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R100 + Bringing Out the Dead

Podcast episode. Continue reading

Fast Food Nation + Taxidermia

Podcast episode. Continue reading

Knock Knock + All Cheerleaders Die

Horror filmmaker who keep audiences waiting. Michael: We’ve got two movies today by two directors who made me like movies. Eric: Very truly so. That is Lucky McKee and the great Eli Roth. I should say the great Lucky McKee and, you know I just get giddy. Michael: Right, right. Eric: When it turns out Eli Roth has a movie…but both of these guys are guys who put a good length of time between their masterpieces. Michael: This is true. So to start off, there’s a couple places you could start to really get the most out of the show today. The first place you could start is where the show started, which is the beginning of this year at Citizen Kane and The Godfather. That will teach you, here’s what that will teach you. That will teach you what the fuck we do and how we do it. That what you’ll learn from that. The other place- Eric: “Will properly lower your standards” I believe. Michael: Right. Eric: I believe that’s what you’re saying, yeah. Michael: The other place that I think might be a wise place to start? Based on conversations we may have, but also based on these film makers…or maybe this is where you go back to. After having seen these movies because how would you even be here without watching them? I don’t even know how that would work. Eric: No, that’s impossible. Michael: I’ve never showed up to record and not watched the movies… Eric: Well that’s a little different. Michael: So I can’t imagine anybody does the same thing. Eric: Alright. Michael: And that would be to watch, and I suggest a double feature of, Cabin Fever and May. Eric: Oh, yeah. Michael: That would be a really good place to go because that was Eli Roth’s first big hit after The Rotten Fruit, and it was Lucky McKee’s first big hit as well. Continue reading

Henry Fool + Trash Humpers

Works of art some some believe should not be available to other humans. Double Feature dives into the obscene and tasteless in a variety of ways in a conversation on the contrasting films Henry Fool and Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers. What is cult and what is subversive? Where is the Underground? The people on these towns are asleep. We wake them up. Dirty, tasteless, taboo riddled cinema- Why does it exist and why is tasteless film vital to society? Continue reading

Cold in July + The Trouble with Harry

Come on, step inside, dead bodies everywhere. An hour long discussion about the problems those pesky corpses cause in one classic and one contemporary film. Explaining it only makes it worse. Exploring two movies with a common theme: whoops, I guess there’s a body now. Jim Mickle realized what you need. What’s the vision and what is expected. So, neo-noir and probably zombies. Sick mom, fucked dad, dealing with life. Nick Damici! Sam Shepard! Hedwig! Close one door, open the next. Hate. Alfred Hitchcock avoids prison as a good son. Strip the plain – not giving in. What is the Trouble with Harry? Probably unrelated: dreams never achieved and being fucked at dealing with your life. Still convinced no one reads episodes notes. “You want me to be something I can never ever be.” Free me of your life, inside my heart dies. Continue reading

Inland Empire + My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done

Violence and Maternity. Inside and something else. Eric: It’s ok, you’re in a safe place. This is Double Feature. Michael: Is our show fairly traded? Eric: And uh…oh, I remember that. That’s good, that’s a good…Michael: Thank you. Thanks. Eric: I think that is the same voice actually. My name is Eric, and I’m in my last hope for a happy place, with Michael Koester. Michael: Yeah, well I’m sure these two movies helped you find that happy place. Eric: They really did, they really did. You’re referring to the David Lynch coffee commercial. Michael: I am. Yeah, David Lynch signature cup coffee. Continue reading

House + Burnt Offerings

Man vs Lamp Double Feature. Eric: You feel that? There’s some spook in here. Feels like some spook in here Michael: A little bit yeah, little chilly. Little ghostly chill. Eric: Yeah. Some Ghost Cold. I feel that. I know what you’re talking about there. We’re doing a couple spooky fucking movies today – and you know, sometimes we talk about some themes on this show. Sometimes before we record I go: are there any specific points we’d like to make sure we hit? And then we just start doing the show before we record. Michael: I know, that’s the problem. Eric: I don’t know…Michael: And this Banshee Breeze in here just really like fired me up, we needed to talk about it. The Spirit Chill. Eric: There’s another one, isn’t there? It’s spirit something. There’s a third one. Michael: Spirit Chill. Eric: Ahh, is it? Banshee… Continue reading

John Wick + Hardcore Henry

Today in action. Can John Wick reclaim Keanu Reeves, or is he the property of the other six really hip movies he’s made this year? Those comic book poses have a name. How many dogs have to die before Double Feature being summoned to talk about the trope? Build a world, build a hotel to stay in, and invite Willem Dafoe. Maybe Willem Dafoe appears on set like some kind of summoned genie. It’s like Beetlejuice. Hardcore Henry leaps forward in action experimentation. Strap that GoPro into your mouth, it’s time for a ride. Ilya Naishuller teams up with hardcore Russians. Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley – cue the music. You are the first person. Exploring Moscow with friends. Some crowdfunding later, two million dollars to change the world. An hour on the internet where no one regurgitates completes about handheld movies as if they’re some kind of unique voice in the critic world. Continue reading

The Voices + Tyrannosaur

Not everyone defeats their inner demons. Oswin Suicide kicks the fuck out of some recordings. A look at destruction and self destruction with the scapegoat of mental illness. Who or what is Adi Shankar? Finally, some answers. Unlikely color keys in The Voices. Finding yourself in the place of the psychopath. Ryan Reynolds does Deadpool before Deadpool is Deadpool. Tyrannosaur is not Rob Zombie’s ill-fated Tyrannosaurus Rex. One half of a really good Peter Mullan feature. Hurting animals is still a line in the sand with audiences. Joseph has a hard time with violence. Reality check on character flaws. Continue reading

Room + My Dinner with Andre

Taking a break from civic duty to come in from the cold. The barrier between dystopian fiction and one of the darkest weeks in American history. Horror fans loved the fuck out of Room (2016), despite it’s non-horror trappings. Or was that Room (20156)? The brutality before and after Room. Lenny Abrahamson creates a world out of tiny details. My Dinner with Andre is decimating in a way you probably didn’t plan for. Look at your fucking life, kid. That meme where My Dinner with Andrew predicts modern times or whatever. Things stay warm and fuzzy as Double Feature re-ups the promise to delivery a safe haven every week. Continue reading

Platoon + Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

War and peace goes a step further. Herem Suicide clears up the previous Russian message. All Additional Content is now publicly available AND there is a brand new Double Feature store! Peace – still just a codeword for drugs. Two sober pacifist atheists talk about a war they weren’t alive for, then about drugs. Iraq crops up again. Taking the war home (some more). Oliver Stone gets a pass for helping tell the story of Edward Snowden. Obama still has a few days to fix that mess, by the way. Manning was a good start, come on POTUS. Platoon further reveals the emerging pattern in war films. Taking a trip with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Michael does zero drugs and then freaks the fuck out. Eric’s adventures in bat country. Who was Hunter S Thompson? A primer on Gonzo journalism that Double Feature hopefully didn’t fuck up. Mmmm, Annathesia. Continue reading

Intolerable Cruelty + How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days

The cinematic legitimacy of the romantic comedy. Ivylina Suicide brings an important message from on the ground in Russia. Don’t forget Intolerable Cruelty! Joel and Ethan Coen do a film noir (is what you can tell your friends when you watch their rom-com). What Billy Bob Thornton shares in common with a screaming goat. Was Double Indemnity a date movie? Soft motion chase montage! The psuedo-Cosmo magazine column How to Lost a Guy in 10 Days for Composure magazine. Fashion girls and sports guys. Films representing reality. The nightmarish cover of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain. Politics and news coverage have basically become reduced to headlines Cosmopolitan would even take a pass on. Continue reading

The Great Santini + A Little Princess

The Great Santini + A Little PrincessGrowing up in the empty shadow of military fathers. The great Erica Fett (aka Phecda Suicide) claims the role of happy warrior. What if the military was thought of as a job? Throwing yourself into something. Whiplash’s obsession in the name of greatness vs The Great Santini’s achievement of greatness. The consequences of leaving normal life behind. The most unnecessarily evil scene in Double Feature history. Everyone loves Vincent,A Little Princes as the unsuspecting film of now-colossal filmmakers. What an adult sees when childlike wonder fills the room. What kind of movie is A little Princess and what do those movies look like now? Erica Fett promises something is coming…but what is it? Continue reading

Computer Chess + Alphaville

Computer Chess + AlphavilleMan vs machine is never really about machines. Machines always teach us about humanity. Lots of details from Sid Suicide. One theme spirals into many trains of thought. The continuing history of struggles in art, technology, and humanity. Computer chess is what everyone but Michael thinks it is – or, the elaborate hoax of Andrew Bujalski. Old technology is funny whether it wants to be or not. People make terrible predictions about the future. Just your everyday average dystopia with Jean-Luc Godard. Lemmy Caution visits the distant space city of Alphaville. Von Braun hates what makes society feel alive. Parts of society, anyways. Machines teach us about ourselves. Continue reading

Giuseppe Makes A Movie + Gold Diggers of 1933

Giuseppe Makes A Movie + Gold Diggers of 1933Alternative filmmaking through fact and fiction. The real, no fucking kidding Luci Suicide. A new quest for information. Who is Giuseppe, and isn’t it Adam Rifkin making a movie? Giuseppe Andrews as the unlikely horror folklore hero. Film making ethics, for fun and fix. A voice for the voiceless via no-hold exploitation. Is Giuseppe Makes a Movie celebration or tragedy or all of the above? Getting the shot at all costs. Gold Diggers of 1933. Gold Diggers of 1993. Gold Diggers of 1399. Gold Diggers of nineteen twenty, nineteen twenty-nine, nineteen Paris and other nineteens. London After Midnight and lost films. Petting in the Park and Who You Calling Ma’am! Continue reading

Dead Ringers + Bad Biology

Dead Ringers + Bad BiologyA completely serious look at two unsexy films about sex. Or sex-parts, at least. LuFae Suicide makes things feel like home again. Dead Ringers sets the level for subtle right at the title. Jeffrey Irons, alone with you. Love, drugs, and sex. Partner sharing somehow makes things whole again. Obsession, however far away. What’s the best one you’ve ever seen? Can’t spoil whatever words you say. Twenty four minutes later and clean again. The basket case. Frank Henelotter makes the audience feel young again. A single level of tact, however long it stays. Promising the best. Bad Biology feels like being free again. The producer’s end credits rap song. …howeverfaraway I will alway love you. Continue reading

Open Windows + End of Watch

Open Windows + End of WatchThe unique point of view kills it once again. Dallas Suicide puts the real world on hold to talk about what could have been the zeitgeist. An important public service announcement regarding beavers and whether or not they are good. Celebrity, privacy, and the second porn start on today’s episode of Double Feature: Sasha Grey! Elijah Wood makes more horror films. What’s justified, as if that matters? The internet destroys humanity, nihilism ensues. Everyone’s naked on the internet, so now what? A commentary about cops in America that doesn’t even seem possible today. Sympathy for the officer, lives of blue, and things End of Watch thankful got away with. The right time and place for preserving a conversation. The timeline of police brutality in the United States. This is still happening, even though everyone’s preoccupied with other forms of terrible now. Continue reading

Rope + The Exterminating Angel

Rope + The Exterminating AngelBottle films are starting to get a little ridiculous. Annasthesia Suicide begrudgingly delivers the episode and a few updates. No one is allowed to talk about Rope’s camera work today. What actually happen in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rope, besides close ups of people backs? People fall off the dinner party bandwagon. Trapped forever by your own mind – bottle films go psychosomatic. Everything (that was) wrong with the world (before November 8th) can be solved with The Exterminating Angel. Double Feature delivers a fifty year old film that’s telling us how to move humanity forward but no one is listening. Watch The Exterminating angel, humanity. Please watch it. Please. Continue reading

After Life + The Lobster

After Life + The LobsterTwo movies to pause for personal reflection. Ruby True Suicide has some things to say about Double Feature. This episode contains spoilers. Eric says perhaps the single saddest thing in near decade history of the show. Michael helps find the best memories, all of which are made during the episode itself. A world so large you could live in it forever. Is becoming a lobster such a bad thing, just because of how your body is horrifically mutilated? A resistance that isn’t very good at being The Resistance. Continue reading

White God + The Tribe (Plemya)

White God + The Tribe (Plemya)Storytelling without dialogue. Eric and Michael go underground in fear (or maybe denial) of the apocalypse. White God is the not the only movie about dogs, or even white dogs, this year on Double Feature. A first time event caused by the discovery of an all new empathy-box. How a non-human protagonist may be easier to relate to. The Tribe (also called Plemya) is entirely in sign language. There are no subtitles, do don’t look for them. Michael knows sign language, providing zero insight. Eric learns SDH captions are not the same as subtitles. Experiencing the must talked about ‘heightened senses.’ Continue reading

Full Metal Jacket + Head

Full Metal Jacket + HeadThe next stage in war and peace accelerates the conversation at an alarming rate. Stanley Kubrick makes the best films. of at the best things, turn out. The two halves of Full Metal Jacket. Goddamnit Vincent D’Onofrio, you keep doing this. Two parts of the brain…are competing? Compartmentalization in war time. Winning over hearts and minds by shooting children in their hearts and minds. Where has the peace movement gone? That brief periods when all was quiet on the warfront of the United States of America. The Monkey find. their inner struggles running parallels to the endless cycles of Vietnams and Iraqs. Staying true to the art. Continue reading

Killapalooza 29: Pumpkinhead

Killapalooza 29: PumpkinheadPumpkinhead films 1-4. Much much better than your ready for. The quick pre-30 run-throughs of Killapaloozas. A much quicker run through of how many pumpkinheads are in the Pumpkinhead franchise. Now playing: directorial debut of SFX artist Stan Winston! The shaft in KNB. A Quentin Tarantino effects secret. What Hodder? Kane Hodder! Lance Henriksen IS Ed Harley. Getting those Blood Wings. Some guy(s) made a Blood Wings video game! Has anyone played it? Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes back to back with Pumpkin Blood Feud. Two films made for the Syfy channel. The release of the automobile. What fucking year is Blood Feud? Continue reading

Hausu + Sisters

Hausu + SistersFever dreaming! Hausu goes back to back with Sisters! Look at that adorable orange cat. How serious is Katsuya Yorita with Hausu, or what kind of serious, or what the fuck. Getting the keys to the playground (or, the lunatics run the asylum). Revisiting The Room! Hausu is House but not The Room which is not Room. Who is the real Brian De Palma? Unrecognizing Alfred Hitchcock. Famous directors with an underground collection of early horror cult work. Yes, there’s several of them. Hot on the case of the plot of Sisters. What happens in Sisters is really complicated or really obvious. Continue reading

Pet Sematary + Atomic Zombies

Pet Sematary + Atomic ZombiesMonstertoberbloddyfeature. What is Atomic Zombies!!!? Pet Sematary as seen through various shared world’s. Michael’s retirement plan is not do go on that there hill, there’s a death curse. Eric is mean to children. Do the thing in the movie that would be the most interesting, unless it would make the movie worse. Performing experiments in the world of Pet Sematary – good science or bad science? Talking about sky pig. Everyone is entitled to their own false reality that you should blindly respect! Where did Atomic Zombies!!! even come from? Finally, someone does the thing we’ve been baiting. More independent than independent. This movie has more heart than half of the top grossing films this year. And it’s pretty late in the year. Continue reading

Three O’Clock High + Ken Park

Three O’Clock High + Ken ParkAn ongoing discussion of dangerous art impacts a younger generation. Three O’Clock High turns out to be more challenging than it even knows it is. #blacklivesmatter, because why not push some more people’s buttons. From the western to modern politics. Solving injustice outside (or just within the boundary of) the law. Larry Clark continues to challenge with the highly controversial film Ken Park. The sketchy Terry Richardson debate. Audiences cringe as they find themselves witness to a crime. It’s probably not a crime though, everyone definitely signed a certified SAG waiver which has been filed in accordance with related paperwork. Also, on-screen masturbation. Continue reading

All About Eve + The Neon Demon

All About Eve + The Neon DemonWomen make their way into the spotlight with destructive results. The female force in cinema, then and now. The guerrilla skepticism effort to improve Wikipedia. Update on The Double Feature Movie. The flying Tom Tom returns in possibly the best use of the “how we got here” device. Obsessive, grinding repetition waiting for an opportunity. Mortality by way of performance. Art that vanishes like sand to time. Woah. What it takes to get to the circle. One more, with clarity! Nicolas Winding Refn finds a place in The Neon Demon. Gender roles are not what you think. Cats be hungry. An important moment in tearing open the year’s discussion on art and rape culture. Safe words on set. Art is not safe. Continue reading

31 + Blair Witch

31 + Blair WitchNew midnight movie Double Feature! Blood, guts, gore, scares and maybe a witch. Eric Thirteen, Double Feature host and executive producer of 31. More Zombie than Zombie. Seriously, maybe the most Rob Zombie film ever made. The 70s, a time when insane directors got away from the suits and made insane movies. The extremely memorable man of the hour in 31, and the rare memorable villain in recent films. Rolling around in the pit – the reason to go back to 31 and other Rob Zombie movies time and time again. It turns out Blair Witch is fucking amazing. Critics, proving to be full of it, now universally celebrate The Blair Witch Project when they just made their usual stupid puns at the time. Adam Wingard rules the universe. Blair Witch as probably the scariest fucking thing ever. See great horror being made today. Continue reading

Cloud Atlas + Her

Cloud Atlas + HerA late night study session on human consciousness. The interactions between minds, the interactions between humans and machines, and the unnoticed social implications of each. The Wachowskis are probably into the Opera (or at least The Hunger Games), and thinking in those terms changes everything. An audience’s acceptance of mixing race and gender on screen. Double Feature goes even more broad into some heavy territory. What it’s like to spend every day two years in the future. Trends in personal technology and where it’s going. Her as an exceptional piece of both vision and prediction. Continue reading

Leave it to Beavers + Village of the Damned

Leave it to Beavers + Village of the DamnedOne species manipulates another to do its bidding! The most important information presented in the PBS documentary Leave it To Beavers. Thinking about engineering. Complex questions at the end of evolution. Understanding animal lovers. Stop fucking eating fucking cows, you’re all killing the planet. John Carpenter unplugged in Village of the Damned. An alternate debatably cooler name for Village of the Damned. Imagining a world where this is a franchise – maybe even an AMC television series! John Carpenters interest in stories with great premises. Continue reading

Green Room + Night of the Creeps

Green Room + Night of the CreepsFreethinkers are suddenly faced with mindless masses. Green Room is pretty much the greatest goddamn thing. The traveling punk band. When Nazis hijack your organization. Talking about punk rock, obviously. Generally mindless genre plus unique character equals suddenly amazing film. The niche need not apply to the audience. Needing to talk about Slither. Where and how does Night of the Creeps fit into the 50’s, the 80’s, and genre flicks? Iconography, lasting image, and how to ensure no one steals you icon. Connections to classic and modern horror. Today’s audiences like Night of the Creeps even if they don’t know they like Night of the Creeps. Knock knock, who’s there SCARE CAT. Continue reading

Hands on a Hardbody + They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

Hands on a Hardbody + They Shoot Horses, Don't They?The bleaker (potentially advantageous) traits of human evolution as elicited by nefarious marathons. People do things for a long time and it goes bad. A great place to get Hands on a Hardbody. Hardbody is one word, probably. Just keep your hands on a truck, what could go wrong? Karl Pilkington rears his bald head again. What happens after Hands on a Hardbody – an update rarely discussed. Dark turns darker in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? A movie that’s probably set in the time it says it is. How about two most awkward titles to type out double feature. Street Sweeper Social Club really wants to text you updates. Continue reading

Session 9 + Sun Choke

Session 9 + Sun ChokeAlternative therapy disproven through tapes as emotional disturbances reach violent conclusions. Or something else that’s made up. Brad Anderson returns as a pocket sized monster. Asbestos lead asbestos! Who’s crazy and what’s wrong with them? Confirmed: the audience of Session 9 is crazy. The sun and fresh air are terrifying. The unveiling of the formerly secret best film ever, Sun Choke. Is Barbara Crampton leading a new wave of horror revival? Sex and violence and going outside and bad times. Another opportunity to play Who’s the Worst? All of the goddamn imagery. Sara Malakul Lane rocks Sun Choke, but also rocks this other movie. Some information on Eric Thirteen’s new film. Continue reading

As Above, So Below + Horns

As Above, So Below + HornsChristianity’s Satan mythology as riffed on by great new horror films. The Birthday Massacre plugs TBMChicago and The Birthday Massacre Broken Minds 2006 Bootleg! As Above, So Below’s terrifying equation. It’s time to fact check this found footage reception. The images, oh God the images. Things you see in a graveyard. Ok, that was just a Repo lyric. That guy with Horns. Backhanded compliments to the director! What Horns shares with Cosmopolis. Talking about the horns in the room. Bear or no bear, another chat about Kafka, and getting priorities straight. Hey, Alex Aja is back! Next time on Double Feature: the end of the tease. Continue reading

Top Gun + Dazed and Confused

Top Gun + Dazed and ConfusedThe first in a series of War + Peace. Drugs might as well be synonymous with peace, say two people who have never done recreational drugs. The bizarre army government war something propaganda film that is Top Gun. The early look at Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Tom Skerritt. Seriously, this Michael Ironside thing is ridiculous. How far back does this go?! America has the greatest flight schools. Really, top notch. The central conflict in Top Gun – like My Neighbor Totoro, remember? Dazed and Confused (a great precursor for any Additional Content listeners. A nostalgia movie masquerades as a drug movie. The messages in My Neighbor Totoro. Continue reading

Blue Jasmine + The Congress

Blue Jasmine + The CongressUnforeseen changes threaten women of long-held power. A return to Woody Allen with Blue Jasmine. A female-led Woody Allen film living outside of many exceptions. Andrew Dice Clay was a thing. Blue Jasmine’s portrait of mental illness. A particularly devastating moment. The Congress is more animated than the US cover wants you to know. Robin Wright as Robin Wright. The target-rich environment of Hollywood studios. The Congress does an acid trip. Maybe a few acid trips. Futurism and post-modernism make their first argument for running threads of Double Feature Year 9. Continue reading

Waiting for Guffman + A Town Called Panic

Waiting for Guffman + A Town Called PanicSmall towns with large personalities. The beginning of Christopher Guest, kind of sort of. Spinal Tap and the Guestmen. Guffman. Guestmen? Either way, what’s up with Waiting for Guffman’s Windows 95 looking cover? A cult following of a whole different kind. Who is really Waiting for Guffman? Living moment to moment in A Town Called Panic. The undertaking in creating a feature length film based on a season of five minute shorts. What’s the central conflict of A Town Called Panic? Change of scenery change of scenery change of scenery. Oh no, good news! Continue reading

The Invitation + The Overnight

The Invitation + The OvernightUnexpected revelations while staying with friends in LA! Hey, you, don’t listen to this episode first. Go back and listen to the one before this, that’s a better episode to start on. Seriously, don’t just start here. Female directors and gender fluidity. Who gets to claim transgender bragging rights? The Invitation and the Los Angeles dinner party scene. Killing coyotes to kill time. Ethnic cleansing! Which one is insane (and is ‘all of the above’ an option?) Gas lighting and the Invitation. Ok, not really. Those people from television are in The Overnight! Of buttholes and art. Putting the kids to bed. Los Angeles Sex parties, or something more sinister? Or less sinister? Or a third option? Twenty-first century family values. Making friends with neighbors. Leaving the Overnight unscathed? Continue reading

Citizen Kane + The Godfather

Citizen Kane + The GodfatherThe American Film institute’s top two films. Double Feature begins – The first episode in this year’s series, and the perfect place to start listening. Don’t be afraid of daunting films. Double Feature updates on the Year 8 Kickstarter for Year 9, the Double Feature Movie, and guidelines for Year 9 of the show. Citizen Kane as a meta commentary on film. Upping the ante on cinema. The infamous ending of Citizen Kane. What’s so special about The Godfather? Things to look for on a first time viewing. Appreciation can start on the surface. How great acting in The Godfather helps explain the craft of acting to people who don’t have the first clue about it. Continue reading

Double Feature Year 8 Finale

Double Feature Year 8 FinaleSPOILER FREE SHOW! Double Feature faces themes as real-world issues collide with fiction. Fuck count-downs. An episode with Little to no plot details. An episode not requiring having seen any Year 8 movies. As requested – a completely uncut live episode! How people get information in 2016. Everyone has a bubble. Reinforcing beliefs. The political result of the LA/Austin schism. 2016 US presidential politics. Racism is alive in we’ll in America. Michael has decided to embrace the Oscars. Eric learns the alternate title for “The Oscars.” Continue reading

The Brave Little Toaster + The Green Inferno

The Brave Little Toaster + The Green InfernoOutside your element on this very special end of the year episode. Boldly leaping into unknown territory. The Brave Little Toaster, our little secret. At long last Michael becomes a test case. Looking back on an animated cult film. Unintentional character and notability. How the Pixar talent has changed as popular animation grows. The outstandingly successful Pixar formula. The most anticipated movie of Double Feature history. After ten long years, Eli Roth strikes back with The Green Inferno. The new iconography. The original impact of Hostel and the incoming impact of The Green Inferno. Perhaps the most inventive element of The Green Inferno, a brand new handle of feminism without the baggage of modern society. Continue reading

An American Werewolf in London + Clown

An American Werewolf in London + ClownTwo horror films tied by a secret thread. The last ever episode of Double Feature. Seminal werewolf film An American Werewolf in London. People said he brain was infected by devils. There’s probably Nazi wolves all over the place. Nightmarish prosthetics. The must-have werewolf transformation scene. An American Werewolf in London as a comedy, by way of music. Other werewolf movies covered by Double Feature. Clown destroys Eric’s cinematic legacy. An American Werewolf in Paris. Defying the odds. The history of scary clown films. Jon Watts takes over the world. Humor in premise, dead serious execution. The story of how Clown came to be, told using details that might be true. Convincing your audience you have a real movie! If you’re reading this, go watch the new 31 trailer. It’s such a good movie. It really is. The various forms of Clown! Child imagery that is not at Chuck E Cheese’s. A heavy decision required by legend. Continue reading

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit + Casino Royale

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit + Casino RoyaleThe final chapter in the saga of Jack Ryan and James Bond. Maybe not the final chapter in Double Feature, hopefully. Upon completion of Jack Ryan: Show Recruit, who is the real Jack Ryan? Continuity is finally solved. The long awaited information on Jack’s analytical character arc. Action where action is due. Casino Royale, the clearly best James Bond movie in the entire series come on really it is you know it don’t front. Hey look, it’s that guy from Hannibal again. James Bond in the 21st century. The much needed self loathing. Eric Thirteen on the set of an Eli Roth Clown thing. Continue reading

Thief + Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Thief + Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuraiConcentrating on skill sets. Similar themes with differing points of voice on auteur theory. Disturbing news on the Double Feature Year 9 Kickstarter. Who creates a film? Holly on-set secrets. The hierarchy in a movie production. Thief compared to related films, both director and producer. What does Bruce Willis think about all this? Why auteurism matters (and why it can’t be ‘solved.’) The insane threads in the fabric of Thief. Enter Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai! When the insane name of insane movie does not serve to make it any more sane. Acting as a label and measure of a film. Filmset’s as playgrounds. Speculation on Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai. Continue reading

Taxi Driver + I Stand Alone

Taxi Driver + I Stand AlonePst. Get secret Double Feature episodes you didn’t know even existed. Tonight: heavy films on breaking points. A look at the psychotic from inside and outside. Keep that bagcat close by. News to no one but Michael Koester: Taxi Drive is fucking amazing! Robert De Niro doesn’t just put movie tickets on his face. As usual, the techniques of filmmaking area useful in making great films. A bit of a character study on Travis. What does Travis want, besides being a Taxi Driver? To clean up the streets or to accidentally clean up the streets, that is the exploitation-biased question. Hoping that no one else hears the fucking Godsmack song when they read the title I Stand Alone. Eric does not ask for an impression. What does Gasper really think? That goddamn Placebo video. Naked is good. Continue reading

Fitzcarraldo + Used Cars

Fitzcarraldo + Used CarsA look into the headspace of those who are a little…off. Double Feature releases THE DOUBLE FEATURE MOVIE alongside the Year 9 Kickstarter. Out now! https://doublefeature.fm/kickstarter Fitzcarraldo in the making. Every film is also a documentary of the making of that film. Metaphors that aren’t metaphors. The line between crazy and genius (or, maybe there’s one). Fitzcarraldo could have just eaten a gum ball and avoided this whole mess. Used Cars as a screwball comedy. The time of Robert Zemekis that didn’t get enough breathing room. Getting down and dirty. The cringey feeling of watching screwball comedies (which have all but disappeared) at the height of the politically correctness in the last several decades. Revisiting – was it ok for people in backwards times to think backwards things? Staving off the full transition into socially conservative old person. Continue reading

Killapalooza 28: The Exorcist

Killapalooza 28: The ExorcistThe Exorcist films 1-5. A fresh, outsider’s guide to the Exorcist franchise. Five films, right? How many? A case for the popular appeal of a film that isn’t immediately effective to views out of the moment. Bloody Disgusting has a great series on slowing getting non-horror audiences into horror films. Rooting for the Devil in the Exorcist. Sad endings un stories about losing faith. A series of memorable set pieces. A tradition of single mother horror films. Defending the wrong underdogs. One more with strange feelings!` A horridly flawed and side-barred Alien comparison. The greatest Exorcist 3 that’s ever been. One of the greatest stand-alone films in Killapalooza history. Two films fight for forth film in the Exorcist franchise, but only one will win. Or maybe really neither will win. Continue reading

Stand By Me + Sleepers

Stand By Me + SleepersKids on a rafter and what happens next. Trigger Warning: The last sentence about rafts was misleading because there are no rafts. If you are sensitive to audio programs that promote themselves as including rafts when they in fact do not include said rafts, there is a small possibility you will be negatively impacted by listening to the full show. To skip Stand By Me, skip to the twenty-four minute mark of the show and move directly to the film Sleepers. If you have not seen Sleepers, skip another 23.5 minutes to the so-called discussion regarding next week’s episode. Trigger Warning: if you are sensitive to upcoming episode discussions that are not really discussions but more a casual name drop of an upcoming special episode covering a horror franchise, blah blah trigger warning go fuck yourself. Continue reading

Honeymoon + The Taking of Deborah Logan

Honeymoon + The Taking of Deborah LoganDegeneration and the need to overcome it. Really really no-kidding scary movies. Honeymoon: what the hell? A nice peaceful vacation into a terrible place. The hidden gem of Honeymoon. When things happen at the end, they are also very bad. A summary that refuses to spoil Honeymoon. The ending of Honeymoon, and that thing you seriously can’t believe (or understand). A time for scary faces – and that time is during The Taking of Deborah Logan. Deborah Logan is not Deborah Morgan (sorry about that!) Learning about Alzheimer’s. Determinations of a canonical natural in The Taking of Deborah Logan. Documentary handy-cam style spooky something. Credit where credit is due. The thing in that cave that is the worst thing. Continue reading

Super Fly + Dope

Super Fly + DopeContrasting portraits of success between decades. Super Fly and Shaft. One more job? There’s always one more job. A actual case of trying to get out of the business. Well, ‘a’ business anyways. Super Fly and the infamous score. Or Superfly soundtrack or whatever. If the Taco emoji wouldn’t destroy the feed or website or whatever, there would probably be one here. People who never update their phone wouldn’t be able to see the taco, so there’s also that to consider. HEY. What didn’t you see Dope? It was really, really great. The inevitability and unlikeliness of Dope. That 90s throwback film sort of happened, hooray! Michael defends a non-existant claim in an attempt to see what it all means. Continue reading

Gone Girl + Rachel Getting Married

Gone Girl + Rachel Getting MarriedStains on the American dream. Family life in the twenty-first century. The Gone Girl on David Fincher, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross down to a science. A terrible marathon of awful. Compliments to Tyler Perry. Missi Pyle on Fox News on Gone Girl. Selling the turns. No one will believe Rachel Getting Married is not awful, and, in fact, is a great Dogma95 style film. Blame the terrible cover. Not this cover, the one with Anne Hathaway’s smudged uncanny-valley face. The tragedy of no one seeing Rachel Getting Married because of this cover. Box office numbers that could have been better (had someone not fucked up the cover of Rachel Getting Married). Alright, really, look up the cover to this movie. You won’t believe it. Revisiting a conversation from Melancholia. Making time for twelve-step. Continue reading

Daisies + Bad Education

Daisies + Bad EducationGender in the sixties and in the twenty-sixties. Daisies: not on the tv/film obscurity chart, but probably should be. Maybe it fell off the bottom. Black and white, definition, war and colors. Maybe-Robot girls do all the (bad?) things. Something about Daisies ladies and newspapers. Daisies provokes a very different kind of conversation about film, and Double Feature likes it. Bad Education requires taking notes, and then throwing them out and writing new notes. Fuck it, why not ditch these notes. Let’s Play Identity! Who does what as who and why are they doing that? Also, don’t forget, boohiss religion. Every time you squirm, known that’s because someone bumped the pretension knob. Really though, how about that Year 1? Continue reading

The Sum of All Fears + Goldeneye

The Sum of All Fears + GoldeneyeJack Ryan and James Bond return with new faces. Trying to place The Sum of All Fears in the Jack Ryan universe. A movie that actually contains a sum of all of the fears. The continued look at analysts. The inner circles of analytics. Movie presidents then and now. The nuclear football. What happens with the bomb. Does mutually assured destruction still work? James Bond’s Goldeneye 64. Finally, actual hard evidence for the James Bond fan theory – it has to be one or the other. Or a third option. Pierce Brosnan becomes James Bond. Much love for the Alan Cumming. I’m invincible! Xena fills up her Hot Topic punch card (that’s ten skulls, by the way). Goldeneye as a progress Bond. Continue reading

Watchmen + Iron Sky

Watchmen + Iron SkyAlternate history with very different backgrounds. The key differences between the multiple versions of Zach Snyder’s Watchmen. Another unlikely film. Watchmen at the perfect time a place. A perfect zeitgeist film that is unfortunately always in the zeitgeist. Extending the metaphor of mutually assured destruction. What does the end of Watchmen mean? Three term Nixon. Alternate history in the minds and hearts of the audience. Ah, that great ultra violence. Iron Sky. Nazis on the moon! Enabling WWII alternate fiction. How has Double Feature not see Iron Sky? Whoops Netflix. Choosing your racism carefully. The one and only excuse for anyone on earth to be racist. Alternate fiction as a writing tool. Iron Sky and the Internet! Be nice to Zach Snyder, maybe. Continue reading

