Double Feature Year 6 Finale

Double Feature Year 6 Finale
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Double Feature | Year 6 (2014)

SPOILER FREE SHOW! The Year Six retrospective. A look back at the last 52 double feature pairs. Taking a break from Filmspotting jokes to make love to Battleship Pretension. Revising the official position on movie reviews. A tangent on the insightful career of Roger Ebert. Double Feature made a short film (without the help of Russ Meyer). The challenges of making a six chapter short film for Kickstarter. More regarding Alice’s involvement in Director’s Cut. Hannah Carter’s prop magic. The growing genre of films designed by the Internet. A defense for the most unexpected film-of-the-year choice. A conversation around this year’s Additional Content.


00:10:58 Kickstarter Mini-Series
00:28:05 The Best Pairings
00:39:14 The Worst Pairings
00:58:24 Times We Were Wrong
01:07:28 Surprises
01:16:10 The Best Films
01:28:31 Additional Content
01:30:39 Next Time

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