Shaft sequels and (sort of) remake. Enter the Dragon: a time when nudity was still ok. The sound of kung fu. Jim Kelly. Bruce Lee. 70s slow motion at the proper frame rate. Kung fu as an artform. FIGHTING TOURNAMENT BLUEPRINT. A challenge to Podmanity. IT PETS THE WHITE CAT. Smoke and mirrors. Continue reading

Bubba Ho-tep + Trick ‘r Treat

Bubba Ho-tep + Trick 'r TreatOld school American horror! Elvis, Don Coscarelli and the crew from Phantasm. Glitchy edits ala J-Horror! What gave Bubba Ho-tep its cult status? Everyone knows who Bruce Campbell is. Making exposition not just ok, but enjoyable. Bubba Ho-tep’s opinion of real life Elvis. Michael Dougherty’s Trick or Treat. Halloween block party! THE A-B-C- METHOD. Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams! Creature effects. A call for yearly Trick ‘r Treats. Continue reading

Smokey and the Bandit + Thunder and Lightning

Smokey and the Bandit + Thunder and LightningSouthern American, alcohol, and the goddamn road. Burt Reynolds. Giving your film visual depth. Smokey and the Bandit for Dummies. What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law! Bandits. Snowman. Racism in the south. The Prodigy song Their Law uses a quote (not a sample). Pontiac Trans Am. Is this roadsploitation? Whiskey running. Coors being illegal in the 70s. Blocking. Who is David Carradine, really? Thunder and Lightning and Roger Corman. Cheap 70s filmmaking. Christian gator wrestling. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hard top (second generation). Rotgut whiskey. What should be icons! Continue reading

Django + Sukiyaki Western Django

Django + Sukiyaki Western DjangoSpaghetti westerns and Sukiyaki Western spaghetti westerns! A better example of italian exploitation. Dialogue so bad you shouldn’t even bother dubbing. A gunslinger who mad libs. Exploitation theme songs. The coffin reveal. The wort dubbing gets worse. Opening the package. Is it a good trade? Contrasting Django with The Man With No Name. Unauthorized sequels. New to Takashi Miike! What the fuck is Sukiyaki Western Django doing? Japanese fashion hybrids. Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz and Bloody Benton. Making the cartoonish violence. The better gun. Michael says something insane. Continue reading

Killapalooza 11: The Amityville Horror

Killapalooza 11: The Amityville HorrorThe Amityville Horror films 1-8. The Amitville hoax. FINALLY – Eric and Michael make a video! The Lutz family. James Randi. How the Amityville Horror story was fabricated. What’s the worst thing the house did? The possession! Incest as a franchise staple? Asking critical thinking questions about incest. SKYPIG. 3-D is even more lame if you put it in the title. Stephen Kaplan the skeptical true-believer. Ed and Lorraine Warren. GHOST COLD. Testing for ghosts. The evil escapes. Haunted antiques and some additional skepticism. Where does the haunting reside? The Amityville curse. Fireside haunted slumber party mystery. When porn reigns fire. It’s about time. When has ‘wake up from a dream’ ever worked? Mature stories in immature settings. If Jeremy Kasten directed The Amityville Horror. Sage Francis. Shitty art mocking well known art. Accidental miniature shot! Sequel or tax write-off? Roger’s Corman’s The Fantastic Four. A lesson about incest using The Brady Bunch. Continue reading

Ed Wood + Shadow of the Vampire

Ed Wood + Shadow of the VampireA show about old films disguised as a show about new films. Glen or Glenda! Credit movies. Why are Edward D Wood Jr movies so bad? Surrounding yourself with weirdos. Jeffrey Jones and The Amazing Criswell. Juliet Landau is amazing. Martin Landau. Elvira. A different look at Ed Wood. An honest look at Bela Lugosi. Honoring an old technique. Maurice Lamarche. Writings and pornography. The Church of Ed Wood. EDWJ writes your movie! Nosferatu, Dracula, and Shadow of the Vampire. John Malkovich plays F W Murnau like he’s Count Orlok. When conspiracy is ok! Questioning what’s real. Directors narrate silent films. Why people should care about german expressionism. Vampires then and now. The original “don’t show the monster.” Icons. Udo Kier. Continue reading

