Episode Collection: Year 1

Get Double Feature – Year 1
The first year of Double Feature, from July 10, 2008 to July 9, 2009. Sometime after being published it was taken offline and lost for years. Thanks to listeners contributing through Kickstarter, Year 1 has been pieced back together and remastered for iTunes. It is now available on the iTunes Store.

Double Feature Year 1 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year One retrospective. What is a spoiler? A whole year of weekly Double Features. How the show has changed. Random Emails! What makes for a good Double Feature pairing. Another defense of House of 1000 Corpses. A look back at the Waco show. SAND BEETLE! The Best Pairings. The Worst Pairings. The inherent flaw in the previous format of Double Feature. Highway survival Horror. Double Feature’s producer. And the biggest fuck up of the entire show is…? The future of The Prophecy. Feast sequels. Weighing in on the Friday the 13th remake. Becoming exploitation. The Mel Gibson opinion. Stuff that had to go on the show (but shouldn’t have). Michael admits mistakes. The problem with featuring more exploitation on the show. Michael admits more mistakes. Taking back Dr. Horrible. Times Eric and Michael were clearly wrong. Films that aren’t remember as fondly. Which bad actress from Eric’s films annoyed Michael the most? Behind the scenes of Double Feature interviews. Listener homework payoff: A good vs evil epic and a film with a legitimately satisfying Scooby-Doo ending. Paris of Uncle Gamer & Remember When. More listener feedback. Opinion time: Japanese Horror? Eric knows New Zealand isn’t in the UK. A through breakdown of the J-Horror aesthetic. The best films from the first year of Double Feature. Eric’s comfort food films. Next year’s format: Two films that go together! A small “correction” regarding 12 Monkeys. Lost. Double Feature loves Kate. Continue reading

Tank Girl + Schindler’s List

Tank Girl + Schindler's ListThis is really happening. Decaying studio. Gorillaz, comics, Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. The return of sand beetle. Lori Petty. The return of Cole Porter. Courtney Love and the music of Tank Girl. Exploitation. CHASING THE SEMI – Stealing from Road Warrior. Kangaroo Men. Shitty filmmaking as a purist alternative to homage. The one brilliant thing Tank Girl does, and is it intentional? Blade Runner Syndrome. And all that could have been. How The Aristocrats was made, and what that has to do with Schindler’s List. Eric finally asks Michael why he has so many World War II films. First person shooters. Immersive actors. A bit on black and white. Steven Spielberg. Why films with subtitles are overrated. Too proud? Expecting people to know information outside of what you present. Liam Neeson as a powerhouse. Schindler’s character arc. The omission of Hitler. The scope of your story. Time vault. Nazis as flawed human beings vs mythological monsters. How nazis were convinced to participate in genocide. Continue reading

Battle Royale + The Hills Have Eyes

Battle Royale + The Hills Have EyesGrinding brutality. Accidental homework. Things that don’t make any goddamn sense: The 1/3 rule. The players. The game. The weapons. Kids reading maps. The unexpected flaws of a modern exploitation film. Daring to pick at the plot. Killing your girlfriend. Tabboos: Slaughtering children. A bit on Battle Royale 2. Kids have sex. Realistic children in film. Fact check on the bomb tests. Aversion to mutants. An appeal for mutants. The 70s Rottentomatoes factor. One-Uping the original. Pushing past tasteful. The Last Mimzy incident. Treading new ground. Continue reading

Intacto + The Shape of Things

Intacto + The Shape of ThingsManipulation. Dubbing and subtitles. Eric and Max von Sydow. The players. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. 28 Weeks Later. The Prodigy. Drawing your audience in. Danger ahead. Alfred Hitchcock Presents “Man from the South”. The supernatural element. Maybe Intacto thinks luck is a joke and this entire film is actually about realistic games of probability. The invisible B Story. Neil LaBute. The Shape of Things as an adaptation from theater. Obnoxious distracting uncomfortability. Not accepting a given premise. Four person love triangles. How to fix The Shape of Things. Plays are not movies. Continue reading

Killapalooza 5: Child’s Play

Killapalooza 5: Child's PlayChild’s Play films 1-5. Chucky. Year end slasher review. Films in Chicago. The Lakeshore Strangler. Charles Lee Ray. Ambiguity. Using voodoo for evil. If they only knew! Becoming human. Once the monster’s out of the dark. A great turn in plot. Where the third film came from. Writing backwards from the punch-line. Retcon. Reboot without restarting. Eric’s teenage music soundtrack. Embracing and mocking a subculture at the same time. The difficulty of making references. Finally stopping the slasher (in the most obvious way). The abrupt endings. The new slasher. Hollywood satire: Good or Bad? 12 Step is still a fucking joke. Blaxploitation. Jennifer Tilley. Counter-culture. The most human slasher. Continue reading