Calvary + Philomena

Calvary + PhilomenaCommunities of faith. Finding Calvary in a sea of Calvaries. Bang! Introduction! The opening fiasco. Seven days in town. An excuse for slice-of-life. Is everyone a suspect? How suspicion taints perspective (or at least demands engagement and a careful eye). Calvary, beloved by atheists. Philomena and the weekly kick in the nuts. Hey, let’s go on a road trip! A different kind of brutality. A side of Steve Coogan we’ve actually always seen. Judi Dench wins everything always. Never trust a nun. An update on where all those Double Feature episodes went. Continue reading

Magic Magic + A Field in England

Magic Magic + A Field in EnglandSomething is very wrong. How the comedy works. Anxiety, confusion, and an exercise in…what, exactly? How Magic Magic twists the audience in its palm. The birds, oh god the birds. Puppy metaphors, maybe. Michael makes many comparisons, none of which involve bead. To address Michael Cera in Magic Magic. A Field in England opens with an dark and amusing joke only Double Feature listeners get to experience. Stupefying through minimalism. Everything you need to know upfront doesn’t help you. A Field in England, the devil, and drugs. Two editors eat some evil. Continue reading

Crimson Peak + The Elephant Man

Four hundred episodes, one Elephant Man, and a Crimson Peak. One of those David Lynch episodes! Guillermo del Toro finally appears on Double Feature. The directors who forged your taste. Who is the true Guillermo del Toro? Crimson Peak as just the greatest. Is Crimson Peak a great example of the director’s work or some other odd thing? Finding love in a brand new thing. The ceremony of film. Death in cinema. Just how weird is The Elephant Man? How David Lynch is it? Are those things related? The time and place The Elephant Man came out.An extended sandwich metaphor. An unlikely recommendation. Joseph Merrick. Man’s inhumanity to man. No kidding class warfare. Don’t forget, food for thought: Frankenstein. Continue reading

Melancholia + Persona

Melancholia + PersonaConsidering identity and withdrawal. Finally, a trip through Melancholia in another chapter of Lars von Trier’s Depression Trilogy. Hopefully that one guy still listens. Sometimes the obvious metaphor is the right metaphor. Who’s the real victim of the swell party? What Melancholia shows regarding the cognitive divide between those with depression and those without depression. Different backgrounds create different knee-jerk reactions. Naked Kirsten Dunst wins everything. Keifer Sutherland jumps into a tree. The von Trier kinship. Persona as that one film that inspired all student films. Just how obscure is Ingmar Bergman? An early example of taking advantage of / completely subverting the media of film. Persona as described to another human – or attempted, anyways. Continue reading

Big Bad Wolves + Prisoners

Big Bad Wolves + PrisonersTaking the law into your own hands. Child abduction films. People may or may not listen to The Prodigy, but they totally should. Big Bad Wolves, from an unexpected place. Keeping up with the good old brutality. The jokes, they’re coming for you. Dark dark times, and things are only getting worse. The first films from the creators of Big Bad Wolves. Prisoners, a film that is really fucking good. Seriously, see Prisoners! Come on. A terrifying performance with interesting choices. Running those circles. The gift from an actor. Buy one Prisoners, get one Prisoners for free. Continue reading

Eyes Without a Face + American Mary

Eyes Without a Face + American MarySurgery, both domestic and foreign. #babysfirstsoska! Where does Eyes Without a Face fit into the history of cinema, and how can you know? Looking to more recent films that drew inspiration. True horror, even today. Timeless effects techniques. Eyes Without a Face and identity. Why the filmmaker’s intent is valuable, even if you don’t care about the filmmakers intent. American Mary. A personal journey through The Soska Sisters. Twisted Twins and Katherine Isabelle. American Mary and attempting to steal from the Canadians. The rest of the Soska twins’ discography. Continue reading

Phantom of the Paradise + Forbidden Zone

Phantom of the Paradise + Forbidden ZoneSome musical midnight movies that aren’t asking for approval. Another look at the Phantom of the Paradise. Returning to Chicago’s own Music Box Massacre. Death, Inc. A monster, a veiled threat and a whiney if not eclectic piano player. The Phantom of the Paradise’s iconography and depth as compared to Phantom of the Opera or Faust or other well-known works. Heading to the Forbidden Zone. Something something blackface! Richard Elfman hands down the Mystic Nights of Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman borrows from his own Forbidden Zone pieces. The Oogie Boogie song originally appears in Forbidden Zone. Danny ELfman’s very first film score, sort of. Pseudo Satan, Oogie Boogie’s song and Dilbert Zone. The Freeway connection. The conspiracy of Forbidden Zone. Is Forbidden Zone satirical or just odd? Oh, also, the crowdfunding campaign for Forbidden Zone 2. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Sisters + Calvaire

A Tale of Two Sisters + Calvaire (The Ordeal)Surreal tales of fear from a place that you dare not spoil. Eric goes to Sundance with his films Director’s Cut and 31. New details about Rob Zombie’s 31. The infamy of A Tale of Two Sisters. Spoilers and jokes about spoilers. Deconstructing a unforeseen development in the plot. Korea reveals things. Name that film. No, please, name that film. The era of Japanese ghost stories or some such country. Calvaire, also known at The Ordeal. Michael forgets what the fuck is going on. Double features that accidentally work anyways. Horrible, terrible things and the wonderful people who love them. Listeners do the craziest things. Continue reading

SLC Punk + The Fountainhead

SLC Punk + The FountainheadRugged individuals resist society. The time and place of SLC Punk. Who to follow and how to follow them. Punks in Salt Lake City an Punks in the suburbs of Chicago. A young punk’s relationship with his parents. St. Charles Mall Goth. Selling out! Heroine Bob, heroine in general, and that awful social circle. SLC Punk as a companion to the film Mean Girls. How to pronounce Ayn Rand. the Ayn Rand controversy. Someone else’s problem. Comparing The Fountainhead to Atlas Shrugged. The pain and pleasure of long speeches regarding ideals. Books about architecture can be movies about architecture. Continue reading

Clear and Present Danger + The Living Daylights

Clear and Present Danger + The Living DaylightsComing back to new and old faces in the worlds of Jack Ryan and James Bond. What a raw show without notes is like. Still an analyst at heart! Answering the cliffhanger you forgot about from Jack Ryan’s last film, Patriot Games. Obtuse and lingering danger. Batman as Jack Ryan. Respect the oval office. Is this a win for the hero? A new James Bond and the missing James Bond. The awareness of The Living Daylights. 007 and the other double-0’s. Michael Koester says some ridiculous things and some profound things. Well, maybe just one profound thing. The debunked James Bond fan theory. A little more behind the curtain talk on Double Feature. Continue reading

Citizenfour + Mysterious Skin

Citizenfour + Mysterious SkinCoping with unbearable weight in both fact and fiction. Crime and awful. A newly discovered use of the great empathy machine. The privacy myth – it’s not what you think it is. Encrypt your business and fuck that Google! Avoiding services that steal your data as the center of their business model. The US government doesn’t realize Edward Snowden is a patriot. President Obama as a total jerk. Mysterious Skin may be the toughest film Double Feature has ever tried to cover. More pedophile jokes than you can shake a prison sentence at. Continue reading

Romancing the Stone + Sorcerer

Romancing the Stone + SorcererSmuggling-ish adventure thing! Romantic adventures. Wait, what? Robert Zemekis shocks many by making more than one kind of film. Well actually, look at all this stuff. Where Romancing the Stone falls in the Zemekis chronology. Kurt Russell wants to sell you a car. Get that stone! That time Danny DeVito didn’t play that guy from that one film that isn’t real anyways. Sorcerer as a maybe-remake of The Wages of Fear. Is Sorcerer a remake and why does that matter? The end of auteurism. A broader conversation about studios, money, directors and the death of art. Is the video market to blame, or did video invent cult? The answers to everything are yes and no, all the time.. Continue reading

Happy Accidents + K-PAX

Happy Accidents + K-PAXPersonal stories through the bending of time and space, maybe. You probably don’t see Happy Accidents coming. What the fuck, this film. Vincent D’Onofrio does all of the things. Various ways to interpret the plot of the film. This description can’t contain spoilers. There’s another movie on the show. In K-Pax, Kevin Spacey is not Bono. Bono is not Bono. No one is Bono. Jeff Bridges has a fourth of July celebration with the family. Saul Williams is Gunshots by Computer on sunday, bloody sunday. More various ways to interpret a film, this time regarding a different film. Something happens at the end and it’s probably great. I hope you’re happy. Continue reading

Killapalooza 27: The Omen

Killapalooza 27: The OmenThe Omen films 1-4. Damien! The Killapalooza returns. The most insane listener thing yet. One take! Where does the name Damiem come from? That was the original Omen going for and where is it now? 20th Centuary Fox. The most horrible thing ever. The music in the Omen franchise. Characters embracing the mythology. Is watching Omen as a slasher franchise a good thing or a bad thing? Taking it to the next level, and then not pretending it didn’t happen. Omen 2: Less title articles. Puberty is a satanist’s best friend. Help out your local demon. Coming into power, which makes for a great film about having come into power. What billionaires what. What’s dogs got to do with it? Killing all the babies: a hole in your plan. Let’s just make more Omens. Come on everyone, to the manatee tank! Continue reading

Last Action Hero + This is the End

Last Action Hero + This is the EndMovies looking inside themselves. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Last Action Hero.Wait a second, John McTernan? A criticism of the action genre by masters of the action genre. The little boy that could. Calling out escapism. Animated buddy cops and factual fiction characters. A-listers commit atrocities in This is the End. Calling into question the behind-the-scenes buddy element. How much of a real look into celebrity life is This is the End? The change in celebrity over time. The ‘what the fuck’ angle. So bizarre it’s hard to believe it is really a film. Hey James Franco, want to talk about Jesus? Continue reading

Vertigo + In the Mouth of Madness

Vertigo + In the Mouth of MadnessGargantuan directors examine head problems. Untouchable darkness. Hitchcock and Vertigo. I’m demon speeding.Not talking about the shot by talking about the shot. It’s been a while, so just what are these Hitchcock things? A dirty black river to get you through this. A run down on Vertigo. An argument for madness. Hey, do you love me I’m a devil machine? Get into my world, all-american dream. John Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness. Down in the darkness there is no more tomorrow. Sam Neil gets locked in the hallow. Steven King shows up somehow. What really makes authors go crazy in the woods. Hey, do you love it when the kids are screaming? Wrecking on the road violate their dreaming. Hey, do you love to see the filth in the clean? Get into the gone, all american. Dream. Continue reading

The Insider + Wag the Dog

The Insider + Wag the DogBackdoor meetings and the powers that be. Catch that wikileak! Don’t steal movies. Michael Mann shows an insider getting out. Wag the Dog makes shines light into the darkness. Fist bumps a plenty. An incredible introduction to the risks of telling the truth. The lesser of two fucks. A return to the question of friend or pet. Speaking of pets, Wag the Dog is not about a dog. The president you want to changes horses in a stream with. The Internet both destroys and fosters insane lies. A real Hollywood conspiracy. The farce for the truth! Continue reading

Mad Max: Fury Road + The End of August at the Hotel Ozone

Mad Max: Fury Road + The End of August at the Hotel OzoneLet’s spend a day in the wasteland! Boy there sure are a lot of women here. I hope they’re not savages. Then again, what is a savage when you really get down to it? Aren’t we all the future savages of the past, just living in the present? Progressive thinkers doomed to be made retroactively intolerant by a rapidly liberated society? All these questions are making me hungry. Say, you guys don’t have any pets do you? Man is there a lot of walking in the wasteland. It’s just so sandy for so long. You could really run out of things to talk about. So, has anybody here seen the new Mad Max? Continue reading

The Shootist + Bone Tomahawk

The Shootist + Bone TomahawkMaking something of your final days in the west. Westerns where life outside the film has implication on the movie itself. John Wayne had cancer, but did 1890 have cancer? The large star of The Shootist fights for his role. Could The Shootist exist without John Wayne? Other self-referential fiction. Ron Howard has been around for a long time. Bone Tomahawk is the greatest fucking thing. Westerns for horror movie fans. Ultra violent westerns. Fuck you, foreshadowing. Foreshadowing as a crutch and foreshowing as a red herring. Continue reading

Patriot Games + Moonraker

Patriot Games + MoonrakerA unfamiliar return to the world of Jack Ryan and James Bond. People flipping out about actors playing characters. Jack Ryan comes back, sort of. The differences between the Jack Ryan of Patriot Games and the Jack Ryan of The Hunt for Red October. Samuel L Jackson pins things on people. What kind of Ted Raimi?! Why the change from A View to a Kill. James Bond goes to space in Moonraker. Exploitation! Bondsploitation! Star Warsploitation! Roger Moore. The most ridiculous moments of the James Bond franchise. Jaws and the return of Jaws. Action sequences then and now. Of gadgets and hamsters. #standWithDaniel Continue reading

Belle de Jour + Moebius

Belle de Jour + MoebiusWeird sex things. Some sex things are weirder than others. The treat that is Belle de Jour. The deal with these Luis Bunuel films. Double Feature wants more belle movies. Mixing fantasy and reality until you can’t tell the difference. Displaying an arc in more than just character. The never-failing allure of what goes on behind closed doors. Alright, it’s time to enter Moebius. Do you have your Bag Cat ready? The snip-and-toss festival. Slapping and talking and slapping. Narrative? Fuck that! Delivering a message without telling a story. Ok, I guess you could call that a story. Relentless commitment to the insanity at hand. Moebius showing an adorable amount of restraint. Michael has a dirty secret about Kim’s movies. Continue reading

The Babadook + We Need to Talk About Kevin

The Babadook + We Need to Talk About KevinMothers and Monsters. Inter-relationship terror or something. Don’t get spoiled on We Need to Talk About Kevin or you will be the true monster. Eric finished directing his short film and will now become a crazy person. Female directed films! Jennifer Kent and Lars von Trier. How The Babadook terrifies. Children as warnings and also as annoyances both minor and major. The power of metaphor carries on. Don’t find out what We Need to Talk About Kevin is About. The impact of that moment. A difference in reads. Unraveling a mystery. Seeing red. Who holds the responsibility and what is to be done? The increased relevance of We Need to Talk About Kevin in the years since its release Continue reading

It Follows + The American Scream

It Follows + The American ScreamA celebration of the all-consuming spooky. ArieScope Pictures celebrates seventeen years! Eric attempts (and fails) to not worry about his film for one hour. Starting October with the festival favorite It Follows. Why people mention It Follows in the same breath as The Babadook. Creating tension out of nothing. Fighting production for a creepy, slow pace. The American Scream via American Movie. Are these Halloween enthusiasts crazy? The passionate genre fanatics of both metal and horror. Filmmaking as a project launch. Halloween down to the last perfect detail. Pragmatism vs idealism. Perfection in film vs perfection in music. Parkinson’s Principle: why you never have enough of what you need when you plan to do a thing. Continue reading

Brain Damage + The Stuff

Brain Damage + The StuffOff the 1980’s VHS shelf. Beloved filmmakers who very much love themselves. Special effects artists Sheila Mia Seifi and Rob Burman. Unraveling the magic of Brain Damage. An order of magnitude longer than necessary. Is there a secret meaning buried in Brain Damage? (Probably not). Getting right into The Stuff. What is the Stuff made of? More secrets never uncovered. I mean, sure, just light it on fire I guess. The cult appeal! The beauty of surface value. New information on why Paul Sorvino might be a thing. Those goddamn faces though. Continue reading

Straight Outta Compton + Cop Car

Straight Outta Compton + Cop CarAmerica’s evolving relationship with the police. The slasher documentaries. Buz Wallick joins Eric’s upcoming film. Straight Outta Compton is oddly relevant today. The theater experience. That goddamn Alamo Drafthouse. Knowing the NWA today. Dr. Dre’s new album Compton. Revisiting the ideal trailer. Cop Car builds the suspense out of nothing and it’s fabulous. Holy fucking awesome filmmaking. Where is this going? A return to mystery. Hey why not, let’s get a Director’s Cut update. Continue reading

Frances Ha + Ninotchka

Frances Ha + NinotchkaA show about communism. Eric Thirteen announces the cinematographer of his next project, and it’s kind of unreal. No, really, that thing about communism from before is actually in there. Ok, fine, a show about women knowing what they want, not what they need. See, you don’t like that theme any better. So, communistic living in two female led films separated by the decades. Also, Gretta. Frances Ha, the most widely accepted totally-not-a-mumblecore-movie of all time. Joe Swanberg and Ti West. People who wander aimlessly through their 20s will soon be running the world. Ninotchka – don’t pronounce it, see it! Or you could do both, there’s really no harm in that. Melting the icy heart. Continue reading

Maps to the Stars + Peeping Tom

Maps to the Stars + Peeping TomThe perils of human watching. Eric Thirteen is directing a new film. Finding the funding for your movie. David Cronenberg returns with Maps to the Stars. Actors who go for it without fear. Maps to the Stars is not a satire of Los Angeles. What makes LA tick? Determining the motivation of a crazy person. Or maybe she’s not crazy. No, she’s crazy either way. The curious case of LA’s medium income in a large number of neighborhoods. Voyeurism, or: Everything is a slasher film. The Alec Baldwin in the room. Peeping Tom, career destroyer. The impression of a pornographer. Continue reading

Hits + God Bless America

Hits + God Bless AmericaWaaah, American culture. Two comedians help audiences let it all out. Something’s happening and it shall not be talked about. The long overdue conversation about piracy, distribution, and the financial state of film. What is the David Cross directed film Hits actually about? Also, the value of Likes. The waxed mustached Etsy crowd. The price of fame. Does God Bless America represent Bobcat’s views? Surprise! Zero conversations about religion! Is reality TV still destroying everything or are we done with that? The next step in counterculture. Continue reading

After Hours + A Serious Man

After Hours + A Serious ManPhysical vs emotional character journeys, as brought to you by gigantic directors. A step outside the expected. Michael’s evolving relationship with Eyes Wide Shut. After Hours as a day in the life of. Everyone’s favorite third host of Double Feature, Franz Kafka. Martin Scorsese makes movies that aren’t After Hours. Citizens of Los Angeles tell each other secrets about Tim Burton. An odd time for the Coen brothers to make A Serious Man. Front-loaded magic and made up stories. A chain of character-driven events. The greatest trailer of all trailers. An introduction to the work of Roger Deakins. Attempting to explain cinematography without visual aids. Continue reading

Under the Skin + Spring

Under the Skin + SpringLady enigmas. Under the Skin, the challenging arthouse film staring a naked A-list celebrity. Like, actually. Impossible star power and the counterintuitive nature of film investment. What is Under the Skin even about? Surreal somethings. Contrast at many levels. ALEC BALDWIN FUN FACT. You’ve seen the Spring directors before, and they’re still amazing. The animal sacrifice no one has ever been able to pull off (until now). When hot Italian girls are suspect. Oh hi, skepticism. Using the language of science to take a crazy ride. Speculative fiction from by the science literature. Spring as a strange kind of HP Lovecraft romance film. Continue reading

Zombeavers + They Came Together

Zombeavers + They Came TogetherGenres as plot points. Matthew Donnelly, the bucket machine. A common funding tactic that worked for Zombeavers. Also, come on, Zombeavers: the triumphant face-value monster horror feature! Animated zombie beavers. Animatronic zombie beavers. He came. She came. They came together. Is that even the tagline? David Wain makes more sense. Is it good to follow up? Michael falls in love with Paul Rudd. I’ll fucking say it until it becomes funny! An afterthought changes the entire movie, and probably for the better! Tearing apart in the edit. Eric Thirteen begins to open up about the thing that is happening. Continue reading

Papillon + Night at the Golden Eagle

Papillon + Night at the Golden EagleFinding a way out of your current life (from opposite sides of the bars). Eric reports in from downtown Los Angeles. Papillon, based on something that happened somewhere at some point, probably. Papillon’s instincts. The will to survive. The bad gets worse. To be labeled a survivor. Using money while in prison. Adam Rifkin has a Night at the Golden Eagle. More on Downtown Los Angeles. The financial district, the jewelry district, skid row and tent city. An old look for a new film. Fresh voyeuristic perspective. Miles Dougal’s yet to be made Night at the Golden Eagle spinoff. Finding an excuse for the b-story. A large, rapid update on Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette’s film Director’s Cut. Continue reading

The Hunt for Red October + Dr. No

The Hunt for Red October + Dr. NoThe beginnings of the Jack Ryan and James Bond universes. The Hunt for Red October as the first in a loose series of films. Another chance to talk about director John McTiernan. The unfortunate McTiernan incident. Continuing to ponder a director’s signature. Of sentimentality and submarines. The reluctant hero Jack Ryan! Dr. No in the first consideration of James Bond. The accidental Sean Connery double feature. Another book, another hero. The ability to geek out on Bond. Doctor No is not Blofeld. Another origin for petting the white cat. The dubbing of Dr. No. Talking about the ladies in the Bond franchise. An array of patriotism on display. What does the future hold for James Bond? Continue reading

Wet Hot American Summer + What Have I Done to Deserve This

Wet Hot American Summer + What Have I Done to Deserve This?Notable casts in absurd comedies. Seriously though everyone, The Movie Crypt. The moments before the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day at Camp. Older playing younger. An unremarkable reception. Two crazy approaches to humor. The shotgun method. The machine gun method. Foreign film invasion! Imagine Wet Hot American Summer with Jason Voorhees. What Have I Done to Deserve This? The blood lizard. Putting up the wallpaper. Spanish film trends and their influence on American films. Taking guess on What Have I Done to Deserve This? Continue reading

Oldboy + The Hunt

Oldboy + The HuntUnnecessary life-changing altercations as man hunt meets witch hunt! Pretending to understanding the impact Oldboy had on American cinema. The video market, or new video nasty, or the Nu-Nasty, or whatever it’s called. America looks to Asia. Something about a hammer. Eric and Michael’s nonexistant Sick and Twisted cinemation festival. It’s never too late for Spike Lee jokes. Hannibal is not the subject of The Hunt. Another secret episode theme. Where did things go wrong? Placing blame. Can a terrible deed go without fault? The game of telephone. The meaning behind the ending of The Hunt. Continue reading

Straw Dogs + The Perfect Host

Straw Dogs + The Perfect HostTerror on the inside. Now Available: Double Feature Year 1 on iTunes. Remastered for iTunes, Year 1 of Double Feature is now available on the iTunes Store and Apple Music. The complete Let’s Play Alien Isolation is also online! Straw Dogs, Sam Peckinpah, and a checkmark on John Water’s Cecil B Demented list. That infamous complicated rape scene. Siege on the house. Gender roles! Straw Dogs and the censors. Human beings as animals. The star of the show in The Perfect Host. A Netflix survivor! Actors taking chances. Do we want to be surprised or pat on the head? Managing audience expectations. Let’s talk about Battleship Pretension. Even more Alien. Continue reading

Everly + Digging Up the Marrow

Everly + Digging Up the MarrowKicking off a fresh year with ArieScope pictures. Adam Green and Joe Lynch release brand new movies outside the Hollywood machine. Everly as a sample of 2015 independent film. It’s time to solve Joe Lynch. Basing your impression of a film maker on a new sample of work. Building your set and breaking your set. The return of the bottle film. Alex Pardee helps Adam Green uncover the marrow. Follow a bunch of real people who are interesting characters. Digging Up the Marrow as old school American horror. Double Feature teams up with the Battleship Pretension network. Continue reading

Double Feature Year 7 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Seven retrospective. A new, chapter-less world. A more fluid, conversational year end format. Listener feedback, brought to you by tweets. What was the secret subtext 2014 and 2015 brought to Double Feature? Police and the black community by way of Spike Lee and Woody Allen. Feminism, the redefinition or rape, Repulsion and Compliance. Post-episode shockers. The best double features, supposedly. Films to revisit. The additional content reigns supreme. All the information you ever wanted about Double Feature: The Movie. Meeting people in Austin Texas. Continue reading

The Lego Movie + The Human Centipede

Relax and enjoy the last episode of the year. Building blocks! Not sorry. Well, a little sorry. How to get a movie on Double Feature if your name is Michael Koester and the movie is The Human Centipede. A movie everyone knows (and Rotten Tomatoes claims mostly love). Minds are blown. What do you make a Lego movie about? Think different. Tom Six has an obsession for obsessions (but can it match Michael’s?) The first sequence. When a Human Centipede finds itself on the wrong side of the law, it must think like a centipede in order to survive. That sweet three-dog. So you’ve got what you always wanted – now what? Continue reading

Whatever Works + Red Hook Summer

Whatever Works + Red Hook SummerThe final episode in the Woody Allen meets Spike Lee series. The journey’s conclusion begins with Whatever Works, the 2009 Woody Allen film with some head-on fourth wall crazy. Larry David as Boris as Woody Allen Himself as a guy who still loves that one girl at that one age. Evan Rachel Wood’s character Melody is a character unlike the others from the series, and at the same time most like those characters. A criticism of art, sort of, maybe. Spike Lee brings back Mookie for Red Hook Summer. A wooden horse painted with young Atlanta kid finding that good old time religion. Old time religion proves to be less about altruism and values, and more about covering up child rape conspiracies. How raping children has proven to actually be a bad thing for religion. The new 35%: millennials don’t have a god. Atheism doesn’t destroy religion (apathy is the greater cause). Continue reading

Bad Lieutenant + The Limey

Bad Lieutenant + The LimeyBad men doing bad…for justice, or something. Revising the Double Feature format. What should change for next year? There is a force, and that force’s name is Harvey Keitel. Ms 45 herself, Zoe Lund. Abel Ferrara’s filmmaking secret: drugs! How does one make a film on drugs? Who secretly directed Bad Lieutenant. The Limey’s disjointed editing style. Soviet montage theory. Russian editing! Terence Stamp meets Peter Fonda. Barry Newman and the great roadsploitation. Steven Sodobergh teaches us Russian. Sodobergh’s recut of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just who is this guy? Continue reading

Killapalooza 26: Scream

Killapalooza 26: ScreamScream films 1-4. Ghostface: the knife, the mask, and nineties television. Last hours to Kickstart Double Feature Year 8. A new spin on the slasher. The rules one must abide by. The Rose McGowan who won’t abide by the rules. Unexpectedly favorite characters. Coming back for the sequel. Let’s all pretend slasher trilogies are a real thing. Coming back later. No new information: studio executives are fucking liars. The idea of making Scream scary again. The return of slasher trivia! Remakes tell you which originals to go watch. Four new Wes Craven films have made it on the show. Continue reading

Bad Grandpa + The Imposter

Bad Grandpa + The ImposterFakers teach us about reality. The Kickstarter counts down! Bad Grandpa, a fictional film taking place in our reality. Johnny Knoxville and the award worthy makeup effects department. A continuation and possible reversal of ethics from The Idiots. Something more extreme than french extreme – or, “french extreme with giggles.” How to be an honest liar. The Imposter, a documentary using the visual and storytelling clues of narrative fiction. Checkerboard lighting. Cinematography makes a metaphor. The audience hires a private investigator. Filmmakers as storytellers. Drama versus reality. Continue reading

The Celebration + The Idiots

The Celebration + The IdiotsThe Dogme95 primer pays off! Two films from an obscure movement. Official Dogme95 No. 1: The Celebration. A film that refuses to tell you how to feel. Fear of the unreliable victim. Justified breakfast. What happens when Dogme95 plays by the rules. The perfect conclusion. By the way, there’s totally spoilers in this show. Official Dogme95 No. 2: The Idiots. Lars von Trier re-enters a trilogy. Life with the soft of mind. A defense of being obnoxious. The future of America’s culture wars. If it feels good, do it. Attempting to evaluate someone’s life with minimal context. No one should suffer (an apparently controversial opinion). Let people do what they need to do. Continue reading

Tim’s Vermeer + Resurrect Dead

Tims Vermeer + Resurrect DeadUncover two documentary mysteries! Also – the Double Feature Year 8 Kickstarter launches! Tim’s Vermeer makes audiences wonder if Tim Jenison is an artist. What is painting, what is engineering, and what is art? Why Tim-As-An-Artist is an important question. Disruption in the art community, and the emotion that causes some artists to resist a leading theory. The art of engineering. User experience and the consequences of design. Tim Jenison is the greatest engineer ever filmed. Luddites in the art community. Is technology cheating? (No.) It is not invalid to enjoy art digitally! Resurrect Dead and the should be spooky but isn’t mystery of the Toynbee Tiles. Plan Jupiter from outer space. Continue reading

Zombi 2 + The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

Zombi 2 + The Bird with the Crystal PlumageOld Italy meets some more oldish Italy. Gaillo exists outside of a bubble. Why Tarantino meets Rodriguez. Zombie, Zombie 2, Zombi 2, Zombie Flesh Eaters, and whatever else the fuck this movie is called. What is the makeup effects impact of Zombi 2? Choose your own sequel. Dario Argento returns with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage with a teeth a. Starting in your skin. A new voice defies Italian horror. Who wrote the title of this film? Continue reading

Spring Breakers + Dark Horse

Spring Breakers + Dark HorseHarmony Korine and Todd Solondz come together again (whether they like it or not). Spring Breakers is a seriously amazing intellectual piece, even though you’d never believe it. News on the Cage Match, as the massive Nicolas Cage project draws to a close. Spring Breaks demonstrates criticism of a culture by letting the culture speak for itself. The most horrifying vantage point may be inside the party. Classics vs songs of the summer. The relatively short shelf life of particular artists and singles. Call for a dubstep do-over. Eric’s favorite film opening uses self-discovery to work on multiple levels. Who’s riding the Dark Horse? Todd Solondz makes a kid-friendly film. Not that kind of kid-friendly. Michael wants people to do things with their lives, for their own good at the good of those who surround them. Continue reading

Starcrash + Orca: The Killer Whale

Starcrash + Orca The Killer WhaleWhat can you learn about writing method from exploitation films? Turns out, a lot. An unorthodox approach to writing theory. And Then vs Thereforre/But. The midpoint shift. Better knowledge of Star Wars through Starcrash. Spectacle films. Why ignoring all common thought regarding plot and character development was a great idea for Starcrash. The hero’s journey. Another stab at sword and sorcery. One thing leads to another. Orca: The Brutal Whale. Different take, same ends. Grotesque, mishandled imagery leads to profound feeling. Exploitation’s unintended consequences. All films are cash-ins (and that’s ok). Continue reading

Manhattan Murder Mystery + He Got Game

Manhattan Murder Mystery + He Got GameWoody Allen and Spike Lee consider New York and the people who live there! Do you use chapters? Do you ignore chapters? Send an email! Dense apartments and nosey neighbors. Dull hobbies vs strange kinks. Immorality and its benefits! Suspicions before suspicions pay off. Drag the audience into an absurd game, then show them how absurd they are. Ermahgerd, wur mah durguns? Spike Lee watches people play basketball. The glorious 90s, a time of the Chicago Bulls dynasty and also Milla Jovovich. There’s magic in that there basketball. Who is the real he who hath game? Continue reading

The Cottage + Sightseers

The Cottage + SightseersWhere comedy meets violence. Paul Andrew Williams’s The Cottage. Wait, what’s a cottage? Mutants fuck with people enjoying a perfectly good heist film. Shifting the scales – all film protagonists are not created equally. A series of proficient, grade-A maulings. Andy Serkis is going to be who Andy Serkis is going to be. The much popular Kill List and whispers on the films of Ben Wheatley. Finding a creative angle for an obvious scene. Continue reading

Chronicle + Even Dwarfs Started Small

Chronicle + Even Dwarfs Started SmallTerritories familiar and not. Tonight: an exciting announcement! Heroes larger than expected…unless you were expecting superheroes and dwarfs, then heroes exactly the size you expected.First, who or what is Charles Crawford? Podmanity challenges Double Feature. The end of a six month full-time podcast job. The Marvel Studios release schedule. Why Chronicle is unlike the rest of the superhero genre. Independent directors making it big. Turn off the powers! Start small, get astronomical. We can watch any movie, as long as that movie is Even Dwarfs Started Small. When the obscure really is obscure. A thought experiment in the world of the film. Continue reading

Killapalooza 25: Wrong Turn

Killapalooza 25: Wrong TurnWrong Turn films 1-6. Mutant, possibly-cannibalistic types in various quantities fuck up your fun time in the woods. Finding the venue for a Wrong Turn 2 / Joe Lynch conversation. Rob Schmidt’s original Wrong Turn. All Eliza Dushku films could potentially be extensions of Dollhouse. The era of Jeremy Sisto. Wrong Turn 2: Dead end and the return of the Pepto-Bismol. The Declan O’Brien stretch. Prison Break, sometimes called Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. Origin story, prequel, or other? Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. Doug Bradley and his rag-tag miscreants in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. A new group takes over the franchise in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Continue reading

Dune + Jodorowsky’s Dune

Dune + Jodorowsky's DuneDune from the prospective of cinema. Considering the two Dunes. A film many wish never made it through production and a beloved film so crazy it never even went into production. Is cinema better off for these films taking the paths they did? When David Lynch doesn’t look like David Lynch. Wild speculation on how Dune was handled. A freshly-insider perspective on why movies are so goddamn difficult to get right. Who really controlled Dune. A conversation around the real Dune auteurs. Skepticism regarding Jodorowky’s version of Dune. Why Jodorowsky actually got what he wanted, even if he doesn’t realize it himself. How cinema benefited greatly from a film that never made it into theaters. Continue reading

Baby Blood + Race with the Devil

Baby Blood + Race with the DevilThe devil conjures up the single most random episode of Double Feature ever recorded. Did Gary Oldman really record the demon voice for the American dub of Baby Blood? What do Jennifer Tilly and Gary Oldman have in common? Hint: One more thing today than they did yesterday. Real time on-air detective work yields nearly the same results as the control group. A bunch of things about Race with the Devil that aren’t the ending. Peter Fonda and those goddamn expectations. Exploitation and the occult. The ending of Race with the Devil. Continue reading

Antichrist + Red White and Blue

Antichrist + Red White and BlueSex and violence double feature! The beginning of Lars von Trier’s depression trilogy. Joy and suffering. Shock value and what remains hidden under the surface. Notes on talking animals. Art as therapy. Willem Dafoe is once again a character that’s terrible at his job. Red White and Blue, straight out of Austin Texas. People in Los Angeles are bored of other people in Los Angeles. A different kind of color theory. Use a fucking condom! Meta through inventive filmmaking. The new crop of horror-inspired independent films. A brief followup on Lexi Love. Continue reading