Cannibal Holocaust + The Big Bird Cage

Cannibal Holocaust + The Big Bird CageTwo not-yet-covered exploitation films about people getting massacred in the jungle. Double Feature tries a new approach to pairing difficult films. Cannibal exploitation in Cannibal Holocaust. Animal cruelty. The trial of director Ruggero Deodato for the murder of his actors. Distributors’ moral stance. Do you keep the footage? The influence of Cannibal Holocaust on the decades to follow. Eli Roth. Cannibal Holocaust sequel! Finally, there’s BAG CAT. The good time to be had with Roger Corman and The Big Bird Cage. Some people actually don’t care for breasts. Women in prison films. Conventions of the genre. Sid Haig. Pam Grier. What sets The Big Bird Cage apart. Continue reading

Look + Pecker

Look + PeckerPhotography and voyeurism. Where are the cameras?! What people do when no one is looking. The misadventures of Adam Rifkin. The average person vs one example of a person. If you could see the big picture. Events you missed out on. Giuseppe Andrews is getting electrocuted. Original music. Sony CineAlta cameras. Unnatural cinematography. Defying the rule of thirds. Wide open depth of field and heightened senses. Lying. Morality. Look is also a TV series on Showtime (you can watch it here: Look TV Series). Pecker as the last of the first mainstream John Waters films. Which is the real John Waters underdog? Christina Ricci. The career of Martha Plimpto. Women in Pecker. Go out to stores and take photos of unsuspecting customers. Children and ADHD. Critics are fucking idiots. Continue reading

Doomsday + Equilibrium

Doomsday + EquilibriumMovies that best their source material. The splat pack. Neil Marshall. What does Doomsday steal from? The cannibal dance. Rhona Mitra Major Eden Sinclair. Craig Conway as Sol (not Saul). Shifts in setting. Sacrificing signature for wider acceptance. Weird things directors do that make them stand out. A twist on roadsploitation. Stealing John Murphy’s 28 Weeks Later score. Norman Borlaug has saved over one billion human lives. Search for him. The two reasons population control is a silly cliche. Equilibirum and 1984. Sean Bean. Taye Diggs refill. Emily Watson. William Fichtner’s own story. Creating action without action. Blended split focus. Alternatives to Meat Cart! Gun Kata. Making violence more violent – with glass! Playing the comedy straight. Just a formally. Continue reading

The Social Network + The Hudsucker Proxy

The Social Network + The Hudsucker ProxyTitans of industry! The awards. Skeptical of The Social Network? Having nostalgia for the first time. AwesomeStart.com. Apache, Perl, Livejournal, Firefox! A look into the actual life of a teenage programmer. How do we monetize? How the movie treats Mark Zuckerburg. Thinking out loud and living in a bubble. The relationship between Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker. Justin Timberlake. Tilt shift photography. Trent Reznor. Atticus Ross. Rob Sheridan. What the movie doesn’t do! What is a hudsucker proxy? Making a film for laughs. The opposite of The Social Network. Art Deco. Time capsule…of the 90s. The Coen Brothers and Sam Raimi? Dark Humor in The Hudsucker Proxy. Continue reading

May + Teeth

May + TeethViolent girls! Guess who’s sick? ALL HAIL HONEY BEAR. People who spoil May. Who is Lucky McKee, besides the director of May? An effective flying Tom Tom! May with an eye patch. Angela Bettis and Jeremy Sisto. Adam and May, together. Come back to our side Anna Faris. James Duval and the icy nipples. Normal people making fucking up movies. A skeptical look at on-screen chemistry. Smoking in cinema. Things that are wrong. Soundtrack. The Breeders. Scarling. Score and foley. Dark humor. Suzie the doll. Subtlety vs a movie where you have teeth in your vagina. Vagina Dentata. Promise rings. Have more sex. But not with your family. A film where every guy is a creep. Saving it for the one you marry. Does Mitchell Lichtenstein’s movie Teeth understand evolution? What is the evolutionary advantage of having a vagina with teeth? Teeth as a superhero film. Continue reading

