Episode Collection: Terminator + The Prophecy

Double Feature’s Year 1 format had the two hosts showing each other movies the other person had never seen before. A by product of this was doing the entire Terminator and Prophecy franchises in a spread out, hard to follow format. Thanks to the power of the internet, these shows have now been collected in one easy to find place…which is where you are right now.

Terminator 3 + The Prophecy 3

Terminator 3 + The Prophecy 3Sarah Connor. Self Aware. Who’s not pulling their weight here? Models as actors. Believing in the machines. Good films with awful scenes. Laughing with. Laughing at. Using surround to enhance the content of your film. The Goldeneye soundbank. How public opinion of Aronld changed film making. Different grades of humor. Delivering on figurative promises. One-uping the last evil robot. Action that won’t let up. The single most relentless action scene ever. Summing up the franchise. The official worst film on the show award. Replacing Walkin. Figuring out what went wrong. The letdown. Slow motion. Quick zoom. The Bible Montage (Play At Home Edition). Eric calls Michael out. Continue reading

Terminator 2 + The Prophecy 2

Terminator 2 + The Prophecy 2Rob Zombie. Joking or serious? Protagonist surprise. Shotgun 201. Revisiting three sentence dream theory. When people end up in a desert. Alternate ending. Hapster Style strikes back. Action cliches. Special effects. Timelessness. Car scenes. Death of the monster. Shifting protagonists. Angel flashes. Reoccurring Prophecy things. Failing to establish mood. Ruining the mood. Not caring about your protagonists. The need for the monkey. The soap opera feeling. Not bringing the gravity. Arriving at the ending. Continue reading

Terminator + The Prophecy

Terminator + The ProphecyMichael has a million transitions and Eric has a meltdown. James Cameron. Misleading one-liners. Arnold Schwarzenegger. An alternate way to open this film. SHOTGUN 101. Special effects and overachievers. Stop motion. Terminator as a slasher film. Monsters in horror vs sci-fi. Old sci-fi. Eric’s sexy female empowerment theory. Time travel: The Terminator rules. The religious apocalypse genre. THE JAWS FLAW. The prophecy in three sentences. Trilogies and incomplete stories. Comic book dialogue vs monologging. Christopher Walken. Continue reading