The Tenant + The Guest

The Tenant + The GuestThe leading man is not who he seems. Why film lovers with film-love Alien: Isolation. The life and pronunciation of Adam Wingard. Roman Polanski’s The Tenant. Another look at Rosemary’s Baby and Repulsion. How does The Tenant fit into The Apartment Trilogy? Eric and Michael tell the story of The Man Upstairs. Invading sacred ground. Adam Wingard’s perfect mix tape known as The Guest. Commitment to brutality. 247 more days till Halloween. Drop the subtlety and take no prisoners. Continue reading

Night of the Comet + Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Night of the Comet + Attack of the Killer TomatoesCult films that disrespect their elders. Watch two movies that would otherwise be described as paying tribute completely disregard what has come before. Eric Thirteen spends time talking to Michael Koester. Los Angeles is destroying the film makers that work and live inside of it. A Double Feature fantasy. That goddamn red filter: who it has harmed and why it must be stopped. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes makes filmmaking look easy. What you can do vs what you should do. Tomatoes don’t have teeth, no matter how much you want them to. The tradition of Airplane before the tradition of airplane. Special thanks to Ben Last for helping edit this week’s episode! Continue reading

Crimes and Misdemeanors + Clockers

Crimes and Misdemeanors + ClockersThe Woody Allen meets Spike Lee journey continues with Crimes and Misdemeanors and Clockers. Breaking Woody Allen news! Only several weeks old! Amazon becomes Netflix. Leaving your audience no room for deviation. How Woody Allen has progressed in contrast with his New York centerfolds. Learning more about producers. Is Allen aware how dry the dry philosopher character is? Getting away with murder. A world where divorce hasn’t been invented. Why don’t the cops give a fuck in Clockers? White people problems and a disservice to Woody Allen on the part of Double Feature. Hipsters take Manhattan. Brick communities and the yard. Continue reading

Windy City Heat + Tusk

Windy City Heat + TuskFantasy collides head first with reality. Watch Windy City Heat on YouTube. Who is Perry Caravello, really? Attempting to disassemble a single aspect of a film while determining if that aspect is even worth disassembling. Likability in reality. Roman Polanski’s demotion to hack comedian. Who’s in on it? That stupid summary thing film reviews do. Kevin Smith takes over the world with Tusk. How did we get here? Further proof of the all powerful low-brow director turned super villain. Podcasts are making films now. How Tusk’s very existence argues for a golden age of independent film making. Continue reading

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf + Desperate Living

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf + Desperate LivingAnd just who is Virginia Woolf, anyways? Being afraid of Virginia Woolf – you’re already talking about it and you don’t even know it. Classic Hollywood actresses terrify Michael Koester. Sex then, sex now. The power play. Oh, what language! What Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf has in common with Mortal Kombat 2. John Waters returns for Desperate Living! Eat some rats, change some sex, and roll around in garbage. Who’s having the most fun? A reminder on the topic of despicable cinema and human progress. A John Waters film without John Waters. Continue reading

Tokyo Drifter + The Departed

Tokyo Drifter + The DepartedA Double Feature episode for the records. Seriously, this is one of the best episodes. Go read Reunion at the Birthday Massacre on Medium. Tokyo Drifter’s punk rock style. The shifting landscape of the asian mafia film. The day petting the white cat doesn’t work like it should. Meanwhile, back in North America: the western. Competing ideas across an ocean. The look of the stage. Martin, the departed, and that big fluffy cat again. The infamous camera work. Who’s in the Departed, and what do they want? Ladies and the academy. Adam Rifkin shows Eric Director’s Cut. Continue reading

The Earrings of Madame de… + Paths of Glory

The Earrings of Madame de… + Paths of GloryThe Birthday Massacre! Eric has a new old concert film out now. The Earrings of Madame de who? The crazy adventures of two earrings that surprisingly doesn’t revolve around an absurd comedy plot. Let’s play Paris Wife Swap! The magical power real people give to real world objects. A shocking reversal on the Kubrick film you didn’t expect. Background on the real events that inspired Paths of Glory. Convincing insane people of their own insanity when lives are at stake. A repulsive, sad, beautiful scene to shake an audience to its core. Attempting to put a positive little button on World War 1. Continue reading

Manhunter + Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Manhunter + Buffy the Vampire SlayerFilms that prompted tremendous television. Forcing movies onto viewers using the old DVD bundle trick. A comparison of Hannibals throughout tv and film. Los Angeles changes light bulbs. Michael Mann as a genius amature? Tom Noonan. Hannibal Lector teaches moviegoers how hacking actually works. Who is Will Graham? Looking back on Manhunter from the vantage point of a modern Hannibal television introduction. A better fleshed-out version of the supernatural detective. Whedon’s well-known opinion on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Subverting a cliche. Underestimating the television series Buffy like underestimating Buffy Summers herself. Buffy as the ultimate trojan horse. Mythology, lore and retcons. Breaking Bad style character development over a series. Continue reading

Breaking the Waves + Julien Donkey-Boy

Breaking the Waves + Julien Donkey-BoyAn exploration of Dogme95. The rules of Dogme95 are crucial. The rules of Dogme95 are as follows.
1. Very locate. Much local prop.
2. Wow! Such location. Very sounds.
3. Much shaky.
4. So colour! Wow. Much basics light.
5. Not filter. Much forbid.
6. Not action. Such no murder. Wow!
7. So forbid temporal displacement! Very believe.
8. Much not genre.
9. Wow! Very millimeters. Such 35.
10. Much direct. Not credit. Wow. Continue reading

Looper + The Thirteenth Floor

Looper + The Thirteenth FloorGateways to other worlds! Two films about world building – or are they? Programming, philosophy, and the late 90s zeitgeist. Shane Carruth’s participation in Looper remains a mystery. Joseph Gordon Levitt as Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis as Bruce Willis. Using an audience’s collective memory to pad extra detail into your film. The Hollywood makeup fx industry. What’s on the Thirteenth Floor? The results of going in cold. Michael’s Y2K theory. Globalization for the common man. René Descartes (because why the fuck not). Continue reading

Hannah and Her Sisters + Crooklyn

Hannah and Her Sisters + CrooklynWoody Allen meets Spike Lee in an ongoing conversation about New York…by two people who haven’t really been there. Tragedy propelling fulfilling lives. When a score conveys the entire movie. Nuwave b-sides. Religious parody. This is what atheists actually believe. What the fuck happened to feminism? Double Feature visits dating morality in its hosts. The brain tumor responsible for going out and living life. Spike Lee’s New York catches up to Woody Allen’s New York. Fun with aspect ratios. No one saw that coming. Continue reading

Catch 22 + Cross of Iron

Catch 22 + Cross of IronWar commentary films. Covering war: satire, brutality, or a completely separate third thing. Two people try to have the world’s first conversation about Catch 22 without defining the term catch 22. Primary education in the United States of America. Mandatory reading! Young Martin Sheen returns to the government, once again. Portraying absurdity in wartime. Expect gore when armies are fighting! Sam Peckinpah taps in to exploitation for the sake of arthouse. The hidden secret of Orson Welles and Quentin Tarantino. Nazi bad guys make more interesting humans than cartoons. The cautious act of learning from the mistakes of the past. Continue reading

Tesis + Transsiberian

Tesis + TranssiberianAn unintentional double feature. Tesis: it probably means thesis! What is snuff film? Where does it come from? The mono exploitation film. Faces of Death and Mondo Cane (cah-nay). Who watches snuff, and why? Study as portrayed in film. Brad Anderson’s body of work. Trapped on a train, in the middle of trouble. Eric apologies says wonderful things about Kate Mara before accidentally ruining it all. A complicated more-than-reversal of gender roles. Upping the stakes. Continue reading

The Third Man + North By Northwest

The Third Man + North By NorthwestCold war noir-era mystery thriller double feature. Eric Thirteen announces his new role as executive producer on Rob Zombie’s upcoming film 31. The Third Man’s deception. Orson Welles as the face and name of The Third Man. Everyone’s favorite ferris wheel speech. The impact of Alfred Hitchcock. The effect on expectations when repeatidly told someone is the master. A bizarre note in the career of an iconic filmmaker. North by Northwest and Richie Rich. Mount fucking Rushmore! Using a trope against the audience. Hitchcock, claustrophobia, and the wide open playground. Continue reading

Killapalooza 24: Puppet Master

Killapalooza 24: Puppet MasterPuppet Master films 1-10. Charles Band as the Puppet Master of Full Moon Features. The Bongy Westphall universe. What’s Demonic Toys have to do with this? Home video! Andre Toulon’s unexpected returns. The reluctant centerpiece. Nazi origin points. Toulon’s Revenge. Good guys and the demon. Deeper back in time. What is Puppet Master: The Legacy, and what’s the real reason it should upset everyone? Eric and Michael discuss the clipshow. A return to form. Once more, with Nazis. The greatest reason for the Puppet Master’s existence. Continue reading

Repulsion + Compliance

Repulsion + ComplianceTwo films trap their lead actors. Forgotten tactics for portraying insanity in your movie. Roman Polanski’s apartment series. Rotting away in your own skin. Ms 45 makes an inevitable appearance. The new creepy-internet-dudes wave of feminism. Craig Zobel and all the information about Homestar Runner you never asked for. How an unbelievable story drivers viewers into blind rage. A film centering around actors’ reactions (and Pat Healy making sandwiches). Continue reading

The Lion King + Escape from Tomorrow

The Lion King + Escape from TomorrowTwo very different looks at Disney. The Lion King as the pop-culture champion. How The Lion King stayed in popular consciousness. Disney creates a Top 40 soundtrack. How you remember films from your childhood differently. Escape from Tomorrow as the counter-culture Disney companion. The how-it-was-made story everyone wants to know. Is it possible not to have the viewing experience trained by knowing how a guerrilla film is made? What does the mouse actually think of Escape from Tomorrow? Continue reading

The Mist + The Dead Zone

The Mist + The Dead ZoneStephen King vs the the visionary director. Two notable pin points in an ongoing discussion on auteurist director vs famous writer. Eric talks about the end of production on Director’s Cut (and the wrap party!) Working with Lin Shaye and Gilbert Gottfried. Thomas Jane strikes back! The gut punch that is The Mist. Expanding on John Carpenter’s The Thing. What the film says about religion probably isn’t what you expect it to say about religion. Martin Sheen plays the president in The Dead Zone, what more do you need? The irony in the final conclusion. Continue reading

Demon Seed + Cache

Demon Seed + CachéNot even your home is safe from the terrors of techno horror. Michael meets James Gunn in Texas. Teller’s time on the set in Director’s Cut (featuring Nestor Carbonell). Donald Cammell’s “artificial intelligence” film Demon Seed. Science fiction as a community of homage. Impregnation, technology, and what’s changed since the 70s. Small device horror. Michael Haneke’s film Caché. Long takes as an invitation to study. Letting trouble into your home. Is the ending of Caché really up for debate? More interesting than “who.” Continue reading

You’re Next + The Children

You’re Next + The ChildrenNew school slashers get you right where you least expect them. Two horror classic horror sub-genres. The creepiest moment of Eric’s life just happened on the set of Director’s Cut. You’re Next tackles home invasion. Independent horror that goes to the theater instead of direct to video. Getting to the bottom of the Adam Wingard, Ti West, Joe Swanberg, AJ Bowen, Lena Dunham, indie horror community. Hope for the future of horror. The Children as an exercise in movies about being murdered by packs of children. Continue reading

Absentia + Satan’s Little Helper

Absentia + Satan's Little HelperNetflix horror gems with misleading covers. Nearly trampled by Penn Jillette: A report on the first week of Director’s Cut. Seriously, there’s a lot of Director’s Cut stuff. Finally, someone will talk to Eric about religion. Could it be ? A fresh theme no film has tackled before! Coming to terms with ‘death in absentia.’ When someone goes missing. Back to the good old metaphorical horror monster. Satan’s Little Helper, a meme-worthy film of Garbage Day proportions. Finding signs of intention in cult film without a wink. Continue reading

Manhattan + Do the Right Thing

Manhattan + Do the Right ThingAn adventure through New York through two different perspectives – this time, the adventure continues with the poster-child of the Woody Allen meets Spike Lee journey. Attempting to separate the art from the artists. A love letter to Manhattan. Double Feature has a very frank discussion about the public perception of two controversial film makers, and how their personal lives may be viewed in connection with the previous films. Is Spike Lee a racist, or is it just his Twitter feed? The difference between a racially charged Do the Right Thing and a potentially racist film maker. Beats released a Do the Right Thing documentary and no one noticed. Continue reading

Big Fan + Against the Wall

Big Fan + Against the WallIndividuals who are entirely consumed by their obsessions. Pursuing passions despite naysayers. Who and what is Patton Oswalt? An extended discussion on sports narrative. Magic thinking in sports. A dark turn fitting of the characters and story. Against the Wall aka Quality of Life. Just trying to make art, but the man’s keeping artists down. What is a quality of life charge? Two skeptics take on broken window theory. Everything everywhere ends. Continue reading

Blood Simple + Shallow Grave

Blood Simple + Shallow GravePopular first films from award-winning directors. Does the signature shine through this early in their careers? Blood simple as part noir, part movie that goes with Red Rock West. The Coen Brothers making a film before audiences knew and trusted them. A treasure trove of character actors in leading parts. The depressing comedy of Danny Boyle’s movie Shallow Grave. Just what is murder, anyways? Friends form units, but only one will win! Familiar questions of morality. Continue reading

Sonny + The Night of the Hunter

Sonny + The Night of the HunterActors turned single-time-directors. What brings an actor to directing. The conventional wisdom on actors who direct (and reasons it’s not always accurate). The insane Nicolas Cage indie film you never knew existed. Changing who you are vs where you came from. Reform and the desire to go back to bad. Where do you see Nicolas Cage come through in Sonny? The Night of the Hunter as a tremendous monster film. Expressionism, scares, and religion. Child abuse may be hard to watch today, which makes our civilization a better place to exist. Continue reading

Killapalooza 23: The Howling

Killapalooza 23: The HowlingThe Howling films 1-8. Eric shoots a scene from The Arisocrats in another Director’s Cut update. Joe Dante’s original Howling film. You didn’t know it, but these ridiculous movies are based on a series of three Howling novels. Christopher Lee apologizes to Joe Dante for making The Howling 2. Australia buys The Howling franchise, leading to the creation of the most insane movie you’ve never heard of. Finding value in seemingly impossible places. Themes covered by three of the most difficult movies to talk about in monster horror history. Werewolf line dancing. YouTube weighs in on The Howling. Present day! Present time! Spider-Man webs up another Howling sequel. Continue reading

Willow Creek + Grizzly Man

Willow Creek + Grizzly ManDouble Feature goes camping. The dangers of the great outdoors. Eric talks about filming screen tests for the upcoming movie Director’s Cut. Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek. Michael wants to talk about bigfoot. The emerging docudrama comeback. Horror based on audio. Why Willow Creek is much more upsetting the second time through. Don’t blame the victim. Grizzly Man as a nature documentary. Bears don’t care about you. Bears will totally eat you. Connecting to a nature enthusiast. Werner Herzog cuts through the magic. Continue reading

Matinee + Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Matinee + Looney Tunes Back in ActionThe two submarine keys to unlocking Joe Dante. One Joe Dante fanatic explains where his passion originated. Matinee, a film that’s totally not about William castle! Finally, a challenger to the Purge theory of why horror exists. William Castle and Alfred Hitchcock. Joe Dante’s present to cinema. Looney Tunes Back In Action, the sort of follow up to Space Jam. The little we know about the director’s opinion of Back in Action. Endless speculation: how do you know? Warner Brothers in the 90s. Branding, merchandise, and toys! Acme, the WB, and corporate culture. Joe Dante loves the Looney Tunes but did not enjoy making Back in Action. Continue reading

Resolution + They Live

Resolution + They LiveConspiratorial yarns with cause for much introspection. Hot seventies grind house burns. Finding your ending. Jumping from plot to plot and checking in with the audience. Hate the crack, love the addict. Don’t fear the audience. Explain the ending of Resolution. Who or what is the monster? A string of viral mysteries. The revelation of John Carpenter’s They Live. Being predisposed to a cult film’s legacy legacy. Impact vs Futura Oblique Condensed. Shepard Fairey and Barbara Kruger. Andrew the Giant has a posse. OBEY. Roddy Piper, Keith David, and a totally bizarre Meg Foster. The infamous long fight scene in They Live. David Ike and the reptilian agenda. Also, David Ike is a fuckwad. Continue reading

Hanna + The Raid: Redemption

Hanna + The Raid RedemptionTwo sonic action sneak attacks. Hanna as more than you expect. The little details make all the difference. Hanna’s unexpectedly light town. The level of reality in Hanna. The Chemical Brothers and musical themes. Bone crunching action in The Raid: Redepmtion. The characters and unexpected turns. Chino and Deftones. Dredd vs The Raid: Redemption. How could the new Judge Dredd film have so much in common with The Raid? Wile speculation and a suspicious lack of information. Continue reading

Hot Rod + Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

Hot Rod + Alan Partridge Alpha PapaNew-beat comedies starting long running television personalities. Memes, YouTube and the age of Internet video. Clueless protagonists or masters of their craft? Hot Rod and The Lonely Island. A revisit on Saturday Night Live and SNL films. Digital shorts, whatever the fuck that means. Steve Coogan plays Alan Partridge. Creating tension by placing the audience in a siege. Stockholm syndrome as a film-goer. A twenty year running character makes his film premiere in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. Isn’t this the ending from Falling Down? Continue reading

Annie Hall + She’s Gotta Have It

Annie Hall + She's Gotta Have ItThe beginning of an adventure through New York through two different perspectives. Culture and generation. An extended consideration of the new adventure. Woody Allen’s nearly first film, Annie Hall – or first enough for Double Feature. First impressions of a well-known film maker. Asking the right questions. If you can’t spot the neurotic, you’re the neurotic. Spike Lee’s probably first film, She’s Gotta Have It. Challenging racial clichés of the era. Empowerment in more places than you’d expect. Have sex with whoever you want, as often as you want! Continue reading

The Purge + We Are What We Are

The Purge + We Are What We AreHorrific family bonding time double feature. Do horror movies help us work out dark urges to rape and slaughter? The alterior motives of directors who claim they do. One man’s unexpected plans during The Purge. What James Gunn teaches us about Purging. What is the right thing to do, given the fiction of the world? We Are What We Are. The delicate balance of preserving a suprising viewing while enticing an audience into seeing the film in the first place. The road less traveled! Religion, dogma, and elders who command respect. Michael refuses to be desensitized. Common ground with The Lords of Salem. Continue reading

Cosmopolis + Holy Motors

Cosmopolis + Holy MotorsCharacter arcs despite their narratives! Narratives as complications of vignettes! Robert Pattinson, the obvious choice for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis. Pop fiction fans read cerebral novels and everyone wins. Following a movie with indecipherable dialogue. The relationship to Videodrome. When master lose grip. Economies collapse, characters collapse. The currency of dogecoin, er, rats. Economics and philosophy, with your host Paul Giamatti. Crypto-currency and Snapchat. What is to be gained through watching Holy Motors? Big questions, out of the gate. Monsieur Oscar is losing the fire. Drifting into the abstract. Trying on masks, metaphorically. Trying to pin down the jobs and tasks of characters in Holy Motors. Continue reading

Double Feature Year 6 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Six retrospective. A look back at the last 52 double feature pairs. Taking a break from Filmspotting jokes to make love to Battleship Pretension. Revising the official position on movie reviews. A tangent on the insightful career of Roger Ebert. Double Feature made a short film (without the help of Russ Meyer). The challenges of making a six chapter short film for Kickstarter. More regarding Eric’s involvement in Director’s Cut. Hannah Carter’s prop magic. The growing genre of films designed by the Internet. A defense for the most unexpected film-of-the-year choice. A conversation around this year’s Additional Content. Continue reading

The Lords of Salem + Machete Kills

The Lords of Salem + Machete KillsAuteurs just outside the arthouse. Grindhouse contributors Rob Zombie and Robert Rodirugez! Audiences clamoring: It’s not the way I would have done it!! Stop looking for validation and start appreciating surprise. See inside the minds of insane people. The hidden alternate history of The Lords of Salem. Why Rob Zombie is a fascinating human. Films changing as they’re being filmed. The Rodriguez-Box-Office relationship. Using Machete Kills as the control for the experiment Machete conducted. A different approach. One unique idea to recreate the trailer magic. A a cure for cinema predictibility. Continue reading

Wrong + Upstream Color

Wrong + Upstream ColorThe desperate methods audiences go to when attempting to fit the bizarre into a neat little box. Art, humanity, mystery and animals. Determining the world of Quentin Dupieux (Mr. Oizo)’s Wrong. How Upstream Color differs from the complex mathematics of Primer. Films you need to take notes or maybe draw a little flowchart to follow. Intentionally crafting rewards for repeat viewings. A rare love letter to found sound, sampling, and ambience. Using sound to help an audience link scenes. Building a motif – from notable scene to rewarding callback to critical theme. The thief, the sampled, and other double meanings. Eric Thirteen just wants to give Shane Carruth money to produce movies. Continue reading

Storytelling + Mister Lonely

Storytelling + Mister LonelyTwo filmmakers who love similar themes but don’t get along with each other. Pretending all films are totally approachable and that you’re not worried people on the internet will think you’re an idiot. Every week, Double Feature talks about two films as if they’re the best films ever made. Truth and fiction in Storytelling. Every story-writing workshop that ever happened. Sexuality and youth. The return of American Movie. A life of impersonation in Mister Lonely. Looking too deeply into a film. Harmony Korine at face value. When a movie takes the right path. Continue reading

Killapalooza 22: The Evil Dead

Killapalooza 22: The Evil DeadThe Evil Dead films 1-4. How an indie film that wouldn’t pass the film-class final became one of the most ifluential horror properties of all time. The power of rhythm and repitition. Aggrivated industrial loops (and other secrets Trent Reznor already knows). Continuity. When and why a film would strive to make sure the audience is uncomfortable – even as far as actively having a bad time. The possessed camera. Evil Dead and the nature of evil. How do you reconcile Evil Dead 2 with the original Evil Dead? What’s canonical. An unpopular opinion on Army of Darkness. The Ash Factor. Wild horses. Using the power of the remake for good. Continue reading

Akira + The Sky Crawlers

Akira + The Sky CrawlersDouble Feature and anime. A continued attempt to learn about film purely through immersion. What Akira has in common with previous films Double Feature has covered. The influence of Akira on live-action American storytelling. Biological technology in a cyberpunk way instead of a body horror way. Doing new and unfamiliar things with body horror. The introduction of commercial Japanese animation to the American youth market. An obsession with power. Changing forms. Future Tokyo, animated. The animation breakthroughs unleashed by Akira. Keyframes, limited animation and sound. The Sky Crawler’s vision of corporate-sponsored warfare. Quenching the (probably not real) human need for violence. Modern-day gladiators. A surprisingly realistic depiction of a type of warfare not often seen. An element of mystery is revealed. Anime’s fixation on childhood. Inspecting youth in military. Foreign animation and eroticism. Continue reading

Prom Night + The House on Sorority Row

Prom Night + The House on Sorority RowSlasher one-off (non-franchise) films with cult standing. Year One of Double Feature is returning! Details within! Studios marketing a film differently with each home video release, essentially telling audiences it’s about something different now. Prom Night is watching a slasher film before “slasher” became a genre. The red herring. Consider: if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over-doing. How the 80s slasher film disrespects its audience, and how its audience came to love that. Horror films based on events and holidays. Another return of Mean Creek kids being mean as pranks go wrong. Revising the group lie / cover-up. Peer pressure and the pack mentality. Why the memorable slashers (Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, etc) are the least personal characters in their films. The all female cast of The House on Sorority Row. When you call for the police. Continue reading

Showgirls + Meet the Feebles

Showgirls + Meet the FeeblesDouble Feature’s big announcement unveiled – an all new Kickstarter featuring a narrative Double Feature mini-series! An examination of show business through broken lenses. The success of Showgirls. Funneling the audience through embarrassment. NC17’s impact on marketability. The amazing things about Showgirls lost to time. How an audience boils a movie down to a single idea as years pass. A totally different perspective – why other audiences defend Showgirls today. Peter Jackson’s love of filth. Why Meet the Feebles should exist. The artistic role of an extreme. Making sacrifices to live at the end of a specturm. Continue reading

Ghosts of Mars + Giallo

Ghosts of Mars + GialloBlacksheep comebacks from horror giants. Continuing to find insight on two directors Double Feature knows front to back. John Carpenter’s enemies that can not be reasoned with. Loving a film the director himself can’t stand. Secret things you can do to get more fun out of a film. Pretending there’s a hidden scene where Jason Statham was put in a timeout. The space frigate genre. Pretending there’s an unreliable narrator. A flashback within a flashback. Audiences cheering on protagonists without thinking. Applauding for martian genocide. The real secret reason Ghosts of Mars is notable – Ghosts of Mars is the most accurate adaptation of the gaming franchise Doom. Revisiting Dario Argento’s influence on the giallo genre. Skeptics approach the elements of giallo, including the paranormal. Is Dario Argento’s film Giallo self-referential? A conversation about the sexual theme (or lack of) in the film. Where this killer falls in the pantheon of movie killers. The purpose Linda serves. Continue reading

John Dies at the End + The Man with the Iron Fists

John Dies at the End + The Man with the Iron FistsFuck you, rules! Convention-defying movies for the internet age. Trickle down auteurism. Going into a movie knowing nothing – how do you pitch films to people who don’t want to know about them before seeing them? The tendency of frequent movie-goes to develop a taste for the strange and extreme. Double Feature’s unconventional opinion is every movie is a “see it.” Revisiting Franz Kafka. Spoiling John Dies at the End. Appreciating the weirder path (scenic route!) to plot resolution. The Theseus Paradox. There’s no time to explain, aka Bear or no bear. Play along goddamnit; looking for plot holes ruins movies. The Balducci Levitation, SETI, and Deepak Chopra – tipping your hand to the Skeptical movement. Using the powers of skepticism for evil. The Internet is starting to write films. Eli Roth as a producer. Filmmakers pay filmmakers to proliferate auteurism. Hollywood gets out of the artist’s way. Larry Bishop, Quentin Tarantino, and The Man with the Iron Fists. The RZA plays pretend. The various clans and styles. Continue reading

The Wolf Man + Soylent Green

The Wolf Man + Soylent GreenThe last of the Year 6 Universal horror and classic science fiction pairs. The cautious release of The Wolf Man in a post-war cinema. What did genre-horror look like the better part of 100 years ago? The metaphores of the Wolfman. An unlikely celebration of the inherit sexism in Universal monster films. Lon Chaney Jr, the lovable creep. Unintended meaning added over time. Today’s hippy fad-diets of California drive a culture to look more like the world of Soylent Green – no apocolyptic circumstances required. Human invention solves overpopulation. Nostalgia ruins human progress. Look forward. Things did not used to be better. Was the 70s better than today? No. No, it wasn’t. Celebrating cheery-picked memories. Modern cynacism is still cynacism. Continue reading

American Movie + Mean Creek

American Movie + Mean CreekThe consequences and triumphs of reducing human beings to caricatures. Fears of the midwest. Mark Borchardt’s process in American Movie. How first impressions, language, and appearance impact your impression of someone’s intelligence. Is Mark a skilled filmmaker or a hack? The best take-aways from filming Coven. What prevents Mark and Mike from being more noticed or successful? Mean Creek creates a challenging conversation. Eric would still turn Michael in to the police. Listeners request a reconsideration of the national bullying dialogue. Where is the line crossed in Mean Creek? What’s the morally correct position and why is it so hard to identify? Double Feature agrees to have an uncensored thought experiment that could change the fate of the podcast forever. Continue reading

Paranorman + Fantastic Mr. Fox

Paranorman + Fantastic Mr. FoxChild-friendly stop-motion films that trick adults into being more succeptable. New and unexpected experiences adults can have while their guard is down. Appealing to adults without being a “dark” children’s film. Dark sensibilities and humor vs difficult subject matter. Paranorman tackles the salem witch trials. Tell a person they’re something often enough, they may just turn into that thing. The avoidance of stock characters in Paranorman. Judging books by covers (and other expansions on the Aesop learnings from Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D). Shooting on a Canon 5D DSLR camera. The next biggest innovation in filmmaking: 3D printing. The difference in filmmaking stop-motion techniques between Paranorman and Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wild speculation on Tim Burton and Roald Dahl. Exploring the theme of wild animals being true to themselves. Continue reading

Sharkboy and Lavagirl + Mulholland Drive

Sharkboy and Lavagirl + Mulholland DriveOn the 300th episode of Double Feature, Sharkboy and Lavagirl finally solve Mulholland Drive. First, a conversation about the Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl (In 3D). Aesop’s fables! How to have the best conversation about Mulholland Drive. Right or wrong, do most people have the impression they understand this film? The David Lynch journey up to this point. Ground rules for the conversation. Bringing your prerequisits to the conversation. The alley person / the dumpster person / the bum behind the wall at Winkie’s. The tiny people. What we can learn from the espresso scene – do these guys know what they’re talking about? Shut it all down. The cowboy in a bible analogy. Seperating 50s loving David Lynch from a plot involving things from 1950. Challenging the endless loop / möbius strip conclusion. Rita and the most forgiven introduction of an amnesia device ever made. El silenco and the key. The vanish / switch scene. Revisiting the Sylvia North story. Michael proposes a theory. Using the film’s own rules mathematically for solving unknowns. A return to the dumpster person. Secular uses for biblical imagery in mysery solving. The David Lynch top ten clues. Another look at Club Silencio. Can Adam throw a wrench into an otherwise plausible theory? Adam is blow away by the world’s most talented actress, but other forces tie his hands. The ordered hit. Support for the fantasy. Continue reading

Conan the Barbarian + Blood and Bone

Conan the Barbarian + Blood and BoneMen who are tanks box their way through cult genres when the original Conan the Barbarian squares off against Blood and Bone. Sword and sorcery takes on underground fighting! Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Michael Jai White! Exploring the early career of Arnold Schwarzenegger, bodybuilding governor extraordinaire. An earlier, stranger Arnold. Going on a quest to battle your way from orgy to orgy. When the time is right for Sword and Sorcery to return. Michael Jai White needs to take over the world. Viral acting and the YouTube generation. Blood and Bone as a genre experiment. Film writing games you can play at home. Continue reading

Hatchet 3 + Curse of Chucky

Hatchet 3 + Curse of ChuckyTwo sequels from previous Double Feature franchises. Adam Green and all your friends from Hatchet return in Hatchet 3. Cameos become roles. The constant slasher resurrection. Adam Green’s thing (beside throwing blood on trees). Chucky out-lives the original slashers of the 80s. Surviving the remakes. The Curse of Chucky alternate realities. Choose your own adventure. Brad Dourif and franchise newbie Fiona Dourif. Modern horror in a conversation with classics. The practical doll. Chucky’s disadvantage. Gaining the upper hand. A scarier Chucky with each passing scene. Bold words about Curse of Chucky. No theatrical release. Continue reading

From Beyond + Class of 1999

From Beyond + Class of 1999Midnight movies once again illuminate the room with their pale blue light. A listener request makes Michael sneaky. Stuart Gordon and the true third wheel. What about the lighting makes From Beyond feel like a midnight movie? Late night cinema warms the collective human heart. What we choose to address (and the importance of what is not addressed). Class of 1999, the followup to that other movie you didn’t see called Class of 1984. A future that never was. Double Feature considers what mankind’s bleak view of the future reveals now that we can look back on it. Continue reading

The Machinist + Dogville

The Machinist + DogvilleDarker dramas featuring protagonists played by actors Double Feature likes (but doesn’t often think about), who are in this particular instance obscured on the covers of their respective films by a thin brown material that is likely a fabric of some kind. Note: those are not necessarily the covers associated with this episode of Double Feature, as better selections may have been made. It’s also possible that this is being read in the future where cover art has somehow been deprecated, or in an environment that does not use art for some reason. Well, really the future is a kind of environment, so perhaps that’s redundant. If this is being listened to in a grim future where art is no longer a human concept, or is in some way banned, we’re glad you still have Double Feature. Hey, wasn’t Christian Bale in a movie like that? Continue reading

Killapalooza 21: Paranormal Activity

Killapalooza 21: Paranormal ActivityParanormal Activity films 1-4. A premature Killapalooza, in hopes everyone comes along for the ride. The first in an already notable franchise. Another look at the low budget. The mysterious pool bots of Paranormal Activity 2. There is no Dunkin Donuts in California. Science and skepticism when facing ghosts and the sort. The amusing exercise of Imagining an actual demon. The Paranormal Activity Demand it! campaign. Prequels upon prequels. What are the scariest moments from the scariest installment? Back to the future. How to tell if the person using that MacBook is insane, every time. A somewhat spoiler-inclusive summary, and what the future holds. Continue reading

Near Dark + Wayne’s World

Near Dark + Wayne’s WorldCult films by female directors – two of them! Vampires and, well, Wayne’s World. A look at the non-romantic vampire movie. Trying to stay focused with so much Wayne’s World ahead. What’s so interesting about the absence of romance? The wile west, the road, and the Devil’s Rejects. Gangs. Teenagers and the family unit. The director of Near Dark. A look at the most successful SNL film of all time. Wayne’s World is pretty fucking fantastic, in all actuality. Everyone respects Garth, as they should. Building a setting you’d want to live in. An abundance of material. Continue reading

The Host + Monsters

The Host + MonstersThe internet’s favorite monster films! The Host, as in the Korean 2006 The Host. Pushing aside the usual monster treatment talk for politics and humanism. The confusing relationship between pacifists and the military. Understanding cultural comedy. Agent Orange and a more modern look into cautionary atomic commentary. Gareth Edwards’s 2010 shoe-string budget picture Monsters. Unintentional immigration commentary proves obvious to everyone but the filmmaker. How a tiny independent film dressed up as a blockbuster. Something you may have missed from the end of Monsters. Continue reading

Elvira’s Haunted Hills + Big Top Pee-Wee

Elvira’s Haunted Hills + Big Top Pee-WeeTwo television-first stars return in their back to back sequels. Unlikely stars for just as unlikely conversations about metaphysics and humanism. Cassandra Peterson refuses to take credit as Elvia in Elvira’s Haunted Hills, all these years later. Putting your newfound Universal Monster knowledge to the test. In the other feature, Paul Reubens follows up Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure just a few years later with Big Top Pee-Wee. Also, Penn and Teller Get Killed is on iTunes and Brendan Vance has things to talk about. Double Feature returns to the carnie with a non-drinking game and a variety of other more interesting things are discussed. How’s that sentence for a spoiler free plot synopsis? Continue reading