Planet of the Apes + Colossus: The Forbin Project

Planet of the Apes + Colossus: The Forbin ProjectClassic sci-fi day. See Colossus: The Forbin Project! Arthur P. Jacobs. Rod Serling. The original ideas for Planet of the Apes and all that could have been. Jerry Goldsmith. Sci-Fi allegories vs over-interpretations. Who sneaks symbolism into the film? Religion: just how ridiculous is it? Intellectual hypocrisy. Class warfare. Social inequality. The ending of The Planet of the Apes. Respecting your audience more than they even deserve. Computer voice. Cold War history. Mutually assured destruction. Unanswered questions. Continue reading

Mulberry Street + Frozen

Mulberry Street + FrozenOld School American Horror! Mulberry Street. Eight Films to Die For. The After Dark Horror Fest. Jim Mickle as writer, director, editor. The advantages of total control. Mood and tone. Identifying budget. Lo-Fi film making! Close knit living. Laid back angry distortion. Room ambience. A stab in the dark at character relationships. Adam Green’s Frozen and Adam Greens Old School American Horror. Explaining the reception. New horror IP. Spot the Hodder. A more specific subgener of trapped in a single place (bottle) films. Try this at home! Alternating desperation with victory. The idea behind not showing violence. Continue reading

Catfish + The Girlfriend Experience

Catfish + The Girlfriend ExperienceUnorthodox relationship day! Corresponding with children. When society forces incorrect reactions. The facts have not been redacted. Privacy of documentary film subjects. Jumping the gun. The Catfish trailer. Applying skepticism to the claims of hoax and the idea of “too good to be true.” Suspicions. Is Catfish a hoax? Prank-u-documentaries. Camera work. Steven Soderbergh and The Girlfriend Experience. TGE. What does it mean to purchase a girlfriend experience? Steven Soderbergh’s career. Red One. What Red cameras and DSLRs mean for the future of film. Why show the two stories? Fucking gym memberships. Personal anecdotes about the inner works of the call girl industry. Continue reading

Pulp Fiction + Sin City

Pulp Fiction + Sin CityTarantino and Rodriguez, back to back! Pulp Fiction and Tarantino’s chapters. The popular appeal of Pulp Fiction. What nonlinear storytelling accomplishes. Separating character development from overall narrative. Simultaneous stories. Building up Marsellus Wallace. Quentin Tarantino and race relations! Soundtrack. The life and work of Julia Sweeney. Atheism! Learning through conversation. Noir characters in the modern world. The MacGuffin, The Maltese Falcon, and Plot Coupons. Robert Rodriguez and Sin City. Quest director Quentin Tarantino! Getting Frank Miller to sign off. The characters in Basin City. Do it cheap, do it smart, and fuck film school. Continue reading

Killapalooza 10: Wishmaster

Killapalooza 10: WishmasterWishmaster films 1-4. The return of Killapalooza! Where did it ever go, again? Further exploration of always being nice to films. An abstract conversation about Wes Craven using a film he produced as a symbol for his greater style on a whole. Where did they get all the answers? Robert Kurtzman. The greatest scene in Wishmasterdom. Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund. Lazy wish-granting. Why “be careful what you wish for” is a bad supernatural plot. Green shirt guy. Photos of you. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies. Andrew Divoff as the Wishmaster. Wish-lines. Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell. Shitty Acid drumloops. Embarrassing. Getting sick. Wish specificity. An opportunity to freshly exploit an old power. The magic of the paradox. Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled. Using a campy mythos to talk about a serious subject. Where should the franchise go from here? Continue reading

Altered States + The Fly

Altered States + The FlyMad scientists! Dubious science. What’s a spoiler? https://bing.com/images?q=ken+russell is what you need to know. Trying to figure out Ken Russell’s Altered States from 1980. Behind the scenes at Double Feature. Michael doesn’t know what to do! William Hurt. Blair Brown. Actors who could be your mom, naked when they were younger. LSD. Timothy Leary. John C. Lilly. What was the point of the LSD deprivation experiments? The longest WTF scene yet. Be afraid, be very afraid. David Cronenberg is Jeff Goldblum as The Fly! 1986 and the relationship between man and machine. Body horror – what is it, what is it used for? The fly as a metaphor for aging. The mental and physical transformation. Films without mercy. Continue reading

