Killapalooza 15: Saw

Killapalooza 15: Saw
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Double Feature | Year 4 (2012)

Saw films 1-7. The Jigsaw Killer. John Kramer. An uncut episode of Double Feature! The still kinda new website and the giant Saw database. The Double Feature AppleTV Server project. Raw humanity. Society stripped away. Finding out about a stranger. Competition. Leigh Wanell as Adam. Editing. Charlie Clouser, the series composer. James Wan. Bily the Puppet. The reverse bear trap. Shawnee Smith. Michael Emerson as Zep. Hello Zepp! Double Feature favorite. The original Saw twist. The parking garage pig. The original ten minute Saw short. The rise of Lionsgate. Getting more of Jigsaw. John Kramer, the legend. John Kramer’s sippy cup and floral pattern oatmeal. Who is Darren Lynn Bousman? Bousman’s original script before it was a Saw movie. The sins of our fathers. It’s not my fault! Don’t Forget the Rules and the changing sound of Saw 2. Detective Allison Kelly. The Survivor pack and the group dynamic. Needle pit. The numbers. Reveal montage. The titles of the Saw films. The incredible evolution of Amanda Young. Jigsaw’s ragtag team. One honest humanist’s view of the traps. The behind the scenes operations within the fiction. Saw is FUCKING COMPLICATED. Retroactive continuity (retcons). You done got pigged! Pig juicer. How to keep track of songs you love in a lengthy score. Brain surgery vs vicious gore traps. The three versions of Saw III, including the director’s cut. Actual dead. Saw trusts you to figure it out. Cross film hamster style! Setups and payoffs. Bousman’s transitions get crazy. The big head read clock chair shot. Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The great do-anythings of horror. The Evolutino Music Partners website. Where can I find the Saw IV score?

A much needed intermission.

When the test tells you something about yourself. The common misunderstanding of Survival of the Fittest. Once all the bad people are gone from planet Earth, who do you mercilessly slaughter? Returning to the survivor pack. How Hoffman differs from John. Hoffman before Amanda. Where you know David Hackl from. The Clouser remixes. The horror zeitgeist. The housing crisis. UGH, healthcare. The Carousel trap. The steam trap and teamwork in Saw traps. Live or die switch. Why Saw is way wrong on healthcare…and killing too, we guess. The final shot. Breaking the traps. Bust in and kick ass! Clouser is back like he never left (and he didn’t). How the last score differs from the previous ones. Those who were left behind. The Jigsaw survivor’s circle. Jigsaw’s untold tales. Thinking about chronology. The thickness of the Saw cannon and cameos aplenty! Melton and Dunstan struck back! The self help industry is total bullshit. Events that change your life! Legitimate questions. Let’s talk notability! Making Double Feature history: the fish hook trap. Full on kill loving mode. Finally, it works (yes it did)! All that work for nothing! What’s going to happen at the end of the trap?! What the saw movies do the best. A lenghty spoiler free recap.


04:49  Saw
17:40  Saw 2
30:17  Saw 3
42:15  Saw 4
42:15  Intermission
42:15  Saw 5
42:15  Saw 6
42:15  Saw 7
53:56  Spoiler Free Recap!
57:44  Next Time

Film Covers and Links

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Saw 1Saw 2Saw 3

Saw 4Saw 5Saw 6Saw 7

Score Artwork and Links

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The scores for Saw 4, 5, and 6 are only available on the EMP site which doesn’t include any kind of track listing order. Click on the corresponding Evolution Music Partners links below for the actual track listing as well as a link to the out of order stream. You can also search the site by song title.

