Double Feature Year 3 Finale

Double Feature Year 3 Finale
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Double Feature | Year 3 (2011)

SPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Three retrospective. Listener emails. Favorite pairings. Worst pairings. Things Double Feature was wrong about. Surprises. Nude listeners. Microsoft ends the Zune. Bag cat. Tremors and Family Ties! Accessibility. Double Feature and the topic of religion. Why talk positively about all films? Eric does not own a cell phone. A spoiler free conversation about the last 15 minutes of High Tension. Double Feature Show Ripoff and Film Shack. Double Feature’s RSS feed and the mp3 version of the show. The future of the old shows. Revisiting the first date rings. Sky friend or sky pig? Why nudity is the most insane taboo.


00:03:18 Emails
00:06:15 The Best Pairings
00:20:17 The Worst Pairings
00:35:38 Changes in Opinion
00:55:03 Surprises
01:23:52 The Best Films

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