Murderball + Monster Man

Murderball + Monster ManINTERVIEW w/ Dana Adam Shapiro. CRUSH Double Feature SMASH. Hidden secondary theme? Fast action against intentionally slow drama. Making an audience excited about something foreign to them. The forbidden questions. Grounding your audience. Tugging at the heart strings – the easy way and the hard way. How Murderball was made. Journalism. Shooting low budget. Technical specifics on cameras, mics, lights, etc. Planning vs luck. Managing an unexpected ending. Highway survival horror. Crafting a set. The truck. The man behind the truck. The official “show the monster” movement. Death curse. When content outside a movie makes you feel a different way about it. Hamster style. Campy Dialogue. Exploitation. Continue reading

Deliver Us From Evil + Apt Pupil

Deliver Us From Evil + Apt PupilChild Manipulation. Amy Berg. Honest ways to make your audience uncomfortable. Good people doing bad things. Bad people. Sam Harris’ Functional Neuroimaging of Belief, Disbelief and Uncertainty. The cause of pedophilia. Why people do bad things. Pull of the weasel. Masturbation and raping children: turns out they’re not the same thing. Forgiveness. Group think. Why this is still a problem. Terminology. Bryan Singer. Editing music to score. Evil for the sake of Evil. Blackmail. Dynamic characters without moral redemption. Where does your story end when there’s so much more to tell? Alternate ending. Continue reading

Rififi + The Triplets of Belleville

Rififi + The Triplets of BellevilleFrench ragtag double feature. Du Rififi Chez les Hommes. Tesla. Eric tries to pronounce things in french. Jules Dassin and communism. Films better than the book. The titular . . . song? The heist concept. Michael’s heist film. After the heist! Fencing. Heist team stereotypes. They’ve found it – why America doesn’t get along with France. Les triplettes de Belleville as a secret propaganda film. Different types of french films. How to approach a film you don’t understand. Reading too much into art. The gamble of interpretation. Clues. Continue reading

Dog Soldiers + Hostage

Dog Soldiers + HostageNeil Marshall. Homages. References. SNATCH SYNDROME. Thirty second summary. Reaction Dog. The numbers game. Werewolf skepticism. Dog Soldiers takes on werewolves. Hamster style. SWORD WOLF. Why do werewolf films suck? Style vs substance. Credits controversy. The arthouse look. Intensity. Viable alternatives to raw intensity. The loose cannon bad guy. Who is the real hostage? When a scene is acceptable vs ridiculous. Continue reading

The Libertine + The Root of All Evil?

The Libertine + The Root of All Evil?The enemy: sex or god? The trouble with period pieces. Dialogue from an age long ago. The typical components of a period piece. What separates The Libertine from the rest. Long tracking shots. Shifting focus. Arthouse fighting immersion. Acting games. Bookends revisited. Why no one saw this. Sex making people uncomfortable. The title “The Root of All Evil?” The Dawkins visual style. The one camera interview. The Dawkins approach to atheism. Confrontational, hateful, or just fed up? Why religion is not just oppressive but dangerous. Not knowing. Giving up on the quest for answers. Sex Ed. Ted Haggard. Missing footage. Using the Bible as a source of morality. Continue reading

Penn and Teller Get Killed + Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Penn and Teller Get Killed + Pee Wee's Big AdventureUnlikely 80s films / Men in grey suits. David Lynch! Arthur Penn? Calling out nonsense that happens all the time in movies. Penn Jillette’s radio show. High concept dark comedy. The dual role. Buying the trick. VHS quality causes mass confusion. Asking to be killed. Bible salesman. James Randi. Killing your partner every night. Dowsing as a metaphor. Psychic surgery. Desert Bus! Bullshit! Why is this not on DVD? Who is Pee Wee? Tim Burton. Directors who do one-offs. The styles and genres. Theatrical irony. Psychics and hot readings. Films within films. Continue reading

Hard Rock Zombies + Loose Change

Hard Rock Zombies + Loose ChangeINTERVIEW w/ Rebecca Watson. Conspiracy day! Walmart’s bargin bin. 80s hair metal exploitation. Accidental bad film making. The fear of accidental bad film making. What we take for granted. How to watch exploitation films. Not realizing where your real plot is. Dylan Avery background. The various Loose Change editions. Retroactively fitting evidence. Anomaly hunting. Argument from ignorance. No unified theory of 9/11 conspiracy. Loose Change as a magic trick. Fire melting steel. Evidence denial. Eye witness testimony. Eric’s conspiracy voiceover. Why deceive? Sylvia Brown. What’s the harm? Are conspiracies ever possible? Continue reading

