Gattaca + Re-Animator

Gattaca + Re-AnimatorScience comments on things you might not expect! In years past. High school biology. Natural vs modified. What Gattaca is actually about. The vision of the future. The more futuristic vision of the future. Focused storytelling without distraction. Jeffry Combs as Herbert West in Re-Animator. Extreme academics. Hans Gruber. An alternative to “that’s what you want!” Special Effects. Finally using the Frankenstein story to ask a different set of philosophical questions. Where does the will reside? Giving back life or animated the dead. Out with the old, in with the new! A specific breed of dark humor. Rectifying humanism and dark humor.

Also referenced: The Truman Show, S1M0NE, Equilibrium, Minority Report, Sideways, Contact, Silence of the Lambs, Zack Snyder (300), Frankenstein, Cold Souls, John Waters (A Dirty Shame), Happy Go Lucky, From Beyond, Cemetery Junction, The Ledge

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