Drive Angry + The Weather Man

Drive Angry + The Weather ManThis insane thing called Cage Match brings you two Nicolas Cage films! Is Nicolas Cage a good actor? Is he in good films? Are bad films his fault? Someone does humanity a service by performing the experiment. Drive Angry and the death of 3D movies. The relationship between Drive Angry and Shoot em Up. The level of awareness. The less considered level of not giving a fuck about awareness. The Weather Man – even more subtle in context. Product placement and general airborne fast food items. What you’ve become while you weren’t looking. Can people amount to more than one thing? Continue reading

The Mummy + Logan’s Run

The Mummy + Logan’s RunThe Universal Monster and Classic Sci-Fi adventure continues! A longevity pair featuring two films about human vitality. What The Mummy’s really about. Boris Karloff and the skeptical eye. What a curse really means, and who’s afraid of it anyways. What sets The Mummy apart from Universal’s other classic monster films. Logan’s run, which is different than Silent Running and Blade Runner. The sex, the edits, and the Barbarella. Mortality and religion. There is no afterlife! A popular audience once again ignores the overt religious metaphor. Without God, who brings Cats to the Internet (answer: atheists). Continue reading

2001: A Space Odyssey + 2010: The Year We Make Contact

2001: A Space Odyssey + 2010: The Year We Make ContactAn icon of cinema gets paired up with the sequel you didn’t even know existed. Can what started as a cruel crowd-funding joke become more than Stanley Kubrick blasphemy? Spoiler: Yes! A newcomer’s take on 2001: A Space Odyssey. A contender for most parodied film of all time. Hal and Siri. Beauty, perfection, simplicity. The monolith as everyone’s favorite object. Everyone is afraid to talk about what the fuck happens at the end of 2001 – or, Double Feature is stupid enough to talk about what the fuck happens at the end of 2001. Analysis of the fetal acid trip. Previous, on what’s now a franchise. 2010: Is this really happening? Your options in creating the impossible. Popular opinion and the one line film review. Continue reading

The Brood + Xtro

The Brood + XtroCreepy monster science fiction. What lurks on Channel X? David Cronenberg’s early film The Brood. Psychoplasmatics. Where’s the scam? How Cronenberg creeps differently in The Brood. Another pause to consider body horror. Motherly themes. A creative and fitting take on the hero test. The thing is Xtro is funky scary. What else is Xtro up to? A collection of memorable what-the-fuck television moments. A world without that protagonist! Pre-internet viral speculation (ask your friends about that one). Other installments of the Xtro franchise. Yes, franchise. A past Double Feature connection. Continue reading

Friday + Metropolitan

Friday + MetropolitanSurprisingly tasteful culture shock! Challenging yourself to expand your horizons. How Michael got into the Friday franchise. An only somewhat related conversation about Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films. Admitting an embarrassing truth to yourself. High society, deb parties, and places Eric could never go. Someone in 2014 references Deadsy. Who doesn’t love preschool? We need to talk about board games. How Cards Against Humanity manages to be awesome and the worst fucking on planet Earth. Apples to Apples speaks on behalf of all wasted time at every gathering that’s ever happened. Unique individuals with fascinating backgrounds based on difficult choices they’ve made all walk into a room, then miss the opportunity to share about any of that. The painful normality of the 1%. Continue reading

Django Unchained + Only God Forgives

Django Unchained + Only God ForgivesA new-ish movie double feature from two returning director/writers. The multitude of Django Unchained actors, including Quentin Tarantino himself. Everything about Django Unchained people miss while they’re thinking about how racially progressive they are. A look at Django in three character-centric episodes. Tarantino pulls out mid-orgasm. No one talks about Tarainto’s new man-filled universe. Nicolas Winding Refn returns to the insane. How to do you find the right questions for Only God Forgives? Inevitable comparisons to David Lynch. The visual style of Only God Forgives. The quiet man. The east and west have their own single feature. A conversation in themes. Making sense of the ending. Continue reading

Network + Pump Up the Volume

Network + Pump Up the VolumeDouble Feature speaks to the masses. The resistance sticks it to the man. Sidney Lumet’s Network. Talking Aaron Sorkin and David Mammet. Sensationalism and the Death Hour. What would Diana’s vision truly look like? Articulating rage. The Mao Zedong hour. The corporate cosmology of Arthur Jensen. A downward path and striking close to home. The battle cry! The dry assassination via television. Fuck the FCC! Pump Up the Volume! Listening to people masturbate. The death of brand loyalty. The misunderstanding of intention. The responsibility of celebrity. The moral battle lines. High school pressure. High school fucking sucks, and the point really is just to get through it so you can start your actual life. Continue reading

The Frighteners + Memoirs of an Invisible Man

The Frighteners + Memoirs of an Invisible ManComedy does horror and horror does comedy. Two bizarre offshoots from unexpected directors. Peter Jackson, Robert Zemekis, and Marty McFly. Part Beetlejuice, part Drag Me to Hell. Jeffrey Combs of not just The Attic Expeditions. Long-haired Michael J Fox plays baseball. Psychics never really see it coming. What a real world with real paranormal would look like. The terror reaper. John Carpenter does a comedy with Memoirs of an Invisible Man. Handover the gimmick! The bubblegum. Stephen Tobolowsky chats with Sam Neil. Hiding the building and showing Chevy Chase. Once collective audiences have exhausted the vanishing exercise. The mind games you play as a child. Moving deeper into the theoretical. The heavy downsides of invisibility. Even food is depressing. Carpenter and the studios. Continue reading

Killapalooza 20: The Living Dead

Killapalooza 20: The Living DeadThe Living Dead film. George A. Romero’s six zombie films. Night of the Living Dead. The undead and the inevitability of human demise. Dawn of the Dead. Consumers and their shopping. Things people didn’t steal from Romero’s films. Day of the Dead. Man plays science. The next evolutionary step. Metaphores for metaphors. Land of the Dead. The dead strike back! An unpopular opinion. Shock and awe. Class warfare. Romero’s back with Diary of the Dead. Handicam vs found footage. In what universe? Film criticism via film. Media and news coverage. Romero does The Newsroom. Survival of the Dead. Educated horses. One of those wrong decisions. Finding a cure. Rebuilding society. What’s the point of living during the zombie apocalypse? Continue reading

The Muppet Movie + Follow That Bird

The Muppet Movie + Follow That BirdThe Muppets meet Sesame Street. A set of Jim Henson and Frank Oz classics. An unedited bit on Scientology. The Muppet Movie is not The Muppets (2011). Keeping a sense of timeless-ness. Celebrity appearances and musical numbers. A variety act. Representing The Muppets. A symptom of core values. Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird! Differences between the Muppets and Sesame Street. Subversive child programming. Great news – civil rights are inevitable! Being with your own kind. Taking the conversational bait. Opening a conversation on the evils of tribalism. A different take on tribal mentality. What Follow That Bird shares in common with South Park. The longest running thread on Double Feature. Not such a bad journey. The seedy carnival. A long awaiting up-next. Continue reading

Office Space + The Wages of Fear

Office Space + The Wages of FearA mundane workplace pair for all the Zachs out there. An exploration of all things Mike Judge. Someone please cast Aubrey Plaza as Daria. A higher-brow look at King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead. Your life as a fantasy epic. Special effects in a vanilla world. The low-brow surface of a commentary laced package. Everybody wants to talk about Idiocracy! A passing dismissal of hypnotheaphy. Someone does a Rebecca Watson impression. An extra careful treading of the suspension of disbelief. Combing the best of humanity. Strip the subtlety, then add another layer. Where you see respect for the audience. Revising a Richard Riehle classic. If Office Space really a parody of the office? The intersection of Clerks and cynicism. Cynical misunderstandings. Does Office Space create offices? Why do people cartoon cutouts exist in the real world? The common exercise in relativism is mostly useless. The Wages of Fear. Things that happen before the driving part you remember. Life before the oil company. Trapped and trying to get out. The infamous tension. Your looming fate. Continue reading

The Driver + Ms. 45

The Driver + Ms. 45Two exploitation landmarks with quiet protagonists. Unintentional Double Feature themes. The Man Who Killed God. The Driver and colors. Obligatory Drive conversation. Bruce Dern strikes back. The Driver, The Player, and The Detective. What tips you off? Authority, and those who resist it. A criminal adherence to the law. Us or them! The Briefcase of Failure. A fearless chase. Walter Hill and The Warriors. Heroes of franchises past. The man and the silence. Ms. 45 and Abel Ferrara. Those dirty New York films. Punk fucking rock. Thana also strikes back. Miss forty-five as the strong silent type. How to get the entire audience off the boat. Phil doesn’t need to come back. Men, everywhere. Arguments about whether rape is better or worse than death are frivolous. When is the line drawn? Ok, right away, but when is the cinematic line drawn? Continue reading

Gone with the Wind + The Wizard of Oz

Gone with the Wind + The Wizard of OzA modern look at two classic Victor Flemming films. Brienna Krueger almost brought you a very different pair. One man’s involvement in two colossal cinema juggernauts. Gone With the Wind as an epic. Defining popularity in gross international profit adjusted for inflation. Maintaining precision and care for each individual scene. The color palette in Gone With the Wind. Scarlet O’Hara fights for independence – but will she know what to do with it when she gets it? Attempting to find themes in an epic. Independence, southern culture, and the evolution of struggles for equality. Ladies and land ownership. The imagination of the Wizard of Oz. The part no one talks about (but should). Creative first. Ignorance of the impossible. Painted backgrounds, practice effects, and a legacy still untouched today, the Flickchart problem. The perverse and dark humor. Munchkins! A perfect grindhouse film. The man behind the curtain. George Orwell meets Objectivism. Help your friends through a common cause by empowering yourself. Continue reading

Class of 1984 + Prince of Darkness

Class of 1984 + Prince of DarknessStudents discover the hidden truths of future and past. Alex Pardee, EL-P and Killer Mike. When things happened in 1984. Guns in the school! Why 1984 won’t be like 1984. A nation of criminals. Forgetting the growing left to do. Pacifists who don’t like spanking. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Where does a modern audience find the shock? The great twenty-first century bully awakening. Everyone was bullied, no one was the bully. Why kids are such little fucking assholes. Who is bad, and what kind of bad they are. Slipping into violence. Corruption via environment. How the ethical meet the unjustifiable. Marilyn Manson samples Prince of Darkness for his cover of Down in the Park. Alice Cooper gets more air time than Marilyn Manson. The old rock and roll. Classic carpenter? What you thought and what you get. Technology and religion. Donald Pleasence brings the gravity. Theoretical science for scams. Michael talks about quantum mechanics at a level he’s not supposed to comprehend. The quantum check. Counter-intuitive religious coverups. What’s the end game? Another bonus episode coming your way! Continue reading

The Prowler + When a Stranger Calls

The Prowler + When a Stranger CallsFranchises be damned! The one-off slasher films. Michael does an awful thing. No one understands Double Feature. Joseph Zito. The Roger Corman Marvel films. Keeping the lights on (and other excuses to make art). World War 2. Advertising after the war. Parties? Not in my town! The identity of the slasher. How to not have a slasher franchise. The Prowler as a proper noun. Weapons. The look of The Prowler. When a Stranger Calls. The call is coming from inside the house, again. Karol Cane answers the phone. Implications of the camera. A breakdown of one of the most memorable and influential slasher scenes in the genre. A breed of scary films without scares. Eric finds yet another source of anxiety. Please, no one ruin vibration. When a Stranger Calls and genre-bending. The slow creep. Learning about your killer. Children return to ruin everything, but are thwarted the psychopathic anti-hero. The old cop and the sequel. Continue reading

Frankenstein + The Stepford Wives

Frankenstein + The Stepford WivesUniversal Monsters once again meet Classic Science Fiction. Creation, control, and man made monsters. Eric Thirteen talks about being the Executive Producer of the upcoming horror film Director’s Cut. Two incredible names and one never before seen project. Just what are the Universal Monsters films – and why are they important? James Whale and Universal Studios. Hammer Horror. The great depression. Franchise, franchise, franchise! Boris Karloff vs Bela Lugosi, round three! Humanity and style. The design of Frankenstein’s monster. German expression rears its 45 degree head. Directors you see in a graveyard. Creating size. Crushed by the monster. Double Feature revisits man playing god, only to discover Frankenstein is actually doing something more interesting. What you already know about The Stepford Wives. 1975 means an absence of jokes on the top of Nicole Kidman’s forehead. Katherine Ross, independent female. The Stepford Wives and activist feminism. Creating a monster and changing public opinion. An ending to do seventies sci-fi proud. Continue reading

Invincible + Mister Frost

Invincible + Mister FrostA Werner Herzog warning. Trying to maintain accessibility. Invincible. Why Werner Herozog should be on Michael’s radar. A new troop. Someone listens to Eric about Udo Kier. Mixing Truth, fiction and documentary.. The New German Cinema via The French New Wave. Ah yes, the tv/film accessibility levels graphic! Can The Splat Pack teach us something about classy German cinema? What is Herzog known for? Unfair comparisons to filmmakers Double Feature is familiar with. The powerhouse that is Tim Roth. Another source of villainy. A unique look at pre-Hitler Germany on the cusp of WW2. Considering another aspect of are the sideshow. The supernatural! The important differences between frauds and the self-delusional. What if German had been lead by the occult? The VHS legend that is Mister Frost. What happens in the missing 1/3? Midnight video. Vincent Schiavelli! The brand new Double Feature Jeff Goldblum Crazy Chart graphic! Jennifer Jilbert, Jeff Goldblum historian. How crazy does the Goldblum get – and when. The devil or not. How do you know when the supernatural is real in a fictional world? Mr. Frost, tension, and the absence of violence. Science gets better, nonsense goes away, and the Earth is a better place for everyone. Continue reading

Creepshow + The Specials

Creepshow + The SpecialsComic book tributes by horror legends. The Additional Content is out! Getting in front of the camera. George A Romero and Stephen King. Tom Savini, comic books, and trashcan metaphors. The aesthetic. The lasting impression of Creepshow. Horror anthologies. The legacy. Eric talks about his time work on Marvel’s comics! Deciphering the relationship between Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt. A sequel, a bastard child, and 2009’s Creepshow Raw. Alex Pardee does things. The Specials. The increasingly popular works of James Gunn. Lollilove. Rob Lowe and Thomas Haden Church as people you recognize. Getting to the bottom of Doug. What’s up with the world’s smartest man? Comedic timing. Action figure unveiling. The state of superhero audiences. The game of heroes without powers. Continue reading

Cecil B Demented + The Royal Tenenbaums

Cecil B Demented + The Royal TenenbaumsDiving right in to the pairing experiment. John Waters and Wes Anderson, best friends forever. Michael and Eric get excited about introduction to color theory! Cecil B Demented takes back the cinema. That punk metal resistance. The man who fought dogma and taboo sets his sights on the film industry. Kidnap, torture, and farce. The problems of cinema yesterday. Don’t hold back! John Waters raps songs. Go on, read that sentence again. Jerome Dillon. The Royal Tenenbaums introduces the cast. This time, with Baldwin. Redemption, take two. The Wes Anderson color palette. How to learn. Why color is more important than how important you probably think it is. Color coded characters. Break your rules and make your point. Continue reading

Tenebre + Secret Beyond the Door

Tenebre + Secret Beyond the DoorTwo films that dramatize secrets. Dario Argento does something different with Tenebre. The music! The meta! The future! Commentary on horror cinema and literature. Invoking themes. Inspired by Fritz Lang. Secret Beyond the Door’s real secret is how to remember the fucking title. When the truth begins. The Bluebird fable. Eric tells the real Bluebird tale. A cautionary fable of feminine curiosity. Double Feature hosts struggle to emulate terrible women jokes, only to makes themselves too sick to go on. You know what else is sick? The bible. Rooms + Psychology. Helping the audience open their minds. Encouraging critical thinking in a crowd. Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland + It’s Such a Beautiful Day

Alice in Wonderland + It’s Such a Beautiful DayStrange worlds via animation. The various versions of Alice in Wonderland. Inventing icons: how does Disney do it? Defining classics. The vault. Everything is a musical. Yesterday’s animation today. How escapism was once represented in animation. Former conventions in modern times. Franz Kafka. Being surrounded by death at all times. Building your blueprint around encounters. The pointlessness of living. Growing into adolescence. Appeasing a tyrant. American McGee’s Alice. Alice: The Madness Returns. Don Hertzfeldt’s It’s Such a Beautiful Day. Resistance to identification. The medium and the message. Do things with stick figures. Simplify! The intersection of minimalism and animation. What minimalism demonstrates. Changing perception instead of content. Continue reading

Killapalooza 19: Critters

Killapalooza 19: CrittersCritters films 1-4. The Crites. New quickest time to space record. Prison Asteroid Sector 17. The Chiodo brothers mystery. Emmet Walsh, Men in White, and the NuWave. Scott Levy returns. Charlie and the kid. Lep in the proverbial hood. That fuzzy family feeling. Close Up on a Photo and Photos of You. Critters 2: Not Quite the New Batch. Jokes written after filming wrapped. Critters subtitles. Terrance Mann, Lin Shaye, and Playboy. Critters 3. The Leonardo Dicaprio moment. The evolution of Charlie the hero. New weapons, same LA. Eat your heart out, Manhattan. Shadows of the Empire for Critters. Speculation on the sheriff. Kanas, Brad Douriff, Space and the Future. A ragtag group of characters trapped aboard a space frigate. Less Critters equals better Critters. Independent space dreams continue. Revising the highly demanded Killapalooza recap. Continue reading

Klown + Safety Not Guaranteed

Klown + Safety Not GuaranteedIndependent comedies with no Internet presence. Kids are the fucking worst. Casper, Frank, and Klown. Dirty men and dirty things. The Danish sitcom. Getting away with things in films. When is it so awkward that you might as well just end your own life. Crossing the lines. Safety Not Guaranteed. Some meme background. The tonight show, filling space, and the creation of a legend. That thing we’re not supposed to talk about. We’re all wondering. Enter Aubrey Plaza. Sincerity has become more unique than irony. Orchestrating a comedy without errors. Other films, please take note. Continue reading

Sneakers + eXistenZ

Sneakers + eXistenZHacking and the spy genre. The influence of the film known as Sneakers. What Sneakers should be known for vs what it’s actually known for. Tron, Wargames, and the introduction of the home arcade. Life in the valley. Palo Alto and sound. Guess who’s coming to dinner! David Strathairn, Mary McDonnell, Ben Kingsley, and…Stephen Tobolowsky? Anagrams and the polygraph. Dan Ackroyd Unplugged on UFOs. A guide to eXistenZ. A new classic has been uncovered! If David Cronenberg design electronics. Questioning reality as par for the course. Red herrings and other causes for suspicion. Jude Law under David Cronenberg (although not literally). Willem Dafoe, born to Gas. Naked Lunch 2: The Popular Videodrome. Double Feature tumbles down the meta rabbit hole. Continue reading

The FP + Hobo with a Shotgun

The FP + Hobo with a Shotgun2011 Canadian exploitation films The FP and Hobo with a Shotgun. Robocop, Blooddragon, and 1980. An early thing Eric was wrong about. Trailers and comedy. Do it for the ducks. Reservations about The FP. The most impressive terrible dialogue. One intense asian hype man. Rambo, Rocky, and real fans. Grindhouse and Hobo with a Shotgun. A trailer unlike Machete. The Rodriguez inspiration. The Plague. Alternate history. Continue reading

Dancer in the Dark + Purple Rain

Dancer in the Dark + Purple RainA music heavy episode with Björk and Prince! The strange relationship a listener has with an artist. The brand Björk vs the person Björk. Artist packaging. A singer’s voice. Lars von Trier as a director and as a co-worker. Tension. Why handheld? Why not really handheld. The box. Direct instructions: put Udo Kier in everything, and do it now. Peter Stormare sings. Another Björk mystery! David Morse. The money, the lie, and the ethicacy. Dancer in the Dark is amazing, and, separately, a consideration on principles and message. Purple Rain has Prince in it! Just your normal, average guy. Morris Day and The Time. The ultimate foil. Sexism and genres. Rebecca Romijn, especially where you don’t expect her. What kind of heavy is Purple Rain. Making a movie to promote your album. Continue reading

Bartleby + Rebel Without a Cause

Bartleby + Rebel Without a CauseTroubled individuals who can’t help be mix things up. Jonathan Parky, Herman Melville, and Bartleby the Scrivener. What’s the deal with Moby Dick? Phrases in American English. How was your weekend: I’d prefer not to. The office of Dead Letters. Dead letters as a metaphor. Forcing thought experiments into reality. Double Feature finally finds a real ghost. Crispin goddamn Glover. Morality, responsibility, and those that can not help themselves. Nicholas Ray’s Rebel Without a Cause – or, as it is perhaps better known – James Dean’s Rebel Without a Cause. Making friends in new places. Influence on everyone’s favorite road-based exploitation sub-genre, Roadsploitation. Dennis goddamn Hopper. A speculative conversation regarding the work of Robert Rodirguez. Playing chicken, even in Fast and the Furious. The parental units. Police and the general role of authority. Considerations of the 1950s. A quick word on repressed memories – you don’t have any. Continue reading

Clerks + Super 8

Clerks + Super 8Two writer/directors return on Double Feature. Clerks as the beginning of the Kevin Smith catalogue. The Jersey films. Dante Hicks: some man’s every man. The independence…oh god, the independence. Dante’s terrible day gets worse. One hundred thousand films worth of dialogue. Unnatural chats with natural characters. The Smith writing style. Punk rock film making. Thirty seven dicks…in a row? The immense power of a filmmaker. Earned power, and what you can use it for. Clerks the Animated series. John Dahl, JJ Abrams, and Super 8. The long history of JJ Abrams. The television landscape. Where does the star power come from? The magic of childhood filmmaking. The magnificent train wreck. Watching kids make films. Production values! The tiny quiet performance. The alternate reality game. Spielberg, production, and the inevitable comparison. A short short film called “The Case.” Continue reading

The Killing Room + Triangle

The Killing Room + TriangleBottle films. In fact, fluorescent bottle films. Not the Triangle miniseries! Project MK-ULTRA. The Men Who Stare at Goats. The unwilling participant. Drugs, torture, and LSD. Clea Duvall, at it again. Double Feature reunites with Peter Stormir and Cloe Sevini. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. The test inside the bottle. An appeal to minimalism. Puzzle pieces. The differences between this and other bottle films. Standing out in a genre. Mystery over characters vs mystery over plot. An elaborate excuse. Increasing the feeling of mystery. Going into Triangle without knowing anything. Just what kind of Triangle is this? Unseeing what you’ve seen. A familiar film like no other. Hitchcock, but also The Shining! Corridors and mirrors. Piles of Sally. Record players, metaphors, images and more piles. Repetition and revisits. Birdies. Where the fuck did Heather go? Greek myth. What’s happening in Triangle. A chronological breakdown. All 70 something. How many loops, and which loop is which? Continue reading

Dracula + Silent Running

Dracula + Silent RunningA Universal monster film meets an influential science fiction film. A new adventure begins a new year of Double Feature. The very last holdover. Monte Legaspi is doing something interesting. Bella Lugosi’s dead. Before the days of don’t show the monster. What made Dracula an icon, and what made Bella Lugosi Dracula. The legacy of Tod Browning’s Dracula. Creep factor. Michael’s newfound love of Silent Running. Hanging out with the bunnies in the park. Bruce Dern: crazy person? Just how insane is nature? Sacrificing humanity. Every person’s limit. Tiny droids with tiny connections to To Browning. Finding out what makes the character tick. Relationship development and motivation. Caring about the environment. Double Feature finally gets some real producers! Continue reading

Double Feature Year 5 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Five retrospective. Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails return with Came Back Haunted. Double Feature discontinues the mp3 feed, but will anyone seriously give a fuck? Making this show possible again. Pairs that were great, even if you don’t remember them. A followup on the Double Feature Kickstarter. Fears, coming to terms, and a lack of contingency plans. Enter the future! Completely fucking up the simple pairing of two films. A recent mistake. The very first 3D film. Lost films. Some answers regarding Ronda Bryne, Sean Bryne, The Secret and The Loved Ones. You didn’t see that coming. Eraserhead and other successes. Several invocations of David Lynch without a single additional mention of the Came Back Haunted video. Michael Koester does a great job. Emails: read some. The best films of all time of any film ever in so long as those films were on the show in the last 365 days. Eric forgets what his favorite movie of the year was. The Lexicon finally exists (and, although not talked about, you’ll notice Year 1 has vanished). Continue reading

RoboCop + Bicentennial Man

Robocop + Bicentennial ManPauly’s Robot memorial show. Double Feature does whatever it wants. A rare look into Double Feature final episode runners up. Half man, half machine, all RoboCob. I’ll buy that for a dollar! Twitter. The life and times of the 1980s. Matt black police cars. The world of RoboCop. Far Cry Blood Dragon! How to Destroy Angels. Dystopia. Cars on Fire! The strengths and weaknesses of stop motion bot. ED-209. Robots replacing cops. Boardroom accessories. Murphy’s gore. A valuable lesson from RoboCop. The three directives. The three laws. Bicentennial Man. EL-P’s Stepfather Factory: Building Tomorrow’s Fathers Today. Everything Isaac Asimov. The fictional inventions of Isaac Asimov. Biochemical fiction. Why Robin Williams? The impact drill. Assigning a robot to make art. The ambition of Bicentennial Man. Why the machines should replace us. Continue reading

The Sessions + Moonrise Kingdom

The Sessions + Moonrise KingdomOpposing development. The one and only William H Macey solves a Double Feature problem. Ben Lewin, Mark O’Brien, and The Sessions. A serious conversation about this outlandish plot. John Hawks, humor, and playing someone with a disability. Sex surrogates. How is a sex surrogate different than a prostitute? Not the answer you were expecting. More tales from the sex industry. Double Feature finally talks about Wes Anderson. The selection of Moonrise Kingdom. Avoiding Wes Anderson. Roman Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, and Double Feature past. Michael’s take on visual treatment. Style, signature, substance. Camera rigs and a fond remembrance of handheld film. The mini-plays of Wes Anderson. Music – what’s happening here? Professional music consultant Michael Koester. An observation regarding John Waters. Continue reading

The Skin I Live In + The Future

The Skin I Live In + The FutureRefuse to let go! Antonio Banderas leads The Skin I Live In. Fixate on items, ask questions. Discovery and tiger men. Attention to detail. What will happen vs what has happened. The iconography of Eyes Without a Face. Surgery, abduction, intrigue! Awakening to villainy. Pedro Almodovar. Miranda July’s The Future. Miranda July revisited! Books, articles and nut jobs. Two people on a couch typing into their notebooks. Relatable. No matter how widely accepted, anthropomorphizing animals is crazy. A tough pill to swallow. Why resist? The greatest human invention of recent note. Never ever unplug. Continue reading

Palindromes + Female Trouble

Palindromes + Female TroubleA completely fucked look at pregnancy and sexuality in America. Super young kids having sex. Dawn. Aviva. Henrietta Aviva. Many actors playing one character! Talking about the thing you’re supposed to talk about. Mama Sunshine’s house of horrors. Where to buy zip disks. Palindromes are like characters are like Palindromes. Jesus music and true believers. Richard is back! Are abortion picketers monsters? Divine creates some Female Trouble. Literally fucking yourself. The Female Trouble theme song! What this one should be known for. Mink Stole, Edith Massey, and the glorious Dreamlanders. Spending some time in the backyard. An ending you’d never expect unless you thought about it literally at all. Continue reading

Excision + The Loved Ones

Excision + The Loved OnesDeceptively light-hearted naturalistic horror films. Accidental Mother’s Day double feature. Richard Bates Jr gets credit for creating Excision. Catching up with old friends. More old friends than you know what to do with. The return of the priest. Finish your equations! The deaf girl is ok being the deaf girl. How Michael finds these goddamn movies. Dream sequences. Pauline as an outcast. Why do we feel for Pauline? Identifying with the psycho. Parental unites. Surgery on stage. Holy fuck, The Secret. The Loved Ones and Sean Bryne’s debt to society. The saw is family. Australia, Wolf Creek and the splat pack. Heart-pounding tension. Sadism. Meanwhile, in the basement. Continue reading

Suspiria + John Carpenter’s Vampires

Susperia + John Carpenter's VampiresDouble spook-show. Living in a pitch black vacuum. Another satisfied cinematic customer. Dario Argento’s leading ladies. Reexamination of female empowerment? Associations between space and horror. Not that kind of space. Colored light and Dario Argento’s stage love. Camera work with a sense of humor. Using camera pans for laughs. The most notable Goblin score yet. Some insight into Argento and skepticism. James Woods in John Carpenter’s Vampires! A new era of Carpenter. Ongoing musical developments. The Baldwin role. Action, action, cross-dissolve. Vampires that shoot fireworks. What brand of unique vampire mythology? Favorite vampire death. The mother-fucker of all climaxes. Sure-fire ending. Continue reading

The Cell + Valhalla Rising

The Cell + Valhalla RisingTwo tense, emotionally strung out human beings discuss some trippy films. The last chance for the Double Feature Kickstarter. The Cell. Who’s a New Line Cinema actor and who’s a Tarsem Singh actor? The unsung heroes of The Cell. Dylan Baker rocks. Impressions of The Cell over time. The visuals. The Marilyn Manson. A permanently lingering scene. The masturbation cut. Mortal Kombat! BDSM suspension. Acid trips, deprivation tanks, and an invocation of Altered States. Tape sped time shifting. Grunge, paintings, and surrealism. Two people fail to pronounce Nicolas Winding Refn. Michael explains what the fuck is going on in Valhalla Rising. Two people who aren’t on acid, but might as well be. UFOs…or something. Blasphemy and spaceships. Eric pretends to understand Michael on Valhalla Rising. A Double Feature first, and perhaps a Double Feature last. Continue reading

Black Snake Moan + Monster’s Ball

Black Snake Moan + Monster's BallSex-fueld southern movies with racial components of varying degrees. Hip hop stars. What Double Feature can give you. Finally, the Double Feature secret. Who is this Craig Brewer guy? How do you describe Black Snake Moan? Not a tribute, not a throwback. Deceptive marketing that’s unexpected for not being THAT kind of deceptive. Morality, where’s the goddamn morality. Terriers died too quickly. Chaining your white ladies up in the house. Christina Ricci and the sex. What are the racial issues? Are there racial issues? Is the issues that Eric can’t see the racism? The infamous electric guitar thunderstorm scene. Why people have actually seen Monster’s Ball. The thing no one wants to admin to. Strip ’em naked! Marc Forster has made films. Terrible father movies. Letting it all roll off. Death row films (unfairly) support pacifism. Racial overtones. Undertones? Overtones? The ending of Monster’s Ball is so fucking cool. Continue reading

Maniac + Intruder

Maniac + IntruderOne-off slasher films. Horror movie comfort food. Additional content! Maniac. The old HGL blood feel. The first person look into a killer’s mind. Waking up in the bedroom of a murderer. Psychology, the real killer! The long con and a lengthy disguise. Behind the scenes as Tom Savini does it again. In a world of terrible 80s slasher films ending, a defense of Maniac’s final act. Intruder. Scott Spiegel. The Sam Raimi relationship. Influence. Things Ted Raimi tells you without telling you anything. Deaths in style! The first girl, the final girl. Something you never see anywhere else. Continue reading

The Warriors + Red Dawn

The Warriors + Red DawnGroups of kids who have no business kicking ass. Can you dig it is sampled on the song “The Rape” by the hip hop artist Cubbiebear. Warriors, come out and play! The all gang truce. Cops, troublemakers, and the DJ. The Baseball Furies and vest-infused dance-offs. Double Feature talks about the chase scene. What does The Warriors have to say about women in their universe? An excuse for violence and a reminder about romanticization. Red Dawn wastes no time. Why post-apocalyptica? Gorilla warfare. World War 2, the Cold War, and the fictional war. Do the toughest kids on the block really have to fight? Lack of close-ups. Continue reading

Eraserhead + Wild at Heart

Eraserhead + Wild at HeartExtra long double David Lynch Kickstarter launch show number 250 party! Becoming Double Feature. Double Feature year six chat. The Kickstarter has a video! Eraserhead is the very thing you fear when talking about petting the white cat. Before David Lynch was verified. Not knowing if there’s an answer. Looking up era appropriate director photos. Comfort in ambience. Where does Eraserhead take place? The advantages of abstract storytelling. Interpretation of setting. Enjoying the ability to be put-off. A dream? It’s always a dream! Youth, death and sex. Young boys seduced by older women. What the pencil eraser factory means. The relationship between plot points and symbolism. How to decipher enigmatic movies. Wild at Heart and extroverted symbolism. Subtle characters. Inspiration from the time of Elvis. Metal. The changing portrayal of spending time in prison. Nicolas Cage does some kind of Nicolas Cage thing. The David Lynch type of woman. Subverting iconography. Irreverent editing! How you look when you change the ending. Continue reading

Moon + The Trip

Moon + The TripThe friends you take on journeys through solitude. Moon, a film by Duncan Jones. David Bowie’s secret son. A look at Clint Mansell’s past. Accessible, catch pop scores. Moon as a tiny personal space film. Doing space differently. Space is fucking bright! The whatever device leads to enigmatic science fiction. Unraveling the twists. Sam Rockwell’s acting range. Siri, HAL, and the growing public interest in artificial intelligence. The HAL problem. What actors bring to a film before the first frame. Gerty, another example of a different take to a familiar sci-fi convention. The Trip invokes a culture shock on Double Feature. Unfairly lumping all british films together as if that’s helpful in the slightest. Starting at the surface. More than impressions. The treatment of food and life in The Trip vs food and life in Sideways. Returning home. Continue reading

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark + Sleepy Hollow

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark + Sleepy HollowLast will and testament films. Tributes to monsters of sound-stage cinema. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Rebel against that morality club. Eric and Michael finally talk to each other about Elvira. The reality of goth chick valley girl. A deeper look at Elvir’s character. Another look at Vampire. Cassandra Peterson. Movie Macabre and horror hosting. Shock value. Elvira’s sex appeal and how she gets away with it. The misunderstood teenager. Michael met Eric at an IHOP. Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. Six degrees of Tim Burton. A darker, more sinister exception. The one off Christina Ricci. The cast. The Christopher Lee metal album. The origins of the Sleepy Hollow film. Film noir levels of convoluted plot. A more honest intentioned look at the Burton rehashing. Where it gets no better. The Headless Horseman. All things beheading. Science vs faith, I guess. Continue reading