Death of a President + What Dreams May Come

Death of a President + What Dreams May ComeAlternate Reality. Channel 4. Mockumentary. Do you believe it? The tools of alternate reality story telling. Controversial political motivation. Inspiring real life killers. Eric’s problem with the American legal system. Severity vs evidence. Hinting at a twist. Is racial profiling racist? Is it effective? The Double Feature Year 1 Experiment. Trying not to ignore the bad elements of a film. The WDMC laundry list. Paint world. Bullshit landscape painting. When even the visuals fail. Walking through the art styles and mythologies. Hypocritical predictability. What would you need to do to save this film? Continue reading

Melinda and Melinda + Double Indemnity

Melinda and Melinda + Double IndemnityNew Studio. Casting Your Film Twice. Will Ferrell as an actor vs a centerpiece. Unintentional theatricality and satire. Self examination. Drawing different conclusions from the same elements. Eric takes you back to the black and white days. Billy Wilder. Classic films or XXX? The elements – crafting the look and feel of film noir. Why we don’t do symbolism on the show. The femme fatale. A return to blasphemy: classic film noir Double Indemnity recast by modern cult horror director Rob Zombie. Continue reading

De-Lovely + The God Who Wasn’t There

De-Lovely + The God Who Wasn't ThereINTERVIEW W/ Brian Flemming. Why we don’t do a whole lot of musicals. Musical self examination. The mechanics of setting your musical apart. Defining a life by occupation. If you call out your gimmick, does that make using it ok? Hidden meanings of pop songs. Literal interpretation. The funniest parts of the bible! The bible vs the constitution. Nothing is written in the bible that wasn’t knowable by man at the time it was written. Where’s the divine knowledge? God is infallible, so why are there mistakes and contradictions in the bible? Extreme christian literalists – the more honest approach! Jesus and the underpants gnomes. How you know 40% of Americans don’t actually believe the rapture is coming. Brian Flemming disputes our definition of a snuff film. Copyright, fair use, and creative commons. Continue reading

Killapalooza 4: Halloween

Killapalooza 4: HalloweenHalloween films 1-9. Michael Myers. What is a John Carpenter? The origins of slasher films. Why Michael Myers kills. What makes him unique. Jamie Lee Curtis. The zombie advantage. Dr. Samuel J. Loomis. Things you expect. Things Halloween doesn’t do. The Hospital as a setting. Big man tiny weapon. How Halloween 3 happened. A change of opinion – is recasting acceptable? False Michael Myers. Terror at 35 mph. Does Halloween have to go supernatural? Going off the deep end. Druids and conspiracy. Potential, original intention, and how it ended up. Pulling a series back on track. Writeoff or Retcon? Believable levels of retroactive continuity. Redefining icons. Why the H2O ending is justified. The single most insulting piece of film. Rob Zombie is the man for the job. Learning from the past. The work print? A Rob Zombie lovefest. Endings. Continue reading

Big Trouble in Little China + The Enemies of Reason

Big Trouble in Little China + The Enemies of ReasonEric does Michael a favor. WTF is Big Trouble in Little China? The exploitation formula. Why Kurt Russell wasn’t high on the set. Brilliant or an accident? The creatures on display. John Carpenter’s effects over the years. The lost dimension of packed theater reactions in the 70s and 80s. Dawkins playing Russell. The look of a Dawkins documentary. Astrology. The Barnum Effect. Cold reading. James Randi. Darren Brown. Sylvia Brown (not related). Michael gives Eric a live psychic reading. Deepak Chopra. How Spiritual leaders beat scientists. It’s hard to hate the gleefully ignorant. Debunking Homeopathy simply by explanation. THE SAND BEETLE. The mystery of therapeutic touch, solved! Continue reading

Me and You and Everyone We Know + Primer

Me and You and Everyone We Know + PrimerWhy Spoilers? Funny or artsy? Art and pretension. Child Actors. ASCII. Titular line. Cinema’s first funny poop joke. Being overprotective of your children. Predators and sexuality. Does the film know what it is? How to talk about Primer. Establishing characters. Not dumbing down your film. A new method for creating a puzzle. Clever writing tricks. Breaking down Primer. Comfort film. Creating discovery. Minimalist writing. The mechanics. Ethics. HAMSTER STYLE. Paradoxes. Time lines. Personal gain. Interpretations. You can’t hold back technology. Continue reading

Magnolia + Kinky Boots

Magnolia + Kinky BootsAddiction. VCR filmmarkers. Challenging scenes to film. Ensemble Casts. Events that didn’t actually happen. Urban legends. Eric ruins the magic. Meta. The performance and character of Tom Cruise. Casting and marketing. Three acts. Incredible pacing. The infamous WTF scene. This shit isn’t a dream. Potential trainwrecks. Drag as a component vs as a freakshow. Romance be damned! MIKE’S MAGIC STUFF. Will feel good films ever mature? Boot making montage. Background characters. Continue reading

