To Be or Not to Be + Rango

To Be or Not to Be + Rango
Podcast: Double Feature
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Posted April 28, 2022
Hosted by Eric Thirteen & Michael Koester
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To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not to Be

Released: March 5, 1942
Runtime: 99 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writer: Edwin Justus Mayer
Starring: Carole Lombard, Jack Benny, Robert Stack

During the Nazi occupation of Poland, an acting troupe becomes embroiled in a Polish soldier's efforts to track down a German spy.



Released: March 2, 2011
Runtime: 107 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Gore Verbinski
Writer: John Logan
Starring: Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Ned Beatty

When Rango, a lost family pet, accidentally winds up in the gritty, gun-slinging town of Dirt, the less-than-courageous lizard suddenly finds he stands out. Welcomed as the last hope the town has been waiting for, new Sheriff Rango is forced to play his new role to the hilt.

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