Double Feature Year 2 Finale

Double Feature Year 2 Finale
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Double Feature | Year 2 (2010)

SPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Two retrospective. Two fucking years of weekly Double Features. David Stieve has a Behind the Mask prize for you. Facebook chat. Where did all the interviews go? Honorarium. Vulgarity. Other people love The Spirit. More information on Dark City and Sway. How Double Feature is recorded. The Future of the Killapalooza. Eric still thinks the MC of the Music Box Massacre is a Jackass. The purpose of Double Feature. We hate James Cameron and LOVE Joss Whedon! The future of David Lynch on the show. Skeptics, atheists and…sometimes libertarians. Where do you get movies from? Pot and UFOs. Michael’s take on The Human Centipede. A Blair Witch theatre experience. Seriously, that Music Box Theatre host is a jackass. Drugs and birth defects. Repo vs The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A top countdown list from people who hate top countdown lists.


00:04:10 The Best Pairings
00:17:33 Another Email
00:21:31 The Worst Pairings
00:26:19 More Emails
00:32:25 Changes in Opinion
00:37:38 Great Emails
00:46:42 More Changes in Opinion
00:51:19 Surprises
00:58:25 Too Many Emails
01:19:47 The Best Films
01:21:44 Seriously, One More Email
01:23:47 Next Time

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