Shame + I Saw the Devil

Shame + I Saw the DevilTwo sides of the same coin. Kickstarter incentives. Shame. One sheets! Aesthetics, subtlety and subtext. Sex clubs and violence. Speculate on all the things! Acting challenges. Differing accounts of what may have happened. The facts. Sissy and Brandon. Interpretation of characters and conflicts. Reading into it too much. Family and companionship. New York and The Standard. I Saw the Devil shows the killer. Blood in the snow. Contrast. Kim and Jang. What makes a monster? Moral ambiguity. Conditioning. Capital punishment. Alive enough to kill again. What are the important differences between a man out for revenge and the killer who wronged him in the first place? The spectrum of monsters. Humanism’s take on revenge and murder. Murder and rape are both terrible, but people will still argue about which is worse. Who saw the devil? Did revenge satisfy? Continue reading

American Beauty + Adaptation

American Beauty + AdaptationInsecurity, self indulgence, and flowers. American Beauty. Seeing the hand of the writer. Icons. Rose pedals. Mena Suvari as Angela Hayes. The American Dream. I will sell this house today. The relationship between Carolyn Burnham and the audience. Homoeroticism. What happens at night. Lester’s new life. The family unit and the survival of the individualist’s dream. Unexpected optimism. Revelations on an island. Inspirational statutory rape. Ignoring statutory rape. Possible insights to Lester’s decision. Double Feature can’t overlook the floating bag. When an audience’s mass interpretation of a film change’s the film’s emphasis. Adaptation writer Donald Kaufman. Speculation on the Being John Malkovich tie-in. Donald Kaufman solves a longstanding Double Feature question. Machine vs Horse. Lower your standards. Adaptation proves the book is not always better than the goddamn movie. John Laroche is the most amazing thing ever. Why John Laroche is the most amazing thing ever. The Orchid Thief. Where is Charlie Kaufman? Unspooling in the hyper-meta final act of Adaptation. Where else do you end? Send us your Kickstarter incentive requests! Continue reading

Dirty Work + Pootie Tang

Dirty Work + Pootie TangStand up comedians turned directors! An update on All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Have people actually seen these films? Cliches that disappeared from popular consciousness. Note to self: you get raped in prison. Christopher MacDonald won’t leave Double Feature alone. Who or what is Norm MacDonald? The marketplace of sketch comedy. Chris Farley, Chevy Chase, and a strange new premise. Norm MacDonald Reacts to Things. Bob Saget completes dirty works. Heavy realizations. Fear of coping out in a dark comedy. Another idea for a Dirty Work double feature. Pootie Tang: Sine Your Pitty on the Runny Kine. Understanding Pootie Tang. Starting in accessibility. Who made Pootie Tang and why? Getting harder before it gets easier. Louis CK background, including a primer on Louie. What the studio did to the movie in editing. What’s Chris Rock all about? Satirization without mimicry. Where did the idea come from? Ebonics, Jivetalk, and none of that. What we can learn from Pootie Tangs’ silent song. What a movie in jibberish shows us about language and communication. Anti-Comedy, anti-humor, and the death of the punchline. Eric tells the Shaggy Dog joke. Continue reading

Duck Soup + Indie Game

Duck Soup + Indie GameThe four Marx brothers. The difference HD actually makes. The iconography of Groucho Marx. Where did the musical comedy go? The modern comedy troupe. The infamous face. Playing off Groucho. The influence of Duck Soup on comedy. Moments paid tribute to countless times. Why fixate on war? Indie Game: The Movie and digital distribution. The gaming economy. What’s exciting about small teams. Distinct art styles foster buzz and name recognition. The C Word. Sincere emotional connection to pixel art. Multiple roles you wouldn’t expect one individual to carry. Art in a vacuum, revisited. Great films aren’t the same as Favorite Films. The anxiety and stress that goes with small team development. The greatest feeling imaginable. Success and the inevitable return. Continue reading

Humanoids from the Deep + Mars Needs Women

Humanoids from the Deep + Mars Needs WomenDouble Feature faces women in cult film, sci-fi and exploitation. The final hours of Michael’s Kickstarter. Monster or Humanoids from the Deep? Re-release and cash in! Dead dogs and dead humans. How to ruin a party, fill time, and get fucked. Ventriloquism as an aphrodisiac. The mysterious harp score. Keeping your audience in the dark. Barbara Peters, female director! Justifying a serious conversation about women for a movie that shouldn’t be taken seriously. How a target audience informs film analysis. The Bechdel test. What criteria do you use? The message is: Mars Needs Women. Larry Buchanan. Similarities and differences between the films of Edward D Wood Jr. Stock fucking footage. Ed Wood’s flower shop. A serious drama. What does Mars Needs Women think about Earth’s most desirable women? Coming for your women. Having sex with your women. Making babies with your women. What is this genre really talking about? Continue reading

Spy Kids 2 + Gremlins 2

Spy Kids 2 + Gremlins 2Genetic experiments and incredible post-colon titles. Two films of unrestrained imagination. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Eric gets his own correction. Reintroductions. Special effects. Returning actors, tupperware Banderas, and Ricardo Montalban. The progressive political system of Spy Kids 2. Humanity’s relationship with technology. Where Machete exists in the Spy Kids universe. The first digitally filmed movies. The main handful of digital camera you need to know. Gremlins 2: The New Batch. Michael’s evening at The Music Box. Why you should get to know directors. The themes of Gremlins 2. Breaking the 4th wall. Joe Dante’s blank check. Pleasing the critics. Continue reading

Freeway + Nothing

Freeway + NothingBetter learning through coupling. Answering for Ghostbusters. Freeway: A perfect film for Double Feature. A weird film, and why it is what it is. Even more on Richard Elfman, Danny Elfman and The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo. Robert Crumb and Little Red Riding Hood. Before Spider-Man and after Spider-Man. Matthew Bright and Artsploitation. Doing it the hard way. First time director, incredible cast. Executive producer Oliver Stone. The return of Keifer Sutherland. Keifer Sutherland’s biggest sell. Beautiful trashy Vanessa! Giving the benefit of the doubt. Always be yourself. How to determine if someone is a serial killer. How to never jump the shark. Freeway 2 and the oddity of totally authorized sequels. From the makers of Cube…Nothing. Where audiences will accept all forms of exposition. Star Wars tales. Science fiction dealing with the implications of it’s own devices. How infinite white space is done. Special effects exclusively through sound. Not telling The Story of Gary. Agoraphobia and the terror of the outside world. Learning vs escapism. If you could forget, would you? Should you? Drink your problems away. Continue reading

Kindergarten Cop + Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot

Kindergarten Cop + Stop! Or My Mom Will ShootArnold Schwarzenegger. Ivan Reitman produces every film, and Linda Hunt isn’t really in any of them. The humor of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop. Weird Arnold faces. Cullen Crisp. 90s moms, up to no good. Mommy and daddy issues. Who is you daddy and what does he do? A PG-13 take on R rated subject matter. The moral responsibility of Hollywood. If You Seek Amy. Detective John Kimball’s Ferret. Revisiting twenty year old franchises. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! An action comedy with action. A bit of Golden Girls History. Demasculinizing the Man’s Man. Standing up for a movie that’s no one’s favorite. THE THREE POINT SCALE. Before films could talk about gangs as more complex than simple monsters. Double Feature tries to figure out a real man. Mocking your role model. As I say, not as I do. The evolving role of masculinity in film and television. Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly + Godzilla: Final Wars

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly + Godzilla: Final WarsThe final chapter in a series where Double Feature takes on two genres it was not prepared for. Years later, the return to Spaghetti westerns and kaiju (Japanese monster films)! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Remembering where the dollars trilogy started. Michael pets the white cat. The approachability of film analysis. A defense of popular art films. The emotions the character defining titles take an audience though. What motivates western gunslingers? Who do they feel accountable to? Rugged individualism and the concept of trust. The unholy alliance. A getting away with pacifism in a violent western. Cowboys are allowed to cry. Appeal to the popular classic western genre. The most iconic standoff in cinema history. A anniversary monster world tour. Godzilla: Final Wars. Portraying Godzilla decades later. Double Feature discovers a secret Scientology allegory. Sure, why not add mutants. Japan destroys New York. The most destroyed cities in film. Atragon! Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, Zilla, King Caesar, Hedorah, Ebirah, Kamacuras, Kumonga, Manda, Gigan, Monster X and Nilla. Where did Nilla come from?! Too cute to be bad. The future of Godzilla. Continue reading

Killer Klowns from Outer Space + Blood Feast 2

Killer Klowns from Outer Space + Blood Feast 2Camp from the greatest of enthusiasts. Finding reality! An accidental revisit of year 1 format. The Chiodo Brothers. Big top guitar riff. Halley’s comet, Hale-Bopp, and the Heaven’s Gate cult. Two types of skepticism. Where’s our sequel? Making the difficult look easy. Making the easy look difficult. Shadowplay and magic effects. Selling simple effects. The horror! Floods of creativity. Making your audience think about your movie. A lightning quick Herschel Gordon Lewis primer. Strip away an era, remove a variable in understanding. The guts of Blood Feast 2: All You Can Eat. Understanding the comedy of Herschel Gordon Lewis. A breakthrough in understanding. An understanding, but perhaps not a full understanding. A more redeemable look at gender. Is HGL becoming a better filmmaker? The towel of greater disappointment. Making John Waters work for you. The final chapter of a three year adventure. Continue reading

Thinner + Fright Night

Thinner + Fright NightA Tom Holland double feature! One of the coolest things Stephen King ever did. Richard Bachman and Stephen King. Tiny kids and Godfathers. Getting Thinner in an elevator. High concept elevator pitch. Road head gypsy curse. Horror for regular people. The acne potato guy. The white man from town. Is it possible to create a serious treatment of the Thinner story? The moral of the story. A roadhead cover-up conspiracy. The ambiguous rules of Curse Pie. Fright Night shows sexy vampires are only part of the equation. The popularity of Fright Night in 1985. For the Nintendo Entertainment System! 8 bit score. Franchise stoppers. Vampire powers of seduction are honed skills, not super powers! If all else fails… Monsters and cannon. Terror in the Suburbs: It Never Gets Old Edition. Peter Vincent! Terrible old person makeup that gets worse upon each viewing. Successfully celebrating camp while becoming camp yourself. An evolving view on vampires. Mother skeptic. New Wave with guitars! Synth music cues. Ed Evil. Ghost cuddle. Continue reading

Paycheck + Next

Paycheck + NextA spontaneous Phillip K Dick double feature looks into the past and into the future. Podcasting in an artistic vacuum. Back at Chicago’s Edgewater Beach Hotel. An all-star cast for what could have been a sci-fi blockbuster. Ben Affleck runs from a puzzle. John Woo and Hong Kong action films. HAMSTER DANCE. Buying into the objects. Positive looks at film continues with a potential future direction for Double Feature. Silly Hong Kong meets American Tech-Heavy Sci Fi. The influence of Minority Report. The lesser emphasized Phillip K Dick themes. Are you guilty before you commit a crime? Fixed destiny time travel. The Sacco and Vanzetti case. How you pitch Next to your friends. Going nuclear. Las Vegas magicians. Is next for you? The point of no return. At the heart of Next. Revisiting how long you can spend in a dream. An FBI agent in the real world. Designed to cop-out. Continue reading

The Ward + Darkon

The Ward + DarkonA day in fantasy to help Eric think he’s not crazy. A modern John Carpenter film in The Ward. A familiar director and a band new writer. Seeing the style and technique again. Immediately identifiable as modern and 70s. The pulsing heartbeat of John Carpenter. One prolific director’s influence on films of today’s. Where’d the Casio keyboard go? Quick, pretend you were already a fan of Rob Zombie’s latest inspiration. Unnerving commentary. Another visual movie watching experiment you can try at home! Michael overcomes a pet peeve. Sweet Amber Heard. The Id, the Artist, the Seductress, the Aggressor, the Infant and the Protector. Another way to approach the twist. Every horror movie should have one good joke. Break your own rules to create scares. The kill room. Modern violence. A professional crew surrounding amateurs. Filming a documentary as a gift to your subject. The wench from Medieval Times. Humanizing the subject you thought was strange enough to film. A universe where your choices effect everything. Is being born in the wrong time nonsense? Being boring (and other qualities of world leaders). The actual skills Darkon sharpens. In character and out of character. Is it ok to check out from the real world? Continue reading

The Faculty + Jackie Brown

The Faculty + Jackie BrownBlack sheep, back to back: Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez direct two strange selections. The Faculty and the 90s. Teenage wasteland. What makes The Faculty edgy. Film making as a job. Why did Robert Rodriguez do The Faculty? Rebellion. Aliens and effects. Naked tentacle wonderment. The beginning of the CGI. Developing Planet Terror. Super 90s soundtrack, featuring a cast inclusive video from The Class of 99. The hyper 70s blacksploitation introduction of Jackie Brown. Quentin Tarantino, bringing people back. Another look at Tarantino’s dialogue. Chicks with Guns. Atypical casting and acting choices. Pam Grier! Forty year old ass-kicker. Ordell the weasel. Earning the boss. The strange line walked by a bail bondsman. Continue reading

Gummo + Pink Flamingos

Gummo + Pink FlamingosCompeting looks at trash culture. Gummo and Harmony Korine. Comparisons to Larry Clark and Kids. What are the similarities and why do they exist? Storytelling sans story. Michael tries to add artistic credibility to mumblecore. Filmmaking nihilism. Making an audience ask “Why?” Answering the dangerous question. Humanists consider the opposition. The best of the worst, the making of a hero. The power of your surroundings. Self-image. Finding Gummo in reality. The Zef side! Die Antwoord. South Africa. Pink Flamingos is sooo mainstream. The classic John Waters dreamlanders. The infamy of Pink Flamingos. An incredible film-generating attic. The allure of poop. Prime lenses fix your poor filmmaking. Stop giving a fuck and start making films. Moments of genius amongst the filth. The filthiest filth. Fucking a chicken to death o-screen. Surprise trial! Continue reading

Haywire + Centurion

Haywire + CenturionThe pre-existing Soderbergh narrative on Haywire. Why Eric is in love with Haywire. Amateur spy video. Gina Carano is out of everyone’s league. MMA fighters. Soderbergh’s casting methodology and why it rocks. Feminism and a man’s world. Spy film don’t give a fuck! Without training wheels. Why the camera does what it does. Neil Marshall still has more films. The items needed for Centurion. The Invisible Gorilla experiment. Alternate history. The flying tom tom flies back, bleeds on the snow. Brand new: Michael Fassbender! Olga Kurylenko as Etain. Etain as pure emotion. The fog, what’s in the fog!? Roman myth. Continue reading

Killapalooza 18: The Eye

Killapalooza 18: The EyeThe Eye films 1-5. Ghost stories. No Indian remake of The Eye. A big announcement from Double Feature – then, another announcement from Double Feature! Revisiting the historic Edgewater Beach Hotel. The Panic Room. What Killapalooza is about. The Eye. The Pang Brothers. The Chinese culture divide. Subtle treatment of ghosts. Unexpected types of suspense and horror. Sight. Making someone doubt their senses. Seeing for the first time. What do we really know about China? The Eye 2 walks it off. Why explain something if everyone’s already aware of it? The horror of what’s always been. The last necessary birth scene has already been filmed. Ghost drama. Putting the ghost shoe on the other foot. The Eye 3: The Eye 10: Is this even The Eye? Road maps and attention spans. A list of fables to try at home. The 2008 American remake of The Eye. American remakes of recent horror films. Remakes do not ruin the original. What the United States did with the Chinese source. Spontaneous Double Feature generation. The Child’s Eye – clearly part of The Eye franchise. What is this series about? Anxiously waiting for confirmation. The special abilities of children and dogs. Dog boys. Ghost dogs. Ghost Minecraft dog boys. A crack at 3D! Animal reaction shots. Cellular Memory pseudoscience. Continue reading

This Is Spinal Tap + Rock N Roll High School

This Is Spinal Tap + Rock N Roll High SchoolLive music that causes things to explode. This Is Spinal Tap as a Christopher Guest cult film. Faux-Documentary-Epic. All your bass are belong to us. Big bottom. Live Spinal Tap shows. Rob Reiner. it’s just like where you work! Band experience. Making it up, for real. Theories on born artists. Industry backed rock. The Ramones relationship with punk rock. Rock N Roll High School, accessibility and exploitation. The KKK took my baby away. A precursors to 80s scoundrel comedy. Whatever happened to P.J. Soles? Continue reading

Bellflower + Crash

Bellflower + CrashThe indie circuit show. Michael’s favorite spoiler from Bellflower. Oscilloscope Films. Adam Yauch. Purchase your own Bellflower car. The truth about the director/camera relationship. The SI-2k Evan Glodell built his custom DIY camera on top of. Mumblecore and back yard films. A generation of young filmmakers. What are we doing with our lives? Subjective armageddon. Bring your own apocalypse. David Cronenberg’s Crash. Cronenberg’s version of an adaptation. James Spader sex. Similarities in leads. Coming into our reality. A series of questions no one wants to ask. Dark sexuality, fun time sexuality, and sex in Crash. Contrasting the sex in Crash with it’s treatment in Bound. What does Cronenberg think about his audience? Passing up the acknowledgment of the outside world.  Continue reading

Dementia 13 + One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Dementia 13 + One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestA night with the crazies. Dementia 13. Psychosploitation. Roger Corman, Francis Ford Coppola and New World Pictures. Jack Hill’s involvement. Commentary infographic exploitation idea. WHITE CAT. Francis Coppola is a secret Double Feature director. Michael counts down the Psycho comparisons. The influence of Dementia 13 on slasher films. Early instances of female voice over narration. Pull of the Weaseling your way into the will. Why One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is such a hard show to do. Refusing the power of Jack Nicholson. Nurse Ratched and McMurphy. Why McMurphy always loses. What motivates Nurse Ratched. The role of women in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Oppressive women and women in prison. Electroshock, lobotomy, therapy and punishment. Questioning behaviorism. Gone fishing. The effect of the institution on the crazies. Continue reading

Galaxy Quest + The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Galaxy Quest + The Adventures of Buckaroo BanzaiDouble Feature returns to space! Galaxy Quest. Star Trek. Fandom. The human advantage. Michael appreciates humanity. I am not Spock. When skepticism brushes against cynicism. An appeal to excitement. My people make crazy choices in movies. Happenstance fame. The mind of Will Wheton. Irwin Allen’s Rock n Roll. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. Buckaroo Bonzai isn’t a real person. THE SAND BEETLE. Using the new JEFF GOLDBLUM SANITY METER to rate Jeff Goldblum in Buckaroo Bonzai. The end credits / the trailer. Who’s in on the joke? Continue reading

The Artist + Barton Fink

The Artist + Barton FinkHollywood and the artistic process in an accidental John Goodman double feature. The awards. The wager of holding up silent films. Modern romance. Revisiting silent technique. How silent films are watched differently. Score as an alternative to the highly distracting sounds of your own body. How foley has changed score. Sound induced anxiety. How the transition to talkies is was different than trendy 3D. The role of women in comedy post-silent era. Barton Fink and the continuing understanding. Pulling the lid off s symbolism and significance in Coen Brothers movies. Steve Buscemi and Hotel Coen. From the gut. Hollywood. Barton and Charlie. Barton Fink and the common man. Mad Man Munt. Continue reading

Orphan + Insidious

Orphan + InsidiousTwo horror films of the same era using children to incite fear. The magic that is Orphan. Piano moms. Scenes from the arthouse. Some people don’t like eye balls being squished…Eric doesn’t like children. Genuine relationships. Ghost cold and the skeptical father. Alcoholics Anonymous. The world’s most beautiful house. Bathroom mirrors. Defying expectation. Paintings. Esther is amazing. Sexuality and youth. Manipulating children. Using maturity to dodge cliches. A discussion on twists. Insidious and the sideshow. Patrick Wilson. Hammer Horror. Tongue-in-cheek-score. Coming back to scare shots! Yer kid is haunted. Mixing a mythos. Wide angle, wide shots. The visual of Insidious. EVP and modern technology. Continue reading

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer + Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Jack Brooks Monster Slayer + Tucker and Dale vs EvilOld school…Canadian horror? Jack Brooks Monster Slayer and the Music Box Massacre. The meaning of “Canadian-American” film. The jungles of Canada. First time director Jon Knautz. Robert England could do anything, and he does horror. Foreshadowing via an actor’s known work. Score, for jokes and mysterious adventure! Eating the heart. Using practical effects to pay tribute. A unique distribution of action. Alan Tudyk as Tucker in Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Real tales from the south. The most interesting place in a scene. Confirmatory evidence. EVIL TEA. Cinematic elements that make a slasher movie scary. Why some people see a cabin and think vacation homes, while others see the same cabin and fear their lives. Continue reading

Buried + Pontypool

Buried + PontypoolTrapped in a place. Micro budgets, micro titles. Different takes on the immersion of Buried. Film making exercises. How anyone can make a 90 minute film. The Buried title sequence. Getting the audience to tell the story. The tools. What is the root of the cynicism? Questioning motives. Pontypool. Stephen McHattie as Grant Mazzy. Shock Jocks. Sydney Briar is alive. The love of memes. Rebecca Black and the power of exploitation. Missing cat. Alternate takes post-viewing. Things that could be clues. Are you meant to solve Pontypool? Practical skepticism in real time. Breaking down. It’s terrifying, and it has to get worse before it gets better. THE MORPHEOUS EFFECT. Language. Continue reading

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari + The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari + The Cabin in the WoodsDouble Feature barley makes it. Last minute from a tiny closet in the historic Edgewater Beach Hotel. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, a silent film. German Expressionism through the eyes of Time Buton. Surreal, gravity defying sets. Explaining the Mystery Spot. An asylum for the cartoonishly insane. The origins of the twist, and the lesser cited origins of bookends. The mundane work environment of Cabin in the Woods. The physical layers of the film and what they represent. Dark art wolf make out party games. Mythology and roles. Joss Whedon’s refusal to throw away characters. Playing What-If. The bike looks like something it’s not. Commenting on the cynicism. Breaking the perfect ten, over and over. Nine Inch Nails’ Last. Continue reading

Spy Kids + Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Spy Kids + Honey I Shrunk the KidsFilm makers who you would think have no business making children’s films. The insane amount of star power in the original Spy Kids. Robert Rodriguez writing children’s movies for children. How to create an abundance of new sub-genres in a single stroke. Computer animation! Why a children’s film? A new Danny Elfman / Oingo Boingo song! The message of spy kids. Evil in disagreement: a fresh antagonist dynamic. Uncle Machete? How do you convince your friends to watch Spy Kids? Honey, I Shrunk the Kids! What ever happened to mad science? What the change in sci-fi and fantasy films tells us about science literacy. The terror in the backyard. Suspension of disbelief and the audience member that can’t play along. Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski. Honey I Blew Up the Kid. Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. The Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Premarital sex! Continue reading

Irreversible + The Woman

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane + The Poughkeepsie TapesLadies night. Gasper Noe’s Placebo video. The enthusiasm in eccentric filmmaking. Michael’s theory of self-indulgent French movies. Realizations in reverse. Cinematic mechanics in backwards storytelling. French extremism and, as always, brutality. Commentary on homophobia. When you know what’s coming.The last good thing you will ever know. Teaching the audience a humanistic lesson about murder. It’s so very good to have Lucky McKee back. Tension already. The Woman and the family. Where you don’t belong. Rooting for someone you’re afraid of. Finally, a case of justified violence? Forced alignment with uncomfortably terrible characters. Sexually shaming an audience. Bad gets worse, again. After the credits. The Woman’s a sequel?! Continue reading

Real Steel + World’s Greatest Dad

Real Steel + World's Greatest DadTerrible dads. Two adults have a vulgar conversation about Real Steel. Characters and Lost reunions. A showcase of well used cliches. Misleading marketing. Down and out underdogs among underdogs. Some answers: what the fuck is going on with the “secret” in Real Steel. Late 90s soundtrack. Robot design. Who is Bobcat Goldthwait? World’s Greatest Dad. Writing to the lowest common denominator. Michael really hates Kyle. Bad made worse as a dark humor tactic. An audience’s sadomasochism. Smaller films filmed within the larger film. Vignettes and musical type videos. The return of MANDY LANE. A skeptically infused rant about Oprah, enabler of all terrible things. Where are the moral boundaries? The hard in justifying the means. Continue reading

Killapalooza 17: Piranha

Killapalooza 17: PiranhaPiranha films 1-5. Killer fish! An announcement that changes Double Feature forever. Another announcement that’s even more important than that. Double Feature: The longest running consecutive week-after-week show on the internet. The Edgewater Beach Hotel (is not haunted). The Double Feature lexicon goes online! The original Joe Dante Piranha. Eighties horror in the seventies. Nudity in the Piranha franchise. Joe Dante at the Music Box. The alternate takes on science in 80s science fiction films. Piranha, from lady parts to kiddie parts. James Cameron’s Piranha 2: The Spawning. Characters? Characters! Raising the stakes. The hokiest scene in the entire franchise. Recreating Piranha as a made for TV movie. Roger Corman making his own remake. Splat splat splat. Alexander Aja takes you from zero to bro in Piranha 3D. Eric reconsiders 3D. The flower duet. Love to hate. Girls Gone Wild. Christopher Lloyd! Piranha massacre. Immediate deaths and comedic timing. Water certified strippers in Piranha 3DD. Terrible sinful dirty. This misunderstood John Gulager. TV relics. Continue reading

The Iron Giant + My Neighbor Totoro

The Iron Giant + My Neighbor TotoroFantasy worlds that use giant friends to different means. Brad Bird and The Iron Giant. Trends in animation over time. A call for more interesting animation. Eric somehow thinks it’s a good idea to credit David Fincher for all 2:35:1 movies. Why you always end up following the Hogarth character. The family unit. Not just a stand-in for dad. The government doesn’t know everything. Alarmism throughout the decades. The lessons from a terrifying death robot. Rallying behind Vin Disel. Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki, and Toho films. Tromo’s involvement in My Neighbor Totoro. Revisiting dubbing. What makes Totoro Eric’s favorite Miyazaki. Sickness in animation. The girls’ reality. Conventions of escapism. A fantasy world without conflict. Totoros, the Catbus, and various other creatures. Deconstructing the allure of the King Totoro. Continue reading

Bound + Strangers on a Train

Bound + Strangers on a TrainSymbiotic murder and crime. Murder, mystery and intrigue in noirland. More information about Larry Wachowski becoming Lana Wachowski. Why Double Feature is interested in Lana Wachowski. Bound contains the shortest Flying Tom Tom yet. Bound is goddamn sexy, and that’s awesome. Commendable boundary pushing. Voluntary sadomasochism, both metaphorical and literal. The afterglow. Do characters have to be realistic? Using sex to define a relationship. Montages in heist films. The Wachowski attention to detail. Object oriented filmmaking. Parallels with The Matrix. What’s Raymond Chandler doing on Strangers on a Train? Femme fatales in a movie that may not have femme fatales. Finding Hitcock’s signature. Humanism: why the wrongly accused works so well. What Alfred Hitchcock’s success says about the good in humanity. Thought experiments at parties. Twins, doubles, and dopple-gangers. Moral obligations. When do you call the police? Continue reading

Dark Star + Sunshine

Dark Star + SunshineCelestial bodies that aren’t Jane Fonda. Double Feature in space! John Carpenter’s first film, Dark Star. Who knows Dark Star is supposed to be funny? Carpenter and comedy. Making a film out of your trash can. Remembering the flower children. What if we sent spaced-out hippies into space? What Star Trek took from Dark Star. The director’s cut. Methodological skepticism. Skepticism vs paradoxes. Journeyman filmmaking. How Sunshine makes space feel massive. Giving life back to space. The living components of dying space. Overwhelming, inspiring awe. Democracy isn’t always the right answer. A breakdown of decisions and consequences. In defense of Trey. Suicide or murder? Sunshine’s Bear or No Bear moment that transition in to all anyone remembers about the film. Pinback and Pinbacker. Let’s talk about the core problems of a religious mindset! Is God really the problem? Why things are blurry. What created Pinbacker and what he represents. Continue reading

Rogue + The Innkeepers

Rogue + The InnkeepersSplat time at Graceland Cemetery. Greg Mclean, Dimension Extreme. Movies in the cloud! Giant crocodile as the slasher. Television and horror. Adam Green and Rob Zombie have TV shows. Creating red herrings through overwhelming exposition. An unexpected cast has something unexpected happen to it. Coming up with your own problems when the killer won’t do it for you. Getting to know your characters as they make life harder for each other. Trigonomical death. Who is Ti West, really? The Innkeepers alongside The House of the Devil. What actually happened after Cabin Fever? The worst kind of horror movie. Eric and Michael have this skill. The 90’s aesthetic. Another use for humor. Oh hey skepticism! The unfalsifiable. Doing something different in the context of doing the same old thing. So glad to have that Ti West back. Continue reading

Cry-Baby + Roadracers

Cry-Baby + Roadracers50’s throw-back films! Greasers. John Waters after Devine. A bit on Iggy Pop. Who is Traci Lords? A confused opinion on hatchet-face. Johnny Depp?! Entire budget of Cry-Baby: $12 Million. Depp’s average Pirates salary: $88 Million per film. Faux jazz lounge scene! Coupling and single characters. Drapes and squares. Bases and religious tattoos. The alphabet bomber movie. Is Cry-Baby a musical? Adaptations of adaptations. Courtroom scenes. Use the manhole! Roadracers: The Making of a Degenerate Hot Rod Flick. Showtime’s Rebel Highway series. An Invasion of the Body Snatchers metaphor. John Hawkes’ character. Building around icons. The long-awaited Roadracers DVD release! Continue reading

Party Monster + Heavenly Creatures

Party Monster + Heavenly CreaturesFriendships that famously end in murder. Party Monster, the real fake meta documentary story thing. A better reference for what became THE FLYING TOM TOM. The unreliable narrator in a meta universe. Disco Bloodbath: A Fabulous but True Tale of Murder in Clubland. Iconic fictional personas and club drama. DJing. A living attraction. The perpetual motion machine of celebrity. The controversy that is Chloe Sevigny. The life and times of Marilyn Manson. The party monsters today. Heavenly Creatures against other Peter Jackson films. How Double Feature feels about Peter Jackson. Young girls and old girls. Men as the unappealing minority. Peer pressure vs enabling. The humanity of famous killers. What does the sexual relationship communicate about the characters? Violence without glory. Continue reading

Drive + Collateral

Drive + CollateralThe heroes and villains of LA crime. What Double Feature already knew about Drive. Nicolas Winding Refn: crazy person. The precision of Drive. Roadsploitation. A protagonist with no name. Modern day nuwave musicians and composer Cliff Martinez. Stripped down plot. Unconventional (and more realistic) relationships. The alpha male. The role of minimalism. The mysterious man’s actual past. Drive as a superhero film. Ill intentions. The superhero mentor. Violence! Bordering on surrealism. What audiences can handle. Collateral as an introduction to Michael Mann. Real people. The beginning of digital filmmaking. Why don’t people like Tom Cruise? A different look at jazz. Rooting for the villain. Who is Max? Continue reading

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane + The Poughkeepsie Tapes

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane + The Poughkeepsie TapesStarting year five with two films you can’t see! It’s true – All the Boys Love Many Lane. Why wasn’t this released? What would the boys do for Mandy Lane? Out of the closet atheist actor Amber Heard. Using the blunt force of a gun as your weapon. When no one else is around. When do you know? Manipulation. A found footage film that actually does what we always just pretend found footage films do. Predicting the financial success and critical reaction of The Poughkeepsie Tapes based on nothing but wild speculation. Characteristics of the water street butcher. B-stories. Continue reading

Double Feature Year 4 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Four retrospective. An actual conversation about Filmspotting. All that could have been. Eric is on IMDB.com! The study on spoilers. Spoiler extermism. The Louis spoiler tiers. More on japanese pornography. A discussion on chapters. Fucking up on The Little Shop of Horrors. Behind the scenes getting Freaks on the show. The best pairs on year 4 of Double Feature. The worst pairs. A look back at Coffy + Foxy Brown. Feminism and female empowerment. The urgent red square. Don’t tape off your FaceTime camera, that was a joke. Christopher fixes Troll Hunter. A series of paraphrased emails. Times we were completely wrong. Clarification on what Double Feature doesn’t know. Unstated knowns about Double Feature. Michael using Happiness as a prank. Eric explains his time in psychosis. Potential movies for Year 5. Covering more foreign films. Talking about music. DRC Music, EL-P’s Cancer4Cure. Glittermouse. Evil lesser than two evils biohazard team. The best films anyone saw all year. A story about street art. Banana guy. The aftermath of Rocky + Asia. Checking back in on the Free State Project. The Trick ‘r Treat shorts. TV Shows. The Lexicon and Year 1 vanishing. Continue reading

Happiness + Kids

Happiness + KidsNC-17 films. Perhaps not the optimistic double feature you hoped for. Would it be ok if the notes just said “bag cat?” Todd Solondz returns! Michael uses a mentally unstable Eric for his own amusement. Happiness is not just a trick. The title Happiness. Jon Lovitz. Actual childhood obsessions. Manipulation through sound. Aren’t you going to eat the sandwich? Difficult questions about pedophilia. Kids. Larry Clark, old man photographer. Tulsa. Harmony Korine. Finding hooligans. Rosario Dawson and Chloe Sevigny. Returning to the human experience. Bad people. And dirt. Telly. What creates an adolescent monster? Fast acting bag cat! Continue reading

Rocky 6 + Tokyo Gore Police

Rocky 6 + Tokyo Gore PoliceRocky meets Asia comes to a close with a late Rocky film and a great piece of the new asian extreme. Rocky 6, Rocky Balboa. A modern looking Rocky film. The unspoken problems in the six film timeline. Rocky Balboa and Spinner Dunn. The insanely good looking gritty rainbow of color in the film. Pure white backlight and ugly Chicago streets. The tragedy of Paulie Pennino. A lesson about suspension of disbelief. What does it mean to still have stuff in the basement? Why Rocky goes back to fighting. What is Rocky’s responsibility to now adult Rocky Jr. Potential ICE TRUCK. What it takes to win in this series. Bam, Tokyo Gore Police! Throw down title card. Finally, a great split-down-the-middle. Japanese Gore Films. Tokyo Gore Police and The Machine Girl. Let’s talk anime. Ruka is the only honest cop. Japan explains it all. Privatizing the police – too extreme even for Double Feature! Mitsua Super Asian Marketplace. Heavy guitar score. A brief history of japanese gore cinema using a complicated web of Kevin Bacon. Revisiting Michael’s spaghetti western question. Tokyo Gore Police introduces the Engineer. Asian extreme WET LENS. Not so weird anymore. De-weirding japanese gore films. Unintentional results. Continue reading