House of 1000 Corpses + Waco

House of 1000 Corpses + WacoA word on Roadracers and Mean Girls. DVD menus. Enthusiastic directors. The first Rob Zombie! The work of Sid Haig and Bill Mosley. Working with and moving on from camp. Rainn Wilson. Good slow zoom? That bizarre sci fi TV style. Comfortable antagonism. No sense of danger. Enthusiastic film making. Who this film is actually for. What people think went wrong. Smaller roles. Music. The infamous scare shot. Rob Zombie’s impending legacy. Assuming prior knowledge. Non narrative, fact based style. Horrifying images. Double Feature gets to the bottom of Waco. An experiment in skepticism. When the severity of crime distracts from the question of guilt. Continue reading

Touch of Evil + The Terminal

Touch of Evil + The TerminalThe film noir game. Directors cuts. The players. Noir takes across the decades. The original noir. Impact on women in cinema. The fat suit that ate Orson Wells. Long tracking shots. Breaking tradition. Only on Double Feature: Film Noir recast with modern director/actor groups. Robert Rodriguez’s Touch of Evil. The Steven Spielberg filmmaking formula. Visuals. Tom Hanks. Art vs Entertainment. Handling a bizarre premise. 9/11. Why the goat really upset Eric. The opposite of the ends justifying the means. Offbeat to feelgood in one scene! Rules. Continue reading

Spiral + Bad Santa

Spiral + Bad SantaINTERVIEW w/ Joel David More. Adam Green’s blending horror and arthouse! Editing and mood. Something’s off. Score. Minimalism in aesthetics and characters. Friend or pet? Talking about art. Jazz. Creating dicussion. Post modernism. Different interpretations of the ending. The road to Spiral. Filling holes from the Hatchet podcast. What’s intentional. Inspirations. Technique. Taking risks. JDM challenges you to guess his ending. Disecting the ending. Eric discusses the question you’re not allowed to ask. How to get into Jazz. Bad Santa’s charm. Cult appeal. Christmas is a fucking joke. No redemption. No feel-good bullshit. Santa blasphemy. Eric and kids. Santa: Not fooling anyone. Continue reading

Killapalooza 3: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Killapalooza 3: Texas Chainsaw MassacreTexas Chainsaw Massacre films 1-6. Leatherface. Iconic imagery. The death curse. Further insight into slow-zoom. Leatherface and The Family. Cannibalism. WWRZD? Bill Mosley saves the day. The chainsaw is my penis. Trannyface. GASOLINE. Transition to slasher. You can’t hold back technology. Feminism. Worse than you (but not the original creators) could have imagined. Best of the worst. What do you do with a remake? The Chainsaw as a weapon. Convention. the biology of scare shots. When scare shots cheat. MEAT CART. Bookends. Who’s bored? The batman factor. Questions you weren’t asking. Exposition. Staples. TCM as directed by Double Feature. Continue reading

Joy Ride + The Attic Expeditions

Joy Ride + The Attic ExpeditionsINTERVIEW w/ Jeremy Kasten. Year 2 format changes! Comic relief. Conventional horror X-Mas lighting. Tension. Eric compares Kubrick’s 2001 to Escape from New York. Showing the killer.Camp. THE MEAT CART. Fake-out: The origins of ICE TRUCK. The killer reveal. Multiple ending fiasco. Integrity. Crazy people. Ambition. TAE as a series of experiments. The definitive Attic Expeditions plot explanation. The film that never was. Experimental? What works, what doesn’t. Jeremy Kasten launches into an unprompted verification of the previously mentioned plot synopsis using a humorously mocking tone. Critical reaction to cult films. Continue reading

The Thing + Michael Moore Hates America

The Thing + Michael Moore Hates AmericaINTERVIEW w/ Mike Wilson. A bit about A Scanner Darkly. Book adaptations. Michael’s John Carpenter crash course. The Thing as a milestone. Space horror. Influence. Keith David. Psychological horror. Desolation. Weapons. How to butcher a family. The greatest scare shot. The bold title. The six degrees of conspiracy. Eric gets nostalgic about Canada. Approaching an interview. An argument for bias. Business owners. Moore’s popularity. Mike Wilson and Mallrats. Ethical boundaries. Eric and Michael get to the bottom of the title! Coverage: old media vs new. Isn’t MSNBC cute? Everything you ever wanted to know about MMHA. Solving the age old producer question. Continue reading

Terminator 3 + The Prophecy 3

Terminator 3 + The Prophecy 3Sarah Connor. Self Aware. Who’s not pulling their weight here? Models as actors. Believing in the machines. Good films with awful scenes. Laughing with. Laughing at. Using surround to enhance the content of your film. The Goldeneye soundbank. How public opinion of Aronld changed film making. Different grades of humor. Delivering on figurative promises. One-uping the last evil robot. Action that won’t let up. The single most relentless action scene ever. Summing up the franchise. The official worst film on the show award. Replacing Walkin. Figuring out what went wrong. The letdown. Slow motion. Quick zoom. The Bible Montage (Play At Home Edition). Eric calls Michael out. Continue reading