Amelie + Martyrs

Amélie + MartyrsEric struggles to do the show. Why the sadistic pairing? Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Amelie. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. Learning about the french via film. Living your quirks. Genre bending and classification. A comfortable distortion of physics. The influence and absence of Marc Caro. Dominique Pinon and Ron Perlman. A different sense of dark comedy. Fucking and the french. Fucking is ok! The American taboo. Are the things Amelie is doing right? Is it ok to lie for good? The best use of the Amelie garden gnome. The influence of American horror on the french. French extreme revisited. Smashcuts! The Flying Tom Tom. Uncertainty. What does the ending of Martyrs mean? Rape/Revenge. Continue reading

Stuck + The House of the Devil

Stuck + The House of the DevilCity dangerous vs suburb dangerous. Two films, each a play on the trapped-in-one-place mechanic. Michael Koester is not actually an exorcist. Based on actual events? Zeitgeist contributing to a movie’s success vs basing a movie on the current zeitgeist. Stewart Gordon and new homeless. Intentionally flat characters. Reactions to brutality. Director masturbatory slow motion. Dissection of slow motion violence. Brandi Boski is the worst human being alive (but Mena Suvari is a wonderful person). If you drive drunk, you are the worst human being alive. An example of Stuart Gordon at his best. Another way Ti West’s The House of the Devil could have ended (and why). What is city danger? What is a suburb? The devil. You don’t need any evidence to be based on a true story. You don’t need a true story to be based on a true story. You don’t need a story to be based on a true story. Groups of five. Bring on the tannis! Power plays. Tom Noonan as Mr Ulman. Ti West improves on the throw back. Resisting the urge. Continue reading

A Fistful of Dollars + Gojira

A Fistful of Dollars + GojiraTwo more genres Double Feature will never be fully prepared to cover. Spaghetti westerns and kaiju (japans monster movies). Two foreign films that popularized their genres in west. The dollars trilogy. What is a spaghetti western? How you can tell when something is dubbed, even in the same language as it’s shot. Ambience in recordings. Ennio Morricone (aka Dan Savio) and what makes the score. Setting the tone for a spaghetti western. The town. The solution? Elimination! Mexican border towns. What other westerns were doing at the time. The morality of the man with no name. Toho Company. Ltd. The eras of kaiju. Adapting Gojira for American audiences. Varan the Unbelievable. The worst translations. Godzilla mythology. Continue reading

Misery + Christine

Misery + ChristineStephen King. Also, this is Double Feature, so Ayn Rand too. Eric’s homework. Misery! Barry Sonnenfeld. Marc Shaiman. Writing what you know. The romanticization of the author. The real world mess that is writing an story. Rituals for both romance and storytelling mechanics. What does Paul Sheldon tell us about Stephen King. Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes. Sheldon disappoints! Fuck honor, give me desperation. Just how crazy is Annie? Killing the Ahab. The Chicago suburbs. Get naked and get in that car. A taste of things to come. High school as seen by Stephen King. Buying cursed items. Explaining your own metaphor. The moment John Carpenter first appears. Radiohead’s Karma Police. Obscured by light. The car’s motivation. Spider-Man 3 is a bad remake of Christine. Continue reading

Die Hard + Man on Wire

Die Hard + Man on WireSecret heist films that take place in famous buildings (and are based on books!) A tragic missed opportunity. iPads have chapters, Zunes don’t. Important information you miss out on when you don’t listen to Double Sleepy Naptime. Die Hard as a Christmas mood. The Nakatomi Plaza / Los Angeles Fox Plaza. Bruce Willis as John McClane. The other Die Hard films. Cowboys. The role of the men outside. Driving plot. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber. Ode to Joy. Man on Wire against American art. Eric’s tattoos and piercings. Philippe Petit, the raconteur. A conversation about that probably shouldn’t be talked about or even acknowledged. Danger! Inspirational events. Creativity. Really smart people. Continue reading

The Last Man on Earth + Deliverance

The Last Man on Earth + DeliveranceTwo movies about isolation keep each other company. Logan Swanson and the Last Man on Earth. As good as it gets! The return of the public domain. Zombies in literature. Hanging out with Vincent Price. A bit about Will Smith and I Am Legend. What do you do when you’re the last man on earth? Do artists still create? Eric actually was The Last Man on Earth. The popular icons from Deliverance. The producer says “I bet you can squeal like a pig” has to go in the show notes somewhere. Feuding banjos / Dueling banjos. The survivalist movement seen previously in The McVeigh Tapes. Nature vs modern society. Resisting change. Being “one with nature.” What happened to Drew? Day-for-night in the 1970s. Xenophobia. Killing is still wrong. Continue reading

