Double Feature Year 7 Kickstarter and Mini-Series

The Year 7 Kickstarter is up!
Year 7 Kickstarter

We’ve been filming a Double Feature mini-series in secret, and now it’s online. The series acts as a fictional prequel to our Year 7 Kickstarter, which is now live as well. We’ll be updating the Kickstarter page with new videos every few days, so keep checking back. If you like the podcast, these videos are pretty much designed for you. It’s weird how much of our show is in there.

The Kickstarter incentives are even better than last year. This is your chance to get in on the Additional Content you’re missing out on, as well as the next year’s worth (assuming we get funded). We really want to keep doing the show. This last year has been a blast, it’s been great discovering all these new films with you. Let’s do it again!

In addition to all that, we’re making a new set of Year 1 remasters available to backers. Head over to Year 7 Kickstarter page, watch some videos, and see what’s in store. Thanks in advance for your help, you guys really are the best.

-Alice and Michael

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