Saw 1 ScoreSaw 2 ScoreSaw 3 Score

Saw 4 ScoreSaw 5 ScoreSaw 6 ScoreSaw 7 Score

Saw 1 Soundtrack
iTunes  |  Amazon
Saw 2 Score
Saw 3 Score
iTunes  |  Amazon
Saw 4 Score
Saw 5 Score
Saw 6 Score
Saw 7 Score
iTunes  |  Amazon

Saw 4 Tracklist
01. Autopsy
02. Just Begun
03. Blind/Mute
04. SWAT Hall
05. Karen
06. Cherish
07. Research
08. It Says. . .
09. Newspaper
10. Plastic
11. Hello, Rigg
12. Hair Puller -A-
13. Prints
14. Hair Puller -B-
15. Hello, Brenda
16. Icebox
17. Hair Scene
18. SWAT Body
19. Jill Cold
20. Help Them
21. Shivering
22. Room 261
23. Rigg Pig
24. Mantra
25. Workshop
26. One Step
27. Bed Ripper
28. Teacher
29. Pregnant
30. She Stays
31. Step Back
32. It’s Art
33. School Daze
34. Speared
35. Pulling
36. Save Yourself
37. New Game
38. Hello, Perez
39. Recommend
40. Partners
41. Lesson
42. The Tool
43. Knife Face
44. Smash Clock
45. Gideon
46. Better Hope
47. Let Go

Saw 5 Tracklist
01. Saw Open (V1)
02. Saw Open (V2)
03. Seth Awake
04. Hello, Seth
05. The Pendulum
06. Saw V Title
07. Hello, Strahm
08. Water Cube
09. Live One
10. Feldman
11. Promotion
12. Promotion (Alternate)
13. Perez Flash
14. Back the Fuck Off
15. Ericson
16. Off Case
17. Hoffman Lair
18. Wire Room
19. Nail Bombs
20. Wire Trap
21. Being Smart
22. Strahm Files
23. See Ya Round
24. Gotcha
25. Your Story
26. Odd Man Out
27. The Fittest
28. Meet Jigsaw
29. Jigsaw Hall
30. Jigsaw Vator
31. Jigsaw Attack
32. Hair Trigger
33. True Edge
34. I Don’t Know
35. What It Takes
36. My Method
37. I Am Jigsaw
38. Wire Pipe
39. He Had Help
40. Strahm Flash
41. Strahm Theory
42. Drunk Pig
43. Fat Pig
44. Pigs Revealed
45. Rehabilitate
46. Bathtub
47. Ericson Garage
48. I Got You
49. Next Nitemare
50. Hoffman Approach
51. Hoffman vs. Strahm
52. Zepp Five
53. End Credits

Saw 6 Tracklist
01. SAW6 Logos (Mix 1)
02. SAW6 Logos (Mix 2)
03. SAW6 Logos (Mix 3)
04. SAW6 Open (Mix 1)
05. SAW6 Open (Mix 1)
06. SAW6 Open (Mix 3)
07. Flesh (Mix 1)
08. Flesh (Mix 2)
09. Hoffman Coffin (Mix 1)
10. Hoffman Coffin (Mix 2)
11. Hoffman Coffin (Mix 3)
12. Bullpen
13. Doctor Team
14. Harold Story
15. On My Way
16. Scene Arrive
17. Scene Depart
18. Fed Perez
19. My Arm (Mix 1)
20. My Arm (Mix 2)
21. Jill Story
22. Autopsy Redux (Mix 1)
23. Autopsy Redux (Mix 2)
24. Jill Hoffman (Mix 1)
25. Jill Hoffman (Mix 2)
26. Breath Room (Mix 1)
27. Breath Room (Mix 2)
28. Take One (Mix 1)
29. Take One (Mix 2)
30. Take One (Mix 3)
31. Hanging Room (Mix 1)
32. Hanging Room (Mix 2)
33. Hanging Room (Mix 3)
34. Hello Pamela
35. Jill Drives (Mix 1)
36. Jill Drives (Mix 2)
37. Steam Tape
38. Steam Room
39. Fingerprints
40. Carousel
41. Voice Lab
42. Severed Hand (Mix 1)
43. Severed Hand (Mix 2)
44. Zepp Six (Alternate)
45. Zepp Six



Click on a cover to view/download high resolution version.

Killapalooza 15: Saw

Killapalooza 15: Saw

Released: October 1, 2004
Runtime: 103 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: James Wan
Writer: Leigh Whannell
Starring: Leigh Whannell, Cary Elwes, Danny Glover

Obsessed with teaching his victims the value of life, a deranged, sadistic serial killer abducts the morally wayward. Once captured, they must face impossible choices in a horrific game of survival. The victims must fight to win their lives back, or die trying...

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