The Devil’s Rejects + Halloween 2

The Devil's Rejects + Halloween 2Rob Zombie hour, here on Double Feature! Rob Zombie for Rob Zombie fans. Halloween 2? Halloween II? Halloween: II? H2? What the fuck is this movie called? The Devil’s Rejects is a goddamn sequel. Deconstructing the motel room. The 1970s. Trailers, dirt and hillbillies. A non-horror perspective. The humor of the film. Charlie Altamont (Ken Foree) as Lando Calrissian. Something all filmmakers could learn from slashers. Danny Trejo is the biggest fucking mexican you’ve ever seen, even if reality doesn’t support that fact. Losing a fight with your own morality. Role reversal. Ignoring the remakes, reboots and restarts. Final chapter be damned – how to kill the franchise instead of just the slasher. What Halloween 2 really is and why it exists. Questionable reality as an alternative to the retcon. Freak outs. Innocent bystanders. Overkill. Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures. The new Dr. Loomis. The director’s cut ending. Continue reading

Willard + The McVeigh Tapes

Willard + The McVeigh TapesDomestic terrors…and rats. Not in that order, either. The opening of Willard. No Danny Elfman! Protagonist by comparison. Absurd characters in a mundane world. Uncomfortable camera work. The weirdos. Willard’s Mom. Willard’s boss. Willard’s problems. Crispin Glover. Willard and the rats. Swapping your protagonist. Rachel Maddow and The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist. Are today’s protests an early warning sign? A bit on Columbine and Waco. Watering the tree of something with the blood of someone. Continue reading

Cemetery Man + The Addams Family

Cemetery Man + The Addams FamilyMacabre celebration day! Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man). What the fuck is going on in italian cinema? The era of Cemetery Man. Exploitation marketing. Learning about the classics via throwback. Trends in Italian horror. Weird! But…sexy. But weird! Comedic elements? Reaction shots from unlikely participants. The mythology of cemetery man. The film’s treatment of rape. Who is She? Enter the detective. Getting snowglobe answers. The Aams Family, spooky TV, and future double features. Just what is so off about The Addams Family? Barry Sonnenfeld. Marc Shaiman. Eric loves Christina Ricci. Fester impostor. A call for weird 90s approachable goth films. Continue reading

Music Box Massacre 5

Music Box Massacre 5SPOILER FREE episode! What people from the past thought of the future. The silent film excuse. The opening band. Sanctuary. Religious commentary. Scares through sound design. Roger Corman. Bucket of Blood was so awesome that any other information is probably a spoiler. Masters of Horror. When it’s actually ok from characters to wake up from a dream. Pop psychology. Seeing films with an audience. An unexpected reaction. Catching up with each phase of Re-Animator. Exploring the poor choice in Music Box Massacre lineup. A Double Feature first. Deadsy! What the fuck happened in From Beyond? The benefit of a convention-like audience. Eric’s pitch for Pontypool. The MC of The Music Box Massacre is kind of a fuckhead. Poor misunderstood Dark Night of the Scarecrow. A look back at Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Michael gets yelled at. Eric gets sleepy. Steven King’s self-labeled “moron movie,” Maximum Overdrive. Bail! Why Carrie has the reputation it does. Spoiling Carrie’s ending. Remakes and sequels. Notes about Dennis Hopper’s death. Should Double Feature keep doing Music Box Massacre? Continue reading

Young Frankenstein + O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Young Frankenstein + O Brother, Where Art Thou?Two films that build upon legend. Spoilers, but not really. Gene Wilder is a crazy person. Mel Brooks and Young Frankenstein. Marty Feldman. The signature of Mel Brooks comedy. Post-joke comedic timing. The Roger Corman monster house. The advantages of “a relative to the known hero” over “a retelling of the known hero.” The film itself as the straight man. The Apple Final Cut Studip Color application. Learning about filmmaking for free at the Apple store. How a mall psychic is different than someone with a premonition. Natural explanations, even when you don’t need it. Ulysses Everett, defying expectation. John Goodman is fucking awesome. The infamous soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? Diving your film into episodes. Continue reading

