The Impostors + Withnail and I

The Impostors + Withnail and I
Podcast: Double Feature
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Actors doing their thing to comedic ends in The Impostors + Withnail and I....

Posted May 19, 2022
Hosted by Eric Thirteen & Michael Koester
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Episode Notes

Actors doing their thing to comedic ends in The Impostors + Withnail and I.



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The Impostors

The Impostors

Released: October 2, 1998
IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Stanley Tucci
Writer: Stanley Tucci
Starring: Oliver Platt, Stanley Tucci, Walker Jones

Wrongly accused of physically abusing a fellow actor, starving thespians Arthur and Maurice find themselves pursued by the law aboard a cruise ship.

Withnail and I

Withnail and I

Released: June 19, 1987
IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Bruce Robinson
Writer: Bruce Robinson
Starring: Richard E. Grant, Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths

Two out-of-work actors -- the anxious, luckless Marwood and his acerbic, alcoholic friend, Withnail -- spend their days drifting between their squalid flat, the unemployment office and the pub. When they take a holiday "by mistake" at the country house of Withnail's flamboyantly gay uncle, Monty, they encounter the unpleasant side of the English countryside: tedium, terrifying locals and torrential rain.

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