Double Feature Year 6 Kickstarter

Here’s where we stand.

We have less than a week now. We wish we could say more definitively what’s going to happen. The truth is, from where we’re at right now…we’re just far enough from our goal that we can’t tell. Whether or not we make it is entirely up to you.

We always thought this was going to be everything or nothing. That we’d crush our goal or that we wouldn’t raise a penny. The reality is scarier than either – we’re just short of on track to make it. We love this show. It’s important to us, and we did everything to make our case for it on the Kickstarter page.

If Double Feature can be proud of anything, it’s being the longest consecutive week-after-week show on iTunes. We’ve never missed an episode, and we don’t want this to stop. Film conversation still shouldn’t require film school, and movies still deserve a deeper look. Most of all, we think positive voices make this here internet a better internet. Things may have changed for us, but we’ve got a plan to keep the show going. With your help, this won’t have to end.

We really need your help. There’s no plan B – this Kickstarter is our last chance. When you see where our goal is at, you’ll know what we’re talking about. We’re right on the line, and we NEED every last bit of help we can get. To come so far and fall just short of succeeding, we just can’t let that happen! You guys have brought us right up to the line. Let’s push this fucking thing over.

-Alice and Michael

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