Killapalooza 8: Leprechaun

Killapalooza 8: Leprechaun
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Double Feature | Year 2 (2010)

Leprechaun films 1-6. Racism. An alternative to Don’t Show the Monster. Is the Leprechaun frightening? An a long enough timeline, all slashers abandon fear for comedy. How mythology is created and used in the franchise. Peer pressure. The role of gold. Tiny men in tiny cars. Hamster style. Faking Robert Smith and The Cure. A data set in which Brian Trenchard-Smith is the least associated with television over film! BEAR OR NO BEAR. Dispelling cynicism with good science. The house doesn’t need to rig gambling, it’s already rigged. SUPERMAN. Deus Ex Machina. Is Back 2 Da Hood blaxploitation? Delicate racial issues. When do these films take place? Slashers as protagonists. The single worst cliche in film – Visiting the psychic.

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Killapalooza 8: Leprechaun

Killapalooza 8: Leprechaun

Released: January 8, 1993
Runtime: 92 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Mark Jones
Writer: Mark Jones
Starring: Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt

A horrific Leprechaun goes on a rampage after his precious bag of gold coins is stolen. He uses all of his magical destructive powers to trick, terrorize and kill anyone who is unlucky enough to hinder his relentless search. In a frantic attempt to survive the wrath of the Leprechaun, Tori and her friends scramble to find the only weapon known to kill this Irish monster...a four-leaf clover.

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