Straight Outta Compton + Cop Car

Straight Outta Compton + Cop CarAmerica’s evolving relationship with the police. The slasher documentaries. Buz Wallick joins Eric’s upcoming film. Straight Outta Compton is oddly relevant today. The theater experience. That goddamn Alamo Drafthouse. Knowing the NWA today. Dr. Dre’s new album Compton. Revisiting the ideal trailer. Cop Car builds the suspense out of nothing and it’s fabulous. Holy fucking awesome filmmaking. Where is this going? A return to mystery. Hey why not, let’s get a Director’s Cut update. Continue reading

Frances Ha + Ninotchka

Frances Ha + NinotchkaA show about communism. Eric Thirteen announces the cinematographer of his next project, and it’s kind of unreal. No, really, that thing about communism from before is actually in there. Ok, fine, a show about women knowing what they want, not what they need. See, you don’t like that theme any better. So, communistic living in two female led films separated by the decades. Also, Gretta. Frances Ha, the most widely accepted totally-not-a-mumblecore-movie of all time. Joe Swanberg and Ti West. People who wander aimlessly through their 20s will soon be running the world. Ninotchka – don’t pronounce it, see it! Or you could do both, there’s really no harm in that. Melting the icy heart. Continue reading

Maps to the Stars + Peeping Tom

Maps to the Stars + Peeping TomThe perils of human watching. Eric Thirteen is directing a new film. Finding the funding for your movie. David Cronenberg returns with Maps to the Stars. Actors who go for it without fear. Maps to the Stars is not a satire of Los Angeles. What makes LA tick? Determining the motivation of a crazy person. Or maybe she’s not crazy. No, she’s crazy either way. The curious case of LA’s medium income in a large number of neighborhoods. Voyeurism, or: Everything is a slasher film. The Alec Baldwin in the room. Peeping Tom, career destroyer. The impression of a pornographer. Continue reading

Hits + God Bless America

Hits + God Bless AmericaWaaah, American culture. Two comedians help audiences let it all out. Something’s happening and it shall not be talked about. The long overdue conversation about piracy, distribution, and the financial state of film. What is the David Cross directed film Hits actually about? Also, the value of Likes. The waxed mustached Etsy crowd. The price of fame. Does God Bless America represent Bobcat’s views? Surprise! Zero conversations about religion! Is reality TV still destroying everything or are we done with that? The next step in counterculture. Continue reading

After Hours + A Serious Man

After Hours + A Serious ManPhysical vs emotional character journeys, as brought to you by gigantic directors. A step outside the expected. Michael’s evolving relationship with Eyes Wide Shut. After Hours as a day in the life of. Everyone’s favorite third host of Double Feature, Franz Kafka. Martin Scorsese makes movies that aren’t After Hours. Citizens of Los Angeles tell each other secrets about Tim Burton. An odd time for the Coen brothers to make A Serious Man. Front-loaded magic and made up stories. A chain of character-driven events. The greatest trailer of all trailers. An introduction to the work of Roger Deakins. Attempting to explain cinematography without visual aids. Continue reading

Under the Skin + Spring

Under the Skin + SpringLady enigmas. Under the Skin, the challenging arthouse film staring a naked A-list celebrity. Like, actually. Impossible star power and the counterintuitive nature of film investment. What is Under the Skin even about? Surreal somethings. Contrast at many levels. ALEC BALDWIN FUN FACT. You’ve seen the Spring directors before, and they’re still amazing. The animal sacrifice no one has ever been able to pull off (until now). When hot Italian girls are suspect. Oh hi, skepticism. Using the language of science to take a crazy ride. Speculative fiction from by the science literature. Spring as a strange kind of HP Lovecraft romance film. Continue reading

Zombeavers + They Came Together

Zombeavers + They Came TogetherGenres as plot points. Matthew Donnelly, the bucket machine. A common funding tactic that worked for Zombeavers. Also, come on, Zombeavers: the triumphant face-value monster horror feature! Animated zombie beavers. Animatronic zombie beavers. He came. She came. They came together. Is that even the tagline? David Wain makes more sense. Is it good to follow up? Michael falls in love with Paul Rudd. I’ll fucking say it until it becomes funny! An afterthought changes the entire movie, and probably for the better! Tearing apart in the edit. Eric Thirteen begins to open up about the thing that is happening. Continue reading

Papillon + Night at the Golden Eagle

Papillon + Night at the Golden EagleFinding a way out of your current life (from opposite sides of the bars). Eric reports in from downtown Los Angeles. Papillon, based on something that happened somewhere at some point, probably. Papillon’s instincts. The will to survive. The bad gets worse. To be labeled a survivor. Using money while in prison. Adam Rifkin has a Night at the Golden Eagle. More on Downtown Los Angeles. The financial district, the jewelry district, skid row and tent city. An old look for a new film. Fresh voyeuristic perspective. Miles Dougal’s yet to be made Night at the Golden Eagle spinoff. Finding an excuse for the b-story. A large, rapid update on Adam Rifkin and Penn Jillette’s film Director’s Cut. Continue reading

The Hunt for Red October + Dr. No

The Hunt for Red October + Dr. NoThe beginnings of the Jack Ryan and James Bond universes. The Hunt for Red October as the first in a loose series of films. Another chance to talk about director John McTiernan. The unfortunate McTiernan incident. Continuing to ponder a director’s signature. Of sentimentality and submarines. The reluctant hero Jack Ryan! Dr. No in the first consideration of James Bond. The accidental Sean Connery double feature. Another book, another hero. The ability to geek out on Bond. Doctor No is not Blofeld. Another origin for petting the white cat. The dubbing of Dr. No. Talking about the ladies in the Bond franchise. An array of patriotism on display. What does the future hold for James Bond? Continue reading

Wet Hot American Summer + What Have I Done to Deserve This

Wet Hot American Summer + What Have I Done to Deserve This?Notable casts in absurd comedies. Seriously though everyone, The Movie Crypt. The moments before the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: The First Day at Camp. Older playing younger. An unremarkable reception. Two crazy approaches to humor. The shotgun method. The machine gun method. Foreign film invasion! Imagine Wet Hot American Summer with Jason Voorhees. What Have I Done to Deserve This? The blood lizard. Putting up the wallpaper. Spanish film trends and their influence on American films. Taking guess on What Have I Done to Deserve This? Continue reading