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R100 + Bringing Out the Dead

Podcast episode. Continue reading

Fast Food Nation + Taxidermia

Podcast episode. Continue reading

Knock Knock + All Cheerleaders Die

Horror filmmaker who keep audiences waiting. Michael: We’ve got two movies today by two directors who made me like movies. Eric: Very truly so. That is Lucky McKee and the great Eli Roth. I should say the great Lucky McKee and, you know I just get giddy. Michael: Right, right. Eric: When it turns out Eli Roth has a movie…but both of these guys are guys who put a good length of time between their masterpieces. Michael: This is true. So to start off, there’s a couple places you could start to really get the most out of the show today. The first place you could start is where the show started, which is the beginning of this year at Citizen Kane and The Godfather. That will teach you, here’s what that will teach you. That will teach you what the fuck we do and how we do it. That what you’ll learn from that. The other place- Eric: “Will properly lower your standards” I believe. Michael: Right. Eric: I believe that’s what you’re saying, yeah. Michael: The other place that I think might be a wise place to start? Based on conversations we may have, but also based on these film makers…or maybe this is where you go back to. After having seen these movies because how would you even be here without watching them? I don’t even know how that would work. Eric: No, that’s impossible. Michael: I’ve never showed up to record and not watched the movies… Eric: Well that’s a little different. Michael: So I can’t imagine anybody does the same thing. Eric: Alright. Michael: And that would be to watch, and I suggest a double feature of, Cabin Fever and May. Eric: Oh, yeah. Michael: That would be a really good place to go because that was Eli Roth’s first big hit after The Rotten Fruit, and it was Lucky McKee’s first big hit as well. Continue reading

Henry Fool + Trash Humpers

Works of art some some believe should not be available to other humans. Double Feature dives into the obscene and tasteless in a variety of ways in a conversation on the contrasting films Henry Fool and Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers. What is cult and what is subversive? Where is the Underground? The people on these towns are asleep. We wake them up. Dirty, tasteless, taboo riddled cinema- Why does it exist and why is tasteless film vital to society? Continue reading

Cold in July + The Trouble with Harry

Come on, step inside, dead bodies everywhere. An hour long discussion about the problems those pesky corpses cause in one classic and one contemporary film. Explaining it only makes it worse. Exploring two movies with a common theme: whoops, I guess there’s a body now. Jim Mickle realized what you need. What’s the vision and what is expected. So, neo-noir and probably zombies. Sick mom, fucked dad, dealing with life. Nick Damici! Sam Shepard! Hedwig! Close one door, open the next. Hate. Alfred Hitchcock avoids prison as a good son. Strip the plain – not giving in. What is the Trouble with Harry? Probably unrelated: dreams never achieved and being fucked at dealing with your life. Still convinced no one reads episodes notes. “You want me to be something I can never ever be.” Free me of your life, inside my heart dies. Continue reading

Inland Empire + My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done

Violence and Maternity. Inside and something else. Eric: It’s ok, you’re in a safe place. This is Double Feature. Michael: Is our show fairly traded? Eric: And uh…oh, I remember that. That’s good, that’s a good…Michael: Thank you. Thanks. Eric: I think that is the same voice actually. My name is Eric, and I’m in my last hope for a happy place, with Michael Koester. Michael: Yeah, well I’m sure these two movies helped you find that happy place. Eric: They really did, they really did. You’re referring to the David Lynch coffee commercial. Michael: I am. Yeah, David Lynch signature cup coffee. Continue reading

House + Burnt Offerings

Man vs Lamp Double Feature. Eric: You feel that? There’s some spook in here. Feels like some spook in here Michael: A little bit yeah, little chilly. Little ghostly chill. Eric: Yeah. Some Ghost Cold. I feel that. I know what you’re talking about there. We’re doing a couple spooky fucking movies today – and you know, sometimes we talk about some themes on this show. Sometimes before we record I go: are there any specific points we’d like to make sure we hit? And then we just start doing the show before we record. Michael: I know, that’s the problem. Eric: I don’t know…Michael: And this Banshee Breeze in here just really like fired me up, we needed to talk about it. The Spirit Chill. Eric: There’s another one, isn’t there? It’s spirit something. There’s a third one. Michael: Spirit Chill. Eric: Ahh, is it? Banshee… Continue reading

John Wick + Hardcore Henry

Today in action. Can John Wick reclaim Keanu Reeves, or is he the property of the other six really hip movies he’s made this year? Those comic book poses have a name. How many dogs have to die before Double Feature being summoned to talk about the trope? Build a world, build a hotel to stay in, and invite Willem Dafoe. Maybe Willem Dafoe appears on set like some kind of summoned genie. It’s like Beetlejuice. Hardcore Henry leaps forward in action experimentation. Strap that GoPro into your mouth, it’s time for a ride. Ilya Naishuller teams up with hardcore Russians. Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley, Sharlto Copley – cue the music. You are the first person. Exploring Moscow with friends. Some crowdfunding later, two million dollars to change the world. An hour on the internet where no one regurgitates completes about handheld movies as if they’re some kind of unique voice in the critic world. Continue reading

The Voices + Tyrannosaur

Not everyone defeats their inner demons. Oswin Suicide kicks the fuck out of some recordings. A look at destruction and self destruction with the scapegoat of mental illness. Who or what is Adi Shankar? Finally, some answers. Unlikely color keys in The Voices. Finding yourself in the place of the psychopath. Ryan Reynolds does Deadpool before Deadpool is Deadpool. Tyrannosaur is not Rob Zombie’s ill-fated Tyrannosaurus Rex. One half of a really good Peter Mullan feature. Hurting animals is still a line in the sand with audiences. Joseph has a hard time with violence. Reality check on character flaws. Continue reading

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