Black Christmas + Behind the Mask

Black Christmas + Behind the MaskINTERVIEW w/ David Stieve. The beginning and end of the slasher genre. Black Christmas – the first slasher film ever made? The 80s slasher crash course. Parts of Black Christmas the genre ignored. Legitimate terror: the phone calls. A silent killer hypothesis. The advantages of developed characters. Forget the misses, remember the deaths. Picking out your survivor girl. Deaths as a roadmap. The infamous crystal unicorn. Critical tone and mood. Unreliable…camera man? The origins of “The calls are coming from inside the house!” Why doesn’t everyone know about Behind the Mask already? The end of slasher films. Mocumentary. Much needed praise for Angela Goethals. Ahab. Target Group. Red herring. The ongoing quest to pin down the cheap TV horror aesthetic. Symbolism is bullshit. Credits gimmick. The success of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Influence. Carol Clover. The origins of survivor girl. The myths of Behind the Mask – what is and isn’t an homage? Why there’s no Texas Chainsaw Massacre references. Robert and Nathan. Insider perspective on slasher symbolism. David Stieve on Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. Old School American Horror. Sequel talk. Hypothetical sequel talk. More sequel talk. Long term franchise talk. The producer bell curve.

Also referenced: Psycho, The Birds, Metropolis, My Bloody Valentine, Slumber Party Massacre, Deliria, Terror Train, House on Sorority Row, Prom Night, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Leprechaun, Dark City, Scooby Doo, Dawn of the Dead, Silence of the Lambs, The Aristocrats, The Exorcist, Hatchet, Death of a President, Hellraiser, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Natural Born Killers, The Toolbox Murders, The Shining, Saw, Scary Movie, Scream, Cabin Fever, The Brother From Another Planet, The Incredible Shrinking Man, Planet of the Apes, Aliens, The Fly, Edward Scissorhands

Black Christmas + Behind the Mask
Year 2 (2010)
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Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Released: December 20, 1974
Runtime: 98 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Bob Clark
Writer: Roy Moore (screenplay)
Starring: Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, John Saxon

During their Christmas break a group sorority girls are being stalked by a stranger.

Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

Released: February 28, 1999
Runtime: 90 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Tom McLoughlin
Writer: Robert Shushan (life story), James Jones (life story), Gregory Goodell
Starring: Donald Sutherland, Matthew Fox, Mary McDonnell, Bradley Whitford

Dr. Bob Shushan is an overworked and absent father who runs a centre for the mentally and physically challenged. When Shushan suffers a heart attack, his life is saved by James Jones, a ...

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