Bedazzled + Gremlins

Bedazzled + GremlinsEric’s blueberry drink. Why we do this show. Is this even a film? Harold Ramis. Makeup. The good kind of bad. Poor satire. Who sees bad films? Using mood in comedy. Artsy shots. Dark comedy realization moment. Counter-christmas-culture. Primary vs secondary characters. The single best dark comedy moment yet. Theatrical prop comedy. The road map. A smart screenplay. Three rules. Gremlins as a monster film. The three methods of monster films. Assembling a dark comedy. Smoking. The MPAA. The 1984 backlash against Gremlins. An ironic ratings note. Misbehaving. Our Terminator + The Prophecy progress. Continue reading

Terminator 2 + The Prophecy 2

Terminator 2 + The Prophecy 2Rob Zombie. Joking or serious? Protagonist surprise. Shotgun 201. Revisiting three sentence dream theory. When people end up in a desert. Alternate ending. Hapster Style strikes back. Action cliches. Special effects. Timelessness. Car scenes. Death of the monster. Shifting protagonists. Angel flashes. Reoccurring Prophecy things. Failing to establish mood. Ruining the mood. Not caring about your protagonists. The need for the monkey. The soap opera feeling. Not bringing the gravity. Arriving at the ending. Continue reading

Northfork + Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Northfork + Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along BlogThe Heath Ledger bet. A word on the Untouchables and Pink Flamingos. Weathered actors. Seamless transitions. Multiple stories. Surreal or absurd? Period pieces. Dry humor. Kid Rock as performance art. A bit on Joss Whedon. Independent production. The comedy. How many times can Michael mention Ben Stiller? Live action “The Tick.” The format. Going beyond comedy. Eric defends the film. Dr. Horrible as a flawed character. Avoiding exposition. Going beyond a musical. Special effects that add character. The most heartbreaking sentence ever. Overwhelming creativity. Continue reading

Terminator + The Prophecy

Terminator + The ProphecyMichael has a million transitions and Eric has a meltdown. James Cameron. Misleading one-liners. Arnold Schwarzenegger. An alternate way to open this film. SHOTGUN 101. Special effects and overachievers. Stop motion. Terminator as a slasher film. Monsters in horror vs sci-fi. Old sci-fi. Eric’s sexy female empowerment theory. Time travel: The Terminator rules. The religious apocalypse genre. THE JAWS FLAW. The prophecy in three sentences. Trilogies and incomplete stories. Comic book dialogue vs monologging. Christopher Walken. Continue reading

Eyes Wide Shut + The United States of Leland

Eyes Wide Shut + The United States of LelandUnnecessary sets. Undeniably bad Kubrick scenes. The EWS controversy. Kubrick casting. David Lynch story telling. One billion takes. Michael is still sore about the Happening. Building a dream atmosphere. 3 SENTENCE DREAM THEORY. Saul Williams. The infamous sex party. Missing: male nudity! The most offensive thing Michael has said yet. Good slow zoom. Seamless flashbacks. Why Eric saw it coming. Voiceover. Eye-rolling teenage philosophy. We’re only human. Why people do bad things. The ZEP. Ethics. Murder: still wrong. Using a parallel situation to make you question your feelings. Eric’s mall jobs and sex life. Is satanism real? Continue reading

Cube + Reign of Fire

Cube + Reign of FireA word about the Happening. Onto Cube! What defines horror? We love Repo; Saw is still lame. The necessity of a psychological breakdown. Clue hunting with your audience. The impact CG has on suspension of disbelief. Character exposition. Remaining unknown. Keeping your head down. Conspiracy theories. Same evidence, different conclusions. What is the cube? Equally fucked. Storyboards and framing in a cube. Blasphemous sequels. Michael’s homework. Dragons in the future. Deceptive marketing. Revisionist history. Treatment of technology. Another take on CG. Combining CG with models. Michael feels silly. Evolution. Science in creature films. Revisiting the LxG challenge. Continue reading

Freddy vs Jason + Steal This Film 2

Freddy vs Jason + Steal This Film 2Freddy actually versus Jason! Missing the point. Different approaches in the same universe. Equal time. Making the collaboration work. The new Freddy and Jason. The callbacks. The staples. This story is awesome! More Robert Englund talk. How to trap Jason. Abandoning canon. What does this ending mean? The Pirate Bay. Independent film. Digital format. A series of experiments regarding the ethicacy of film watching / buying / stealing / downloading. Law is a fucking decade behind technology. Winamp. What about borrowing? Creative commons. Stealing other types of art. The used market. Sharing a DVD. Why piracy exists. Tivo. Stop making excuses! Continue reading