Sucker Punch + Switchblade Sisters

Sucker Punch + Switchblade SistersGangs of ladies and imprisoned female empowerment. Zach Snyder’s Sucker Punch as an original film. The Wizard of Oz fantasy movie template. Hamster style comes back again and again. The many layers of Sucker Punch. A fantasy so bad it necessitates it’s own fantasy. Making you want to see the dance. How Sucker Punch delivers on several promises you expect from all-female casts. Sucker Punch as a commentary on objectification via reality checks. Is the film pro-feminist or anti-feminist? How music adds its own story. Female covers. Male soundtrack perversion. Bjork’s new versions of Army of Me. The visuals of Alex Pardee. Speculation on the R rated version of the film. Late night film watching with Switchblade Sisters. Quentin Tarantino’s Rolling Thunder Pictures. Director Jack Hill. A women in prison film outside of prison. Men in Switchblade Sisters. Writing better than you intend to shoot. Continue reading

The Tingler + A Bucket of Blood

The Tingler + Bucket of BloodIt was a dark and stormy night! Another rainy day double feature. Public domain and excellent introductory black and white films. Vincent Price is the man you came to see. The Tingler is the tiny rubber monster that lives inside all of us. Is William Castle responsible for found footage and the alternate reality game? The many gimmicks of The Tingler. Black and white and red. Scream, scream for your lives! Percepto. Experiencing William Castle gimmicks today. The fright certificate and the coward’s corner. Roger Corman (without Vincent Price!) in A Bucket of Blood. William Castle inspires someone already. The Little Shop of Horrors after A Bucket of Blood. Walter Paisley and Dick Miller the leading man. Beatnicks still exist, and they’re at Whole Foods. A world where no one plays it straight. The accidental artist. Self esteem and the fear of inadequacy artists face. Murder, murder! Continue reading

Killapalooza 16: Final Destination

Killapalooza 16: Final DestinationFinal Destination films 1-5. The fate killer. Religion and craigslist. Final Destination 1. An unstudied era of horror films. Horror films of the early 2000s. A small hole will not blow people out of a fuselage. Does Final Destination have a sense of humor? Tony Todd. Finding skepticism in Final Destination. Liquid damage. The rules of Final Destination. Keeping the audience guessing. The first sequel. Rube Goldberg deaths. The concept of “What if?” Eric burns his hands on Michael’s taco. The magic negro. Pictures of Abe in Final Destination 3. Three point lighting carnival and commercial breaks. The rights of women. Ladies in fights. The first time Final Destination is fucked up. Giving up on staying safe. David R. Ellis. Paying tribute with the opening credits sequence of Final Destination 4. Love Lays Dying 3D. Commenting on 3D. Water is not covered by your warranty. Sadism. Impress us, Final Destination 5! Kill substitution. In a universe without god or the soul, is fate real? Questions about free will. Survivor’s guilt. An incredible spoiler ending. Continue reading

Videodrome + Amazon Women on the Moon

Videodrome + Amazon Women on the MoonA 2:00am channel surfing double feature. Eric’s unbelievable secret confession. Scan lines, static, and vertical sync: the awful look of the footage found in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Betamax looks as bad as vinyl sounds. James Woods hasn’t always been there. Max Renn is the sponge for crazy. Debbie Harry is a hot trap. The emotional rescue show. Is violent fiction actually an outlet for frustration and homicidal tendencies? The old age of mystery television, before the internet. Technology to sync older CRT displays so they don’t flicker in your movie. Insert the tape! Amazon Women on the Moon – a place to go for the lost experience of channel surfing. Film critics, life critics. Overlapping sketches. Short and punchy. Amazon Women on the Moon and The Twilight Zone. Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

Willow + MirrorMask

Willow + MirrorMaskFantasy films by the likes of Ron Howard, George Lucas, Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman. Warwick Davis is Willow, but who is Ron Howard? THX, 1138 and otherwise. The Deep Note. Industrial Light and Magic, Lucasfilm, and Lucasart. The role of an effects crew in the creative process. The life and times of Warwick Davis. The day to day living of a dwarf actor. How Return of the Jedi is like Dancing With the Stars. An honest conversation about casting dwarves in films. Tony Cox, Kevin Pollack, and Val Kilmer. Hamster Tokens! A unique way to film a magic fight. Real magic! Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman…and Richard Dawkins? McKean’s work for Fear Factory, Stabbing Westward, and in other places. The Sandman. Zen film score. Eric spends an extensive amount of time reading Neil Gaiman in preparation of MirrorMask. Trying to figure out Neil Gaiman’s sense of humor. Punctuated endings. MirrorMask Close to You Carpenters cover. Continue reading

My Bloody Valentine + Poltergeist

My Bloody Valentine + PoltergeistAn 80s horror show! Is the Double Feature studio haunted? A definitive answer. The longstanding released version of My Bloody Valentine vs the legendary uncut version. Non-franchise 80s slasher films. Valentine’s day as an exploitable holiday for horror films. Slow tracking shots. Harry Warden. The infrequently used “mining town” setting. Pre-genre slasher. Music and canadians. Eyeline matching. The shame once associated with creating a slasher film. Eric steals an accidentally post apocalyptic scene from Poltergeist. The Steven Spielberg vs Toby Hooper debate. Toby Hooper’s style. Conspiracy. Strobe light television and eye shine. Diane and Steve, world’s most undetected adolescent parents. A vertigo shot. The oldest rolling reverse delay? Ghost hunters are kind of terrible human beings. How ghost hunters con people. Zelda Rubinstein! The curse of Poltergeist. Continue reading

Freaks + The Straight Story

Freaks + The Straight StoryDavid Lynch is back on show number 200! Double Feature choices – why pair these two films? Getting to the truth of Tod Browning’s Freaks. Who director Tod Browning is and what else he’s known for. The lewd and taboo. The lost film London After Midnight. Freakshows as exploitation. Freakshows as empowerment. Olga Baclanova has a rough time. Pillow man. What a sideshow display illustrates to us about humanity. Modern side shows. Jim Rose Circus. Walt Disney presents a film by David Lynch. The Straight Story. David Lynch does the morning weather! Why and how The Straight Story exists. Mary Sweeney. Editing digitally vs editing on film. Avid and Final Cut. Still expecting terrible things to happen. Signature, shining through. Theories on how David Lynch starts his day. The normal life of a crazy director. Getting picked up by Disney. Common Ground. Continue reading

For a Few Dollars More + Gamera: Guardian of the Universe

For a Few Dollars More + Gamera: Guardian of the UniverseA return to two genres Double Feature was not prepared for. Spaghetti westerns and kaiju (Japanese monster films) return! For a Few Dollars More following A Fistful of Dollars. Lee Van Cleef as Douglas Mortimer. Ridiculous weapons. American McGee’s Alice. Unintentional smash cut humor. Sergio Leone’s signature. Spaghetti bank heist! Finally arriving at the formula for the lazy Sunday movie. Gamera: Gaurdian of the Universe as an example of the Heisei era of kaiju. Non-toho kaiju. Gamera before the reset. The difference in special effects. Still not supernatural. Well, mostly. Why is Gamera so bizarre? The Lost Continent of Mu. Atlantis. Coming up: Number Two Hundred! Continue reading

Red Rock West + Burn After Reading

Red Rock West + Burn After ReadingTwo noir bent directors get double featured. Who is John Dahl? Red Rock West and Arizona-Noir. Playing with the lie. When to bail. Lara Flynn Boyle’s Suzanne. A cowardly femme fatale. Keeping the mystery magic. Dennis Hopper being a scary motherfucker. Surprises without twists. Weak allegiance. The intensity of Dennis Hopper and Nicholas Cage. Eric’s love of movie one-sheets. Burn After Reading and the influence of Saul Bass. A story of idiots. Hyperrealism. Carter Burwell, Roger Deakins and Emmanuel Lubezki. Tilda Swinton has to model. Has to. Voice work. Cave Johnson. The dangling plot thread of Double Feature. Continue reading

Troll Hunter + Rare Exports

Troll Hunter + Rare ExportsFake terror from fake children’s tales. Make fun of Jesus far away from X-Mas. Troll Hunter is not the same as Trollhunter but is probably ok as The Troll Hunter. What the fuck happened with goblin backwards? Show me that goddamn monster. The creature is kinda terrible, but it’s going to be ok. All the trolls! Talking you out of the big troll. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. There is no God. There is no Jesus. Do times of danger make people more or less religious? Using the Troll Hunter to explain why conspiracies fall apart. Social Engineering. How you make silly Troll myths seem real. Showing off your work. Atheists mocking X-Mas. Hey, you downloaded this show. The look of Rare Exports. Rare Exports as a Christmas movies. The butcher. The mystery. Building fantasy into reality. Pedophilia imagery. Continue reading

Red State + Stake Land

Red State + Stake LandNo one expects these two movies to be this good. Dangerous places, even more dangerous directors! What does the Double Feature studio look like? Religious crazies shot on Red One cameras. Red State isn’t even Kevin Smith’s second chance. Popculture out, Waco and Fred Phelps in. A very Kevin Smith movie is also a very good movie! Charismatic characters. Rolling Shutter put to use! Kevin Pollack, Anna Gunn, John Goodman. What was so great about the TV show Roseanne? Michael Parks. Not just dabbling in horror, but adding to it. The charm and demeanor of Michael Parks as Reverend Cooper. Crazy religious nut jobs. Executions. Personalizing death. Why Red State has the best of possible endings. Another surprize, Stake Land! Written by it’s director Jim Mickle, but also it’s star Nick Damici. The ultimate apocalypse weapon: a pistol-grip sawed off shotgun with a shoulder strap. Finding subtlety in a place you don’t expect it. Color palette between day and night. Danielle Harris. Building an apocalypse film. Voiceover narration performance. Chin-up fiddle score! How is this movie doing this?! Continue reading

Rocky 5 + The Machine Girl

Rocky 5 + The Machine GirlRocky 5 and the early 1990s. 90s rap and hip hop. Joey Ellis – Go for It (Heart and Fire). Urban Blight. Back to America. Real retirement. Reconnecting with Rocky’s roots. But actually, this time. The lazy route the film could have gone. How the fifth film betrays the formula. The last Rocky movie isn’t the last one. The dark side of the ring. Redemption sequel. The third wave of Double Feature’s asian films and asian extreme. Camp and style in The Machine Girl. How Kill Bill paid off. Hattori Hanzo, all over the goddamn place. The ambiguity of references and inspiration. Deep fried arm. The blood soaked lens. Absurdist cartoon violence? The commonality of America’s favorite asian horror films. Burst of violence. The grotesque in The Machine Girl. Japan and strange weapons. Continue reading

Attack the Block + Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Attack the Block + Rise of the Planet of the ApesBrand new sci-fi films! Humans, defend yourselves! Feel free to listen if you haven’t seen any other Planet of the Apes films. Get that snitch. Get the strap. Don’t give a fuck – brap, brap, brap! Joe Cornish. Basement Jaxx! Kids? Adults? Teenage violence. The age of gang members. The Hippocratic Oath and aiding your attackers. Matte black sonic toothed creature design. Conspiracy is all throughout civilization. Muir Woods National Monument, Big Basin State Park, California, and filming in Redwoods. The apes! How the apes could rise. Hubarus and the downfall. An art snob defends CG. The actual main character. Surprise, Rise of the Planet of the Apes actually loves science! Slaughtering baby apes would have saved humanity. Further animal testing would have saved humanity. Continue reading

Welcome to the Dollhouse + Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Welcome to the Dollhouse + Beyond the Valley of the DollsDollhouses on cult film day. Heather Matarazzo. There’s apparently titular songs too. What the fuck is going on with that cover? Contrasting the dark humor in Welcome to the Dollhouse with Re-Animator. Subtle comedy. Music. Steve’s band. Worse than worse: mundane! Todd Solondz loves the suburbs. Directors fascinated with suburbia and the themes typically addressed in these films. Kids are having sex, they just don’t know what the fuck they’re doing. The repercussions of sheltering children from sex. Dealing in extremes. What Roger Ebert’s doing headlining the credits of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Other Russ Meyer films Roger Ebert has worked on. Studio project selection. The marketing concept. Differences from Russ Meyer’s other work. Genre bending. The editing. The fucking editing. The moral of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as opposed to The Valley of the Dolls. Continue reading

Chillerama + Super

Chillerama + SuperPiles of horror directors. Chillerama is Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, and Joe Lynch. Why one of Michael’s films still hasn’t made it on the show. Richard Reily. The secret secondary theme. Wadzilla. Understanding Stoned Age. A 1950’s Grindhouse style throwback! The world’s shortest conversation on I was a Teenage Werebear. The Diary of Anne Frankenstein. Joel David Moore and Adam Green, back together at last. Hammer Horror! Deathacation. Zom B Movie and Joe Lynch.Spending some time in the real world. What’s the deal with Kick-Ass and Super? James Gunn and Mark Miller. Video On Demand release. Unrated. Actors Double Feature didn’t know it cared about. Troma and Juno. Sex, rape and comedy. The Crimson Bolt costume. The real violence. Things get worse. Continue reading

Exit Through the Gift Shop + The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism + Exit Through the Gift ShopDocumentaries of questionable integrity is kind of a stretch. Exit Through the Gift Shop: The Banksy Documentary! First impressions of a new art form. Making out with street artists. Anonymity. Kinkos. TBMChicago and The Birthday Massacre. Implied power and the influence of perception. Don’t fuck with the mouse. When the mood strikes. Monetization. Showing your hand. Proving and transcending street art. Mr. Brainwash. The return of Karl Pilkington. Modern art and those who hate it. Talking about your art. Using skepticism to consider hoaxes. A return to prankumentaries. What is Mr. Brainwash up to now? The exorcist Reverend Cotton Marcus. The power of charisma. Banana bread. Believing in character of truth. Eli Roth. Truth via fiction. Atheism! Curing mentally ill people through fake exorcism. The ends still doesn’t justify the means. The ethical responsibility of representing reality and not leaving an audience with a false impression of the world. First person cat beatings. The power of theatrics. What magic teaches us. The ending of The Last Exorcism. Continue reading

The Blob + Mars Attacks

The Blob + Mars AttacksDouble Feature sci-fi day, featuring…two David Cronenberg cinematographers or something. Rob Zombie’s The Blob. Chuck Russell’s The Blob. Mark Irwin. The rebellious youth! Sleigh Bells 2010 album Treats. How critics and mothers responded to slashers in the 80s. Garden Till Massacre. Why Eric is in love with the character of The Blob. Eavesdropping on exposition. The Evil Hazmat Team. Leaving somewhere to go. Peter Suschitzky. Danny Elfman returns. Damon Albarn and DRC. Michael J Fox, Pierce Brosnan, Glenn Close and ten other names you haven’t seen in fifteen years. Obvious similarities and obvious differences between Mars Attacks and Edward D Wood Jr movies. Mars Attacks trading cards. Stop motion and all that could have been. Continue reading

Killapalooza 15: Saw

Killapalooza 15: SawSaw films 1-7. The Jigsaw Killer. John Kramer. An uncut episode of Double Feature! The still kinda new website and the giant Saw database. The Double Feature AppleTV Server project. Raw humanity. Society stripped away. Finding out about a stranger. Competition. Leigh Wanell as Adam. Editing. Charlie Clouser, the series composer. James Wan. Bily the Puppet. The reverse bear trap. Shawnee Smith. Michael Emerson as Zep. Hello Zepp! Double Feature favorite. The original Saw twist. The parking garage pig. The original ten minute Saw short. The rise of Lionsgate. Getting more of Jigsaw. John Kramer, the legend. John Kramer’s sippy cup and floral pattern oatmeal. Who is Darren Lynn Bousman? Bousman’s original script before it was a Saw movie. The sins of our fathers. It’s not my fault! Don’t Forget the Rules and the changing sound of Saw 2. Detective Allison Kelly. The Survivor pack and the group dynamic. Needle pit. The numbers. Reveal montage. The titles of the Saw films. The incredible evolution of Amanda Young. Jigsaw’s ragtag team. One honest humanist’s view of the traps. The behind the scenes operations within the fiction. Saw is FUCKING COMPLICATED. Retroactive continuity (retcons). You done got pigged! Pig juicer. How to keep track of songs you love in a lengthy score. Brain surgery vs vicious gore traps. The three versions of Saw III, including the director’s cut. Actual dead. Saw trusts you to figure it out. Cross film hamster style! Setups and payoffs. Bousman’s transitions get crazy. The big head read clock chair shot. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The great do-anythings of horror. The Evolutino Music Partners website. Where can I find the Saw IV score? Continue reading

The Wrestler + Rolling Thunder

The Wrestler + Rolling ThunderDown-and-out aging warriors (with under appreciated female cohorts!). The title credits in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. The visual differences between The Wrestler and Aronofsky’s last film. 16mm. Taking the hard way and making it look easy. Your lasting impression. Clint Mansell and Slash. Marisa Tomei as Cassidy. Keeping it real…naked. Why Eric thinks people who don’t like wrestling probably should. A highbrow take on professional wrestling. Reimagining wrestling as horror franchises. Wrestling as exploitation. A bit on the history of WWE, WWF, WCW and ECW. Mickey Rourke at the deli counter. Mick Foley on making up for his physical prowess by falling from higher places. Vulgar art as a substitute for proficient art. Prisoners of war. Talking to your pals about the darkest of personal tragedy. Anysploitation. Linda defies convention. Straight to the point. Continue reading

Audition + Blood Feast

Audition + Blood FeastTakashi Miike and Herschell Gordon Lewis, super names in horror. Chapters: Learn to use a search engine. Audition (Odishon) as another side of Takashi Miike. Romantic comedy. Nightmares in dating. Letting the horror be a surprise. Committing to your setup. When do you know? The infamous bag. What makes the bag so effective? Things get weirder. Making torture uncomfortable again! Another reason the Music Box Massacre episodes were a terrible idea. Blood Feast, Herschell Gordon Lewis, and minimalism? What makes you watch Blood Feast. What’s remembered about Fuad Ramses. Hair coloring. Who is Herschell Gordon Lewis and what did he do? Nudie Cutie films and Russ Meyer. David F. Friedman and the miscellaneous crate of obscure films! Descending into obscurity. The strange evolution of HGL’s work. Connie Mason. EGGGGYYYYYPPPPTTTT. Buying time. The minimum length for a movie. Continue reading

The Ledge + Cemetery Junction

The Ledge + Cemetery JunctionDirector/writers take on girlfriend-stealing and skypigs. Two films with very real characters. Oil refinery time lapse?! Work, responsibility, and letting your guard down. Learning who your characters really are. Scheming and conniving. Agreements and disagreements with Gavin. Imperfect heroes. Why two atheists think evangelizing is the right thing to do. God, No! Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales. Patrick Wilson. A bit on lighting and eye shine. Getting away with anything. A very different direction for Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Come of age in Britian, Karl Pilkington. The market for a coming of age throw-back film. Power in ideas. Julie’s feminine power. Having your eyes opened. Cemetery Junction and the Ghosts of Christmas. Meatcart on a train. A separate conversation about Karl Pilkington and An Idiot Abroad. Continue reading

Gattaca + Re-Animator

Gattaca + Re-AnimatorScience comments on things you might not expect! In years past. High school biology. Natural vs modified. What Gattaca is actually about. The vision of the future. The more futuristic vision of the future. Focused storytelling without distraction. Jeffry Combs as Herbert West in Re-Animator. Extreme academics. Hans Gruber. An alternative to “that’s what you want!” Special Effects. Finally using the Frankenstein story to ask a different set of philosophical questions. Where does the will reside? Giving back life or animated the dead. Out with the old, in with the new! A specific breed of dark humor. Rectifying humanism and dark humor. Continue reading

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein + Up in Smoke

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein + Up in SmokeComedy duos that Double Feature needs to cover. Bud Abbott and Lou Costello have never met frankenstein. Universal Studios monster movies. Studio bookkeeping on verses films. Who’s on first? How to enjoy a classic monster movie. Cheech and Chong and Dave. Comic style hypothesis. Punk rock rebellion. Being detained in customs. Watching Up in Smoke without being high. Earache My Eye. A long held Double Feature secret. Disaster climax. Continue reading

Rocky 4 + Kill Bill 2

Rocky 4 + Kill Bill 2Wait, what are chapters? Paulie’s Robot. Adding new characters to the Rocky franchise. Once again revisiting internet memes. The Tiger 2-XL quizbot. You’re the Man Now, Dog. Dolph Lundgren. Who is Ivan Drago and what is he all about? Talking about technology. Revisiting the cold war. Is Rocky IV against technology? What does it say about technology’s role in the Cold War? Man vs Machine and the secret message of the film. Nationalism and tribalism. The unfair but inevitable question: which Kill Bill is better? Kill Bill as a novel. Tell the story, assume the audience gets the timeline. Tarantino and film noir. Accidental study guide. Surprise action (the best kind of action). Defending the light as a character. Jokes via camera work. Film scores you’re not allowed to have. Where’s the nudity? Continue reading

Rocky 3 + Kill Bill

Rocky 3 + Kill BillEye of the Tiger. How aware of the Rocky franchise are the people in the Rocky movies? The origins of Hulk Hogan. Being loaded. Off the snow cones. Mick adapting to Rocky’s fame. Something juvenile. Rocky and Apolla are close. Real close. Mr T is an asshole. Kill Bill, Tarantino, and color. Color correction vs color grading. A showy long take. The bittersweet discover of Quentin Tarantino’s longtime editor Sally Menke. Censorship. The Whole Bloody Affair. Finally, an extended conversation on Tarantino and alleged plagiarism. Actually how bad is the borrowing? What Eric wants in life. Continue reading

A History of Violence + Out of the Past

A History of Violence + Out of the PastMen with questionable pasts. Coffee and Pie. Multiple interpretations of the title. Joey and Tom. The longer a film is great, the harder you expect it to fail. Edie Stall is making it happen. The action and brutality in A History of Violence, and how it stands out against other movies. Breaking the tension. Techniques, old and new, of David Cronenberg. High shots and other camera work. How Cronenberg uses the rule of thirds. Using prolonged violence to create tensions. William Hurt shows off. An extended conversation about sex. A movie for pacifists! Out of the Past and old school Double Feature. Different types of noir fans. Storytelling. Jane Greer as Kathie Moffat. The 80s noir remakes. Jane Greer as Rose Mcgowan. Double crosses and ultimate fatales! The convoluted plots of film noir. Historical context for the crazy. Continue reading

Coffy + Foxy Brown

Coffy + Foxy BrownTwo films separated at birth: Coffee and Foxy Brown! Eric’s hidden ability. The American Internation blacksploitation race. What violence looks like in a Jack Hill movie. The original Coffee soundtrack. Musical talk back. How Coffee and Foxy Brown stack up against the rest of the genre. Racism! Feminism and female empowerment. Where Foxy Brown came from. Taglines. Outfits and fashion. The Foxy Brown drinking game. Willie Hutch and Motown. Pam Grier, the first badass American action woman. A cinematic milestone. Are Coffee and Foxy Brown sequels? Continue reading

Hairspray + The Little Shop of Horrors

Hairspray + The Little Shop of HorrorsCult films that later spawned colossal musicals. Chicago violently floods. John Waters, Hairspray (1988), and Hypnotherapy. What inspires John Waters? The last John Waters Divine film. John Waters without Divine. Competing counterculture. A different type of parent. Finally, other people can understand! MTV’s The Grind. Racism! Double Feature gets super political. Leslie Gore and Leslie Powers. The colorized version of The Little Shop of Horrors (1960)! Public domain. Roger Corman. The Little Shop of Horrors relationship with Bucket of Blood. Budget. Chiropractors and faith healors. Man eating chicken! Continue reading

Assault on Precinct 13 + The Wrong Man

Assault on Precinct 13 + The Wrong ManJohn Carpenter and Alfred Hitchcock are two directors with something to say about the police. Assault on Precinct 13 blah blah Rio Bravo blah blah. Things AoP13 has inspired. Defining action as its own genre. Vanilla twist. The innocent years of John Carpenter. Deborah Hill. Super wide composition. Whatever device lights. An anonymous, faceless enemy. How to play Potatoes. John Carpenter’s take on the police. Silent violence. Alfred Hitchcock knows how good he is. The wrongly accused in Hitchcock movies. That Wrong Man as not a film noir! Finally covering the hard boiled detective on a movie with no hard boiled detective. Who’s actually to blame? Your ultimate fears, realized. Continue reading

Ravenous + Jonestown

Ravenous + JonestownTwo failed utopias! Bag cat buzzkill. Ravenous’ effect on the human body. Examine Damon Albarn’s score for Ravenous. When what’s fucked up is how not fucked up something is. UNRELIABLE ALBARN. A creepy secret trick, being played on only you. Antonia Bird! Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple. Arriving at the tragedy. Jim Jones as…an upstanding human being? Lies and ethics. Where Jones went wrong. Wait, why aren’t we talking to that guy? Knowing what’s to come. One of the all time greatest pieces of audio. The terror. Continue reading

Killapalooza 14: Phantasm

Killapalooza 14: PhantasmPhantasm films 1-4. Michael and New Orleans. Reverend Zombie’s house of voodoo. Phantasm and the Man with No Neck. Characters and convenient names. Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man. The design of the house. Muscle car hand-me-downs and vintage synthesizers. The use of weapons. A Killapalooza first. Another memorable ending. Phantasm 2. The objectives of phantasm. Science fiction and horror. A franchise about a group of heroes rather than an iconic villain. Ladies. What’s so great about horror? The connection between Sam Raimi and Phantasm. Don Coscarelli. Incest let down. Phantasm 3 and the retcons. Lord of the Dead. Letting your characters age while hanging on to your demographic. Using your previous work. Phantasm 4: Oblivion. A Star Wars intervention. Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Tatooine and dual suns. The legend of the tall man. Where would you take the Phantasm series? Continue reading

12 Angry Men + Predators

12 Angry Men + PredatorsTeam work, here on Double Feature! Trojan Horsing films on the audience. Twelve Angry Men. Jury Duty. No courts! Back in your day, everything was less awesome than it is now. Jurors and hamster sweat. Claustrophobia. The ideas behind the camera work. Beyond a reasonable doubt. Wanting to help. What did Robert Rodriguez actually do on Predators? The terror that is the AA-12 automatic shotgun. The relationship between Predators and Machete. Defending Predators using 12 Angry Men. The spectacular marketing and casting plan. Instant icons. Continue reading

The Big Lebowski + Sideways

Sideways + The Big LebowskiMen in robes and boxers optionally teach you Philosophy and/or English. The epic cult masterpiece that is The Big Lebowski. A true era. Two sober atheists talk white russians. Lebowski lore. Created characters to bounce off each other. Julianne Moore as Maude. Feminism and jokes. Philip Seymour Hoffman breathing life into a non-role. Michael’s reaction to The Big Lebowski. The last man standing. The Coen Brothers and accessibility. Schtick brought to reality. Optional philosophy. Acid trips! An awakening to independent film. Deconstructing the infamous wine tasting scene. Both sides of the debate! Virginia Madsen vs Sandra Oh. Sexual ethics, part 2. Which parts are the funny parts? Goddamn metaphors! Continue reading

Ichi the Killer + Opera

Ichi the Killer + OperaPet the white cat! A secret to making Starbucks Frappuccinos at home. Horror in the years before and after Ichi the Killer. Blowjob Foley. Using sex in horror when you can’t show the sex parts. Ambitious violence. A contender for worst CD scene in Double Feature history. What inspired Takashi Miike? Karen! Misdirection via overwhelming. Attacking the senses. How do you not talk about psychic Animals? Dario Argento and the opera. Brian Eno, David Bowie, and I’m Afriad of Americans. Backwards Diva walkout. Betty, the hot little 80s final girl. Buying into the needles. The best bit of action violence in Opera. The worst plan ever. Slasher deaths and ending fake-outs. The Year 4 theme revealed. Continue reading

Glengarry Glen Ross + Shaun of the Dead

Glengarry Glen Ross + Shaun of the DeadWake up from your 9-5 coma. A Double Feature for the working class. Glengarry Glen Ross and the rat race. Colored light. Tension. Capitalists call out sales people. Boring war stories that add nothing to humanity. Sales people should be replaced by robots. Conmen will attempt to con each other, even if unintentionally. Shaun of the Dead and the waking dead. Physically clock in, mentally check out. Where you can find a LOT more Edgar Wright. The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy. Using sound to sell your action. Minimalistic effects. Enhancing jokes via clever directing. Continue reading

The Matrix + Rollerball

The Matrix + RollerballTwo giant sci-fi films dealing with earth-bound overloads in terrifying futures. The Matrix. Making code cool. The look and feel of 90s films. Things you’ve never noticed before. The supporting characters. Leaving reality. Philosophy, destiny, free will, and other heavy lifting. A great fisheye lens! Getting to the bottom of The Wachowskis. The music in Rollerball. The rules of Rollerball. Government requests. What the future looks like. Future fashion! Jonathan E. A dystopian sports film. TRIPLE ZOOM. The psychology behind the capitalistic masters of Rollerball. Continue reading

Rocky 2 + Sex and Fury

Rocky 2 + Sex and FuryRocky vs Asia, Part 2. Simultaneous journeys. A very sexy day of Double Feature. Rock 2 is aware of it’s place in the world. Rocky calls bullshit on itself. A strategy for starting your sequel. Directed by Sylvester Stalone! Fixing past mistakes. Humanity and heart. Actually rooting for a protagonist. Defining a character by their faults. Unable to sell out. Real life optimism. Character evolution. Provoking a reaction. Sex and Fury + Lady Snowblood. Japanese Pink Films. How do pink films compare to American sexploitation? Poker showdown. What’s the difference between sex cinema and pornography? Censorship in Japanese pornography. Urabon and the resistance! Continue reading

The Toxic Avenger + Troll 2

The Toxic Avenger + Troll 2Highlighting Toxic Avenger by using Troll 2, the best worst movie of all time. Two people who don’t know anything about Troll 2 watching it for the first time. Double Feature is not a shot about bad films! Learning more about Troma. Redbox and Asylum. Michael’s not even sure what’s on his own show. Toxie is probably canon. Lloyd Kaufman. What you can hide with background music. Dubbing. Wheezing! The voice of the Toxic Avenger. Year 4, headcrush four! Three sure fire endings. Slowly bailing on the movie. Milking the cash cow. John Carl Buechler? Gobilns vs Trolls. Covering a movie in a different way. Argento Goblin, Londer After Midnight, and Sega Genesis. True scares. Preempting Troll 2’s bad excuses. Sex scenes with pop corn. Potted friends. Staring into the camera. Hamster sandwich. Continue reading

The Trial + Naked Lunch

The Trial + Naked LunchA Franz Kafka and William S Burroughs double feature. The double feature itself is Kafkaesque. Orson Well’s The Trial. Spoken word credits! Kafka and grammar. Bleak, hopeless, confusing and everyone hates you. There are no breaks in surrealism! Before the law. Deciphering the indecipherable. Using Atlas Shrugged to wrap your head around the most complicated parables and paradoxes. Kafka’s appeal to minimalism. Children at play. The advocate. Camera work and lighting! The Metamorphosis. William S Burroughs and Naked Lunch. The film vs the book. Real life tales. An autobiography by someone else. Mugwump reveal. A proof of the effect of depth of field. Another method of shooting car scenes. Real life 1950s. Body horror on a switch. Continue reading

Two-Lane Blacktop + Rubber

Two-Lane Blacktop + RubberThe beginning and end of the road. Nihilism. Where did all that protesting get us? The antithesis of roadsploitation. Warren Oats and the spirit of the road. Kris Kristofferson. You don’t make a movie this different than all other roadsploitation without yourself commenting on the genre. The girl isn’t really any better. Living in the moment, to the extreme. A return to the Music Box and the worst seven and a half minutes of Eric’s life. Rubber, a movie about Bear or No Bear. Codename Oizo. Addressing the meta. Left out in the CG vs models debate? Composites! Brutality. How to film and edit a composite. DSLR film making. The Canon 5D Mark II. Advantages and disadvantages of using a DSLR. Follow focus and the AC. Continue reading

Closer + Happy Go Lucky

Closer + Happy Go LuckyLearning about human kind! Closer. Outside your comfort zone, everything is original and exciting! Keeping scenes to two characters. The four people who all have sex with each other (before one of them wins). 2004, that bizarre year in history. Let’s talk about sex. Disasters could have been averted! Smack my bitch up. Sex and ethics. Mike Leigh and Happy Go Lucky. The human experience. Happy without tuning out. First impressions – or why Eric takes pride in looking like some immature kid. Optimistic, not an airhead. What would actually happen if you were never upset about anything? Driving instructions. Is there a downside to living like Poppy? Continue reading

Killapalooza 13: Silent Night, Deadly Night

Killapalooza 13: Silent Night, Deadly NightSilent Night, Deadly Night 1-5. Donate to Double Feature. Please. Controversy. Fucking with Santa. What’s truly different about Silent Night, Deadly Night. Billy Chapman. There is no hard evidence to support the conclusion that The Pizza Factory in Uptown Chicago was a drug front. The warm side of the door montage. There is no Santa. The longest recap of all time. Eric Freeman, baby storyteller. Ricky Chapman. KnowYourMeme.com. Garbage Day! Better Watch Out. Enter the supernatural. Why blind? Bill Mosley and the brain bowl. The initiation and Clint Howard’s film library. Deep into obscurity. Buy The McVeigh Tapes. CHEESE WHEEL. The Toy Maker. Which Ricky is Ricky? Yearly X-Mas horror. Teenage dry humping. Sex toys. Not those kind of sex toys. The meat cart is in more films than Mickey Rooney. Continue reading

The Conversation + Rear Window

The Conversation + Rear WindowMovies about voyeurism by heavy directors. Also, a good double feature! The first Francis Ford Corpula film on the show. Studios and audio equipment. Convenient release timing. The shot of The Quad. Deconstructing a single event. Laboring over one scene. Discover and revelations. Fighting the neo-noir. A profession you don’t know much about. Being a creeper. Swell shop party. Paranoia through plot reveals and camera work. Bernie is second best, you guys. The religious element of The Conversation. Where did Bernie go? Classy downtrodden piano score. Score in Rear Window. Single room, environment, and angle. What was Hitchcock up to? A great decade for Hitchcock, a terrible decade for women. Women’s intuition. Humanity. Grace Kelly has the adventure! Who are the vampires in Rear Window? People watching as a taboo. The Chicago loop at night. Alfred Hitchcock’s brand of suspense. Acceptable browsers. Continue reading

