Killapalooza 21: Paranormal Activity

Killapalooza 21: Paranormal Activity
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Double Feature | Year 6 (2014)

Paranormal Activity films 1-4. A premature Killapalooza, in hopes everyone comes along for the ride. The first in an already notable franchise. Another look at the low budget. The mysterious pool bots of Paranormal Activity 2. There is no Dunkin Donuts in California. Science and skepticism when facing ghosts and the sort. The amusing exercise of Imagining an actual demon. The Paranormal Activity Demand it! campaign. Prequels upon prequels. What are the scariest moments from the scariest installment? Back to the future. How to tell if the person using that MacBook is insane, every time. A somewhat spoiler-inclusive summary, and what the future holds.


00:06:04  Paranormal Activity
00:24:16  Paranormal Activity 2
00:40:23  Paranormal Activity 3
00:56:53  Paranormal Activity 4
01:12:22  Franchise Future
01:18:19  Next Time



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Killapalooza 21: Paranormal Activity

Killapalooza 21: Paranormal Activity

Released: September 25, 2009
Runtime: 86 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Oren Peli
Writer: Oren Peli
Starring: Katie Featherston, Micah Sloat, Mark Fredrichs

Soon after moving into a suburban tract home, Katie and Micah become increasingly disturbed by what appears to be a supernatural presence. Hoping to capture evidence of it on film, they set up video cameras in the house but are not prepared for the terrifying events that follow.

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