The Changeling + Gothic

The Changeling + Gothic
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Double Feature | Year 11 (2019)

Horror, old and new. Gothic and The Changeling. Not the 2008 film. Or any of the other Changeling films. The spooky chair one and a definite article. Empty chairs that get lots of attention. Person vs House. Michael learns how to pronounce succession. The solid plots of old horror films. Choosing not to address the spooky stuff. Not giving the audience a release until the climax. Old school and modern risers. Production takes time. There are no answers to Gothic. Michael’s introduction to Gothic and terrible cuts of horror films. Eyeball nipples. Music that’s excited to be in the film. You cannot simply be told what Gothic is.



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The Changeling

The Changeling

Released: March 28, 1980
Runtime: 107 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Peter Medak
Writer: William Gray, Diana Maddox
Starring: George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere, Melvyn Douglas

A man staying at a secluded historical mansion finds himself being haunted by the presence of a spectre.



Released: April 10, 1987
Runtime: 87 min | IMDB | Wikipedia

Director: Ken Russell
Writer: Stephen Volk
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Julian Sands, Natasha Richardson

The Shelleys visit Lord Byron and compete to write a horror story. Chaos reigns.

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