Four Rooms + From Dusk Till Dawn

Four Rooms + From Dusk Till DawnTarantino and Rodriguez, back to back! And then Rodriguez and Tarantino! Found film. Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell…Marisa Tomei? Combustible Edison and Vertigogo. Time Roth, resident weirdo. The Missing Ingredient. The Wrong Man. The Misbehavers. The Man from Hollywood. Swell parties. Michael’s Titanic sequel. The bathroom shot. The in-between inside outside wall shot. Camera pull away super far out Tim Roth’s character is here pointing shot. Jennifer Beals. Antonio Banderas. The Robert Rodriguez boss shot, as seen in both films. Long takes. POV. The Man from the South. Spot the Hodder?! Robert Kurtzman. Are you ready for vampires? Rodriguez’s early style. Fred Williiam’s spot at the bar. Who the fuck is Tom Savani? Filmmakers and friends. Continue reading

Deep Red + The Gore Gore Girls

Deep Red + The Gore Gore GirlsPetting the white cat. Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) requires subtitles. Previous Dario Argento recap. Goblin is kicking ass on the case. The color of blood. Running over heads. Dario Argento, psychic animals, and investigating murders. Red herrings. The most terrifying scenes. Gimmicks holding up upon rewatching. Were you thrown off here? The eyeliner clue. Flying Tom Tom vs bookends. Chicago in films! Herschell Gordon Lewis. The invention of the splatter films. Under and over exposed? The joys of poorly made film. Herschell’s gore. Chocolate milk nipples. Breaking the fourth wall. Continue reading

Crank + Shoot ‘Em Up

Crank + Shoot Em UpDouble Feature’s apologetic action films? Chev Chelios, the nonexistent legend. 16 bit! First impressions. The look of Crank. An all black room of with all black walls and all black men and smoke. Online maps! Video taped on a Canon XL-2 and a Sony CineAlta HDC-F950. Editing and unorthodox camera rigs. The treatment of exposition. The comic relief character! Why Crank makes you watch Crank 2. Sitting at the bus stop in Shoot ‘Em Up. The Chicago Wilson CTA stop. Using the environment in shoot-outs. When a film markets itself. Shoot ‘Em Up’s viral campaign “Bullet Proof Baby.” Bonsai Kitten. Rube Goldberg traps. Bitter:Sweet. How much does Donna (Monica Bellucci) make as a prostitute? Guesses at Shoot ‘Em Up’s motivation. Continue reading

American Psycho + Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

American Psycho + Henry: Portrait of a Serial KillerMichael’s underhanded double feature. Murderous character studies in transgressive fiction. American Psycho and director Mary Harron. Female directors. Covering Christian Bale. Miles Fisher’s video for This Must Be the Place. What’s terrifying about American Psycho? Ending revelations and how they inform characters who aren’t Patrick Bateman. Characters in shared fiction. Empire Magazine 20th Anniversary Pictures. Gmail. Chicago diner chains. How Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer was made. Henry Lee Lucas. Voyeurism and long takes. Rebecca Watson and Team Human. Cynacism. Us or them. Selling agony: the worst thing that could possibly happen to a human being. Continue reading

Rocky + Shogun Assassin

Rocky + Shogun AssassinRocky vs Asia. Simultaneous journeys. Misguided east vs west double features. Learning about something new via marathons. The characters in Rocky. What the fuck, Paulie? Talia Shire as Adrian. Mickey Goldmill is a crazy person. What makes Rocky a great character (and an unusual one for Sylvester Stallone). Apollo Creed and his influence on the other characters. How Apollo stands out from the usual interesting villain variations. The mother of all montages! More than you actually wanted to know about Stedicam. Lone Wolf and Cub. Roger Corman’s talking baby. Narration via infant. Samurai Stroller. Child abuse vs honor! The fantasy you expect from foley. Hip Hop? Continue reading

Hatchet 2 + Cabin Fever 2

Hatchet 2 + Cabin Fever 2Blood and sex feature! Old School American Horror Blasphemy. Eric’s horrible, horrible confession. Hatchet 2 after the first Hatchet. Danielle Harris replacing Tamara Feldman as Marybeth. The ending of Hatchet. Who comes back and how? Supernatural: bear or no bear! Joel David Moore. In-world references. Hatchet 2’s unrated release. The return of the belt sander. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. The first impression moment. This is really Ti West! The animated credit sequence. Super wide angle fisheye lenses. Giuseppe Andrews is at it again. Expanding on Deputy Winston. Cum – the ultimate cinematic taboo? More on the Cabin Fever rabbit. Fight for the quarantined? Continue reading

Double Feature Year 3 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Three retrospective. Listener emails. Favorite pairings. Worst pairings. Things Double Feature was wrong about. Surprises. Nude listeners. Microsoft ends the Zune. Bag cat. Tremors and Family Ties! Accessibility. Double Feature and the topic of religion. Why talk positively about all films? Eric does not own a cell phone. A spoiler free conversation about the last 15 minutes of High Tension. Double Feature Show Ripoff and Film Shack. Double Feature’s RSS feed and the mp3 version of the show. The future of the old shows. Revisiting the first date rings. Sky friend or sky pig? Why nudity is the most insane taboo. Continue reading

Mary and Max + The Killing

Mary and Max + The KillingListener picked Double Feature! How did the listeners do? If you didn’t win, you still kinda win. What did we learn about podmanity? Stop motion, claymation, and tricks! Mary and Max and the portrayal of the United States. Loving your characterization. The context of your medium. Anxiety and depression. Appropriate fear. Evaluating what’s off the table. Old men talking to little girls. Societal standards. Is there spite behind the humor? The inability to overlook a powerful medium. Character design. Which killing is The Killing? Finally solving Stanley Kuberick and fullscreen or widescreen. A different kind of voiceover. Crime! Art Gilmore. The purity of watching film noir over neo-noir. Marie Windsor as Sherry. Extremes in lighting. Visible light sources. Black canvas. Early looks at a director’s signature. Shadows and guilt! Continue reading

Harry Brown + Children of Men

Harry Brown + Children of MenDouble bleak Feature. Finally, Children of Men has found a film to partner with! Evil people in the world – this evil? Minimal score emphasizing desolation in both tone and melody. Violence isn’t fun, it’s fucking sad. How Harry Brown differs from Death Wish. The non-disguise of Harry Brown. Vigilante justice: what is the movie’s stance? Two pacifists talk about when vigilantism is justified. Why Children of Men matters so much to Double Feature. Things you can get away with in the documentary style of cinematography. Following a single character. Propaganda posters. Immigration. Continue reading

To Die For + Serial Mom

To Die For + Serial MomSo-called “true stories” of women and crimes. To Die For and Pamela Smart. Gus Van Sant. What was Danny Elfman up to? Tonal shifts. Documentary/mockumentary style. Wait, we’re killing? Idolizing TV life. Questioning motivation. David Cronenberg?! Pretending things are dark comedies. References to horror and exploitation films. More on housewife exploitation. More somewhat harmless fun. John Waters brings new sexual terms to middle America! Soundbank. Capital Punishment. Patty Hearst: convicted felon and John Waters actor. Trials, court rooms and a fetish for trials. It’s finally happening!

Killapalooza 12: Sleepaway Camp

Killapalooza 12: Sleepaway CampSleepaway Camp films 1-5. A return to true 80s slashers. Covering a film that doesn’t exist. Feminism. The original 1983 Sleepaway Camp. Paul Deangelo as background Ronnie. Covering up the deaths. The essential elements of camp. Homosexuality in the 80s. What is Sleepaway Camp saying about gay parents? What’s going on with the weird aunt? Desiree Gould as Aunt Martha. Ten minutes of softball! Inventive kills. The formula misleads! Eric is in love with Felissa Rose. One of the all time greatest slasher endings. What’s interesting about the infamous ending in retrospect. Unhappy Campers, and the beginning of Double Feature friendly naming conventions. The happy campers song. Pamela Springsteen. The burden of creating the icon. POV shots. Teenage Wasteland. Slasher theme songs. Are team building exercises bullshit? Fluoride in the drinking water. Female slasher fun! You have to censor the gore: Do you polish the edits, or make them as abrasive as possible? Slasher with a gun. Reporting on Sleepaway Camp 4: The Survivor (the unreleased film) – what’s it about, what does the footage look like? Return to Sleepaway Camp as an 80s return. Stealing Chef and Ned from South Park. The career of Felissa Rose. Michael fears Eric’s excitement. What makes this franchise notable. New website! Continue reading

Tron + Scott Pilgrim

Tron + Scott PilgrimBeep boop beep boop. Synthesizers, videogames, and hairspray. Disney, Double Feature style. Tron. What exactly Disney had to do with the original Tron. Where does the cult appeal of Tron come from? The beginnings of computer generated imagery. Tron in HD! Eric is the only person in the universe who likes the non-computer, real world parts of Tron more than being inside. South Park and Tron Guy. Notable for CG, notable for sound stage, notable for a movie studio pretending it never happened. Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Edgar Wright, Michael Cera, and the greatest fucking editing of all time. Colored lighting. 8bit. Zelda over Photos of You. The Clash at Demonhead. Gloomrock. Sadcore. Music and fighting! Continue reading

Girl, Interrupted + Reform School Girls

Girl Interrupted + Reform School GirlsLate night double feature. Crazy girl slumber party. Girl, Interrupted. The six degrees of Bacon Brittany. Understanding the very public, very international obsession with Angelina Jolie. Using crazy to break up heavy. Social nonconformity vs complete sociopath. Eccentric vs insane. How taboos change over time. Does being around crazies make you crazy? Reform School Girls. Wendy O Williams. Anarchy and feminism. What’s sexploitation and what’s pornography? Is sexploitation sexy? Go out with a bang. Continue reading

Lost Highway + Psycho

Lost Highway + PsychoDouble Feature makes two intimidating films by even more intimidating directors completely approachable. David Lynch and Lost Highway. Where you’ve heard Angelo Badalamenti. The return of Trent Reznor. Did David Lynch write The Perfect Drug? The look of Lost Highway. Focal point in the most shallow depth of all fields. Putting your camera in creepy places. Minimalistic home design and it’s impact on implied lighting. The 1950s. The tapes. Lens Whacking. Bear or No Bear film making. Driver down. Psycho. Alfred Hitchcock’s distrust of the police. The Hayes code. Toliet outrage. Playing clue. Do not tell your friends. Alfred Hitchcock thinks you’re a fucking dolt. Continue reading

The Exorcism of Emily Rose + The Fourth Kind

The Exorcism of Emily Rose + The Fourth KindPseudoscience is only the beginning of the odd choices in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and The Fourth Kind. Can movies about nonsense hold up intellectually outside of their immediate premise? Jennifer Carpenter. An awful lawyer. Written by a skeptic and a true believer. Writing and directing a fair and realistic story about demons. The demon defense. How to pronounce Milla Jovovich. Again. The internet hates The Fourth Kind. Don’t throw an experiment out because you don’t like the results. Eric loves Alaska! Plant your own skeptic. Richard Dawkin’s take on Arthur C. Clarke’s “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” The alien creation myth. The Fourth Kind hoax. Continue reading

A Night in Casablanca + The Great Dictator

A Night in Casablanca + The Great DictatorWorld War II as portrayed by cinema of the early 40s. Describing the Marx Brothers and A Night in Casablanca. Groucho, Harpo, and Chico. Harpo and Teller (of Penn and Teller). Musical entertainment. The role of women in Marx Brothers films. Making fun of Nazis! Why is A Night in Casablanca too easy on the Nazis? The Great Dictator: written, produced, staring, directed, and music by Charlie Chaplin. The haunted mustache. Talkies and sound! New technology. Chaplin’s depiction of Hitler. Interpreting the final speech. Continue reading

High Tension + Wolf Creek

High Tension + Wolf CreekVital splat pack! Horror at the peak of it’s class. The early 2000’s era of bullshit horror films. The Splat Pack vs Old School American Horror. The mission of spot-lit aesthetics. The flying tom tom! Lighting a pitch black scene. The infamous horror movie neck slice. Feeling used. The truck. An intervention with the end of High Tension. Greg McLean and Wolf Creek. Building a supernatural killer story arc around a regular man. Cars on the road in Australia. Deserted road car lotto. Goddamnit, not again! Continue reading

The Room + The Happening

The Room + The HappeningTwo fucking terrible movies. What separates cult film from shit film? What separates so bad that it’s good from just bad? Toom Wiseau writes, directs and stores in The Room. Who’s to be mocked for this disaster? Opposing views of the willing accomplices. The bright side! The best worst scene. Theories. What if it’s all true? Is it ok to like The Room? Genre defined by intentions vs reception. Don’t go up in them plants, there’s a death curse! THE HOTDOG GUY. The Happening is phenomenally ignorant of anything even remotely resembling science. Colony Collapse Disorder. Debunking kirlian cameras. How is The Happening this bad? An alternate ending. M. Night Shyamalan’s hoax documentary “The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan.” Continue reading

Shaft + Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon + ShaftKung Fu and Blaxploitation. 1971. Shaft trailer. There’s art in Shaft! Exploitation where someone actually gives a shit. First person fights. Richard Roundtree vs Fred Williamson. Racial gravity community. Tanks on Broadway. Noir pretending to be blaxploitation. Drew Bundini Brown and the reverse mohawk. The Shaft sequels and (sort of) remake. Enter the Dragon: a time when nudity was still ok. The sound of kung fu. Jim Kelly. Bruce Lee. 70s slow motion at the proper frame rate. Kung fu as an artform. FIGHTING TOURNAMENT BLUEPRINT. A challenge to Podmanity. IT PETS THE WHITE CAT. Smoke and mirrors. Continue reading

Bubba Ho-tep + Trick ‘r Treat

Bubba Ho-tep + Trick 'r TreatOld school American horror! Elvis, Don Coscarelli and the crew from Phantasm. Glitchy edits ala J-Horror! What gave Bubba Ho-tep its cult status? Everyone knows who Bruce Campbell is. Making exposition not just ok, but enjoyable. Bubba Ho-tep’s opinion of real life Elvis. Michael Dougherty’s Trick or Treat. Halloween block party! THE A-B-C- METHOD. Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams! Creature effects. A call for yearly Trick ‘r Treats. Continue reading

Smokey and the Bandit + Thunder and Lightning

Smokey and the Bandit + Thunder and LightningSouthern American, alcohol, and the goddamn road. Burt Reynolds. Giving your film visual depth. Smokey and the Bandit for Dummies. What we’re dealing with here is a total lack of respect for the law! Bandits. Snowman. Racism in the south. The Prodigy song Their Law uses a quote (not a sample). Pontiac Trans Am. Is this roadsploitation? Whiskey running. Coors being illegal in the 70s. Blocking. Who is David Carradine, really? Thunder and Lightning and Roger Corman. Cheap 70s filmmaking. Christian gator wrestling. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hard top (second generation). Rotgut whiskey. What should be icons! Continue reading

Django + Sukiyaki Western Django

Django + Sukiyaki Western DjangoSpaghetti westerns and Sukiyaki Western spaghetti westerns! A better example of italian exploitation. Dialogue so bad you shouldn’t even bother dubbing. A gunslinger who mad libs. Exploitation theme songs. The coffin reveal. The wort dubbing gets worse. Opening the package. Is it a good trade? Contrasting Django with The Man With No Name. Unauthorized sequels. New to Takashi Miike! What the fuck is Sukiyaki Western Django doing? Japanese fashion hybrids. Sergeant Hugo Stiglitz and Bloody Benton. Making the cartoonish violence. The better gun. Michael says something insane. Continue reading

Killapalooza 11: The Amityville Horror

Killapalooza 11: The Amityville HorrorThe Amityville Horror films 1-8. The Amitville hoax. FINALLY – Eric and Michael make a video! The Lutz family. James Randi. How the Amityville Horror story was fabricated. What’s the worst thing the house did? The possession! Incest as a franchise staple? Asking critical thinking questions about incest. SKYPIG. 3-D is even more lame if you put it in the title. Stephen Kaplan the skeptical true-believer. Ed and Lorraine Warren. GHOST COLD. Testing for ghosts. The evil escapes. Haunted antiques and some additional skepticism. Where does the haunting reside? The Amityville curse. Fireside haunted slumber party mystery. When porn reigns fire. It’s about time. When has ‘wake up from a dream’ ever worked? Mature stories in immature settings. If Jeremy Kasten directed The Amityville Horror. Sage Francis. Shitty art mocking well known art. Accidental miniature shot! Sequel or tax write-off? Roger’s Corman’s The Fantastic Four. A lesson about incest using The Brady Bunch. Continue reading

Ed Wood + Shadow of the Vampire

Ed Wood + Shadow of the VampireA show about old films disguised as a show about new films. Glen or Glenda! Credit movies. Why are Edward D Wood Jr movies so bad? Surrounding yourself with weirdos. Jeffrey Jones and The Amazing Criswell. Juliet Landau is amazing. Martin Landau. Elvira. A different look at Ed Wood. An honest look at Bela Lugosi. Honoring an old technique. Maurice Lamarche. Writings and pornography. The Church of Ed Wood. EDWJ writes your movie! Nosferatu, Dracula, and Shadow of the Vampire. John Malkovich plays F W Murnau like he’s Count Orlok. When conspiracy is ok! Questioning what’s real. Directors narrate silent films. Why people should care about german expressionism. Vampires then and now. The original “don’t show the monster.” Icons. Udo Kier. Continue reading

Cannibal Holocaust + The Big Bird Cage

Cannibal Holocaust + The Big Bird CageTwo not-yet-covered exploitation films about people getting massacred in the jungle. Double Feature tries a new approach to pairing difficult films. Cannibal exploitation in Cannibal Holocaust. Animal cruelty. The trial of director Ruggero Deodato for the murder of his actors. Distributors’ moral stance. Do you keep the footage? The influence of Cannibal Holocaust on the decades to follow. Eli Roth. Cannibal Holocaust sequel! Finally, there’s BAG CAT. The good time to be had with Roger Corman and The Big Bird Cage. Some people actually don’t care for breasts. Women in prison films. Conventions of the genre. Sid Haig. Pam Grier. What sets The Big Bird Cage apart. Continue reading

Look + Pecker

Look + PeckerPhotography and voyeurism. Where are the cameras?! What people do when no one is looking. The misadventures of Adam Rifkin. The average person vs one example of a person. If you could see the big picture. Events you missed out on. Giuseppe Andrews is getting electrocuted. Original music. Sony CineAlta cameras. Unnatural cinematography. Defying the rule of thirds. Wide open depth of field and heightened senses. Lying. Morality. Look is also a TV series on Showtime (you can watch it here: Look TV Series). Pecker as the last of the first mainstream John Waters films. Which is the real John Waters underdog? Christina Ricci. The career of Martha Plimpto. Women in Pecker. Go out to stores and take photos of unsuspecting customers. Children and ADHD. Critics are fucking idiots. Continue reading

Doomsday + Equilibrium

Doomsday + EquilibriumMovies that best their source material. The splat pack. Neil Marshall. What does Doomsday steal from? The cannibal dance. Rhona Mitra Major Eden Sinclair. Craig Conway as Sol (not Saul). Shifts in setting. Sacrificing signature for wider acceptance. Weird things directors do that make them stand out. A twist on roadsploitation. Stealing John Murphy’s 28 Weeks Later score. Norman Borlaug has saved over one billion human lives. Search for him. The two reasons population control is a silly cliche. Equilibirum and 1984. Sean Bean. Taye Diggs refill. Emily Watson. William Fichtner’s own story. Creating action without action. Blended split focus. Alternatives to Meat Cart! Gun Kata. Making violence more violent – with glass! Playing the comedy straight. Just a formally. Continue reading

The Social Network + The Hudsucker Proxy

The Social Network + The Hudsucker ProxyTitans of industry! The awards. Skeptical of The Social Network? Having nostalgia for the first time. AwesomeStart.com. Apache, Perl, Livejournal, Firefox! A look into the actual life of a teenage programmer. How do we monetize? How the movie treats Mark Zuckerburg. Thinking out loud and living in a bubble. The relationship between Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker. Justin Timberlake. Tilt shift photography. Trent Reznor. Atticus Ross. Rob Sheridan. What the movie doesn’t do! What is a hudsucker proxy? Making a film for laughs. The opposite of The Social Network. Art Deco. Time capsule…of the 90s. The Coen Brothers and Sam Raimi? Dark Humor in The Hudsucker Proxy. Continue reading

May + Teeth

May + TeethViolent girls! Guess who’s sick? ALL HAIL HONEY BEAR. People who spoil May. Who is Lucky McKee, besides the director of May? An effective flying Tom Tom! May with an eye patch. Angela Bettis and Jeremy Sisto. Adam and May, together. Come back to our side Anna Faris. James Duval and the icy nipples. Normal people making fucking up movies. A skeptical look at on-screen chemistry. Smoking in cinema. Things that are wrong. Soundtrack. The Breeders. Scarling. Score and foley. Dark humor. Suzie the doll. Subtlety vs a movie where you have teeth in your vagina. Vagina Dentata. Promise rings. Have more sex. But not with your family. A film where every guy is a creep. Saving it for the one you marry. Does Mitchell Lichtenstein’s movie Teeth understand evolution? What is the evolutionary advantage of having a vagina with teeth? Teeth as a superhero film. Continue reading

Planet of the Apes + Colossus: The Forbin Project

Planet of the Apes + Colossus: The Forbin ProjectClassic sci-fi day. See Colossus: The Forbin Project! Arthur P. Jacobs. Rod Serling. The original ideas for Planet of the Apes and all that could have been. Jerry Goldsmith. Sci-Fi allegories vs over-interpretations. Who sneaks symbolism into the film? Religion: just how ridiculous is it? Intellectual hypocrisy. Class warfare. Social inequality. The ending of The Planet of the Apes. Respecting your audience more than they even deserve. Computer voice. Cold War history. Mutually assured destruction. Unanswered questions. Continue reading

Mulberry Street + Frozen

Mulberry Street + FrozenOld School American Horror! Mulberry Street. Eight Films to Die For. The After Dark Horror Fest. Jim Mickle as writer, director, editor. The advantages of total control. Mood and tone. Identifying budget. Lo-Fi film making! Close knit living. Laid back angry distortion. Room ambience. A stab in the dark at character relationships. Adam Green’s Frozen and Adam Greens Old School American Horror. Explaining the reception. New horror IP. Spot the Hodder. A more specific subgener of trapped in a single place (bottle) films. Try this at home! Alternating desperation with victory. The idea behind not showing violence. Continue reading

Catfish + The Girlfriend Experience

Catfish + The Girlfriend ExperienceUnorthodox relationship day! Corresponding with children. When society forces incorrect reactions. The facts have not been redacted. Privacy of documentary film subjects. Jumping the gun. The Catfish trailer. Applying skepticism to the claims of hoax and the idea of “too good to be true.” Suspicions. Is Catfish a hoax? Prank-u-documentaries. Camera work. Steven Soderbergh and The Girlfriend Experience. TGE. What does it mean to purchase a girlfriend experience? Steven Soderbergh’s career. Red One. What Red cameras and DSLRs mean for the future of film. Why show the two stories? Fucking gym memberships. Personal anecdotes about the inner works of the call girl industry. Continue reading

Pulp Fiction + Sin City

Pulp Fiction + Sin CityTarantino and Rodriguez, back to back! Pulp Fiction and Tarantino’s chapters. The popular appeal of Pulp Fiction. What nonlinear storytelling accomplishes. Separating character development from overall narrative. Simultaneous stories. Building up Marsellus Wallace. Quentin Tarantino and race relations! Soundtrack. The life and work of Julia Sweeney. Atheism! Learning through conversation. Noir characters in the modern world. The MacGuffin, The Maltese Falcon, and Plot Coupons. Robert Rodriguez and Sin City. Quest director Quentin Tarantino! Getting Frank Miller to sign off. The characters in Basin City. Do it cheap, do it smart, and fuck film school. Continue reading

Killapalooza 10: Wishmaster

Killapalooza 10: WishmasterWishmaster films 1-4. The return of Killapalooza! Where did it ever go, again? Further exploration of always being nice to films. An abstract conversation about Wes Craven using a film he produced as a symbol for his greater style on a whole. Where did they get all the answers? Robert Kurtzman. The greatest scene in Wishmasterdom. Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund. Lazy wish-granting. Why “be careful what you wish for” is a bad supernatural plot. Green shirt guy. Photos of you. Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies. Andrew Divoff as the Wishmaster. Wish-lines. Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell. Shitty Acid drumloops. Embarrassing. Getting sick. Wish specificity. An opportunity to freshly exploit an old power. The magic of the paradox. Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled. Using a campy mythos to talk about a serious subject. Where should the franchise go from here? Continue reading

Altered States + The Fly

Altered States + The FlyMad scientists! Dubious science. What’s a spoiler? https://bing.com/images?q=ken+russell is what you need to know. Trying to figure out Ken Russell’s Altered States from 1980. Behind the scenes at Double Feature. Michael doesn’t know what to do! William Hurt. Blair Brown. Actors who could be your mom, naked when they were younger. LSD. Timothy Leary. John C. Lilly. What was the point of the LSD deprivation experiments? The longest WTF scene yet. Be afraid, be very afraid. David Cronenberg is Jeff Goldblum as The Fly! 1986 and the relationship between man and machine. Body horror – what is it, what is it used for? The fly as a metaphor for aging. The mental and physical transformation. Films without mercy. Continue reading

Amelie + Martyrs

Amélie + MartyrsEric struggles to do the show. Why the sadistic pairing? Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Amelie. Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. Learning about the french via film. Living your quirks. Genre bending and classification. A comfortable distortion of physics. The influence and absence of Marc Caro. Dominique Pinon and Ron Perlman. A different sense of dark comedy. Fucking and the french. Fucking is ok! The American taboo. Are the things Amelie is doing right? Is it ok to lie for good? The best use of the Amelie garden gnome. The influence of American horror on the french. French extreme revisited. Smashcuts! The Flying Tom Tom. Uncertainty. What does the ending of Martyrs mean? Rape/Revenge. Continue reading

Stuck + The House of the Devil

Stuck + The House of the DevilCity dangerous vs suburb dangerous. Two films, each a play on the trapped-in-one-place mechanic. Michael Koester is not actually an exorcist. Based on actual events? Zeitgeist contributing to a movie’s success vs basing a movie on the current zeitgeist. Stewart Gordon and new homeless. Intentionally flat characters. Reactions to brutality. Director masturbatory slow motion. Dissection of slow motion violence. Brandi Boski is the worst human being alive (but Mena Suvari is a wonderful person). If you drive drunk, you are the worst human being alive. An example of Stuart Gordon at his best. Another way Ti West’s The House of the Devil could have ended (and why). What is city danger? What is a suburb? The devil. You don’t need any evidence to be based on a true story. You don’t need a true story to be based on a true story. You don’t need a story to be based on a true story. Groups of five. Bring on the tannis! Power plays. Tom Noonan as Mr Ulman. Ti West improves on the throw back. Resisting the urge. Continue reading

A Fistful of Dollars + Gojira

A Fistful of Dollars + GojiraTwo more genres Double Feature will never be fully prepared to cover. Spaghetti westerns and kaiju (japans monster movies). Two foreign films that popularized their genres in west. The dollars trilogy. What is a spaghetti western? How you can tell when something is dubbed, even in the same language as it’s shot. Ambience in recordings. Ennio Morricone (aka Dan Savio) and what makes the score. Setting the tone for a spaghetti western. The town. The solution? Elimination! Mexican border towns. What other westerns were doing at the time. The morality of the man with no name. Toho Company. Ltd. The eras of kaiju. Adapting Gojira for American audiences. Varan the Unbelievable. The worst translations. Godzilla mythology. Continue reading

Misery + Christine

Misery + ChristineStephen King. Also, this is Double Feature, so Ayn Rand too. Eric’s homework. Misery! Barry Sonnenfeld. Marc Shaiman. Writing what you know. The romanticization of the author. The real world mess that is writing an story. Rituals for both romance and storytelling mechanics. What does Paul Sheldon tell us about Stephen King. Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes. Sheldon disappoints! Fuck honor, give me desperation. Just how crazy is Annie? Killing the Ahab. The Chicago suburbs. Get naked and get in that car. A taste of things to come. High school as seen by Stephen King. Buying cursed items. Explaining your own metaphor. The moment John Carpenter first appears. Radiohead’s Karma Police. Obscured by light. The car’s motivation. Spider-Man 3 is a bad remake of Christine. Continue reading

Die Hard + Man on Wire

Die Hard + Man on WireSecret heist films that take place in famous buildings (and are based on books!) A tragic missed opportunity. iPads have chapters, Zunes don’t. Important information you miss out on when you don’t listen to Double Sleepy Naptime. Die Hard as a Christmas mood. The Nakatomi Plaza / Los Angeles Fox Plaza. Bruce Willis as John McClane. The other Die Hard films. Cowboys. The role of the men outside. Driving plot. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber. Ode to Joy. Man on Wire against American art. Eric’s tattoos and piercings. Philippe Petit, the raconteur. A conversation about that probably shouldn’t be talked about or even acknowledged. Danger! Inspirational events. Creativity. Really smart people. Continue reading

The Last Man on Earth + Deliverance

The Last Man on Earth + DeliveranceTwo movies about isolation keep each other company. Logan Swanson and the Last Man on Earth. As good as it gets! The return of the public domain. Zombies in literature. Hanging out with Vincent Price. A bit about Will Smith and I Am Legend. What do you do when you’re the last man on earth? Do artists still create? Eric actually was The Last Man on Earth. The popular icons from Deliverance. The producer says “I bet you can squeal like a pig” has to go in the show notes somewhere. Feuding banjos / Dueling banjos. The survivalist movement seen previously in The McVeigh Tapes. Nature vs modern society. Resisting change. Being “one with nature.” What happened to Drew? Day-for-night in the 1970s. Xenophobia. Killing is still wrong. Continue reading

The Devil’s Rejects + Halloween 2

The Devil's Rejects + Halloween 2Rob Zombie hour, here on Double Feature! Rob Zombie for Rob Zombie fans. Halloween 2? Halloween II? Halloween: II? H2? What the fuck is this movie called? The Devil’s Rejects is a goddamn sequel. Deconstructing the motel room. The 1970s. Trailers, dirt and hillbillies. A non-horror perspective. The humor of the film. Charlie Altamont (Ken Foree) as Lando Calrissian. Something all filmmakers could learn from slashers. Danny Trejo is the biggest fucking mexican you’ve ever seen, even if reality doesn’t support that fact. Losing a fight with your own morality. Role reversal. Ignoring the remakes, reboots and restarts. Final chapter be damned – how to kill the franchise instead of just the slasher. What Halloween 2 really is and why it exists. Questionable reality as an alternative to the retcon. Freak outs. Innocent bystanders. Overkill. Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures. The new Dr. Loomis. The director’s cut ending. Continue reading

Willard + The McVeigh Tapes

Willard + The McVeigh TapesDomestic terrors…and rats. Not in that order, either. The opening of Willard. No Danny Elfman! Protagonist by comparison. Absurd characters in a mundane world. Uncomfortable camera work. The weirdos. Willard’s Mom. Willard’s boss. Willard’s problems. Crispin Glover. Willard and the rats. Swapping your protagonist. Rachel Maddow and The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist. Are today’s protests an early warning sign? A bit on Columbine and Waco. Watering the tree of something with the blood of someone. Continue reading

Cemetery Man + The Addams Family

Cemetery Man + The Addams FamilyMacabre celebration day! Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetery Man). What the fuck is going on in italian cinema? The era of Cemetery Man. Exploitation marketing. Learning about the classics via throwback. Trends in Italian horror. Weird! But…sexy. But weird! Comedic elements? Reaction shots from unlikely participants. The mythology of cemetery man. The film’s treatment of rape. Who is She? Enter the detective. Getting snowglobe answers. The Aams Family, spooky TV, and future double features. Just what is so off about The Addams Family? Barry Sonnenfeld. Marc Shaiman. Eric loves Christina Ricci. Fester impostor. A call for weird 90s approachable goth films. Continue reading

Music Box Massacre 5

Music Box Massacre 5SPOILER FREE episode! What people from the past thought of the future. The silent film excuse. The opening band. Sanctuary. Religious commentary. Scares through sound design. Roger Corman. Bucket of Blood was so awesome that any other information is probably a spoiler. Masters of Horror. When it’s actually ok from characters to wake up from a dream. Pop psychology. Seeing films with an audience. An unexpected reaction. Catching up with each phase of Re-Animator. Exploring the poor choice in Music Box Massacre lineup. A Double Feature first. Deadsy! What the fuck happened in From Beyond? The benefit of a convention-like audience. Eric’s pitch for Pontypool. The MC of The Music Box Massacre is kind of a fuckhead. Poor misunderstood Dark Night of the Scarecrow. A look back at Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Michael gets yelled at. Eric gets sleepy. Steven King’s self-labeled “moron movie,” Maximum Overdrive. Bail! Why Carrie has the reputation it does. Spoiling Carrie’s ending. Remakes and sequels. Notes about Dennis Hopper’s death. Should Double Feature keep doing Music Box Massacre? Continue reading

Young Frankenstein + O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Young Frankenstein + O Brother, Where Art Thou?Two films that build upon legend. Spoilers, but not really. Gene Wilder is a crazy person. Mel Brooks and Young Frankenstein. Marty Feldman. The signature of Mel Brooks comedy. Post-joke comedic timing. The Roger Corman monster house. The advantages of “a relative to the known hero” over “a retelling of the known hero.” The film itself as the straight man. The Apple Final Cut Studip Color application. Learning about filmmaking for free at the Apple store. How a mall psychic is different than someone with a premonition. Natural explanations, even when you don’t need it. Ulysses Everett, defying expectation. John Goodman is fucking awesome. The infamous soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou? Diving your film into episodes. Continue reading

Taken + P2

Taken + P2Captive situations. A couple of films that do a single thing extremely well. Taken! Luc Besson. High concept and beautiful static characters. Paul David Hewson continues to show up uninvited. Action star requirements. Maggie Grace is not seventeen. Black market vs white market. Vulgar, tact-less conversations about sexual slavery. Gun foley. Studio happy endings. P2 and the parking garage. The Splat Pack. Another flying Tom Tom. Continue reading

Scanners + Eastern Promises

Scanners + Eastern PromisesTwo incredible David Cronenberg films. Scanners and the old stuff. Eastern Promises and the new stuff. A bit about Mr. Cronenberg before talking films. Body horror. Sexuality. Medicine, drugs and psychology. Being dropped into a world with no guide. Writing and shooting Scanners. Revisiting Thalidomide. Eric rejects reality. Icons of the film. How the most memorable shot is done. Funny or serious? Mindbeams. When you can’t top it, do something else! The most self-less people Double Feature has ever looked at. How people should talk in every movie. Mob bosses should stop crying. Viggo Mortensen is naked and awesome. The tattoos. Continue reading