Downfall + Good Night and Good Luck

Downfall + Good Night and Good LuckIntroducing Hitler. Building anticipation. This is still Double Feature, so let’s compare Downfall to Cloverfield! WWII as a b story. Uncanny Iraq parallels. Socialism. Obeying the leader. Brief moments of violence. Absence of score and foreign films. A different perspective. Why you should love George Clooney more than you already do. Challenging authority. Archive footage. Stories don’t always have two equal sides, goddamnit! New media. What happened to the news? The failures of old media. The Danish cartoons. Blashpemy. Actually letting the terrorists win. You’re not neutral, you’re a failure. The Chicago Zombie March. The titular line. Continue reading

Killapalooza 2: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Killapalooza 2: A Nightmare on Elm StreetA Nightmare on Elm Street films 1-7. Freddy Krueger. Robert Enguld. Let the Jason comparisons begin! Industrial 80s score. A different Freddy. Changing the rules. Enter: possession. Traditional effects. Making the viewer uncomfortable. Reoccurring characters. What to build on. The origin story. Dream powers. The shift? Recasting issues. More powers. Freddy as a slasher. Writers: pay more attention! Bad one liners. HAMSTERSTYLE MONTAGE! ”Red hamsters.” Kanye West. The hunk is not your superstar. Visual effects ego. Fixing the fetus problem. Back to Elm Street. Videogames and Pandora’s Box. Twists and tells. The rhyme. Going 3-D. Anticipation. The atrocity of New Nightmare. Children: act or leave. Making a WTF film. Michael fixes New Nightmare. The lamest gimmick yet. The final word on Wes Craven. A surprising conclusion. Continue reading

Fur + A Dirty Shame

Fur + A Dirty ShameArizona Iced Tea. Taboos. Sexual fetishes. Lifestyle fetishes. Non linear story telling. Things you can do with a 50s biopic. Photography. Romanticizing previous eras. 30s sideshows. The 50s family myth. Finding yourself. Flashing back to an even older era in your period film. Robert Downey Jr. Warm and creepy. Establishing a feeling of trust in a technical medium. Further information upon additional viewing. John Waters. Trash films. Censorship. Importance of character names. Blasphemy. 12 Step. The M word. When satire is just reality. A creative way to sidestep pornography! Continue reading

The People vs Larry Flynt + Jesus Camp

The People vs Larry Flint + Jesus CampA Double Feature secret is revealed! CENSORSHIP. JESUS. What is Larry Flynt? How to win Eric’s heart…and body. Jerry Falwell is a douchebag. Using editing to get around bad deliverance. Love for America. Nothing is sacred. Niggy Tardust. Experimental scenes. Time lapse. Handling aids in film. Biopic of political drama? Post film summaries. Uh…censorship! Eric flips out and delivers a super patriotic 1st amendment speech out of nowhere. Michael throws an orange. Save the children! Jerry Falwell is still a douchebag. A perfect explanation of widescreen aspect ration using tits. Substitutes for narration. A religious debate without an atheist voice. Group think. Richard Dawkins. There is no such thing as a christian child. Or a muslim child. Or an atheist child. Children as weapons. Ted Haggard. Is the Rapture a threat? Continue reading

2001 Maniacs + Flock of Dodos

2001 Maniacs + Flock of DodosHow to pronounce the year. Proper crossover. Scareshot bar raised. New’s new favorite word. More than candy. Taking the high road. Blaxploitation. Racism. Growing up without racism. Using fiction to create hypothetical scenarios and thought experiments. The south isn’t as backwards as people say it is. Being afraid of a racial slur gives it power. No one complained when Eric said cuntpickle! Robert Englund. One liners. Complimentary gimmick scene. Subtlety. Religion and Politics. Skepticality. Titular line. Night vision rabbit. Tangents in documentaries. Muffy Moose. Voting on beer-ability. Evolution’s PR problem. Why creationism wins hearts. The role of art in combating creationism. The free exchange of ideas. Continue reading

The Hitcher + The Punisher

The Hitcher + The PunisherA word about Iron Man. Kill the rabbit. Trojan horsing Michael Bay. The date audience. Michael reprimands Eric. The turn. Eric is reprimanded again. Best scare shot yet. Filming in car. Snoricam! Taking time to establish your setting. Gore delivery. Something really shocking. Realistic death. A killer’s motivation. Your essential Punisher checklist. Speeches. As an adaptation. Michael derails the podcast. Hampster island. It’s not supernatural. Forced rating. A weak death. Same actors playing different roles in comic book films. Continue reading

