Double Feature Year 1 Finale

Double Feature Year 1 Finale
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Double Feature | Year 1 (2009)

SPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year One retrospective. What is a spoiler? A whole year of weekly Double Features. How the show has changed. Random Emails! What makes for a good Double Feature pairing. Another defense of House of 1000 Corpses. A look back at the Waco show. SAND BEETLE! The Best Pairings. The Worst Pairings. The inherent flaw in the previous format of Double Feature. Highway survival Horror. Double Feature’s producer. And the biggest fuck up of the entire show is…? The future of The Prophecy. Feast sequels. Weighing in on the Friday the 13th remake. Becoming exploitation. The Mel Gibson opinion. Stuff that had to go on the show (but shouldn’t have). Michael admits mistakes. The problem with featuring more exploitation on the show. Michael admits more mistakes. Taking back Dr. Horrible. Times Alice and Michael were clearly wrong. Films that aren’t remember as fondly. Which bad actress from Alice’s films annoyed Michael the most? Behind the scenes of Double Feature interviews. Listener homework payoff: A good vs evil epic and a film with a legitimately satisfying Scooby-Doo ending. Paris of Uncle Gamer & Remember When. More listener feedback. Opinion time: Japanese Horror? Alice knows New Zealand isn’t in the UK. A through breakdown of the J-Horror aesthetic. The best films from the first year of Double Feature. Alice’s comfort food films. Next year’s format: Two films that go together! A small “correction” regarding 12 Monkeys. Lost. Double Feature loves Kate.


00:06:46 Best Pairings
00:13:09 Worst Pairings
00:24:41 Sequels
00:29:26 KILLER Email
00:33:58 Obligations
00:43:26 Times We Were Wrong
00:53:38 Much Better at the Time
01:07:01 Returns on Listener Homework
01:12:21 Japanese Horror
01:21:54 Year 1: The Best Films
01:31:01 Next Time

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