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Stand By Me + Sleepers

Stand By Me + SleepersKids on a rafter and what happens next. Trigger Warning: The last sentence about rafts was misleading because there are no rafts. If you are sensitive to audio programs that promote themselves as including rafts when they in fact do not include said rafts, there is a small possibility you will be negatively impacted by listening to the full show. To skip Stand By Me, skip to the twenty-four minute mark of the show and move directly to the film Sleepers. If you have not seen Sleepers, skip another 23.5 minutes to the so-called discussion regarding next week’s episode. Trigger Warning: if you are sensitive to upcoming episode discussions that are not really discussions but more a casual name drop of an upcoming special episode covering a horror franchise, blah blah trigger warning go fuck yourself. Continue reading

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Honeymoon + The Taking of Deborah Logan

Honeymoon + The Taking of Deborah LoganDegeneration and the need to overcome it. Really really no-kidding scary movies. Honeymoon: what the hell? A nice peaceful vacation into a terrible place. The hidden gem of Honeymoon. When things happen at the end, they are also very bad. A summary that refuses to spoil Honeymoon. The ending of Honeymoon, and that thing you seriously can’t believe (or understand). A time for scary faces – and that time is during The Taking of Deborah Logan. Deborah Logan is not Deborah Morgan (sorry about that!) Learning about Alzheimer’s. Determinations of a canonical natural in The Taking of Deborah Logan. Documentary handy-cam style spooky something. Credit where credit is due. The thing in that cave that is the worst thing. Continue reading

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Super Fly + Dope

Super Fly + DopeContrasting portraits of success between decades. Super Fly and Shaft. One more job? There’s always one more job. A actual case of trying to get out of the business. Well, ‘a’ business anyways. Super Fly and the infamous score. Or Superfly soundtrack or whatever. If the Taco emoji wouldn’t destroy the feed or website or whatever, there would probably be one here. People who never update their phone wouldn’t be able to see the taco, so there’s also that to consider. HEY. What didn’t you see Dope? It was really, really great. The inevitability and unlikeliness of Dope. That 90s throwback film sort of happened, hooray! Michael defends a non-existant claim in an attempt to see what it all means. Continue reading

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Gone Girl + Rachel Getting Married

Gone Girl + Rachel Getting MarriedStains on the American dream. Family life in the twenty-first century. The Gone Girl on David Fincher, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross down to a science. A terrible marathon of awful. Compliments to Tyler Perry. Missi Pyle on Fox News on Gone Girl. Selling the turns. No one will believe Rachel Getting Married is not awful, and, in fact, is a great Dogma95 style film. Blame the terrible cover. Not this cover, the one with Anne Hathaway’s smudged uncanny-valley face. The tragedy of no one seeing Rachel Getting Married because of this cover. Box office numbers that could have been better (had someone not fucked up the cover of Rachel Getting Married). Alright, really, look up the cover to this movie. You won’t believe it. Revisiting a conversation from Melancholia. Making time for twelve-step. Continue reading

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Daisies + Bad Education

Daisies + Bad EducationGender in the sixties and in the twenty-sixties. Daisies: not on the tv/film obscurity chart, but probably should be. Maybe it fell off the bottom. Black and white, definition, war and colors. Maybe-Robot girls do all the (bad?) things. Something about Daisies ladies and newspapers. Daisies provokes a very different kind of conversation about film, and Double Feature likes it. Bad Education requires taking notes, and then throwing them out and writing new notes. Fuck it, why not ditch these notes. Let’s Play Identity! Who does what as who and why are they doing that? Also, don’t forget, boohiss religion. Every time you squirm, known that’s because someone bumped the pretension knob. Really though, how about that Year 1? Continue reading

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The Sum of All Fears + Goldeneye

The Sum of All Fears + GoldeneyeJack Ryan and James Bond return with new faces. Trying to place The Sum of All Fears in the Jack Ryan universe. A movie that actually contains a sum of all of the fears. The continued look at analysts. The inner circles of analytics. Movie presidents then and now. The nuclear football. What happens with the bomb. Does mutually assured destruction still work? James Bond’s Goldeneye 64. Finally, actual hard evidence for the James Bond fan theory – it has to be one or the other. Or a third option. Pierce Brosnan becomes James Bond. Much love for the Alan Cumming. I’m invincible! Xena fills up her Hot Topic punch card (that’s ten skulls, by the way). Goldeneye as a progress Bond. Continue reading

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Watchmen + Iron Sky

Watchmen + Iron SkyAlternate history with very different backgrounds. The key differences between the multiple versions of Zach Snyder’s Watchmen. Another unlikely film. Watchmen at the perfect time a place. A perfect zeitgeist film that is unfortunately always in the zeitgeist. Extending the metaphor of mutually assured destruction. What does the end of Watchmen mean? Three term Nixon. Alternate history in the minds and hearts of the audience. Ah, that great ultra violence. Iron Sky. Nazis on the moon! Enabling WWII alternate fiction. How has Double Feature not see Iron Sky? Whoops Netflix. Choosing your racism carefully. The one and only excuse for anyone on earth to be racist. Alternate fiction as a writing tool. Iron Sky and the Internet! Be nice to Zach Snyder, maybe. Continue reading

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Calvary + Philomena

Calvary + PhilomenaCommunities of faith. Finding Calvary in a sea of Calvaries. Bang! Introduction! The opening fiasco. Seven days in town. An excuse for slice-of-life. Is everyone a suspect? How suspicion taints perspective (or at least demands engagement and a careful eye). Calvary, beloved by atheists. Philomena and the weekly kick in the nuts. Hey, let’s go on a road trip! A different kind of brutality. A side of Steve Coogan we’ve actually always seen. Judi Dench wins everything always. Never trust a nun. An update on where all those Double Feature episodes went. Continue reading

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Magic Magic + A Field in England

Magic Magic + A Field in EnglandSomething is very wrong. How the comedy works. Anxiety, confusion, and an exercise in…what, exactly? How Magic Magic twists the audience in its palm. The birds, oh god the birds. Puppy metaphors, maybe. Michael makes many comparisons, none of which involve bead. To address Michael Cera in Magic Magic. A Field in England opens with an dark and amusing joke only Double Feature listeners get to experience. Stupefying through minimalism. Everything you need to know upfront doesn’t help you. A Field in England, the devil, and drugs. Two editors eat some evil. Continue reading

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Crimson Peak + The Elephant Man

Crimson Peak + The Elephant ManFour hundred episodes, one Elephant Man, and a Crimson Peak. One of those David Lynch episodes! Guillermo del Toro finally appears on Double Feature. The directors who forged your taste. Who is the true Guillermo del Toro? Crimson Peak as just the greatest. Is Crimson Peak a great example of the director’s work or some other odd thing? Finding love in a brand new thing. The ceremony of film. Death in cinema. Just how weird is The Elephant Man? How David Lynch is it? Are those things related? The time and place The Elephant Man came out.An extended sandwich metaphor. An unlikely recommendation. Joseph Merrick. Man’s inhumanity to man. No kidding class warfare. Don’t forget, food for thought: Frankenstein. Continue reading

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