Music Box Massacre 4

Music Box Massacre 4
Year 2 (2010)
Currently offliine. Coming Soon to iTunes!

SPOILER FREE look back at Music Box Massacre 4. The Haunted House, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Old Dark House, Eyes Without a Face, May, The Facts in the Case of Mr. Hollow, Friday the 13th, Midnight Meat Train, Dead Alive, Phantom of the Paradise, Black Sabbath, Pieces, Jack Brooks Monster Slayer, The Exorcist. Arriving. What to expect. When do you bail? Live score! Remakes were just as rampant back then. The audience. Fear of finding out who a director really is. Seeing May again. Johnny Hollow. Finding Midnight Meat Train. Clive Barker. “The Way it Was Meant to Be Seen” is bullshit. Buy a better TV, you cheap fuck. Why people in Chicago boo Lionsgate. Revisiting Friday the 13th (Part 4). Joseph Zito. Brain Dead. The real Peter Jackson trilogy. Sleep Delirium. Ghost Cold. Apologies to Black Sabbath. Pieces and it’s relationship to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Fake trailers. The ultimate SAND BEETLE. Michael feels the Pull of the Weasel. Death curse! Why the Exorcist is actually a terrible film.


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Music Box Massacre 4

Music Box Massacre 4


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