The Expendables + Machete

Scanners + Eastern PromisesLet’s go out to the movies! Action films with obscenely huge stars. Why talk about a movie like The Expendables? Misleading, exploitative promotion for The Expendables. David Zayas. Eric Roberts. Sylvester Stallone establishing tone through early moments of gore. Steve Austin and an intellectual defense of professional wrestling. What is Sylvester Stallone’s message behind The Expendables? ShowPlace ICON: Saving the cinema-going experience. Waiting years for a film. How Machete was made. Expanding on a fake trailer. MEXPLOITATION! Insane bigots with backwards ideas about immigration. The lesser known actors in Machete. The legend of Danny Trejo. A defense of Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan naked. Jessica Alba naked. THE BARBARELLA METHOD. Violence, nudity and tacos. Continue reading

Cold Souls + Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cold Souls + Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindIndie films featuring sketchy sci-fi companies! There is no such thing as the soul. Why Eric doesn’t like “indie” as a genre. Trend scouting and the systematic dehumanization of cool. A random anecdote about the new(ish) studio! How Cold Souls came to be. What do we know about the soul? Lauren Ambrose. A mixture of satire and foreshadowing. Infinite Whitespace and infinite blackspace! What’s in Paul Giamatti’s soul? The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and Special Effects hair dye. Why Eric has never done pot (in a single scene). Non-linear storytelling. Special effects. A backwards look at a relationship as it decays over time. Eyes. The falling car. Viral advertising. Continue reading

Lord of War + Thank You for Smoking

Lord of War + Thank You for SmokingDevil’s advocate films. Philosophical discussions wrapped in political messages. Nicolas Cage takes Eric’s money. The only fight Double Feature has ever had. Lord of War as a film about business. Making business personal. Lightening the tone. Pragmatism vs moral absolutes. If I don’t do it, someone else will – is this valid? The whole is greater than the sum of its plane parts. Cynicism without irony. The characters in Thank You for Smoking. Frank Luntz. The origins of the WHATEVER DEVICE. Deus Ex Machina. The role of film as a moral agent. Continue reading

Tremors + The Fog

Tremors + The FogEnvironmental Disasters, Double Feature style. The return of lazy Sunday movies. Graboids, goddamnit! The elevator pitch for Tremors. The people of Pleasant Valley. Why the protagonists stick together. Southwestern Rock. A town full of stereotypes. The least informed weapon treatment to date. The rules of the game. The smartest moron. No Killapalooza. Tremors: The Series. Jamie Lee Curtis continues her reign of awesomeness. John Carpenter tricks you into remember liking his movies days after you’ve seen them. The Fog as a villain. Michael commits to The Happening. Those greedy people who didn’t want leprosy! Changing your movie after you finish filming. Finally: the new donation idea! Continue reading

300 + Rambo 4

300 + Rambo 4Action films with artistic vision. Why 300 and Rambo are getting Double Featured. Zack Snyder’s 300 needs defending, but from who? If your problem with 300 is historical accuracy, you have a lot bigger problems than 300. Frank Millier and comic book dialogue. How does this compare to Frank Ephialtes as a clever writing device. Totally fake Black 20 300 PG trailer. The actual 300 trailer. Nine Inch Nails 300 fan edit. 300 and Feminism. Dilios is a great warrior, but a terrible poet. Why 300 needs to have such a stupid ending. PREVIOUSLY ON RAMBO. Sylvester Stallone’s career. Sylvester Stallone as a director. One of the goriest films in Double Feature history. Not kidding, we’ll go ahead and type that again. One of the goriest films in Double Feature history. Meat chunks. Why all the gore?! What Eric sees in blood and guts. Continue reading

Stage Fright (Deliria) + Phenomena

Stage Fright (Deliria) + PhenomenaItalian horror, back to back. Artsy slashers. Michele Soavi / Michael Soavi and StageFright / Stage Fright / Deliria. Soavi and Argento. Deliria as a slasher film. Irving Wallace. Slasher naming conventions. Station wagons. Cats in the cupboard. The italian giallo sub-genre. Is Stage Fright a satire? Merging art and stabbing. The comedic scapegoat. Peter the Director (played by Brandon). Why the psychologic and the supernatural so often go hand-in-hand. How do you show a mental breakdown on screen? A humanistic love of crazy people. Do insects have telepathic abilities? No. Easing you into the crazy. Italian dubbing. What a clapboard is for. The pros and cons of dubbing. Music and score. Prog metal. Simon Boswell. What the fuck is happening at the end of Phenomena? Continue reading

Coraline + Little Nemo

Coraline + Little NemoChildhood nightmares. Fantasy retreats. The real names behind Coraline. Who is Henry Selleck? What’s a Neil Gaiman? Who killed Amanda Palmer? Building a world and playing around in it. The most rundown theater in Chicago. Grey world. Parallels to MirrorMask. Otherworld (button world). Stageshows! There’s dark, and there’s fucked up. The unexpected. Does Coraline have bad parents? Little Nemo gets a DVD release. The child in a flying bed from the NES generation. Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland in contrast to Walt Disney. A world without rules…or physics. Anti-authoritarianism. The Nightmare King. Continue reading

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang + The Invention of Lying

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang + The Invention of LyingComedies that trick their audience into thinking. Films that flirt with but ultimately mock the lowest common denominator. When your narrator is reliable (but a bad guy). A party of characters. Calling out the hamster style. Calling out film gimmicks using narration gags. Pulp noir. Calling yourself out. Noir satire. Hollywood. Eric still hates LA. Bullets go through stuff. Michael explains Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Comedy as misdirection. Why The Invention of Lying is actually really amazing (hint: the bullshit low-IQ comedy is just a disguise). The return of the trojan horse. Who is being trojan horsed? What is being trojan horsed? Experiments with lying. Is lying ever morally justified? In a world without lies, religion doesn’t exist. Why Double Feature loves science, skepticism, and atheism. In a world where lying doesn’t exist, is the first lie immoral? All of the listeners are going to die. Continue reading

The Shining + Bright Falls

The Shining + Bright FallsSecluded environments and the dangers hidden within. No Stephen King! The Shining – a movie so talked about that even preparing to discuss it requires its own conversation. Widescreen vs fullscreen with Stanley Kubrick’s helicopter. The icons of The Shining. Brows, bathrooms and naked parts. A correction on penultimate. Does The Shining have a sense of humor? Various interpretations given to the film over the last several decades. Native Americans. Finding holocaust stuff. Possession vs influence. The cold war and cabin fever. Can it all be in his head? The American family. TV does not actually rot your brain. TWENTY MINUTE PSYCHIC ICE CREAM. Talking house. Justifying the last shot. What the fuck is Bright Falls? Alan Wake. The legacy of Twin Peaks. The small town. Rather than handing the audience answers…what are the best tools for solving the mysteries? Continue reading

Reservoir Dogs + Desperado

Reservoir Dogs + DesperadoQuentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez go back to back, once again! Two incredible films by incredible film makers. Why you always put Quentin Tarantino first. Tarantino’s signature. Quentin’s first scene. Well known strengths. Who is the rat? Non-linear story telling. Spectator cinematography. The trunk shot. The Vega brothers. Desperado, the Mexico trilogy, and the best opening scene of all time. Action set to an imaginary beat. Cheap filmmaking tactics. Accomplishing the impossible. Film school. Robert Rodriguez teaches you film making techniques for FREE. Quentin Tarantino…acts. Some stuff on Predators. What’s next for the carnival? Continue reading

Double Feature Year 2 Finale

Double FeatureSPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Two retrospective. Two fucking years of weekly Double Features. David Stieve has a Behind the Mask prize for you. Facebook chat. Where did all the interviews go? Honorarium. Vulgarity. Other people love The Spirit. More information on Dark City and Sway. How Double Feature is recorded. The Future of the Killapalooza. Eric still thinks the MC of the Music Box Massacre is a Jackass. The purpose of Double Feature. We hate James Cameron and LOVE Joss Whedon! The future of David Lynch on the show. Skeptics, atheists and…sometimes libertarians. Where do you get movies from? Pot and UFOs. Michael’s take on The Human Centipede. A Blair Witch theatre experience. Seriously, that Music Box Theatre host is a jackass. Drugs and birth defects. Repo vs The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A top countdown list from people who hate top countdown lists. Continue reading

Mean Girls + Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Mean Girls + Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!Violent angry women! Fuck irony. There is nothing ironic about this Double Feature. These are two awesome films. Done. Why we wouldn’t change a single thing about Mean Girls. The outsider perspective. The absurdities of high school. Why Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron is the ideal conduit. Gossip! Anger! LOHAN VISION. The jungle metaphor. Mean Girls on religion. Abstinence. Becoming everything you hate. Evanston, IL. Russ Meyer’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! as an example of everything Russ was about (and none of it at the same time). Meyer and nudity. The myth of Varla’s overwhelming hotness. Lori Williams is Billie, but she’s secretly Bam Bam. Haji is actually the hot one. The trailer. Overwhelming sincerity. Continue reading

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind + Fight Club

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind + Fight ClubTwo films about bottoming out. Insomnia. Actors who direct. Chuck Barris, Charlie Kaufman, and the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. George Clooney likes to play CIA. Set design. Bleach bypass. Old Spice commercial. The Gong Show. Our secret CIA drone war with Pakistan. Is the Fight Club twist OK? A conversation for people who don’t care about the kitsch of Fight Club. Michael finally explains his Fight Club issues. Chuck Palahniuk. Hitting rock bottom. A better side of the Frankenstein myth. Film making techniques used to further the dirty impoverished tone of the movie. Homoeroticism! Continue reading

Hard Candy + Funny Games

Hard Candy + Funny GamesThe dark side of humanity. When people are mean to each other. The return of camera chat! Ambiguous characters. Thought experiments. Character studies. The two character dynamic. Why you want natural, ambiguous characters with questionable motivations. Torture scenes from people who know torture films. Revenge film setup, humanizing payoff. One sheet. “Torture porn.” The point of the Aunt Denise story. Ambient sound. Photography. The US shot-for-shot remake of Funny Games. Pacing, framing and suspense. The question of “why?” The killers behind closed doors. Breaking the fourth wall. Don’t forget to watch videos of adorable pets. Continue reading

Starship Troopers + Small Soldiers

Starship Troopers + Small SoldiersWar films, Double Feature style. Paul Verhoeven. A Flying Tom Tom? Animating the bugs. The look and feel of Starship Troopers. War movie cliches. Characters and politics. Maintaining a light feel in a time of war. Censorship. Starship Troopers’ commentary on military recruitment. Wait, what strategy? Various jobs. Class warfare. Privacy. Joe Dante and the tiny. More info than you ever really needed about Eerie, Indiana. Small Soldiers, big voices. Wow, that sentence was lame. Casting. BEAR OR NO BEAR! Artificial Intelligence is apparently not a big deal. Why Small Soldiers is actually darker than Starship Troopers. Science vs one-liners. Continue reading

Blue Velvet + The Game

Blue Velvet + The GameThere’s two films, and something’s not quite right. The beginning of a string of Double Feature celebrations. 100 episodes…and people are still listening. New ones, even! Why we still don’t talk about symbolism. An apology to David Lynch before talking Blue Velvet. Noir without the usual suspects. Making the normal seem bizarre. The horror moments. The lighting and environments in Blue Velvet. The impending darkness. Candles. The role Frank plays. Voyeurism. Imagery. David Fincher and The Game. Why one billion twists are actually ok. What’s actually part of the game? When you actually want a film to wrap up at the end. Anticipating audience questions and pointing them towards the right ones. Continue reading

JCVD + Bronson

JCVD + BronsonTwo people who want to be famous – and don’t mind using violence to accomplish this. A new film podcast experiment! Can you even spoil these films? Some behind-the-scenes Double Feature stuff. Eric doesn’t know who JCVD is. Action movie marathon! JCVD as an intro to Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jump cuts. How long before you pull back the curtain? Dog Day Afternoon parallels. Bank heist cliches. How to get away with a bank robbery. Humor in JCVD. The resurgence of late night gameshows. How JCVD is different than breaking the 4th wall. The commentary of self aware films. Fighting and art. Prison addiction. Hard questions about reform and te prison system. Several takes on the theatrical asides. Continue reading

Rosemary’s Baby + Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Rosemary's Baby + Invasion of the BodysnatchersThe terror of the times! Two films that embody the horror mindset of the 60s and 70s. Roman Polanski’s apartment trilogy. Fact check: Anton LaVey isn’t in Rosemary’s Baby. How this film differs from Inside. Is there really a connection between the baby boomers and Rosemary’s Baby? Intentional obfuscation through cleverly planned cinematography – and it’s effects! Different interpretations of the ending. Various ways to view the plot of the film (and evidence for each). Eric would be mad if you fucked him in his sleep without prior consent. How Rosemary’s Baby is like a conspiracy theory. Plants don’t have feelings. Invasion of the Body Snatchers remakes. Acupuncture and mud baths have equal medicinal value – which is to say no medicinal value. Leonard Nimoy. Feminism. 70s paranoia. MEATCART. Next week’s highly dubious experiment. Continue reading

Repo: The Genetic Opera + The Blair Witch Project

Repo the Genetic Opera + The Blair Witch ProjectTwo misunderstood and under-appreciated horror films. Conversations about filmmaking. Repo: The Genetic Opera is, in fact, an opera. Musicals vs operas. Sarah Brightman, Ogre. Industrial music and opera. The ridiculous cast. Building for cult appeal. Two rational, no-bullshit hosts hold the internets first serious discussion on Paris Hilton. Why Paris Hilton is actually awesome. Shadowcasts. Secret Saw sets. Mag’s eyes. More than you ever wanted to know about soft focus. Digital soft focus vs traditional lens. The budget and equipment for The Blair Witch Project. Audio. What color vs black and white actually does for the film. Scares based on sound. The universal fear of the unknown. What does the ending really mean? Continue reading

Easy Rider + Death Race 2000

Easy Rider + Death Race 2000Just how spoilable are Easy Rider and Death Race 2000? Easy Rider as a piece of New Hollywood. Where have the communes gone? Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as Wyatt (Captain America) and Billy. Life lessons via cross country motorcycle journey. UFO stores and pot smoking. Inspirations. The Dennie Hopper vs Rip Torn controversy. The editing and transitions in Easy Rider. What’s the scariest thing about Easy Rider? You kinda have to talk about the Death Race remake. Where has exploitative killing for sport gone? The casual nudity of the time. Continue reading

Dog Day Afternoon + LA Confidential

Dog Day Afternoon + LA ConfidentialEast coast / west coast crime film double feature. Sidney Lumet and crime dramas. What does based on a “true story” mean? Al Pacino being crazy. 70s Anti-authoritarianism and fighting the man. Anti-hero vs vigilante. When bank heist films became spy movies. Could a movie like Dog Day Afternoon work in today’s political and economic situation? Women in Dog Day Afternoon. The talent behind LA Confidential. Film noir and Hollywood. Bringing character full circle. Continue reading

Killapalooza 9: Hellraiser

Killapalooza 9: HellraiserHellraiser films 1-8. Pinhead. If you haven’t seen Hellraiser, how much of it should you actually commit to? More on Cliver Barker. Doug Bradley. The Hellbound Heart. Pleasure vs pain. How the treatment of BDSM compares in Hellraiser against Secretary. Coercion vs free choice. Recap overkill. Performing mythology experiments. Michael gets uncomfortable. Curiosity. The Cenobites. Finding the point Hellraiser became a slasher franchise. Retroactive continuity as we’ve never been expected to believe it before! A pillar of monster parts. New cenobites. Pinhead loves princess! Spirit fingers. Things start to get bumpy. The most hated you’ve heard expressed for a film in a long time. The downward spiral that is the last four Hellraiser movies. The end of Killapalooza? Let us know! Continue reading

Detroit Rock City + Christmas on Mars

Detroit Rock City + Christmas on MarsA very musical episode of Double Feature. Kiss and The Flaming Lips. A quick word about the upcoming Killapalooza. A horror director and cast making a 70s Kiss film. Finding the horror moments in Detroit Rock City. Explaining Kiss to a person who couldn’t pick them out of a lineup. The film as a promotional tool. Concert events. Controversial music. Rock and Satanism. The double standard of statutory rape. An examination of Detroit Rock City as a cult film. Why this is relevant to non-Kiss fans. Who or what is The Flaming Lips? Independent science fiction. Making a movie when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing. When color hurts. Dynamic range in the audioscape of film. What’s going on in Christmas on Mars? More vaginas than ever before. Continue reading

The Prestige + The Wizard of Gore

The Prestige + The Wizard of GoreINTERVIEW w/ Jeremy Kasten. Two films about the stage (that shouldn’t actually be watched back to back). More than you ever wanted to know about the Bullet Catch. What is “real magic”? Nikola Tesla, the greatest mad scientist of all time. Tesla’s pocket sized earthquake machine. Class warfare. Obsession. Dedication. The natural twist versus the science fiction twist. A crazy fan theory created to eradicate the pseudoscientific plot device. An actual plothole. Justifying the ending using only editing. A different take on The Wizard of Gore. Another great way to get your audience to accept crazy things. Misogyny. The geek show. Robbing Chicago of films. Bijou Phillips and the nameless chinese guy. Jeremy Kasten on misogyny. The suicide girls. Eric still loves micro-skirts and knee-high boots. Once again, what the fuck does a producer do? Continue reading

Serenity + Barbarella

Serenity + BarbarellaWomen in space! The sweetspot for new films on Double Feature. Different takes on Joss Whedon. Jargon in space! Shows on Fox. The mixed success story of Firefly’s cancelation and Serenity’s rebirth. Multiple beginnings. Inflicting hara-kiri? The long take. Summer Glau as kill machine River Tam. Inara. Serenity and Firefly pioneering the documentary style CG sequence. Mercenary adventure plots. The best type of villain. Joss Whedon and religion. Jane Fonda is Barbarella – Queen of the Galaxy. Well, not really Queen of the Galaxy, just Barbarella. Jane Fonda doing a zero gravity striptease. Which characters are necessary to Barbarella? Terrifying or sexy? The tongue box. Dildano and the new sex. Continue reading

Inside + Drag Me to Hell

Inside + Drag Me to HellHow to correctly pronounce the word “homage.” There are spoilers everywhere. No one is safe. Inside (À l’intérieur) as part of the New French Extreme / French Extremism / New French Extremity. American dominance in the horror genre. Using more violence than actually necessary. Identifying and breaking cinematic cliques. A familiar situation with a new feeling. Surprise vs anticipation. New angles for manipulating an audiences’ hopes and expectations. Using sound to torture your audience. An alternative to the horror movie body count vs time quota. The history of pregnant women in horror films. The rare and complicated breed of humor found in in Drag Me to Hell. Sincerity. “So bad it’s good” movies. Tricks to convince yourself to like the lazy parts of Drag Me to Hell. Continue reading

Black Dynamite + Hero

Black Dynamite + HeroTwo genres Double Feature will never be fully prepared to cover. A kung-fu badass double feature. Finally – the blaxploitation primer. The woman’s place in blaxploitation. Creating an intelligent script on an ignorant subject. Writing jokes vs acting jokes. Laugh tracks and music cues. Original soundtracks. Cleaning up the streets. Black Dynamite as a commentary on exploitation throwbacks. Hero / Ying Xiong as an example of the evolution of kung-fu. Wire fights. Interpretative dance. The unreliable color scheme. Unitiy, the empire, and blowing your second chance. Double Feature reaches out to the listeners for a new project. Continue reading

The Million Dollar Hotel + REC

The Million Dollar Hotel + RECTwo films in unfamiliar apartment buildings! Voyeurism. Does Zune have lyrics support? A modern day commune full of crazies. Music, mood, and Paul David Hewson. The tiny blue car revealed: The Corbin Motors Sparrow PTM. Peeking in the window vs wiretapping. A bit about the HBO Voyeur Project. Art scam. I Am The Walrus, as you’ve never heard it before. THE FLYING TOM TOM. The spanish film REC which was later remade in the US as Quarantine. While You’re Asleep. First impressions. Establishing and betraying safety. The doppler scream. Where did it come from? Eli Roth and chick vision. Another Eric Thirteen confession. Double Feature hosts as test subjects. Continue reading

Polyester + Secretary

Polyester + SecretaryBored women surround themselves with deviants! Two films helping society cope with taboos. John Waters exposes America to the unsettling. A rarely talked about sub-genre of exploitation: Women’s Pictures. Odorama, Smell-O-Vision and William Castle. The smells on the Polyester Odorama card are as follow: Roses, A Fart, Glue, Pizza, Gasoline, Skunk, Gas, New Car Smell, Old Sneakers, Air Freshener. What led to the breakout success of Polyester in comparison to earlier John Waters’ films? The central taboos. Why stomp feet? Secretary and feminism. Maggie Gyllenhaal and the qualities of Lee Holloway. Contrasting James Spader’s character Mr. Grey. The surprising common ground between sub and dom. Secretary and sexploitation. Continue reading

The Crow + Boondock Saints

The Crow + Boondock Saints90s Vigilante Double Feature! The Crow. What really killed Brandon Lee. The incredible films (and not-so-incredible-films) of Alex Proyas. A color film without colors. The makeup vs the audience. Creative villain names. Revisiting the Kitty Genovese myth. The Boondock Saints and the supernatural detective. Watching Willem Dafoe. Several bizarre editing hypotheses. Replaying the investigations. Is there a God in Boondock Saints? An update from inside the burning studio. Continue reading

Requiem for a Dream + Spun

Requiem for a Dream + SpunThe two most sober hosts on the internet talk about so-called “drug films”. Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream. The evolution of Clint Mansell. When trailers steal the Mansell. Editing tricks. THE ZEMECKIS CREDIT. Is it ok for Marlin Waynes to be famous? The players. The Fargo checklist. The icons of Requiem for a Dream. No one forgets ass-to-ass. The physiological impact. The love/hate relationship to a films ability to induce suicide in the viewer. When the film’s post-trauma wrap up betrays your safety. Michael’s problem with Requiem for a Dream. Jonas Akerlund’s Spun as the antithesis. Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins. Why the term ‘drug film’ is bullshit. A defense of Spun as not just a clone of Requiem. Continue reading

Killapalooza 8: Leprechaun

Killapalooza 8: LeprechaunLeprechaun films 1-6. Racism. An alternative to Don’t Show the Monster. Is the Leprechaun frightening? An a long enough timeline, all slashers abandon fear for comedy. How mythology is created and used in the franchise. Peer pressure. The role of gold. Tiny men in tiny cars. Hamster style. Faking Robert Smith and The Cure. A data set in which Brian Trenchard-Smith is the least associated with television over film! BEAR OR NO BEAR. Dispelling cynicism with good science. The house doesn’t need to rig gambling, it’s already rigged. SUPERMAN. Deus Ex Machina. Is Back 2 Da Hood blaxploitation? Delicate racial issues. When do these films take place? Slashers as protagonists. The single worst cliche in film – Visiting the psychic. Continue reading

The Man From Earth + The Fifth Element

The Man From Earth + The Fifth ElementDifferent approaches to science fiction. BitTorrent and file sharing. Why some people just can’t watch sci-fi. Jumping the Shark. Tricks of low budget film making. The effect of living forever (the vampire myth). Film cliques and skepticism. The Man From Earth as an exercise in skepticism. The Fifth Element: A failure on paper. On screen, the greatest sci-fi adventure of all time. Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat. A look into the future! Continue reading

Theodore Rex + The Secret

Theodore Rex + The SecretCO-HOSTED by Rebecca Watson. Two abominations of science, back to back! The IMDB Bottom 100. Is there anything to be gained by watching Theodore Rex? Who’s trying the hardest and what fails the most? Speculation on terrible overdubbing. Syncro-Vox. The Theodore Rex wikipedia entry! Other top billed actors staring in bottom barrel films. At what point was this film doomed? If Rebecca Watson directed Theodore Rex. What is The Secret? Checking the credentials. John Gray can go fuck himself. You too, Jack Canfield. The self-help industry. Rebecca Watson lists synonyms for vagina. Women and psuedoscience. Why people fall for The Secret. How The Secret and Alcoholics Anonymous con people. Why skepticism hasn’t dedicated more time to The Secret. Follow Rebecca Watson at Skepchick.org. Continue reading

Beetlejuice + Candyman

Beetlejuice + CandymanMyth and Legend. More cannon than ever before! More airquotes than any podcast has dared to present! Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. The Danny Elfman Tim Burton marriage. Alec Baldwin is not a senator. The Amazing Criswell. Why Double Feature doesn’t really do comic book films. Casting against obvious common assumption. The character of Beetlejuice as a combination of Tim Burton’s personal interests. Tax money should not go to the living dead. Stop-motion and other early Burton attractions. Why is a knowledge of magic important in filmmaking? The Beetljuice Animated Series. SAND BEETLE WORMS. Clive Barker and Candyman. Eric’s accidental 3am trips to cabrini green. An update on the state of cabrini green in Chicago. Snopes: The Film. Candyman taking a more professional look at legend. Candyman shows up and…what is he wearing? Creating legend as a scapegoat. Evading responsibility through myth. Continue reading

The Lawnmower Man + Jurassic Park

The Lawnmower Man + Jurassic ParkTwo movies that aren’t about men playing God. How CG can make or break a film. Mr. Barbecue. Unrelated: where the Lost term “choppies” came from. When terrible CG is ok – even in legitimate films. A swarm of CG bees. What can we learn from the Lawnmower Man? Things you see in Budget Video. If Lawnmower Man was a slasher film. Why everyone remembers the Lawnmower Man as a serial killer. Total bullshit: Telekinesis, Alchemy, and maybe smoking at the gas station? How to do a Vertigo shot. Ask Neil deGrasse Tyson! Is pseudoscience the appeal of Jurassic Park? Where did the fucking plants come from? Explaining the dinosaurs. Chaos theory. Debunking the butterfly effect. Michael Shermer. What went wrong at Jurassic Park? Bringing the fear home. Continue reading

Hell Ride + The Spirit

Hell Ride + The SpiritLarry Bishop and Frank Miller – the protégé double feature. Grindhouse revival. Outlaw biker films. The origins of El Pistolero. Deciphering the influences. The evolution of biker films. Larry Bishop. Quentin Tarantino’s role in Hell Ride. Guns. The Badassery of David Carradine. Undeniable badassery. Questionable badassery. The opening of The Spirit. Good or bad, The Spirit is NOT just Sin City. Contrasting the approach and end goal of Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. You can’t talk Frank Miller without talking Batman. How Samuel L Jackson fits himself into any given movie. Scarlett Johansson gets it. Continue reading

28 Weeks Later + Cloverfield

28 Weeks Later + CloverfieldThe most packed episode ever? Two very important “horror” films that went above and beyond their genre. What makes 28 Weeks Later and Cloverfiend so brilliant? A quick word on 28 Days Later. A twenty minute conversation about the first ten minutes of 28 Weeks Later. Being rapidly forced through the stages of grief. Compassion vs. self preservation. Looking death in the face. The physical zombie. Why the rage virus? Reflecting on the split decisions. What’s important in terms of horror. The original ending of 28 Weeks Later. Complete camera geek out! How to shoot day-for-night (american night). How to accomplish the “infected camera” look in more detail than you really cared for. Slusho? Chese? Cloverfield! Common reasons to not like Cloverfield (and why they’re ALL bullshit). The often overlooked accomplishments of the camera style. The monster as the b-story. The vast list of iconic moments from Cloverfield. Easter eggs. Eric goes to the ER. Continue reading

True Romance + Natural Born Killers

True Romance + Natural Born KillersTwo films written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by directors who aren’t nearly as good. The auteur theory of film. Finding the writer’s signature in True Romance. Elvis. Tarantino’s characters. Dennis Hopper and the tale of the legitimate film. Racial fixation. Which series has the worst ending? How QT writes scenes. The original screenplay and ending. What would True Romance look like if Tarantino directed? Natural Born Killers may be fantastic, but Oliver Stone is still a crazypants. Tarantino’s actual involvement in Natural Born Killers. Abandoning the road film. Comparing Tom Sizemore as Cody Nicholson vs Jack Scagnetti. Charles Whitman. Tarantino’s multitude of movie ideas that will never come to fruition. Varying media and visual aesthetics. Less calypso, more Rage Against the Machine. Continue reading

Slither + Dawn of the Dead

Slither + Dawn of the DeadA James Gunn zombish double feature. Slither and horror/comedy. They’re not called Slithers! Realism in a crazy situation. Protagonists who are smarter than the audience! Old School American Horror. Serving the comedy audience before the horror audience. Zack Snyder’s 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake. THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT. The original George A. Romero concept. Are originals really better than remakes? Really? Fast zombies. Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Three stage zombie makeup. Using amputees. The only way a zombie movie should end. Carnivale sideshow jobs for listeners. Continue reading

Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother + The Postman Always Rings Twice

Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother + The Postman Always Rings TwiceClassic film noir recast with Quentin Tarantino actors! The Kitty Genovese myth. And the money goes to? Sherlock Holmes primer. The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother. Homage or mockery? Comedy in the 70s. Is this rotten or wonderfully brave? Musical and stage. Sight gags. HAMSTER STYLE. James M. Cain and The Postman Always Rings Twice. More than symbolism. Wait, what is the murder plot? Crime in a different light. Cast and characters. The moral of the story always rings twice. The recasting. Continue reading

Killapalooza 7: Alien + Predator

Killapalooza 7: Alien + PredatorThe complete Alien and Predator franchise. Alien films 1-4, Predator films 1 and 2, Alien vs Predator films 1 and 2. The amazing variety of directors from the franchise. Riddley Scott. Design. H.R. Giger. Isolation. The ship. Ripley. Secret robots from the future. The work of James Cameron and the IMDB Top Sci Fi films. Terminator 2 and Aliens. What is James Cameron saying in Aliens? Adventure films. Paper thin villains. Argreeing with the bad guy. Should we really wipe out the entire species? Game over man, game over! Irony. Who’s not taking this seriously? The relentless action of Predator. Score clashes, awesome ensues. Jungle sci-fi. Revealing an invisible monster. The Alien vs Predator comicbook. Bringing Alien and Predator together. David Fincher restores order in Alien 3. Quadrilogy is not a real thing. Prison planet. Retclone. Alien Resurrection is bag of crazy. Why people consider Alien 4 Blasphemous. Ripley as a reluctant hero. Kill me. Paul WS Anderson. How do you fuck up the story this hard? A return to the adventure genre. Acid. Looking back at the Alien and Predator franchises. HELP US! Mick is awesome. You can now Donate to help the show. Continue reading

Clue + House on Haunted Hill

Clue + House on Haunted HillDouble Feature solves the rainy house mysteries. Clue for people who’ve never played Clue. The secret formula Clue uses to make you take it seriously. The multiple endings. Weapon analysis. The hard parts of a…board game adaptation. What breed of comedy is this? How the humor is used. A conversation regarding the legality of blackmail. Once you know the ending, how is the film different the next time through? The final ending. The original theme music for The House on Haunted Hill. Big American party. Background on Vincent Price. The Vincent Price / Roger Corman films. The many wonderful gimmicks of William Castle. Details on life insurance. The most divisive skeleton in cinema history. Things that are still frightening today. The public domain. Continue reading

Up! + The Haunted World of El Superbeasto

Up! + The Haunted World of El SuperbeastoYou don’t need to see Up to listen to this. Time for a lighter episode of Double Feature. The Original Up! by Russ Meyer, not the Pixar film! How was there seriously any confusion about that? Rob Zombie uses the chapters. The Russy Meyer body type. Who is this director anyways? Nudie cutie films. Feminism. Sexploitation. Revenge films. What separates Meyer’s films from pornography. Mae West. Was this ever sexy? Screenings of The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. What’s better in the suburbs than the city? 2D film. Rob Zombie’s world. The character, in and out of character. Layers of references. A brief history of Dr. Satan. The songs. Double Feature retires Rob Zombie…for now. Continue reading

Pi + The Fountain

Pi + The FountainThe work of director Darren Aronofsky. Eric’s ongoing struggle with the caffeine. Don’t actually watch these films back to back. Recognizing the signature of Darren Aronofsky. Come on, Pi is a LITTLE silly. Clint Mansell. How do you even classify this score? Editing. Creating the grainy monochromatic look of Pi. What that look and feel accomplishes. Where does the skeptic come down on all this stuff? A fun game to play at home. Repetition. Having your tools without knowing their best use. Macro effects. Hair loss. Why The Fountain is the most notable film ever featured on this show. Why you ball your eyes out. What the actors have to pull off. Relating to the future. Mayan nonsense. The absence of sound. Color. The part of Aronofsky’s signature that’s been lost. Continue reading

Let the Right One In + Interview With the Vampire

Let the Right One In + Interview With the VampireVampires! Why were these films such outstanding critical successes, and what can we learn from that? Using children as a mechanism to tell a mature story. Vampires as a medium rather than a plot outline. Eli’s guardian Hakan. The brutality of Let the Right One In. How the film treats violence. Vampire lore here and in other movies. Films that use the Let the Right One In philosophy. Unanswered questions. What Interview with the Vampire did for the genre. Anne Rice. What the bookends accomplish. Vampire theatre! No one better say anything about how silly this all is, ok? How scope impacts a film. Roadmap. Continue reading

The Nightmare Before Christmas + The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Nightmare Before Christmas + The Rocky Horror Picture ShowTwo films everyone is too pretentious to have a simple conversation about. Why people give you shit for enjoying these two fantastic movies. Stop motion and hand-making every inch of your frame. Why the old Tim Burton Batman films are way better than you remember. Oingo Boingo. Where you can acquire hours and hours of Nightmare Before Christmas music you never knew existed. Contrasting Nightmare with Corpse Bride. Patrick Stewart. A bit on Repo: The Genetic Opera. How Eric and Michael may be reps ensile for getting The Rocky Horror Picture Show booted out of Chicago. Drew Carey is awesome. The relationship between Science Fiction Double Feature and the rest of the film. Saving movies you know will be good for a terrible day. Hammer Horror. A listener comes through. Glittermouse at the Metro! New create feature at AwesomeStart.com. Fringe is fantastic. Continue reading

A Clockwork Orange + Elephant

A Clockwork Orange + ElephantUltraviolence! A word on Batman: The Animated Series. The visuals in A Clockwork Orange. Whats interesting about the cinematography, at what that means to the average person. Malcolm Mcdowell. The components of Alex. Eric’s defense of arthouse cinema. The two things good art does. An extended conversations about the thought experiments and moral questions presented. What’s practical, what’s moral, and what’s fucking awful in each turn of the plot. Is fear of God a moral reason to not commit violence? Even this synopsis of conversation about Gus Van Sant’s elephant contains spoilers. Elephant is not a film about real life events! When it’s ok to modify the events of something that actually happened. Rapid fire Elephant info. A really important message for listeners in high school. Why next week’s Double Feature is such a mystery. Continue reading

Escape from LA + Expelled

Escape from LA + Expelled</