Killapalooza 1: Friday the 13th

Killapalooza 1: Friday the 13thFriday the 13th films 1-10. Jason Voorhees. The longest, most explicit slasher episode yet. Retroactive twist. Fixing a long running problem through exploitation. Recaping in a sequel. 3-D. Showing off. Slasher staples. Tits. Found: Hampster Style. Another use of Scooby Doo. The Twist. The Prankster! Self aware. Titular skepticism. Fixing a train wreck while maintaining continuity. Retroactive continuity. Accepting a power. Even Jason can jump the shark. Music stops. Eric derails Michael. Believe it or not: a case that necessitates gratuitous nipples to preserving artistic integrity. Continue reading

Auto Focus + From Hell

Auto Focus + From HellGet Eric’s DVD. Music Box Massacre IV. Michael is assaulted in Uptown Chicago. Radio voice. Jazz clubs. Censorship? Small nipples. Sex as a taboo. Open relationships. A dark and violent shift. How to change the mood. Alternate history…or not. Clarity through ambiguity. Sexual morals and public repercussion. Moving out of your most popular work. Not what you’d expect. Utilizing every possible bad film device. Conspiracies. British accents. Actual alternate history! More on comic book films. Titular and tag lines. A new approach to montages. Get high, solve crime. Absinthe! Slasher interpretation. Visuals. Getting into heaven. Continue reading

Insomnia + The Rock

Insomnia + The RockAl Pacino. Being typecast. Eric wrongfully disagrees. Invisible actors. When actors trick you. Putting Michael on the spot. Supernatural detective. Avoiding standard devices. When you walk in on a film. Unnecessary staples. Michael disliked Memento, but still thinks it’s visionary. Visual foreshadowing. Podcast hosts with weird sleeping patterns. Films always get Insomnia wrong. Almost. Finally, a film with an important humanistic message. Eric unknowingly makes puns. Enough with the silly conspiracies! Die Hard is the standard for action films. Smallpox viral, not Survivalism viral. When even suspension of disbelief can’t save you. Character or actors? A film thought experiment – try it at home! Continue reading

Dummy + Walmart

Dummy + WalmartA few minutes on films before this show accidentally gets super political. Having fun with Dummy. Milla Jovovich: actress and musician. “American Pie Moments.” Eric makes Michael give you the freedom. Awkward does not translate into funny. Another look at dark comedy. Double Feature takes a controversial position on Walmart. Dissecting misinformation. Business in Chicago. Socialism. Minimum wage. Small business. Incase every last listener isn’t already pissed off . . . a rant about greenpeace. Eric teaches you about subsidies. Sweatshops. Safety and Responsibility. Ending this out of place political rant. Continue reading

Being John Malkovich + Hostel 2

Being John Malkovich + Hostel 2John playing Craig playing John. An awkward disagreement. Funny? Supernatural? What is this film? Describing dark comedy. Coming from the writer. Why people quote movies. Do cute and weird help a film? John Malkovich’s orgasm voice. One of the hosts hates this film – who’s fault is that? Quirky film as a style. A different type of disagreement. Eric guesses Michael’s least favorite scene. Michael says the meanest thing ever. How psychics talk to the dead. The titular line. Viral marketing. Lazy time passage. Eric is really uncomfortable describing his feeling about Hostel 2. Really, really uncomfortable. A segment so fucked up it can’t be synopsized. Continue reading

Hostel + This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Hostel + This Film Is Not Yet RatedExploitation. Eric doesn’t have dental insurance. Misleading packaging. The internet has made Saw irrelevant. Karma doesn’t exist. Hostel’s reception in popular culture. “Meatcart.” Betraying the viewer using time and perspective. Slow motion death. Eric is actually in Hostel. Producer? Presenter? Making your destination clear. Documentary gimmicks. Do children really need saving? The ratings board. Legislating taste. Rate real life violence. Double Feature gets really political really fast. Realistic portrayals of violence. Old media is more of a joke than karma. Unrated film. What’s the answer? Continue reading

The Descent + Feast

The Descent + FeastWhere the Double Feature intro song came from. Michael sets up a Double Feature. Horror is scary. Eric practices three sentence dream theory. Japanese Horror. Zombie films vs horror films. Forcing well built characters. Strong female leads. Challenging yourself as a director. Trent didn’t play the Great Destroyer. The environment you watch a movie in. Sparse score. Show the monster? Alternate ending for “The Descent.” How to get away with a twist. What the fuck does a producer do? Meeting the characters. Changing up the hero. You can’t kill the dog/kid…right? Eric’s Pediaphobia. Hampster-style returns. Jokes with several layers. Bad hampster-style. How a film convinces you to like it. Continue reading