Taken + P2

Taken + P2Captive situations. A couple of films that do a single thing extremely well. Taken! Luc Besson. High concept and beautiful static characters. Paul David Hewson continues to show up uninvited. Action star requirements. Maggie Grace is not seventeen. Black market vs white market. Vulgar, tact-less conversations about sexual slavery. Gun foley. Studio happy endings. P2 and the parking garage. The Splat Pack. Another flying Tom Tom. Continue reading

Scanners + Eastern Promises

Scanners + Eastern PromisesTwo incredible David Cronenberg films. Scanners and the old stuff. Eastern Promises and the new stuff. A bit about Mr. Cronenberg before talking films. Body horror. Sexuality. Medicine, drugs and psychology. Being dropped into a world with no guide. Writing and shooting Scanners. Revisiting Thalidomide. Eric rejects reality. Icons of the film. How the most memorable shot is done. Funny or serious? Mindbeams. When you can’t top it, do something else! The most self-less people Double Feature has ever looked at. How people should talk in every movie. Mob bosses should stop crying. Viggo Mortensen is naked and awesome. The tattoos. Continue reading

The Expendables + Machete

Scanners + Eastern PromisesLet’s go out to the movies! Action films with obscenely huge stars. Why talk about a movie like The Expendables? Misleading, exploitative promotion for The Expendables. David Zayas. Eric Roberts. Sylvester Stallone establishing tone through early moments of gore. Steve Austin and an intellectual defense of professional wrestling. What is Sylvester Stallone’s message behind The Expendables? ShowPlace ICON: Saving the cinema-going experience. Waiting years for a film. How Machete was made. Expanding on a fake trailer. MEXPLOITATION! Insane bigots with backwards ideas about immigration. The lesser known actors in Machete. The legend of Danny Trejo. A defense of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan naked. Jessica Alba naked. THE BARBARELLA METHOD. Violence, nudity and tacos. Continue reading

Cold Souls + Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cold Souls + Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindIndie films featuring sketchy sci-fi companies! There is no such thing as the soul. Why Eric doesn’t like “indie” as a genre. Trend scouting and the systematic dehumanization of cool. A random anecdote about the new(ish) studio! How Cold Souls came to be. What do we know about the soul? Lauren Ambrose. A mixture of satire and foreshadowing. Infinite Whitespace and infinite blackspace! What’s in Paul Giamatti’s soul? The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and Special Effects hair dye. Why Eric has never done pot (in a single scene). Non-linear storytelling. Special effects. A backwards look at a relationship as it decays over time. Eyes. The falling car. Viral advertising. Continue reading

Lord of War + Thank You for Smoking

Lord of War + Thank You for SmokingDevil’s advocate films. Philosophical discussions wrapped in political messages. Nicolas Cage takes Eric’s money. The only fight Double Feature has ever had. Lord of War as a film about business. Making business personal. Lightening the tone. Pragmatism vs moral absolutes. If I don’t do it, someone else will – is this valid? The whole is greater than the sum of its plane parts. Cynicism without irony. The characters in Thank You for Smoking. Frank Luntz. The origins of the WHATEVER DEVICE. Deus Ex Machina. The role of film as a moral agent. Continue reading

Tremors + The Fog

Tremors + The FogEnvironmental Disasters, Double Feature style. The return of lazy Sunday movies. Graboids, goddamnit! The elevator pitch for Tremors. The people of Pleasant Valley. Why the protagonists stick together. Southwestern Rock. A town full of stereotypes. The least informed weapon treatment to date. The rules of the game. The smartest moron. No Killapalooza. Tremors: The Series. Jamie Lee Curtis continues her reign of awesomeness. John Carpenter tricks you into remember liking his movies days after you’ve seen them. The Fog as a villain. Michael commits to The Happening. Those greedy people who didn’t want leprosy! Changing your movie after you finish filming. Finally: the new donation idea! Continue reading

300 + Rambo 4

300 + Rambo 4Action films with artistic vision. Why 300 and Rambo are getting Double Featured. Zack Snyder’s 300 needs defending, but from who? If your problem with 300 is historical accuracy, you have a lot bigger problems than 300. Frank Millier and comic book dialogue. How does this compare to Frank Ephialtes as a clever writing device. Totally fake Black 20 300 PG trailer. The actual 300 trailer. Nine Inch Nails 300 fan edit. 300 and Feminism. Dilios is a great warrior, but a terrible poet. Why 300 needs to have such a stupid ending. PREVIOUSLY ON RAMBO. Sylvester Stallone’s career. Sylvester Stallone as a director. One of the goriest films in Double Feature history. Not kidding, we’ll go ahead and type that again. One of the goriest films in Double Feature history. Meat chunks. Why all the gore?! What Eric sees in blood and guts. Continue reading

