Episode Collection: Interview

Several early episodes containing interviews with filmmakers as well as guest hosts.

The Prestige + The Wizard of Gore

The Prestige + The Wizard of GoreINTERVIEW w/ Jeremy Kasten. Two films about the stage (that shouldn’t actually be watched back to back). More than you ever wanted to know about the Bullet Catch. What is “real magic”? Nikola Tesla, the greatest mad scientist of all time. Tesla’s pocket sized earthquake machine. Class warfare. Obsession. Dedication. The natural twist versus the science fiction twist. A crazy fan theory created to eradicate the pseudoscientific plot device. An actual plothole. Justifying the ending using only editing. A different take on The Wizard of Gore. Another great way to get your audience to accept crazy things. Misogyny. The geek show. Robbing Chicago of films. Bijou Phillips and the nameless chinese guy. Jeremy Kasten on misogyny. The suicide girls. Eric still loves micro-skirts and knee-high boots. Once again, what the fuck does a producer do? Continue reading

Theodore Rex + The Secret

Theodore Rex + The SecretCO-HOSTED by Rebecca Watson. Two abominations of science, back to back! The IMDB Bottom 100. Is there anything to be gained by watching Theodore Rex? Who’s trying the hardest and what fails the most? Speculation on terrible overdubbing. Syncro-Vox. The Theodore Rex wikipedia entry! Other top billed actors staring in bottom barrel films. At what point was this film doomed? If Rebecca Watson directed Theodore Rex. What is The Secret? Checking the credentials. John Gray can go fuck himself. You too, Jack Canfield. The self-help industry. Rebecca Watson lists synonyms for vagina. Women and psuedoscience. Why people fall for The Secret. How The Secret and Alcoholics Anonymous con people. Why skepticism hasn’t dedicated more time to The Secret. Follow Rebecca Watson at Skepchick.org. Continue reading

Black Christmas + Behind the Mask

Black Christmas + Behind the MaskINTERVIEW w/ David Stieve. The beginning and end of the slasher genre. Black Christmas – the first slasher film ever made? The 80s slasher crash course. Parts of Black Christmas the genre ignored. Legitimate terror: the phone calls. A silent killer hypothesis. The advantages of developed characters. Forget the misses, remember the deaths. Picking out your survivor girl. Deaths as a roadmap. The infamous crystal unicorn. Critical tone and mood. Unreliable…camera man? The origins of “The calls are coming from inside the house!” Why doesn’t everyone know about Behind the Mask already? The end of slasher films. Mocumentary. Much needed praise for Angela Goethals. Ahab. Target Group. Red herring. The ongoing quest to pin down the cheap TV horror aesthetic. Symbolism is bullshit. Credits gimmick. The success of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Influence. Carol Clover. The origins of survivor girl. The myths of Behind the Mask – what is and isn’t an homage? Why there’s no Texas Chainsaw Massacre references. Robert and Nathan. Insider perspective on slasher symbolism. David Stieve on Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. Old School American Horror. Sequel talk. Hypothetical sequel talk. More sequel talk. Long term franchise talk. The producer bell curve. Continue reading

Murderball + Monster Man

Murderball + Monster ManINTERVIEW w/ Dana Adam Shapiro. CRUSH Double Feature SMASH. Hidden secondary theme? Fast action against intentionally slow drama. Making an audience excited about something foreign to them. The forbidden questions. Grounding your audience. Tugging at the heart strings – the easy way and the hard way. How Murderball was made. Journalism. Shooting low budget. Technical specifics on cameras, mics, lights, etc. Planning vs luck. Managing an unexpected ending. Highway survival horror. Crafting a set. The truck. The man behind the truck. The official “show the monster” movement. Death curse. When content outside a movie makes you feel a different way about it. Hamster style. Campy Dialogue. Exploitation. Continue reading

Hard Rock Zombies + Loose Change

Hard Rock Zombies + Loose ChangeINTERVIEW w/ Rebecca Watson. Conspiracy day! Walmart’s bargin bin. 80s hair metal exploitation. Accidental bad film making. The fear of accidental bad film making. What we take for granted. How to watch exploitation films. Not realizing where your real plot is. Dylan Avery background. The various Loose Change editions. Retroactively fitting evidence. Anomaly hunting. Argument from ignorance. No unified theory of 9/11 conspiracy. Loose Change as a magic trick. Fire melting steel. Evidence denial. Eye witness testimony. Eric’s conspiracy voiceover. Why deceive? Sylvia Brown. What’s the harm? Are conspiracies ever possible? Continue reading

De-Lovely + The God Who Wasn’t There

De-Lovely + The God Who Wasn't ThereINTERVIEW W/ Brian Flemming. Why we don’t do a whole lot of musicals. Musical self examination. The mechanics of setting your musical apart. Defining a life by occupation. If you call out your gimmick, does that make using it ok? Hidden meanings of pop songs. Literal interpretation. The funniest parts of the bible! The bible vs the constitution. Nothing is written in the bible that wasn’t knowable by man at the time it was written. Where’s the divine knowledge? God is infallible, so why are there mistakes and contradictions in the bible? Extreme christian literalists – the more honest approach! Jesus and the underpants gnomes. How you know 40% of Americans don’t actually believe the rapture is coming. Brian Flemming disputes our definition of a snuff film. Copyright, fair use, and creative commons. Continue reading

Spiral + Bad Santa

Spiral + Bad SantaINTERVIEW w/ Joel David More. Adam Green’s blending horror and arthouse! Editing and mood. Something’s off. Score. Minimalism in aesthetics and characters. Friend or pet? Talking about art. Jazz. Creating dicussion. Post modernism. Different interpretations of the ending. The road to Spiral. Filling holes from the Hatchet podcast. What’s intentional. Inspirations. Technique. Taking risks. JDM challenges you to guess his ending. Disecting the ending. Eric discusses the question you’re not allowed to ask. How to get into Jazz. Bad Santa’s charm. Cult appeal. Christmas is a fucking joke. No redemption. No feel-good bullshit. Santa blasphemy. Eric and kids. Santa: Not fooling anyone. Continue reading

Joy Ride + The Attic Expeditions

Joy Ride + The Attic ExpeditionsINTERVIEW w/ Jeremy Kasten. Year 2 format changes! Comic relief. Conventional horror X-Mas lighting. Tension. Eric compares Kubrick’s 2001 to Escape from New York. Showing the killer.Camp. THE MEAT CART. Fake-out: The origins of ICE TRUCK. The killer reveal. Multiple ending fiasco. Integrity. Crazy people. Ambition. TAE as a series of experiments. The definitive Attic Expeditions plot explanation. The film that never was. Experimental? What works, what doesn’t. Jeremy Kasten launches into an unprompted verification of the previously mentioned plot synopsis using a humorously mocking tone. Critical reaction to cult films. Continue reading

The Thing + Michael Moore Hates America

The Thing + Michael Moore Hates AmericaINTERVIEW w/ Mike Wilson. A bit about A Scanner Darkly. Book adaptations. Michael’s John Carpenter crash course. The Thing as a milestone. Space horror. Influence. Keith David. Psychological horror. Desolation. Weapons. How to butcher a family. The greatest scare shot. The bold title. The six degrees of conspiracy. Eric gets nostalgic about Canada. Approaching an interview. An argument for bias. Business owners. Moore’s popularity. Mike Wilson and Mallrats. Ethical boundaries. Eric and Michael get to the bottom of the title! Coverage: old media vs new. Isn’t MSNBC cute? Everything you ever wanted to know about MMHA. Solving the age old producer question. Continue reading