Orgazmo + The Matador

Orgazmo + The MatadorA word about Southland Tales and No Country for Old Men. The dream rule. Michael coins the term “candy.” What is and isn’t funny. Paint-by-numbers film. “Hamster style.” Censorship. The beginning of what will surely become a multitude of feminist rants from Eric. Exploitation/empowerment of women in pornography. There isn’t enough male nudity in film. This isn’t a goddamn review. Solid scenes. Missing scenes. An interesting plot mechanic. All about characters. Realistic delivery. Michael does an impression of Eric ranting about camera work. Mexico is badass. How to handle death. The innocence of a child is a fucking myth. Crafting a double feature. Continue reading

Contact + Silence of the Lambs

Contact + Silence of the LambsAccidental Double Feature! Something Michael likes! Almost. The Jaws factor. Carl Sagan Awareness moment. Michael Shermer. James Randi. SETI. Accidental Libertarian Experiment. Planet intro or Apple TV glitch? Elevator noises. Good and bad jargon. Missing closure upsets one of the hosts…guess which! Scientific skepticism. Scifi Woodstock. Seriously though, there is no god. Getting into space. Eric is easily excitable. Camerawork that knows what it should do and doesn’t. Why films are in 16×9. Unnerving film vs scare shots. How to use a camera to make people uncomfortable. Does borrowing from a film make your film less good? Crafting a creepy character. The word actress is a little sexist. Why Oscars and awards are worthless. The Scooby Doo ending. Titular lines. What to do with your credits. Continue reading

Chasing Amy + DOA: Dead or Alive

Chasing Amy + DOA Dead or AliveMichael has full faith. The shortest Double Feature segment ever. Acupuncture doesn’t work. A confusing distribution release. Gaming history. An advertising hook. Modern day exploitation – what it is, what it should be. The movie roadmap. When montages are acceptable. Marketing mystery. Being along for the ride. Eric does a flip then punches Michael. Sound and attitude. Time bombs are lame. The Fargo checklist: When a film is just a film. Eric thins out his film library. Kevin Smith dialogue. Where does the demand for bad films come from? Just when we were about to excuse montages. Writing a film around a scene. Popular culture dates your movie. The creation of the slasher marathon. Continue reading

Hatchet + Memento

Hatchet + MementoAdam Green brings on the new breed of horror. The Trio. Acting in horror films. Eric likes dominant leader-type girls. The survivor. Role reversal. The “Fuck You” ending. Everyone on Lost gets eaten by a shark. Eric again describes bloody kills in a oddly sexual tone. Adam Green executes a scare shot. Lola screaming. Religious and supernatural bullshit. A modern Scooby Doo. Michael has an abundance of problems with Memento. How to hurt Eric’s feelings. Betraying your own code. Does the puzzle cheat? How to construct a crazy film. Eric isn’t actually in this movie. So wait, who did it? Continue reading

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + Constantine

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + ConstantineLxG. Michael owns a fullscreen movie. Why owning a fullscreen movie makes you a tool. Finding good things in one of the worst movies on this show. OMG, what a twist! Make Eric stop talking about Shaft. Buddy cop films suck. Like, really bad. Comic book excuses. The Rodriguez game. Scenes with surgical precision. Aging CG and CG vs models. Spy Kids is a legitimate series of films. Invisible accuracy. Find a more awful ending? Notable Shia Labeouf impression. The afterlife is silly. Michael hates CG creatures. The worst prop ever conceived (and it’s not the Holy Lance!). Constantine in three sentences. Dealing with psuedoscience in film. Twin parapsychology. Buying into the power. Redemption in a ridiculously good mix. Continue reading

Team America + Cabin Fever

Team America + Cabin FeverTeam America: World Police. The puppet thing. Eric’s blender. Libertarians are awesome. What’s wrong with Matt Damon? Oh yeah, Ben Affleck. Puppets and suspension of disbelief. Michael Moore is a poor film marker and a fucking liar. MONTAGE! More graphic brutality. LOLCats is where humor goes to die. Eric begins horror with Cabin Fever. Eli Roth: genius or oblivious? The return of slow zoom. Zack Snyder thinks that’s what you want. Horrifying banjo score. Stereotypical horror characters. Michael hates the paranormal. The best ass shot in cinema history. Shaving your legs at the end of the world. Trying to talk about scare shots. Jokes about racism that aren’t intellectually bankrupt. Continue reading

12 Monkeys + The Singing Detective

12 Monkeys + The Singing DetectiveThe very first episode of Double Feature. The amateur recording environment. The origins of the Double Feature idea. Bruce Willis dies in the premiere spoiler warning. Twelve Monkeys, made by some guy who was apparently in Monty Python. Is it too early for hate mail? Michael can not stand slow zoom. Using film terms as short hand. Look at all the crazy people! Eric talks about blood using a very sexual tone. What a twist? The Singing Detective and crazy people on film. That Mel Gibson. Film noir, neo-noir, and important hats. The difference between clues and solutions. People just don’t care about lighting. Double Feature will return with more episodes. Probably. Continue reading