Stage Fright (Deliria) + Phenomena

Stage Fright (Deliria) + PhenomenaItalian horror, back to back. Artsy slashers. Michele Soavi / Michael Soavi and StageFright / Stage Fright / Deliria. Soavi and Argento. Deliria as a slasher film. Irving Wallace. Slasher naming conventions. Station wagons. Cats in the cupboard. The italian giallo sub-genre. Is Stage Fright a satire? Merging art and stabbing. The comedic scapegoat. Peter the Director (played by Brandon). Why the psychologic and the supernatural so often go hand-in-hand. How do you show a mental breakdown on screen? A humanistic love of crazy people. Do insects have telepathic abilities? No. Easing you into the crazy. Italian dubbing. What a clapboard is for. The pros and cons of dubbing. Music and score. Prog metal. Simon Boswell. What the fuck is happening at the end of Phenomena? Continue reading

Coraline + Little Nemo

Coraline + Little NemoChildhood nightmares. Fantasy retreats. The real names behind Coraline. Who is Henry Selleck? What’s a Neil Gaiman? Who killed Amanda Palmer? Building a world and playing around in it. The most rundown theater in Chicago. Grey world. Parallels to MirrorMask. Otherworld (button world). Stageshows! There’s dark, and there’s fucked up. The unexpected. Does Coraline have bad parents? Little Nemo gets a DVD release. The child in a flying bed from the NES generation. Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland in contrast to Walt Disney. A world without rules…or physics. Anti-authoritarianism. The Nightmare King. Continue reading

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang + The Invention of Lying

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang + The Invention of LyingComedies that trick their audience into thinking. Films that flirt with but ultimately mock the lowest common denominator. When your narrator is reliable (but a bad guy). A party of characters. Calling out the hamster style. Calling out film gimmicks using narration gags. Pulp noir. Calling yourself out. Noir satire. Hollywood. Eric still hates LA. Bullets go through stuff. Michael explains Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Comedy as misdirection. Why The Invention of Lying is actually really amazing (hint: the bullshit low-IQ comedy is just a disguise). The return of the trojan horse. Who is being trojan horsed? What is being trojan horsed? Experiments with lying. Is lying ever morally justified? In a world without lies, religion doesn’t exist. Why Double Feature loves science, skepticism, and atheism. In a world where lying doesn’t exist, is the first lie immoral? All of the listeners are going to die. Continue reading

The Shining + Bright Falls

The Shining + Bright FallsSecluded environments and the dangers hidden within. No Stephen King! The Shining – a movie so talked about that even preparing to discuss it requires its own conversation. Widescreen vs fullscreen with Stanley Kubrick’s helicopter. The icons of The Shining. Brows, bathrooms and naked parts. A correction on penultimate. Does The Shining have a sense of humor? Various interpretations given to the film over the last several decades. Native Americans. Finding holocaust stuff. Possession vs influence. The cold war and cabin fever. Can it all be in his head? The American family. TV does not actually rot your brain. TWENTY MINUTE PSYCHIC ICE CREAM. Talking house. Justifying the last shot. What the fuck is Bright Falls? Alan Wake. The legacy of Twin Peaks. The small town. Rather than handing the audience answers…what are the best tools for solving the mysteries? Continue reading

Reservoir Dogs + Desperado

Reservoir Dogs + DesperadoQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez go back to back, once again! Two incredible films by incredible film makers. Why you always put Quentin Tarantino first. Tarantino’s signature. Quentin’s first scene. Well known strengths. Who is the rat? Non-linear story telling. Spectator cinematography. The trunk shot. The Vega brothers. Desperado, the Mexico trilogy, and the best opening scene of all time. Action set to an imaginary beat. Cheap filmmaking tactics. Accomplishing the impossible. Film school. Robert Rodriguez teaches you film making techniques for FREE. Quentin Tarantino…acts. Some stuff on Predators. What’s next for the carnival? Continue reading