Double Feature Year 4 Finale

Double Feature Year 4 Finale
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Double Feature | Year 4 (2012)

SPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Four retrospective. An actual conversation about Filmspotting. All that could have been. Eric is on! The study on spoilers. Spoiler extermism. The Louis spoiler tiers. More on japanese pornography. A discussion on chapters. Fucking up on The Little Shop of Horrors. Behind the scenes getting Freaks on the show. The best pairs on year 4 of Double Feature. The worst pairs. A look back at Coffy + Foxy Brown. Feminism and female empowerment. The urgent red square. Don’t tape off your FaceTime camera, that was a joke. Christopher fixes Troll Hunter. A series of paraphrased emails. Times we were completely wrong. Clarification on what Double Feature doesn’t know. Unstated knowns about Double Feature. Michael using Happiness as a prank. Eric explains his time in psychosis. Potential movies for Year 5. Covering more foreign films. Talking about music. DRC Music, EL-P’s Cancer4Cure. Glittermouse. Evil lesser than two evils biohazard team. The best films anyone saw all year. A story about street art. Banana guy. The aftermath of Rocky + Asia. Checking back in on the Free State Project. The Trick ‘r Treat shorts. TV Shows. The Lexicon and Year 1 vanishing.


00:06:34 Emails
00:16:12 The Best Pairings
00:22:25 The Worst Pairings
00:29:03 Arbitrary Chapter
00:30:50 Some Great Emails
00:42:47 Times We Were Wrong
00:51:57 Surprises
00:58:14 Some Infamous Emails
01:19:49 The Best Films
01:28:28 Rocky + Asia
01:32:17 Focus! Emails!
01:37:08 Future of Double Feature
01:39:36 Next Time

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